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32 November 19th, 2017 RATINGS: Big Week For The Bold and the Beautiful!


The ratings are out for the week of November 6-10th and it was a successful week for CBS’ The Bold and the Beautiful.

With the drama centering around: the fallout of Dollar Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) blowing up the building that housed Spectra Fashions, with Sally (Courtney Hope) and Liam (Scott Clifton) trapped inside and with their lives on the lines, and that kiss, the show added +209,000. That was the most added viewers of any daytime drama for this ratings period.  That addition brought their viewer average tally to 3,700,000. In addition, B&B also added viewers in all the key womens demo categories, 18-49, 18-34, 25-54.

The drama continued this past week as well when Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) slept with Bill, and Liam was all set on renewing his wedding vows with Steffy.  B&B’s sister soap of the top-rated, The Young and the Restless also had strong week, adding +201,000, bringing their total to 4,616,000, while the series also added viewers in all key demos.

Days of our Lives also added total viewers +14,000, and made gains in the womens 25-54 demo.  General Hospital was the only soap to lose viewers for the week with -57,000 with losses in all three key demo categories.  View the entire ratings picture via SON here.

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,616,000 (+201,000/+116,000)
2. B&B 3,700,000 (+209,000/-134,000)
3. GH 2,706,000 (-57,000/+84,000)
4. DAYS 2,204,000 (+14,000/-68,000)

So, which of your favorite daytime soap operas is delivering the best drama for this key November sweeps ratings period? Comment below!

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  1. Debra m says:

    I am surprised GH lost viewers, as I have been enjoying the show and the whole two Jason story. Sorry, but the whole Bill and Steffy story makes me nauseous. Sleeping with your father-in-law, yuck. The problem with this show is you can’t root for any couple because they only stay together for such a short time before moving on to someone else. The only good thing for me on this show is that Ingo will soon be on.


  2. LCA says:

    Well, sort of good news…but nothing to brag about IMO if one is paying attention to the big picture. B&B ratings have been falling for some time, and yes, they finally increased for the week in total viewers but they were really low the previous weeks. I’d say this week was a mixed bag for B&B, up over last week(first number listed) but still behind compared to last year (second number.) B&B remains THIRD place behind GH in the all-important demos of Women 18-49. Yeah…I am a nerd that has been following the ratings. lol!


    Patrick replied

    nothing wrong – at all – WITH an analytical perspective

    whatever it takes .. fans KNOW the lowdown any way… just helps that much more for fan intrigue

    TIME passes by – SO – fast.. that I can’t keep up with the ups and downs of the ratings… I just know.. that my DAYS is always 4th… and is keeping pace plus

    all I can hope for. 14,000 EYES – do something

    i’m interested in how GH will fare once Steve Burton and Billy Miller.. settle in.

    GH and DAYS for the WIN


  3. Alberto says:

    I’m rooting for DAYS OF OUR LIVES! It’s fun, romantic and a can’t miss show for me, now that head writer Ron Carlivati has taken over the reins.


  4. K/kay says:

    Someone has to be bored or forgot to turn their TV off if you are watching Bold . Brad Bell completely let the air out of the tires concerning the return of Sheila and what JMW at a young age has done to her face has made this show unwatchable and also I respect KKL but thirty years later we are still trading husbands every three months.


  5. Ella says:

    I turned B&B back on because of Bill & Steffy and the explosion drama. They finally brought back their most chemistry filled pairing. Controversial but that’s why most people watch soaps in the first place. I’m looking forward to a huge blowout when the truth comes out. Now we have Ingo on too. B&B has the talent, now they just need to keep the meaty stories coming.


  6. vinman says:



    Soaphound replied

    I so agree with you, vinman. It may only be 30 minutes but it FEELS so much longer. The same few characters playing musical beds year after year. Yawn..


    rocky83 replied



  7. Amy says:

    BB it’s getting good. I finally started watching again after about six years lately. Finally the riders were smart enough to capitalize on the explosive chemistry between DD and JMW as Bill and Steffy. Hoping that the explosion will be the end of wasting Steffy on Liam. The triangle with Hope was never believable. But the love story between Bill and Steffy brought passion to the screen airing the too hot shown only in snippets love scene. Will continue to watch as long as they stand a chance. If the powers that be decided to not continue many viewers want to back out.


    soapqueenforever replied

    I had said a long time ago that Liam was to whimpy for Steffie. Since the days of Steffie and Hope fighting over him I could never figure out what the big attraction was. She needs a real man and not a whining little puppy dog. Like you, I only hope this is the beginning for Steffie and Bill. I guess Brooke was only a brief “love of his life”. What I can’t wait for is the truth hitting the fan. Let the various cat fights begin. I am sure Brooke will try and get her digs at Steffie. Maybe, maybe not. We will just have to wait and see. On a side note, I am hoping they keep Katie and Wyatt together. To me that pairing was right up there with Quin and Eric. As the saying goes we’ll just have to tune in tomorrow.


    soapqueenforever replied

    PS If Steffie and Bill decide to marry, Bill will be Ridge’s son-in-law. And if Brooke and Ridge marry for the millionth time, Brooke will be Bill’s stepmother-in-law. I just thought I would give you something to think about. Only on the soaps. Take care.

  8. Jimh says:

    I mainly watch Days and GH…will watch GH more when Britt returns…Days is best improved show…worried that GH will become the Jason/Carly/Sonny hour -some episodes of GH are better than others…i like Cassandra? or whatever her name is-hoping for a battle of the witches-her against Nina(sorry but i really was never won over by her) and hope Cassandra wins the battle…


    Shay replied

    @Jimh….I like your idea for a battle royale between Cassandra and Nina….and I am rooting for the same side as you!!!….Nina really has to go….she’s just never found her footing in Port Charles!


    Jimh replied

    Cassandra can stay-she is winning me over…she has this sneakiness about her i am enjoying-seems something big she is hiding and hoping for a good payoff-the calm before the storm kind of sneakiness before the big reveal…Michelle Stafford is a fine actress but her Nina irritates me like nails on a chalkboard…the only thing i like about her is scenes with the mysterious Cassandra!!!

  9. Mo says:

    Of the three I watch (B&B, Y&R, Days), B&B is my least favorite right now because I don’t like the Steffy/Bill hookup.

    I really hope Days’ ratings will go up because the show is so good. The one I want to watch first.


  10. Iakovos says:

    I am tired of B&B’s carousel of relationships. No romance. No genuine love. Only actions that in any other world would be unforgivable. I enjoy a good redemption story yet it seems whenever we get close to a new stage for a character, something just so stupid happens. Steffy is the new Brooke, dancing with father and his two sons. But is there any endgame to really root for? No. I support and try to watch all four legacy soaps because I do not want the genre to die. But B&B lately is making it difficult. I was hoping Brooke and Bill would be the endgame as they seemed suited. I worry we will only get another same old story with Brooke, Ridge, and nuThorne. Sigh. Was only yesterday everyone was circling Hope. We got over that fast after yeeeaaarrrsss of endless navelgazing.


  11. Rae says:

    I love the Bold & Beautiful bringing back a new Sally the actress that plays her is awesome!!! Steffy & Bill are great together cause their both evil, selfish, & power hungry. Bring Hope back for Liam she is his true love Steffy just got in the way and messed him up for a bit but his heart is with Hope she’s good like him.


  12. Timmm says:

    In my opinion, rating aside, Dina is killing it on Y&R and Patient Six rules on GH!


    Boop replied

    I agree.


    Celia replied

    Hey, T,
    Since there’s no site for Y&R, I agree with you. Marla is amazing and funny…I get a kick out of Dina, illness or not ….she will always remain one of the greats.
    Also, remember when I said to you ( pre Sharon) there was too much sexual tension between Abby and Scott? They just ‘hated’ each other at first glance. That, alone, spoke volumes.
    Sharon is just a sidetrack, which is soooo low. You were right, you saw something in him I did not. He’s a snake.
    As I said, when I first thought Abby would be pregnant with Zack’s baby? Well, I bet TPTB will incorporate her pregnancy into the show….and….VOILA !! It will be Scott’s baby. Poor Sharon….no luck with men!!!!
    What gave it away for me was when locked up in that warehouse, Abby said something about ‘protection’….that there was no way the ‘encounter’ meant or amounted to anything.
    I want yo ser this soap soar to the limits…..
    I hope Y&R will reach its pinnacle of days gone by, my T.


    Celia replied

    Correction….,to see this soap soar….

  13. Anne Boleyn says:

    While YR is my hands down favorite, I’m enjoying Bold more than GH though that may change when Tamara Braun returns to GH.

    I do have to say Bold’s stories and couples change at a break neck speed, it’s gotten ridiculous. The return of Shelia Carter has been a total bust for me, won’t be upset when she leaves.


    Celia replied

    Be careful what you wish for, Anne….Henry will, indubitably, take a wiff of Tamara’s skirts, LOL.
    What will become of you then? ….take it from moi, Catherine of Aragon…..Alack!!
    Y&R forever!!


    Anne Boleyn replied

    Okay, this cracked me up. I love this and take it you are a big Tudor fan too!

    Yep YR is hands down tops for me. No everything is not perfect but the improvements have been huge and very fast. Some people want everything to happen immediately instead of letting stories play out.

    Celia replied

    You are the only fan, Anne, I have seen on these sites who favors Y&R above all others.
    I love my Y&R…will always be loyal to it for the long-haul.


    Celia replied

    Oh, yeah, Anne!!!! I am a Tutor fan…..I am a British History fan—-a History buff, in general. But, British and American History fascinate me the most.
    Glad I made you laugh, a bit….we all need a dose of it, now and again.
    Who would not be a fan of Henry VIII? I consider him sort of a caricature; no disrespect to the Tudors, LOL.
    My maternal grandmother’s maiden name is Stuart (Stiubhart)…. I should look into that. LOL.
    If my Y&R is taken away, Anne….I shall mutiny….


  14. Harry says:

    I have been defending Y&R but alas, think some of the critics might be right after all. I am bored with Abby and suddenly she is in a major front burner story line. She looks perpetually confused with her mouth always hanging open and the brows furrowed into the shape of the number 11. Abby sleeps with Scott with nary a twinge of guilt of having slept with another woman’s man. She slept with her niece’s husband and later she slept with her sister’s live in boyfriend. I cannot stand Abby the mouth breather cause she lacks a moral compass and yet is portrayed as some kind of heroine. I think she’s an utterly useless and disposable character and frankly, feel the same about Scott. Sharon deserves better from both of them. I do really appreciate the Alzheimers story line and Peter Bergman and Elileen Davidson are playing the hell out of it. This is a good example of how soaps can deal with real life issues/tragedies while paying fidelity to the core families.


    Mary SF replied

    Mal Young is now the head writer and I noticed the changed immediately- gone are thoughtful and realistic conversation between characters and in came silly mock conflicts– in what universe would anyone who isn’t a first responder be allowed inside a building about to collapse? But Jack was so he can have a heart to heart with Billy.

    Now every conversation is a argument — characters are becoming stereo types again. The Alzheimer story line could have been great, but it is already riddled with cliches—and since the dialogue is written so badly, I find even with best actors on soaps the performances come out wooden — to me Mal Young stuff is crossed between Pratt and MAB—there will be more action, but I don’t know if my ears can bear the whining, bitching and fighting which seems to become the norm since Young took over— oh well my mute button will get a work out.


    Kevin C replied

    Hi Mary SF, I so totally agree…We all have our opinions but IMO we will never see the classic glory days of Y&R again since Bill Bell pass…I really think we would of had it with Sally Sussman and Kay Alden but I think that CBS/Sony intervene and they decided to let Sally and Kay go and they were the reason that I started watching Y&R again and now with Y&R falling backwards again it’s just a matter of time before I quit watching and I don’t think that Mal Young cares for he’s not listening and turning it into a show like you said with a cross between Pratt and MAB…I will say this until I die, if you don’t go back to the way Y&R use to be with it’s classic production, writing, directing and the beautiful classic background MUSIC, Y&R will not flourish…Y&R does not feel like the same show which I watched from 1975 till 2006 and then I returned when Sally and Kay returned…Thank goodness we have a great nighttime show with This is US…excellent writing and character’s which is what Y&R use to have…

  15. Chrystie_Delancey says:

    Nothing like boinking all the Spencer men.

    Steffi, your bucket list is now complete.

    What family can you sleep with next?


    C.C.C. replied

    Sooner or later they will soap opera age Little Will (Katie’s son that is never on anymore) into a teenager and he will be dreaming about Steffy too!


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