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13 October 27th, 2014 Queens of Drama Star Crystal Hunt Legal Woes Continue! Victim Fires Back That Hunt Ruined Her Life!

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Former One Life to Live (Ex-Stacy) and Guiding Light (Ex-Lizzie) star, Crystal Hunt, who is now currently in production on POP’s (formerly TVGN) upcoming 2015 reality series, Queens of Drama was in the news again following her sentencing where she got three years probation for a bar brawl incident in West Hollywood, California back in 2013, when Hunt allegedly threw a drinking glass at another woman’s face causing her physical and emotional damage.

Now the victim, who according to TMZ is Elizabeth Nam, says the attack has ruined her life, and that she says she had been “actively searching for a mate.”  She went on to say the Hunt assault might have “killed my future baby, due to my biological clock ticking.”  Nam claims she’s seen many doctors, including a plastic surgeon to fix the scars on her face … and a psychologist to fix the emotional scars.  The victim is adamant that Hunt should go to prison, and she is suing!

However since this report, Hunt’s attorney fired back that, “Nam was wasted at the time of the confrontation and threatened Hunt repeatedly by shouting, ‘You’re dead!”‘  He added, “Anyone who would talk about killing an unconceived future child ‘has likely got some psychological issues.”

According to the report,  “Probation officials are recommending Hunt serve 6 months in jail. They also want her to enroll in an anger management program and pay Nam restitution.”

What do you think about Nam’s remarks on what happened due to the bar brawl with Hunt? Do you think Hunt got the proper sentence?  Comment below!



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  1. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Right now id think id stay away from both of these women…lol


  2. Darren says:

    This woman wants her 15 minutes of fame, she is milking it. Crystal is a wonderful actress, but she has issues and I hope she get her life together. Where is stacy Morassco when you need her. Finish this has been Stacy, this woman needs to go away.


  3. toscanti says:

    Control yourself while drinking or don’t drink. Sounds like both are at fault. The allegations about her future child are preposterous! The crazy whack job is looking for an easy pay day! She should spend less time intoxicated in West Hollywood bars and more focused on her biological clock it seems to me. JMO!


  4. Elyse says:

    I don’t think Crystal Hunt deserves to go to jail, or pay that lady anything. In my opinion, the woman knows Hunt is a star, and is just being bitter and a payday! The woman was drunk and acting like a child, yeah, Crystal shouldn’t have thrown the glass at her but if someone was yelling at me “your dead” I’d probably kick her ass too. I agree with Crystal’s attorney’s, this woman has psychological issues.


    PV Jr. replied

    ” the woman knows Hunt is a star”

    Sorry, but this made me laugh.


    Elyse replied

    PV Jr

    Why did my quote make you laugh?? You don’t think she’s a star?

    rebecca1 replied

    I don’t think she’s a star. She had a supporting role in a soap. She’s an actress. Couldn’t stand her character. And…”sticks and stones…” if the “victim” was verbally aggressive…she could’ve given her the same…or walked away…or reported her and have her thrown out. Cracking a glass and throwing in the other woman’s face that required plastic surgery? I say…jail time and anger management!

    harry replied

    She’s not even a star to the OLTL faithful. No one knows who she is. I hated her character and I never thought the actress was any good. She was so bad she made Farah (Gigi) look like Meryl Streep.
    I agree with Rebecca–a mere slap on the wrist is not enough.

    PV Jr. replied

    “PV Jr

    Why did my quote make you laugh?? You don’t think she’s a star?”

    Is this a rhetorical question?


  5. lisa says:

    I think now that Crystal Hunt has a new role ,this woman is probably looking for further compensation.
    But some of her ramblings make me think her cheese has done slipped off its cracker.


  6. su0000 says:

    A person doesn’t hit another person with a glass, unless…………….?
    Something went down between the two, I’d need the entire story, to judge..
    Seems they both share the blame, dunno .


  7. Mark says:

    Maybe she blocked the whole thing out like when Lizzie that guy who beat beth up!


  8. Mo says:

    I would have to see before and after photos of the victim as well as doctor’s reports. If the victim has scars, that needs to be addressed, but so does her part in the fracas.


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