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30 September 9th, 2013 RATINGS: B&B and Y&R Have Solid Week! All Soaps Add Total Viewers!


The ratings are out for the week of August 26th-30th, and it was very solid week for The Bold and the Beautiful, and also a good week for The Young and the Restless.

B&B added +302,000 total viewers more than any other network soap opera!  With Wyatt confronting Bill, the future of Forrester, and more, B&B the only half-hour network drama, is doing very well with total viewers at 3,592,000. B&B also added the most viewers in the key 18-49 female demo adding +83,000.

Over at Y&R, the top rated soap opera added +164,000 in the total viewers category making its weekly count at 4,618,000, as the residual effects of Katherine’s letters played out, as well as all the other storylines on the show.

Meanwhile, General Hospital also added viewers adding +55,000 for its total of 2.673,000 while remaining ahead of Days of our Lives.  GH also stayed atop of the women 18-34 demo even though they, and the other soaps, lost viewers in the category.  As for Days of our Lives, it added+36,000,  and totaled in at 2,419,000 for the week for total viewers.   View the entire ratings picture here courtesy of SON!

OK, so it’s time for you to be our weekly Soap Opera Programming Executive Armchair Quarterback! What soaps do you think are on the right path storyline-wise?  Which soap has the most compelling storylines right now?  Which soap opera do you think needs the most help?   Comment below!

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  1. Lily says:

    I want to watch Rafe and Jordan’s story take off on Days, but it’s moving soooo slowly! When I tune into see what happens next they aren’t on or their scenes are a millisecond in length.


    Mary SF replied

    Well to be fair Rafe can barely lift his hand up, so I wouldn’t expect things to heat up between these two for a while. And that can be a good thing. The best love stories take time to built. It is the anticipation you are feeling that makes the suspense and waiting great— so when they finally do come together– it will be all the sweeter. I honestly hope they don’t rush it, but yeah, they could move it along a little bit.


    Lily replied

    Very well said! And yes I agree the best love stories do take time and leave the viewers holding their breath for the next moments to happen. This budding story with Rafe and Jordan definitely has that potential if the writers will foster it with care. I don’t mind a gradual build at all if it’s done delectably. But I sure do wish the show would give them more attention than they currently are in order to engage us in their story.

  2. Derrick says:

    And look for Y&R to go UP BIG next week due to Katherine’s memorial!


  3. Matthew Place says:

    The article states all soaps down in 18-34, but B&B actually gained 21,000 viewers if SON is correct. Congrats to B&B on impressive year-to-year gains!


  4. Lawrence says:

    Gh still holding strong!


    Elhu replied

    So happy about this, and let’s hope it continues!!!! Enjoy the storylines very much!!!


  5. PatF says:

    This is also the last week of ratings that are impacted by the CBS blackout.


  6. lisa says:

    Time to cancel gh. replace it with a talk show. i want too see more reality shows on abc. keep days of our lives on nbc. days is a good soap. gh sucks big time. One life to live will not come back. trust me. The reboot was a sleeper. horrible storylines and bad acting.


    Ghlover replied

    I love Gh! Hope it gets to it’s 60th anniverssary. Keep up the good work Ron and Frank we are with you.


    Margie replied

    Lisa sounds like a real lovely person.
    OLTL will be back. 2014.

    david replied

    My inside sources tell me. abc wants gh out of there line up early next year. lets hope its just a rumour.

    john replied

    I agree with you lisa. general hospital will get cancelled, next year. replace general hospital with a new talk show. I’m fed up with general hospital. really boring stories. its the franco show. boring boring .


    Paul replied

    Don’t know what show Lisa and John are watching, but it isn’t GH. Under the current regime, the show is not only thoroughly interesting and entertaining, but it’s VERY BALANCED. It’s the negative propaganda from the haters that is boring!

    tony replied

    John and lisa need to take there medication. General hospital are on fire now. the ratings are way better than last year. please bring back tristan rogers as robert scorpio. sign him to a contract. gh is here to stay. gh rocks. john and lisa are miserable people.

    Rose replied

    Sorry you ‘re not liking General Hospital lately. But I have to question the wisdom of anyone wanting another reality show. If you don’t like GH anymore, just don’t watch.


    Nick replied

    Paul, understand that everyone is entitled to express their opinion without being stepped on and called juvenile names. If you can’t accept negative opinions about GH, then I suggest that you do something else with your time and don’t read message boards online. Different strokes for different folks. Not everyone has the same tastes. Just because you personally like GH does not mean that every person on the planet likes it as well.

    And if you really think that anyone who does not care for GH is a “hater” who is spewing “negative propaganda”, then you are truly paranoid and one sick puppy. That’s total BS. I am so beyond sick and tired of seeing commenters use the term “hater”, which has to be the most tired, overused word on the planet. All it does is prove that you’re an immature baby who can’t tolerate anyone who thinks differently than you without whining. In other words, “No matter what, my words are the only ones that count and anyone with a dissenting point of view is dead wrong.” Stay classy, man.

  7. Iakovos says:

    I would imagine all four soaps are fairly solid in the ratings. I hope increased viewership levels continue. That is what we need. I still believe “everything old is new again” and we will see some appreciation of daytime drama again.


  8. Jules says:

    Glad all shows are up….that’s just good news for the medium. I think for that week all the shows had something going for them so it’s easy to see how the ratings would reflect that. Onward and upward for all!


  9. Mary SF says:

    Well I do admit it was a little refreshing to see something on B&B that wasn’t a love triangle. Although now that Steffy is gone– we see them starting a new one between Liam Wyatt and Hope. I think Brad Bell would go into withdrawal if he can’t have a love triangle going somewhere— but it is nice change of pace while it lasted.


  10. Harlee says:

    This is good news for the soaps. It’s no wonder BB is up by leaps & bounds compared to any other soap. It’s simply producing the best soap opera right now. I’m loving BB, CBS should be very proud of this little soap, not so much for YR.


  11. carla says:

    I love bold and the beautiful. All soaps should 30 minutes that way we can have more on the air.


  12. denisefan says:

    I’m in favor of cancelling all for network soap operas and investing in new serials. There are some popular novelists who would make great scribes in the daytime format.


    Mary SF replied

    You have a point, there comes a time there is only so much one can do with a certain group of characters, and soaps that have been on for over twenty years. They are struggling to find fresh ways of telling stories with characters that had so much happen to them in one life time it hard to imagine in real these characters wouldn’t be in the hospital for exhaustion. LOL.
    Unfortunately I do not believe networks would invest money in new serials once the old guard falls away. Those novelists you spoke of would not come cheap and frankly the eyeballs available during the daytime don’t warrant that expense. If these soaps go– they will be replaced with cheaper reality shows or syndicated shows at half the cost.


    denisefan replied

    Novelists may very well be a great investment. That they won’t come cheap is an assumption… that they will bring viewers and ad revenue, and therefore be cost effective, is the bottom line.

    Investigate how Nielsen estimate viewer data…… there is a great leap of faith to believe that their sampling can be generalized to report with certainty a national audience.

  13. Rose says:

    I started watching B & B after the ABC purge. Glad to see Rena Sofer added as Quinn. I just hope they start “letting her loose” like in her role as Lois in General Hospital.


  14. aria says:

    GH needs to stay consistent, it needs to really feature the vets more, its really sad seeing Finola and Genie playing basically extras on the show. i ‘m loving the show when it shows everyone in good storylines, it showed us that in august but then it goes back to just showing the same people over and over again. theres 5 days a week, i don’t get why they can’t use the vets more in their own storyline.


  15. Rose says:

    What are other daytime shows pulling in #wise in comparison to soaps? Also, I know you always want to bring in younger viewers, but I get fed up with this fixation on the 18-49 demo. If you look at B&B ‘s, 302,000 viewers with only 83,000 between 18-49, why not say hoorah to the other 219,000 new viewers not in this “preferred” demo.


  16. Matthew Place says:

    Harlee and I may not agree on everything, but we do agree where B&B is concerned. Classic soap. Interesting show every day. Characters are just unpredictable enough to be interesting. Character-driven plots — not plotting for the sake of plotting. I like to see the day-to-day life of characters, not just plot points every day or “filler”. Brad said in an interview (and I paraphrase) he was making B&B must-see every day — and he is delivering! Hard to believe Kay Alden isn’t right there beside him, because Kay wrote great teens/younger characters when she was HW at Y&R. I wish Brad and Kay could be consultants for Y&R (if not headwriters). Y&R needs serious attention because it’s losing its identity. Y&R no longer feels like Y&R: It’s starting to feel really generic.


  17. Eileen Hargis says:

    Days of Our Lives is in need of major help. When everything revolves around Sami and EJ, it dips. Characters leaving right and left or changing faces. Where the hell is John
    ??? Are we supposed to believe that Marlena doesnt love him anymore?? Are they insane????? No eonder they are 4th out of four soaps. Where is the romance, Justin and his wife at odds. Rafe with nobody, Abby too, Jennifer being played like a fool by a teenager, Nicole pining, Eric duped, come on, do something, this is a mess. Bring back John for a fight to win back his doc!!!!@!


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