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16 January 16th, 2012 RATINGS: B&B has strong week; only soap to show gains!

The ratings are out for the week of January 2-6, the first week of the daytime drama of 2012.  The Bold and the Beautiful was the only soap to show gains for the week, with total viewer eyeballs nearing 3.5 million and with a gain of  +36,000 viewers.   Seemed the Cabo remote storyline featuring the quadrangle of Steffy, Liam, Hope and Thomas had fans tuning in and wanting more.

One Life to Live in its second to last week of ratings, and despite heralded stories, failed to add anymore viewers as it was nearing its last week and actually lost -184,000 from the previous week.  Y&R continued its dominance at number one even though they also lost -166,000 from the previous week. And,  DAYS remained in the fourth spot.

General Hospital was in last losing more viewers and households in key demos. But the ailing soap looks to get an infusion of life with the announcement of upcoming arrivals of Tristan Rogers, Emma Samms, Finola Hughes, Roger Howart, Michael Easton, Kassie DePaiva and Kristen Alderson, along with newly transplanted One Life creative team of Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati.  Let’s see how things shake out, once all of this hits the Port Charles canvas.

View the entire ratings courtesy of Soap Opera Network after the jump!

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  1. barbara t says:

    I d like to watch the bold and the beauitful and the young and the restless ,I most definatly will need something to watch at 2 ,and for the first time in 43 years im not watching abc in this time slot.I dont have one of those taping things ,there on in my area at stupid times. I am watching dool,im just now learning all these new names ,I really hate that because I knew everyone in pine valley and landview for more years and I like that history .watching a new soap isnt always that easy,trying to figure out who is who and what are there stories .


  2. kay killgore says:

    Barbara I do not know what age group you are in but B&B will probably not entertain you unless you want to watch teenyboppers who can not act on 5 days a week. I do not beleive this survey not that Y&R is any better. Bill Bell’s legacy has been destroyed !


  3. kay killgore says:

    Also if you watch Y&R prepare yourself for soft porn everybody sleeps with everybody and we have male actors with awful hair pieces. I am sorry I am such a downer but I use to run home from work etc to watch these shows now I hit the FF button. But go ahead give it a try hopefully they will all wake up and do a reboot to save them.


  4. margaret k says:

    How do “they” calculate the viewer numbers? Regardless of that, it is clear and simple: those who used to watch AMC are trying to watch B&B and the same may be true of the OLTL viewers. I know I tried B&B but it is so very slow, storyline is boring even with Cabo locale. So I am now watching old Murder She Wrote in that time slot on my lunch hour. I tried to watch another one on SoapNet in the evening but it (cannot even recall which one!) had such fake characters – very stereotyped “Jersey” among others that I did not bother to watch again. Used to watch GH years ago but once it got to be all mob oriented with lots of fires, gun battles, etc. it has been all downhill from there.
    People are not abandoning Soaps, the Soaps are abandoning viewers by cancelling. No one wants to get hooked and emotionally linked to another one only to have the new ones taken away, too. I don’t expect to watch GH because that is supposedly going to be cancelled in 2012.
    ABC Daytime in Southern Calif is full of talk shows, and even has the AAA Informercial on just before lunch. No one is watching.
    What will happen to the Emmy Awards when there are only one or two actual daytime shows?
    Wish they would all wise up and realize that the junk they are replacing decent shows with will not “sell”. And that viewers who are their CUSTOMERS want to choose when they want to watch and how. Someone needs to sit these execs into a room with a TV and a remote for several weeks and see what THEY will choose to watch.
    As people stop watching, they will drop cable TV and just watch DVDs or shows on the Internet. Too bad Prospect Park did not figure it all out earlier so they could be on the cutting edge of the future.


  5. gloria says:

    I have never been able to figure “ratings” out. I have watched soaps every single day of my life since I was a teenager & how can anyone know that? I was once sent a Nielson ratings form in the ’80s but it asked only about my family’s nighttime viewing. I had to fill it out for a week or so, that was it. So could someone explain once & for all, how it can be determined how many people are watching a particular show? Michael, can you shed some light on this mystery for us? Thank you.


  6. Indigo Starr says:

    The ratings I am looking at show OLTL had gains of 342,000. over last year and
    B&B is up 241,000 over last year. Yes if you take it week by week B&B has the increase but if you compare by year OLTL did have gains and the greatest gain of all the soaps.. And in the women 18 to 34 OLTL tied with Y&R. Sadly, OLTL is now off the air and my television is very boring now.


  7. Rob says:

    How this show is on the air and OLTL got the axe amazes me. The writing is sophmoric, they treat the audience like morons and the acting is atrocious. Ronn Moss has played the same character for like 25 years and you can still tell he reads from a teleprompter or cue cards.


    Hillary replied

    This makes me laugh! Ron Moss and whoever plays Steffy literally MURDER me every day. LOL too funny!


  8. Torrey says:

    Can someone, who is a fan of Y&R, please explain to me why on Earth Sharon is sticking by Victor’s side so much? I mean, this is a man who is directly responsible for putting her behind bars. He was there on the mountain when Skye fell to her death and did nothing to help her or Sharon…consequently, Sharon ended up in prison for things that Victor did….but for some reason, she is on this non-stop conquest to single-handedly save Victor.

    Not to mention, how the entire town was in the park, the night that Diane died, but no one saw or heard anything! I mean, I get that they are all keeping something or afraid to say something that might incriminate themselves, but come on…..who really had the time to murder her, with so much traffic in the park?

    And it seems to me that there is too many instances of musical bed hopping…..What’s with Nick? First he’s with Sharon, he leaves her to be with Phyllis, then briefly goes back to Sharon, then back to Phyllis, then on to Diane, making his way to Avery (Phyllis’ sister)…and now he’s showing interest in Phyllis again?

    And did I forget to mention the incredibly stupid story that’s going on with Kevin? Why is it that he always manages to get wrapped up in nut-job women that obsess over him?

    And if I’m going to talk about stories that make no sense…let me briefly mention how the talent of Debbi Morgan is going to complete waste.

    I don’t understand this show at all….. I miss my OLTL so bad
    There is just a lot that I don’t get about this show….or why it’s number one.


    Gloria replied

    Phyllis slept with Deacon outside next to a dumpster, then hooks up with Ronan in his gross motel room & now back to Nick. Victoria slept with Deacon too, of course Niki has too. Sharon slept with Billy & was married to his brother Jack. And when I see Jack & Nick in a scene together all I can think is Jack has been married to Nick’s mother & both of Nick’s wives. Yuck. This show is way too entertwined sexually. And I do not get this Sharon/Victor thing at all. They were kissing yesterday!! She makes the worst choices of anyone I can think of.

    The very fact that Y&R has been number 1 for all these years makes me very suspicious about the mysterious “ratings” game. It is SO not the best show. Cannot hold a candle to OLTL.

    Oh, I just turned on my tv to pop my OLTL tape in & guess what? The guy on the Revolution was teaching everyone how to make a salad at the salad bar! WOW! Words fail me now.


    Torrey replied

    I don’t know how ABC thinks by replacing a legendary show like OLTL with mindless dribble like that is a good decision. No show that they replace AMC or OLTL with will ever give them 40+ years of loyal viewership.

    Torrey replied

    And answer me this…..Is Victor is prison or a hotel/spa? I have never seen a prisoner get so many visitors in a day. The whole town just comes in and sees him whenever they want.

    gloria replied

    I was just watching yesterday & today’s Y&R thinking the very same thing. Victor literally spends his days in prison at the visitor’s room. I am so glad he is home & I hope to hell nobody on that show goes back to prison this year!!!


  9. kay killgore says:

    Totally agree Rob and we still can not get Thorne out of the basement and still wasting Windsor Harmon’s talent.


  10. kay killgore says:

    Hey I just heard a funny line the reason soap operas are going off the air is because they can not compete with real life being displayed in the media every day. Torrey MAB is ruining Y&R and maybe she is saving on wardrobe Sharon in prison blues for months then Victor. Their theme song in prison is “I Love A Parade”.


  11. Hillary says:

    Lately I’ve really been wanting Deacon to show up. I just really want to see things play out with him & Hope. Maybe she will show him unconditional love. He seems capable of loyalty & love so maybe Hope will inspire him & bring out the best in him? Ridge is such an unbelievable prick to her. I just would love Deacon to put him in his place! Yea!! Just a thought. <3


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