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20 March 30th, 2014 RATINGS: B&B and Y&R Have Strong Week! All Soaps Show Gains!


For the ratings period of March 17th-21st, it was the CBS Daytime lineup of soaps;  The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless that showed a significant gain in the total viewing audience numbers! In addition, General Hospital and Days of our Lives also saw some small gains.  This comes off a bad ratings week previously, when all the soaps lost viewers.

In the latest numbers, The Bold and the Beautiful added + 356,000 viewers for the ratings week giving it a total of 3,885,000, while The Young an the Restless added +288,000 giving it 4,942,000 for the week in total viewers.  Y&R was also the number one show in all the key demos.

Over at ABC”s General Hospital, the series added +41,000 giving it a total for the week of 2,641,000, and for NBC’s Days of our Lives, they added +30,000  giving it 2,476,000 for the ratings period.   To view the entire ratings picture via SON click here!

Time for you to be our Soap Opera Programming Executive Armchair Quarterback! With the ups and downs in the ratings over the last month or so, where one week soaps are down, one week they are up, what is working on your favorite soaps?  Which soap has your tuning in the most?  What changes would you make that you think would help increase viewership and make the viewers stay put?  Let us know!

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  1. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    My favorite soap is Days but i wish Jen had a different storyline: first Anne causes her trouble, then Theressa, then Liam…REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT!!! Also, Eric and Nicole’s storyline is starting to bore me…a great twist would be Nicole coming clean for a change…Erics story is one that should be wrapped up much sooner…i can wait months for stories to unfold but Erics isnt one of them…Sonny and Wills wedding should bring in more viewers…it would be a real treat and a suprise if Days finally does a wedding without something going wrong but i wont hold my breath!!! GH has improved somewhat but i wish they stopped making Dr.O do criminal acts and not doing time for them…cant we have a good old fashion soap villain who plots and schemes without causing physical harm like a Lisa Hughes, Rachel Davis, and Erica Kane ect.? When is someone going to realize Silas had a lookalike brother who couldve tried to kill Nina unless Madelyn did it herself? Could Vincent Izzary be secretly joining GH as Valentin Cassidine and be the one behind Lukes strange behavoir instead of Victor, Jerry or even someone related to the Balkin!!! Dont you just love no saint Lulu throwing it in Britts face what a bad person Britt is when Lulu herself once got pregnant by stepbrother Dillion while he was married to Georgie and then aborted the baby?(which wouldve gave the show another Q)…Sonny needs his head knocked in talking about A.J. killing Connie, especially with all the mob violence and death Sonny has caused in Port Chuck!!! Wait til he finds out Ava killed Connie but after they get married and she’ll probable get pregnant with yet another one of Sonnys children!!!The’ll marry after Ava convinces Sonny she wont be able to testify against him at his trial for shooting A.J. if they become husband and wife!!! Will Olivia see any of this comin?…lol Im watching Bold and Beautiful…i like Ally, Quinn and Wyatt…ive watched little of this show in the past…liked Sally Spectra but im becoming more of a regular…i like it better on tvgn at nite!!!!


  2. Marc says:

    Very impressive considering they have to go against the ncaa tournament that week


  3. Patty says:

    If TPTB don’t realize that it is the pairing of Katie and Ridge and Hope and Wyatt, and just for kicks, Quinn and Bill, they need to wake up and smell the 21st Century !!!!!


  4. Mary SF says:

    Weekly ratings go up and down– basically the soaps are holding their own– which is okay.

    My beef for the week is with DAYS. There have been a couple of scenes in the park or outside St. Luke’s and there are leaves on the trees and nice green grass on the ground. Come on– Salem is supposed to be somewhere near Chicago is it not? When does it look like summertime in the middle of March??? Doesn’t DAYS have some kind of department that is supposed to make sure the scenery is matching the calender on air date even if they are filming months in advance? Maybe it is annoying me so much because it is still very cold and tons of snow where I live– and if I don’t get a nice warm March neither should the folks in Salem. LOL.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I dont even recall if it even snowed in Salem this year…lol


    k/kay replied

    Don’t watch it anymore but are they doing what GH&Y&R do the women wear sleeveless dresses in the dead of winter? I was thinking the other day when we had like how many soaps to choose from so if you did not like one you were bored you could go to another now you have 4 and for me since I watch 3 off and on if they were cancelled tomorrow I would not care they are that bad. Not trying to be a downer but if you watch clips of the old ones on you tube you find out in 2014 the writing is just terrible. I have to say I do not have one couple I care about maybe a little of Sharon & Nick on Y&R but that is it. Sad day at my house! Lol

    k/kay replied

    Sorry for being such a downer I just watched about 15 minutes of Eden & Crus from Santa Barbara and man what a couple! Miss those great actors!

    4everDAYS replied

    Evergreens stay green year round.


  5. Sammie jo says:

    Thrilled to read that Y&R hasn’t “gone down the toilet” as predicted by the MM fanbase.
    ” while The Young an the Restless added +288,000 giving it 4,942,000 for the week in total viewers. Y&R was also the number one show in all the key demos”


  6. su0000 says:

    The Young an the Restless is not all that great..
    From the 32 countries that air the Y&R it has to be getting numbers from at the least one of those countries, somehow..

    General Hospital is by far the best soap and DOOL too, both better than Y&R..

    Y&R gets the numbers that makes it the most watched but not the best..

    I watch Y&R every day, I am a number, and usually nood off when I’m not FFing, but I watch out of habit and hope more than anything..
    This year has been the worst..
    And it’s major stories;
    Summers daddy– has been going nowhere for an year!!
    The music box story has been a total fail and going on for a year!
    Dylan and Avery are an ‘Yawn..
    Tyler and Abby are wallpaper
    Michael and Lauren are dullsville
    New Billy is a whiner
    Summer does nothing
    Sharon has been a nut case for an year and that has become stupid.
    and on and on and on with ”dull … snore!!!!


    4everDAYS replied

    Exactly! The most watched does not mean the best. They push that #1 crap too much! People that decide to finally give soaps a try turn to #1 and think the soaps need to be buried because #1 is crappy! #1 is bad for the soaps!


    Brenda replied

    You need to give up your weekly rant every time YR goes up. Nielson said they only count US viewers. YR is #1. n


    Harlee replied

    So su0000 at it again being childish nincompoop screaming about YR and propping up GH…just typical. You must have a miserable, lonely life with so much loneliness in your life to berate a soap opera! OK! maybe you don’t like YR, fair enough but your array of rants speaks volumes about your posts and having posted so many well this is also showing what kind of person shining through in your rants.

    GH isn’t my kind of soap style in writing but you don’t see me seething in my posts and degrading GH in every turn. I have some realistic problems with YR right now you have made some valid points but I also after 41 years watching I’m finding other stories that have been enjoying compared to 2 years ago.

    I give thanks that I have Dominic in my life everyday and I’m sane about my soap operas.


  7. Carly says:

    I agree with you 100% su0000!!! Well said.


  8. PatF says:

    Typical comments from su…

    I don’t understand why you’d watch a show that bores you.

    That’s why I can’t watch the cartoony GH, and choose not to.

    The other three shows are traditional soaps. But surprised to see Days is now down over last year…


    Harlee replied

    HERE HERE P~ this is soooo typical from su0000…I had to comment over the asinine post. He does this on every thread about YR. I might have some minor problems with YR but this kind of posting is ridiculously forth telling in the individual.


    PatF replied

    Comments like that are just foolish, and transparent.

    Stick to what you know…”the best” soap GH.

    I’ll be in GC and LA.

  9. Fran says:

    My favorite is Bold & the Beautiful by far. I love the new Ridge but I want to see a different attitude with Brook. It’s always Ridge breaks Brooks heart goes with Caroline/Doc then he comes back to Brook with opened arms who always takes him back until the next girl and it’s a merry-go-round. I know he can’t live happily ever with Katie or that would be the end of the story but I would like to see him gradually get tired of her and try to get Brook back, who finally says NO and really makes him realize he’s not the cream-of-the-crop he thinks he is. As for Y & R that show has been a bore since we lost MM and it’s a good workout hour!


  10. Barbara says:

    My favourite has always been Y& R so was glad they did so well. I also watch B&B sometimes, but I would be happier if Wyatt & Quinn weren’t on all the time. Can’t tolerate too much of them. I think Y&R is better without MM & MS.


  11. Patty says:

    Well the old saying, “if you don’t like what you’re watching , you can always change the channel” , is where I am headed. Bell, in spite of the tremendous popularity of Katie and Ridge’s story line is insistent on going back to the 20th century with Brooke and Ridge. Another way of showing who is REALLY running B & B…KKL ! Eric has become Brooke’s latest lap dog ! “The Chew”, is so much more satisfying ! Au revoir B & B !


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