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14 October 28th, 2011 RATINGS: B&B, OLTL & DAYS gain some viewers, but all soaps down in Women 18-49 demo!

The ratings are out for the week of October 17th-21st and while there were total viewership gains by some of the soaps, all of them were down in the key 18-49 female demographic!  Let’s take a closer week.

The Bold and the Beautiful remained in second place again this week with the most gained viewers of +75,000.  One Life to Live is again in third and added 13,000, while Days of our Lives gained + 50,000 eyeballs.  DAYS  is now  fourth of the five soaps with the bottom position going to General Hospital who lost the most viewers last week. The Young and the Restless stayed in the top slot again, even though they also lost some viewers this past week.

In the key 18-49 demo all soaps lost viewers and rating share and Days of our Lives and General Hospital tied all time lows for the share.  View the entire ratings via Soap Opera Network by clicking here!

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  1. Nancy Wizner says:

    How about 50 and up! We’re NOT dead! So strange that when we were 18 – 49, we counted. We have always been the viewers of the Soaps. Now because we are 50+ we don’t count? Come on – really????? Something needs to be corrected here. Talk about discrimination!!!


    Nancy Wizner replied

    By the way, if they counted 50 and up, the ratings would probably be sky high!


    Karen replied

    I guess they don’t think 50 and over are purchasing consumers!

    ethel replied

    it’s not just the folks who do the ratings – its all over our so called united states – look at corporate america: most workers in their late 40′s on up are scared of loosing their job because of age – there is just no respect for us anywhere……….i know because i will be 60 next month!!


  2. vik says:

    AND also,,,ive been watching since i was YOUNGER than 18, now cus 53, and still watching..we’re not counted at all as relevant viewers? whats the dif. I STILL HAVE TO BUY SHAMPOO!


  3. david says:

    At the link to the ratings, notice OLTL beats GH in every category.


    Jessica replied

    Too bad all of those OLTL viewers weren’t watching when it actually mattered.


  4. Shamrock67 says:

    Well this is a first for me, but I really needed to get this off my chest! I have been a daytime fan since the 70s & I grew up watching Another World, Days, & GH. It was a family thing, 3 generations of women in front of a b & w TV watching the “stories”. Over the years we have seen a lot of silly stuff on our soaps, but through thick & thin we have stuck by them. Well in the era of them dropping off like flies, I think that the TPTB should be a little more attentive to the the people who actually care what happens to them. Use our vets! On GH this week I was over the moon to see the characters of Alexis & Luke actually having an interesting, funny & pertinant conversation at the landmark Kelly’s. It was a reprieve from the Cruise from Hell, where between the pre-buscent activities of over indulging in alcohol to uncomfortable make out sessions and a really bad “Gilligan & Ginger” rowing the boat made me shake my head. Don’t get me wrong, I love the actors that portray the characters, in my humble opiniion GH has the creme of the creme in daytime, the problem is the writing. One would think that the network with the soon to be one remaining Soap would at least have the respect & pride to provide quality storylines. There are other network soaps that have much better storylines with far less talented actors than GH and they are doing well in the ratings. ABC you have a goldmine of talent on your hands, so please start using it!


  5. Deborah says:

    I am 58 years old. I have watched soaps for 40 years and NEVER have I been polled!!! Do I NOT count??? I don’t know who does this POLLING but I bet there are alot of people like me who have never been counted!! If I am not home I am recording my soaps. How do those of us who have NEVER been polled or counted go about doing so????


  6. My2Cents says:

    I would like to see the ratings all in all for the soaps.
    Who is 1st with viewers and who is last?


  7. lew says:

    I have to say that I am extremely disappointed by the writing of Garin Wolf. I expected so much more after they released Bob Guza. But instead of positive changes, we still have an excess of Sonny,Carly, Jason and the mob. ENUF!!!!! If the powers that be at GH want this soap to succeed, revamp it quickly. FRONZIE is waiting to give them their pink slip and to open the door to Katie Couric.


  8. jp says:

    OLTL is doing better in the ratings than GH because it has a better group of writers, actors and storyline. The powers at be value the history and legacy of OLTL. I can not say the same for GH. ABC had to get rid of its powerhouse soap and keep the one its canceling on its own come next june.


  9. My2Cents says:

    The one thing OLTL does that GH doesn’t, is honor their VETS.
    For that alone, this show stands out.
    Besides, GH is the worse it has been in the 35 years I have been watching it.



  10. Jared says:

    I agree with most of everyone up there. Yes, it sucks how this country and its corporations and youth disrespect age. It’s simply a tragedy. Also, One Life to Live IS better than GH and has been for most of the last few years in every way. Soapy, over-the-top storytelling grounded in relatable cross-generational character interactions trumps godfather wannabe mob plots every day of the week. DAYS is improving since the reboot. I’m glad to see Marlena back as the matriarch where she belongs. Speaking of another show that respects its veterans, DAYS is up there with ONE LIFE TO LIVE. Y&R, my favorite show from the 80′s to the mid 00′s, is simply unwatchable. MAB, give me your pen and let me fix this mess! Stat! B&B? Never could stand it. Too incestuous for me. How many people in LA, and these people can’t find people from other families to date? Someone clue me in, please. Happy Halloween, my soap loving friends!


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