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5 September 29th, 2011 RATINGS: All My Children zooms to number two in final week! B&B shows strong gains!


Here now is what many fans of All My Children and the soaps have been waiting to see, the final ratings week that included the 41-year-old soap.   And, we can report for the ratings week of September 19th -23rd, that AMC added a whopping  +499,000 viewers, which was expected with the exciting returns and the fact that the culmination of the series was covered every where in pop culture and people wanting to tune into see how the show decided to end its run on network television.  This gave AMC its best weekly performance in years with a total viewership of 2,990,000 eyeballs.

The week was also a good week for soaps with 5 of the 6 soaps adding viewers!  The Bold and the Beautiful also added  + 201,000 viewers, and with the addition of Jacob Young back to his old stomping grounds, we can anticipate that next week  in the ratings should be a good week for B&B as well!  The Young and the Restless once again retained the top spot and also added +99,000 viewers. One Life to Live fell to fourth place this week, but still added +110,000 viewers.

View the entire ratings demos and stats via Soap Opera Network by clicking here!

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  1. Angela says:

    And why doesn’t this surprise me? AMC has alot more viewers than the idiots in charge claimed that the daytime genre is a dying breed… Viewers watch on their own time with our busy schedules. Total outrage. I CANNOT WAIT for The Chew to fail, the AMC fans will prevail!


  2. Tracey says:

    WOW Frons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People must love their soaps……As of the end of OLTL I will not be watching abcd at all…….I think I might take my viewership online……Go figure.


  3. Avelina says:

    Why am I not surprised that DAYS is last again. Maybe if the new writers gave us EJAMI they would be at number 1. I am not looking forward to this new reboot even though my faves have come back


  4. Blake says:

    Good for AMC, i was hoping they would climb higher towards the end but it really didn’t happen til the last week.
    Days should jump higher next week because of the reboot, and hopefully OLTL will return to # 2 for good until it ends in January. GH deserves to be in last place at this point.


  5. Darcy says:

    YaY!! I am happy for soap fans up yours ABC! After OLTL I’m done with FronsTV.


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