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28 October 30th, 2015 Rachel Ames Makes An Appearance On General Hospital!

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Look who’s back? Soap Opera Digest is reporting that none other than Rachel Ames (Audrey Hardy) will be back on the canvas on the Friday, October 30th episode of General Hospital!

Fans were thrilled to see this legacy GH actress and character when she was last seen in conjunction with the GH Nurses Ball episodes back in 2013.

Two and a half years later, she is back for a one-day appearance, as her granddaughter Elizabeth Webber’s (Rebecca Herbst) wedding draws near.  But what everyone wants to know is …. will Liz’s wedding to “Jake” (Billy Miller) truly go off without a hitch?

Will you be watching to see Rachel on today’s GH? Do you wish Audrey would make more frequent appearances on camera? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. jeremy says:

    OMG, welcome home Audrey… Miss You, Much Grannylol


    Marci replied

    Agreed so great to see her!


  2. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    I wouldnt miss it…im doing my happy dance…well, at least my old toes are moving and nuttin else…lol


  3. Jeremy says:

    Oh wonderful and exciting to see Audrey return. I’m so excited to see Rachel Ames, wondering what Audrey has been up to, always playing the Grandma role off-camera? Where’s Sarah Webber been too?


  4. Chris says:

    Michael, SOD got it wrong about how Rachel Ames last appeared on GH as Audrey Hardy! The last time she was on the show, she was at the hospital with Elizabeth during the show’s 50th anniversary episode when the hospital was dedicating a painted portrait of Audrey’s late husband Steve that was to hang on the wall in GH.


  5. MBmomof3 says:

    First a Monica sighting, now this!? Love it!


  6. brian says:

    more Audrey YES !!!!


  7. Sward says:

    I watched GH back in the “old days” when Steve, Audrey, Jesse & Lucille ruled the hospital. I rarely watch these days. But, hey, if Rachel Ames is on today, I’ll be watching.


    Jamesj75 replied

    Sward, I watched it then, too! The show was awesome back then! More on that in my response to Iakovos…


  8. Aria says:

    It’s always great to see Rachel Ames, and of course it would be great to see her more frequently.


  9. Iakovos says:

    I know Miss Ames is retired but have her return once a month (every other month!?!?!) as Audrey. Oh, I recall the pre-Luke/Laura & Mob days when the drama was hospital based and Audrey was the center of many stories. And I loved how Audrey became the maternal figure of the show as a touch point for her granddaughters. I would revive the Hardy and Webber lines if I were writing the show.

    Miss Ames is a class act. I cannot wait to see today’s episode. And thank you, GH, for doing this!


    Jamesj75 replied

    Iakovos, if only you were writing the show…

    I, too, watched GH back in the (as you so aptly put) “pre-Luke/Laura & Mob days.”

    A few months ago, I reminisced at this site (in lengthy posts) about those wonderful days and my favorite actress of all time: Valerie Starrett as Diana Taylor; she played the role 1969-1977. I was lucky enough — and I am old enough — to have watched her entire tenure. The love story of Dr. Peter Taylor and waitress-turned-nurse Diana Maynard-Taylor was captivating and frontburner. The characters of Diana and Audrey were great friends. Diana even stood up for Audrey when she married Steve Hardy (I think for the second time).

    So, with Rachel Ames making an appearance, it is a gift to the fans, particularly looooog-time viewers, but also for the newer fan. I cherish and respect Ames’ contributions and legacy. Seeing her on screen in 2015 is an unexpected, extremely welcome surprise!!


  10. Anne says:

    very brief appearance and no interaction with anyone

    will her gift to Elizabeth lead Elizabeth to do the right thing and come clean with jake?


  11. Charday says:

    This sounds like a GH episode worth watching (for a change).


  12. Timmm says:

    Wow, great to see her. Almost all the legends are gone! She actually looks like she could me Maxie’s grandmother! Good to see her.


  13. nancy dillingham says:

    Lovely as ever in purple. Great to see–and hear–her! Her stage voice and presence is as strong as ever. Go, girl! Yes, would like to see her more often.


  14. Rodd says:

    I will be watching and I do wish she’d be on more. I can’t imagine she wouldn’t show up at the wedding, at the very least.


  15. PeaceandBlessings says:

    Good for her, a legend and ever a breath of fresh air, now that is something! And yes, more of Ms. Ames, if the lady wishes!


  16. David says:

    I wish they would have saved her appearance for when the actual wedding takes place. It would make more sense if she showed up for that. But I get she is retired and this was probably the way they had to have her appear. It was great to see an original cast member on the air


  17. elm51 says:

    rachel looked stunning – was sort of disappointed that there was no interaction with anyone but since she is close to ninety i sort of understood – just seeing this one scene makes my heart ache to see more hardy’s on the gh – audrey & steve hardy were the backbone of gh & i think tptb have forgotten that………………


  18. Jamesj75 says:

    Well, I couldn’t let this thread pass me by without commenting. Rachel Ames as Audrey was the heart of this show for decades. She came on board in 1964, a year after GH premiered. The love story of Steve and Audrey was a mainstay of the show in the 1960s and 1970s, and it was riveting.

    When the role of Audrey was diminished in later years, I was furious. When you looked at Y&R and saw that Jeanne Cooper was driving storyline her entire tenure (and they were successful), it made no sense that GH had this wonderful actress with ties to the entire GH history, and they used her sparingly. If only Audrey had been a mob moll, she might have continued her storyline presence.

    So, being Elizabeth’s “Gram,” her character still maintains a tie to the current landscape. Yes, she retired years ago, but I agree with others who suggest that Audrey should be welcomed back any time she would like to return.

    One other tidbit that I mentioned months ago: Rachel Ames and Valerie Starrett (original Diana Taylor from the 1970s) continue to be friends. Both women visited and assisted in caring for Emily McLaughlin (Jessie) preceding McLaughlin’s passing.

    Rachel Ames is one class act!


    Jamesj75 replied

    Well, after having watched the episode, what a letdown… Don’t get me wrong: I am ecstatic that Rachel Ames in 2015 appeared on GH as Audrey Hardy. So the viewer did get to see her and hear her.

    But this is what we got:

    One scene.

    No interaction with any other character.

    One voiceover.

    Her head is looking down the entire time.

    “Lame” writing: Her character was allegedly stuck in Vienna and couldn’t travel home to make it in time for Elizabeth’s wedding because of a twisted ankle and her DVT?!?! I broke my ankle while out of the country, I hobbled around with crutches everywhere, and I certainly didn’t miss my flight home. And did I hear that Ellie Trout also has a broken ankle and can’t travel?!?! (If only these ladies had been home in Port Charles, maybe there ankles would have been fine…) You would think that a show entitled “General Hospital” could at least provide some believability to medical plots.

    Was this a way that GH could address the character of Audrey who is seldomly mentioned (but, in those cases, primarily as a babysitter for Elizabeth’s children) and give some rationale as to why she won’t make an appearance at the wedding of her granddaughter?

    As much as I liked seeing Rachel Ames make an appearance, all of this makes me realize that there is no reason to extend my return to watching GH for any more than just the one day.


  19. James R. Poissant says:

    I haven’t seen the episode yet butI know I will be happy when I see Audrey—I always get goosebumps when I see one of my characters from the past pop in because it shows that these people are still thought about in Port Charles even if we don’t hear their names mentioned in every episode.


  20. Fanny says:

    How lovely to see Rachel again, it’s been too long…..


  21. LeRoy Davidson says:

    This is just what GH needs! I love this lady and her presence is so important. And so is Leslie Charleson’s Monica. The sparring between her and Tracy never gets old. And nice touch them toasting each other at the end.


  22. dylan says:

    I hope her health is well enough to allow her to come on more. Her character Audrey is certainly well enough to babysit all the time!! But thats when they need an excuse for where the kids are.


  23. Belle says:

    I, too, remember the General Hospital of old with Jessie , Phil, and Steve, and the other characters who were there from day one. Lucille came maybe some months later and Audrey a year later. Those days bring back so many memories of my watching the show from day one. So much has changed about what General Hospital is truly about; now I’m wondering who can re-direct this Soap to where it should be so that it can be saved for future generations. G.H. brings back such pleasant memories of days gone by as a child when I watched G.H. and other Soaps with family members all day during the summers. Let’s see as much as possible more scenes of Audrey or any of the original characters from General Hospital. Let the memories begin!


  24. fginaspy says:

    It was wonderful to see RA on screen again however brief and no interaction with other characters. She looked fabulous!!! I am a viewer from before mob related stories and it was a breath of fresh air to see her and Monica on air this week.

    I personally wish they would do away with the mob. Sonny could go legit with the coffee business. Ava does have the art gallery. Though, I prefer her in prison.

    I hope Gran’s letter will weigh on Elizabeth to do the right thing and tell Jake the truth.


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