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20 December 19th, 2014 RATINGS: All Soaps Up In Total Viewers! B&B, GH & Y&R Gain In 18-49 Demo On Strength Of Emotional Stories!


Here’s some good news going into the holidays for your favorite soaps, and with only be a small amount of daytime dramas left on your screens, even though we may squabble and take sides on what is our favorite soap of all-time or at the moment, when the ratings are up it helps the sum of the total!

And that was the case for the most part for the ratings for the week of December 8th through December 12th, which featured some emotional stories and more.  In total viewers all four network soaps were up!  Leading the pack with the most gains was The Bold and the Beautiful as expected with the final episodes of young heroine Kim Matula as Hope as she says her goodbyes to Liam (Scott Clifton) and heads off to Milan.  B&B gained +283,000 bringing its total to 3,770,000 . The show also gained in key demos; women 18-49, 18-34 (most of all soaps), but was in the minus column in women 25-54.


Also with a strong showing was ABC’s General Hospital which had a week of drama that included Nina (Michelle Stafford) and Franco (Roger Howarth) being caught with Ava’s (Maura West) baby, Ava being arrested for Connie’s murder, Sonny (Maurice Benard) telling Carly (Laura Wright) to never come back to see him in prison, and the heartbreaking final scenes of Kelly Thiebaud as Britt.

GH was back over the 3 million mark with 3,035,000 gaining +70,000 in total viewers.  However, GH scored gains in all key women’s demos and the most in 18-49 and 25-54 categories of all the daytime dramas.

The Young and the Restless also delivered strong gains with +186,000 bringing its number one lead in total viewers to 4,758,000.  Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) finding out about Jack  (Peter Bergman) and Kelly’s (Cady McClain) relationship, the continued Adam Newman (Justin Hartley) return plot, and the reveal scene where Michael (Christian LeBlanc) tells Lauren (Tracey E. Bregman) he has prostate cancer, Dylan’s (Steve Burton) marriage proposal to Avery ( Jessica Collins) and Ashley (Eileen Davidson) and Stitch (Sean Carrigan) having sex in the shower were just a few of the happenings in Genoa City.  Y&R remained in first place in all key demo categories 18-49, 18-34 (although they lost viewers in this demo), and 24-54.


Finally, Days of our Lives also gained in total viewers adding +55,000 to come in for the week with 2, 445,000 which featured the further introduction of One Life to Live favorite, Melissa Archer as Serena Mason and her relationship with Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan), what Melanie’s (Molly Burnett) secret is, and Will (Guy Wilson) coming home as Sonny (Freddie Smith) is still reeling from finding his ex Paul (Christopher Sean) is in Salem and more.  In key demos, DAYS gained in women 18-34, but was in the minus column in the 18-49 and  25-54.   View the entire ratings picture courtesy of SON here.

So, what do you think of the ratings week performances of your favorite soaps?  Put on your Soap Opera Programming Executive Armchair Quarterback hat and let us know, what is working for you on your soap? What would you do, if anything, to make it even better? Comment below.

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  1. Kim Huck says:

    Im so happy Steffy is coming back to BB. I wish Sharon & Adam would be back together. on YR


  2. Filomena says:

    I thought that Bold and Beautiful was amazing and loved the scenes with Lope. Fantastic. I already miss KM and hope that at least the character of Hope will be back soon.


  3. PV Jr. says:

    Great news, but it would be fun to do a Fantasy Soap like those guys do with their Fantasy Football and Baseball. I would love to cherry pick my favorite characters/stories and put them into their own soap. I actually watch all four again, but there are still some couples/stories that I cannot watch because they bore me.


  4. jonboy says:

    For me YnR has been doing everything right. I anticipate seeing it each day and hope the headwriting change doesn’t alter that. As for GH, which never seems to be able to hold on to its 3 million mark, 2013 has made me increasingly disenchanted with the far-fetched “stories.”. Recently centering more heavily on all this mob business again, which so many were grateful had been abandoned, GH is losing this viewer as of 1/1/15.


    Nanci replied

    I know what you mean.
    I lost interest in and dropped GH long ago.
    It became too mob-ish, violent and depressing.
    If at any random moment I decided to sneak
    a peek, I am sure to see someone crying, someone
    screaming, someone pointing a gun, someone about
    to be shot, someone about to die, mob talk, jail scenes,
    etc. etc. etc.
    Ugh. Too much ugliness.


    su0000 replied

    A least GH runs on entertainment, and none are diseased or dying.. lol
    Y&R characters are diseased peoples lol..
    the big story is watching a man die of horrible disease, cancer.. ohh what fun!
    — Y&R cancer’
    Delia, Ashley, Michale, Lily, Delia died anyway,,
    ohh yah Jennifer Brook died from Y&R cancer..
    Hope was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer,
    Katherine Chancellor had surgery for a brain tumor and a breast cancer scare.
    Colleen dies to give Victor a heart
    Paul get a transplant too
    Niel is blind
    Dylan has PTSD
    Niki an alcoholic & Multiple Sclerosis
    Sharon is Bipolar
    Y&R drama has always run on diseases and death,,
    good lord they should quarantine the soap … LOL

    Watching people suffer and die of a variety of ailments is not fun, really it isn’t..
    It takes them a year to suffer and die.. people have to watch them suffer to their deaths!
    Y&R characters all need to go General Hospital and let the fine doctors cure them or put them in river and have done with it LOL .

    GH, someone will get shot and be thrown in the river.. no need to get depressed they usually are very bad guys who end up in the river..
    and they usually do not die..
    GH will have a shoot-out and yet no bodies piled up lol ..
    As a matter of fact, not one character on GH is diseased and dying of cancer or another disease.. all are healthy, hot and sexy, and live very very exciting lives!!
    RC and team don’t write diseases they write good stuff that is not depressing, good entertainment..

    Long live ALL the soaps.. they are loved !!!

    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    You are right about the part with someone crying and screaming…that was me…Obama interupted my soaps again…lol

    PV Jr. replied

    Nah, no diseases on GH (rolling eyes), just plutonium poisoning or whatever Luke and Jerry were dying of not too long ago.

    If they keep wearing those magical masks they might come down with an epidemic of latex poisoning or something.

    Laurie replied

    Yes, when I started watching GH again in 2013 I was disappointed to still see the guns & violence-mob, mob, mob. It used to be just bad people trying to kill a family or something, mob would take them out, move on. Recently though Sonny’s been trying to kill just whoever makes him mad or might tell something on him. He’s lost his mind. Still, I complain, then ignore it. But as of late, it has slowed down considerably. Pretty sure only 1 person got shot during all of sweeps, and he didn’t die. Sonny’s bodyguard. Now Nathan is in the hospital w/a shoulder wound. He’s a cop, but the shooter shot to wound him only. Kinda weird for GH, especially since Shawn the hitman has missed his last 37 murder attempts. He’s like a virgin all over again. LOL. I can only hope that this means the murdering has slowed down. Everyone’s pointing guns at each other but not using them. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking it will stay slowed down.
    IMO, the female demos would rise much more for females if they’d put all the violence on the backburner. Not the excitement, just murder.

    jonboy replied

    @su0000 And you have totally hit on my problem with GH! Realism! Cancer is a fact of life, people are diagnosed and dying from it every day. In your life you will know at least one person, if not more (unfortunately) who will suffer the disease. Let me ask you a question: when was the last time your (let’s say) best friend suddenly pulled off a plastic mask to reveal they were someone else? When did you know of someone hog tied and thrown into a hole in the ground (oh, and let’s not forget the person hired to bring the captive food and water)? When is the last time a magistrate, out of Court, saw you at a restaurant and forbade you to see another party? When is the last time you traveled from point A to point B in nanoseconds? How often do you see guns flashed around (but rarely does anyone get shot)? Who do you know who got shot in the heart and is walking around perfectly fine today? For that matter, how many presumed dead people have you known? I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Hey, a little fantasy is fine, but GH overdoes it. At least for me. But, hey, if that’s the kind of mindless entertainment you enjoy, have at it.

    su0000 replied

    I see what you described in movies and in TV drama show, commely..
    That is exactly how they are written..
    Pick a drama sitcom..
    one shot and in next 12 minutes back at work..
    They get on a plane and in flick of the screen they are in Afghanistan..
    People are getting shot and within minutes are walking around in movies and on tv..
    as a matter of fact..
    In 60 minutes time ones whole lifetime can been shown..
    That is how movies and TV shows work.. :)
    and in tv and movie drama .. people are hog tied and thrown in hiles and not feed lol .. and much much worse..
    As for the masks.. have you ever watched spy movies or even Mission Impossible, 007..
    Yes, jonboy I have seen it all in other shows outside of GH..

    some get married and within 17 minutes we see them a week into their honeymoon..
    It is how it is done, jonboy ..
    And even a soap can be entertaining.. that is why many watch, to be entertained is a weird sorta way lol..

    jonboy.. soaps will never be in real life time..
    GH like movies and drama tv series, are total fiction for entertainment .. :)


    jonboy replied

    But we are not talking about a weekly drama, comedy series or spy movies. We are talking about a continuing daytime drama. In reference to your last statement regarding these shows being “total fiction for entertainment”, soaps have also been known to educate as well as entertain. Despite your obvious deference to cancer, bipolar and stories of the like, these types of stories can also educate us, the viewer. How is anything that goes on in GH ever going to do that? GH is pure escapism. If that’s as far as your mind wants to expand, then by all means enjoy it. I need something more.

  5. GH50 says:

    Certainly a good thing that GH is above 3 million and has been hovering around that mark since Nov sweeps. But GH scored the most gains in 18-49 and 25-54? GH is down HUGE in all three demos from last year, down 20-30% while, Y&R and B&B are either up or basically flat. That has to be a concern.


  6. KateA says:

    Y&R is really good right now. Adam and Phyliss back causing problems. Yea! The only thing that would make it better is if they would bring in Vincent I(David from AMC). He was such a good actor. It is fun to actually look forward to seeing the next episode. After the loss of AMC, I never thought I would enjoy another soap. Thanks Y&R for really good daytime entertainment.


  7. Mary SF says:

    I’m a bit surprised by these numbers, usually around this time of year ratings drop a bit because of the holidays– of course the week being mentioned was the wrap up from Nov. sweeps, so these numbers might be going down next week. But right now I am enjoying all four soaps, which is rare.

    On Y&R I am finding JH’s Adam believable, as well as GT’s Phyllis—both are two of the better recasts to date. On B&B the drama has been non stop of late. GH actors are making really silly stories wonderful with their acting skills, such a joy to watch them. And Days, well it has been sluggish for a while, not quite up to it’s old steam, but it is improving which is a good sign.

    So if these trends continue it will be a Merry Christmas to all soap fans and to all soap fans a good night. ( or in our case a good afternoon unless preempted by Obama) LOL.


  8. Steffy says:

    Watch B&B because Steffy will be returning, I wanted to be up with the play rather then reading blogs. Also to see the boring departure of Hope, never felt anything.


  9. Nanci says:

    So true about the sicknesses, etc. with Y and R, but most were long ago.
    Except for Delia of course, a storyline I hated. With GH, the violence is
    always ongoing and front and center. With so much real-life violence on
    the news, I would not want a soap I watch to just add to it.

    I know! I was majorly mad when Obama came on toward the end
    of Y and R today. That happens too often!


  10. su0000 says:

    There is not a lot of violence in GH..
    There are numerous stories, none have violence..
    what you refer to as violence is a mob shooting, and they are not common..
    a prison fight is rare/1st one, actually….
    Your comment
    ” violence is always ongoing and front and center”
    ..Is false…..
    There are numerous great stories in GH.. ..
    they are suspenseful, intriguing, full of surprises, humorous, twists and turns, and and they are not violent..
    there is variety of non violent entertainment.. love and other good stuff ..

    GH is not a traditional soap, it is modern and awesome!!!


    Nanci replied

    Dang it, Su.
    This is funny, though.
    I started thinking Hmmm, I would
    hope to give GH another chance.
    So just a bit ago I turned it on, and
    what was immediately on the screen
    was a black man (dont know his name)
    pointing a gun at a crouching guy.
    Oh well. I tried.


  11. Tina says:

    I wish someone would really address the mess DAYS is in. No one is helping it stay on the air by whitewashing it’s serious problems


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