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25 November 27th, 2012 RATINGS: B&B Has Strong Week! GH Hits 2-Year High In Key Demo!


The ratings are finally out for the week of November 12th-16th (they were delayed due to the Thanksgiving holiday) which were a key ratings week as part of this year’s November Sweeps. Two soaps told some compelling drama, and were thus rewarded for their efforts from the soap viewing public!

The big ratings winner though goes to The Bold and the Beautiful for an excellent PR push using online media, clips, and revealing slowly but surely when to tune-in to make sure fans do not miss key moments of the last several episodes of Susan Flannery as Stephanie Forrester.  The ratings for this week were reflected by the heart-tugging second and third installment of Stephanie’s goodbye party.  B&B added + 139,000 viewers for the week and added to their number two spot lead overall among all the remaining soaps.  B&B also went up one tenth in the household ratings share and the key 18-49 female demo.

Meanwhile, as Stephanie’s sad episodes were playing out on B&B, over at General Hospital fans were dazzled by the stunning reveal that Duke’s false face belonged to the evil Faison, who is also back from the dead!  And the fact that Faison has the real Duke and Robin!  And if that was not enough, Tristan Rogers returned by the end of the week as Robert Scorpio, as Carly confronted another back from the dead character, A. J. Quartermaine!  GH for their efforts landed a 2-year high in the key 18-34 female demo, and even though they shockingly slipped in total viewers – 17,000 for the week, they are still way up from a year ago at this time with 2,807,000 viewers.

The Young and the Restless is still holding steady at number one with4, 343,000 viewers although some fans have been critical of their not-to-exciting plots at this point under the new regime of Jill Farren Phelps and Josh Griffith.  However, time will tell, as they are still putting the pieces back together after Maria Arena Bell’s tenure and plotting the new course and direction of the core characters and launching new stories.   Y&R also gained in the key 18-49 female demo adding +41,000 viewers while maintaining its number one position in the slot, but watch for GH! The lone ABC show is not far behind!

Over at Days of our Lives, Kristen DiMera’s story with John, Marlena and Brady continued, as well as Gabi’s pregnancy story with baby daddy, Will.   And, Eric Brady returned as a man of the cloth,  but DAYS is losing viewers once again.  The series lost the most viewers for the week with -134,000 and lost viewers in the key 18-34 and 18-49 female demo.  You can view the entire ratings picture here courtesy of Soap Opera Network.

OK soapers, your turn! Time to be our Soap Opera Programming Executive Armchair Quarterback! What worked for you during this ratings period? What do you think the soaps need to do to perk up your interest and keep  you tuning in? What adjustments would you make to DAYS, Y&R, GH, or B&B, if you think some should be made?  Weigh-in!

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  1. SUSAN says:

    i think they need to bring back steve burton jason and robin asap
    however the ratings seem to be doing better i still think bringing back aj quatermaine
    and duke lavery is still a bust not interested in the storyline at all

    i do however am glad tristin rogers is back and hope he finally solves the shooting of
    jason at the dock

    but will continue to watch gh because of maurice benard LOVE HIM!!

    hey just my opinion


  2. Ces says:

    I can understand why Days is losing viewers, it’s boring! I’ve watched this show for over 25 years and stopped watching for eight then returned when Matt, Patrick, Christie, Dee & Drake came back – well, three of those actors are gone and Days is back to boring & predictable storytelling. Lemme guess, Gabi keeps the baby today? Daniel & Jennifer are as boring the 2nd time around as they were the first; they both seem to sleepwalk through their performances, and everyone else just meanders around Town Square. Dullsville. The only exciting part is having Eileen back and this time I’m actually rooting that Kristen gets John because Marlena has become an uptight bore too.


  3. margie says:

    YES!!!! GH keep it up!!!!


  4. RobinAshleyLove says:

    I have to say, Days has caught my attention for the first time since Crystal Chappell left. While there are storylines I couldnt give a hoot about, I find the idea of Kristen and Brady intriguing and the verbal sparing is fun to watch. I also dont mind Gabby pregnancy story line. Its not over the top ridiculous as Days tends to do. It’s real people with real problems. Id rather watch that then mind controlled minions, tricked out sarcophagus, or the constant cheating/bed hopping.


  5. Mary SF says:

    Okay, someone save my sanity here- is it my imagination or are some of the sets on Y&R shrinking? Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Katherine Chancellor’s living room barely could hold a couch and two wing chairs. The same over at the Abbotts, the sofa looks like it is touching the fireplace and I swear the coffee house has lost a few tables. At first, I thought perhaps they were just using tighter shots, so the background would be less obvious, but I really think JFP has taken big chunks out of a lot of the old sets. I wish I had some old shows on tape to compare, but I kinda feeling like I do when I go to the grocery store and get my favorite peanut butter, bring it home and see it up against the old jar realizing 8 oz is now 6 and I paid the same for it. If the sets have shrunk did they really think fans would not notice? And those close ups- Avery and Nick’s kiss this week was so close I swear I could count JM nose hairs. Am I the only one who notice this?


    k/kay replied

    No i have too! Adam & Chelsea’s set looks like a funeral home and the cottage Sharon was staying at that alone would make her go crazier! Verdict still way out for me and by the way the set Victoria was in for her kidnapping try Murphy’s old trailer . If they are not going to use Murphy then have a death scene and get on with it. Loose ends were just dropped on MAB’s stories. Is Jill even going to see her son Billy while she is in town?


    Mary SF replied

    Thank goodness, I wasn’t seeing things. As for Jill she did see Billy once early on when she first came back. It was shortly after Billy got his first phone call from the man who kidnapped Vicki. Jill saw the name on the phone and questioned Billy about it. I don’t think he knew yet he had Vicky but I do remember Jill and Billy had a conversation about this man and Billy’s history with him. What I found odd was Jill did no follow up nor did Billy. He went to Nikki for help instead of his mother who he already confided in. As for Murphy they really should either play him or lose him, unless there is some office pool going on and the writer who can up with lamest reason why Murphy had to miss another family gathering wins a lollipop, then keep him, why spoil their fun.

    k/kay replied

    I will be honest Mary you may be right sometimes if I read the blog I do not watch the show I do not take the time out but I just find it funny she favors Cane who lied and gosh knows what else and Billy is flesh and blood. I enjoy Murphy. And do not get me started on Jack’s storyline nobody gets prescription drugs when they are in the hosipital just sitting there not controlled sloppy storytelling and you do not become addicted in two days I know this is a soap but a little bit of reality please. Right now I am going to give them some time to turn this around it is only fair but wash, rinse, repeat was not what I had in mind. lol

  6. ashlee says:

    I have been vocal about the improvements in Y and R since the new regime took over. They have gotten rid of dead weight, improved production values, renewed the focus of the show, and other things. The only thing they seem to be missing is storylines. Viewers expected JFP to come in with a bang, with one of her trademark stunt stories. I know she came in amidst a great deal of controversy and gossip, and has been easing in and playing it safe, but I now wish she wouldnt have. Burning down the Newman ranch could have been a big deal, but now its like an afterthought. I wish there would have been a fire that engulfed the entire cast, or an explosion a la Clear Springs, or a serial killer, or a train wreck…anything that Jill does so well. The characters who were written off limped away lamely, when instead they could have gone out with a bang. Not that I advocate murder or violence, but this is a soap, and some of that is to be expected. Harmony and Genevieve could have been targets of someone from Tuckers past, etc. A random arsonist torching buildings where no lives are in peril and nothing is at stake is very weak. They need a cataclysmic event to shake up the entire canvas. If all else fails, bring Patty back. She always livens up the show. She could have even been Claude Shirl. The show, while finding its footing and getting back on track, is just deadly boring. Newbie teenagers with no rooting value in a bullying story does not count. Come on…JG and JFP…youre in charge now. Dont be timid…go for it…this is not the time to play it safe!


    Mary SF replied

    Unfortunately I don’t think JFP had the luxury of time to do those things right off the bat. She was there to trim expenses, and there wasn’t time to waste paying high profile players lots of money so they could wait around for a grander exit. Also JG made the choice to work from MAB last point and play them out, maybe not in the way MAB had in mind, but to try to go for a smooth transition. Unfortunately this has resulted in this neither there or here storylines. Right now there is a lot of filler that is taking up air space as they set up the new vision for the show. Hopefully it will not be too much longer before we see Jill’s trademark stories hit Genoa city.


  7. ashlee says:

    As per my post on y and r…i now move to DAYS. Where are the storylines?? What are these shows paying writers for when they are not writing anything? With regards to Eric Brady…um, has anyone heard of being a minister? Ministers are free to get marries, procreate, etc. Catholic priests are not in the Bible anywhere…the only stipulations for Godly men are that they are to have one wife, be faithful, and of strong moral character. Celibate priests are a man made creation…they are not ordered by God. We know that ultimately Eric will leave the priesthood, so there is no drama there. So…Jennifer and Daniel are talking about protocol treatments…yawn…they killed Jack for that level of excitement? There are bright spots…Kayla and Abe could become the Tom and Alice of the show…the anchor couple…the moral centre…write it. Get going with Kristen…she is either a raving lunatic or she has changed…she cant be both. Pick a direction for Sami and follow it. Rafe? Lucas? EJ? The constant waffling ensures that there is no couple to breathlessly root for. The Gabi/gay/ pregnancy thing is my constant fast forward fodder. The less said there, the better. This show has some of the strongest vets in the biz…Hope, John, Marlena, Roman, Kate, Abe, Adrienne, Justin, Kayla…use them and write STORIES for them, not just random scenes that go nowhere.


    Mary SF replied

    The Brady’s have always been played as Catholic so it would have made sense for Eric to seek the priesthood over becoming a Protestant minister. Also, it is the fact that priests are celibate that makes them a favorite of soaps. Having him being tempted between his vows, his love for God and his love for a woman has been big since the Thorn Birds day. It is predictable but it makes for more drama that a minister falling in love.


  8. susan M. says:

    Need to get rid of Kate/Connie which is getting old…Happy with the rest of GH!!!!!! Anna knows there is something wrong w/Duke.. Especially when she kissed him. And Duke/Faison was smoking & we know Duke doesn’t smoke & so does Anna… Bring back Robin & the real Duke already!!!!!!!


    Ces replied

    Yeah, I totally agree. Kelly Sullivan chews way too much scenery and it’s not enjoyable to watch at all. Maurice B. needs a worthy love interest and she is not it. Also, I just don’t see chemistry with Anna & Fake Duke so what makes us think she’ll have any chemistry with real Duke? He’s the same actor. I think too much time has gone by for this couple.


  9. susan M. says:

    Anna said it doesn’t feel right & she is correct it isn’t Duke…..Anna sais there is something different about Duke but she doesn’t know what it is exactly yet!! Poor Tracy!!Something is wrong with Edward’s will!!!!!!!!!!! Heather put it back in the desk on thankgiving…Highly suspiciuos!!


  10. susan M. says:

    Saw Blair talking to Starr today. Hope she doesn’t marry Tomas….


  11. Tsuds says:

    Days is just too boring and predictable. Great job with Nicole losing baby and blaming Jennifer. other stories are predictable. New Eric is disappointing. Peter R leaving show and the writing him out was very disappointing for such a long run character. Now Carloline comes back and no Bo?? He will be off running after Dimera….. Blah. Blah…. Blah…..

    Are we really suppose to think that Kristen is not up to her shenanigans ?? As a viewer of many years… Try to surprise me day writers!!!!

    DVR days but fast forwarded thru most of it and watch about 15 mins.

    Def a fan of GH These days….


    Ces replied

    extremely predictable! As if we didn’t know Gabi would keep the baby? My only hope is that Nick will start getting cuckoo which we saw a bit of yesterday. The Eric thing? Tea? Really. Blah.. enough of Nicole already and her tacky outfits.

    Jen & Daniel. Yawn.

    I’m with you, GH is the better show and I look forward to watching this. Days has become a habit that I once broke for 8 years and may break away from again.


    Dmitri replied

    Actually, the Bo sitch is even worse. He is back in Salem, but we don’t get to see him! Unbelievable! Jennifer and Daniel are boring and on the show too much. Glad to see the Rajami storyline backburneed, but it doesn’t stop it from being dull and repetitive. Gabi’s storyline is stupid and pointless. Nicole and Eric are good, not great, but good and worth watching. All the vets have no significant storyline. Marlena and John are boring because all they do is talk about Kristen. Brady and Kristen is original, but disgusting. I predict that the ratings will deteriorate when Jennifer and Daniel reunite, and when the secret of Gabi’s baby is revealed. She and Nick probably will not marry, and will break up. The truth about Gabi and Andrew will be revealed, and she, Nick and Chad will have no friends. Sonny and Will are probably going to be splitsville. Sami will end up choosing Rafe over EJ again (I hope so, but still boring and repetitive). I just do not see the sjow going anywhere but downhill. The ratings will be lost. The only things keeping Days on air will be “Krady” and “Ericole”.


  12. MK says:

    JFP getting rid of or recycling sets is her trademark. On GH, she burned down the Spencer house and re-made as a brothel a month later.

    On Days, once again (like OLTL AND ATWT) the Gay story is the Best and original story on the show, and will be blamed for the low ratings, instead of the Boring repetitive stories surrounding it. Compared to the 1997 episode, I prefer Tame Days, over Crazy Days.

    GH is on Fire and this past week has been the Best I have seen in 20 years. Tuesday felt like an episode from the classic 1988-93 era, This is not the Jason and Sonny show anymore. This the Best of Classic GH and OLTL combined.


  13. susan M. says:

    Is Tomas really Alkazar????


  14. Patrick says:

    This is the first time, i’m heralding, GH’s bringing OLTL characters to Port Charles…

    I Love Robin Christopher and Ted King…isn’t he delicious… and she’s radiant…

    making Tomas… ie: Alkazar… is brilliant…. I can only hope that Skye and Alkazar are re-united… w/Lila Rae….


    Lila’s pickle relish? I think, Edward, kept lila’s relish an entity unto itself… and when, Tracy finds out… OYE! what love, an endowment, to bestow upon his daughter….


    i’m enjoying, Ellie/Spinelli/Maxie…. kudos to GH for giving Spinelli some romance… to call his own…. he’s an endearing character. it’s a love story.


    Anna! Robert/Duke…. Romance for my new leading lady! she rocks! all this good stuff happening to her… till Robin comes back….

    alas, Robin/Patrick/Emma are still my favorite.


    the reading of Edwards’ will…. with AJ and Tracy vying for Daniel Edward and Sam’s shares of ELQ.. after having thought about it for awhile… is a good move… I was hesitant because of Sam overload… and selfishly would prefer Skye and Ned back in the fold and thick of it….


  15. Dmitri says:

    Days sucks now. TomSell, please quit!


  16. Mish says:

    B&B should be proud, the ending for Stephanie and Susan Flannery was really good, very heartbreaking but worth the wait, Susan Flannery got a fabulous good-bye/sendoff I know she will have her name in the Emmy nomination list.


  17. susan M. says:

    Anna should have believed Robert today on GH (Wed.)…..She should have more confidence in Robert’s hunches about Duke really bein Faison before it is TOO LATE! A.J. has the proof that Faison is alive..Has a picture of him on his phone from the hospital he was in when he was re-coperating from when he was suppose to be dead..Will this info be shared and will someone find out this picture is in A.J.’s position…


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