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13 October 21st, 2011 RATINGS: DAYS falls to last place! Other soaps show gains!

The ratings are out for the week of October 10-14th and Days of our Lives did not have a good week.  The rebooted series fell into fifth place of the five network soaps and lost 107,000 viewers.  Although, when you look close at the numbers not many viewers separate #4 General Hospital to DAYS, just 5,000 to be exact!

The Young and the Restless received the biggest boost during the ratings period adding +282,000 viewers. The Bold and the Beautiful stayed at number two, but added +125,000 and One Life to Live stayed a number three and added +162,000 viewers from the previous week.

So what shows are working for you?  What are not?  Let us know! To view the entire ratings and key demos from Soap Opera Network click here!

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  1. susan perkins says:

    one word, CRYSTAL!


  2. Lew says:

    Days is on the right track. Hey, there are only five soaps left. There shouldn’t be a surprise with the flip-flopping.


  3. Todd says:

    U am surprised oltl gained. Th e show lost all of its monentun with the 2 Todds story. The Gigi story is a mess. Who cares who shot Victor now. The paternity is taking forever….everyone knows except Natalie and John. Even the dog knows. The Chew is a terrible lead in.


  4. Avelina says:

    They should give EJAMI a chance!


  5. Mary says:

    Agreed, Avelina! That’s what I’ve love to see!

    But, Days’ biggest problem right now is balance. The returning vets have all the air time, and the continuing actors have been shoved to the background. How can Days expect to hold on to their fans if they’re not getting any rewards? You can’t assume the audience who’ve been watching these past few years know who the vets are or care about them that much. Plus, did they bring back the right vets? John and Marlena make sense, and so does Jack if Jennifer is on, but Carrie and Austin? Uh-uh. Boring!


  6. Brian says:

    I’m surprised Days dropped in ratings. I think they could have kept Carly on the show and Chloe too. Maybe they will bring one or both of them back if the ratings don’t improve. Out of the stars that left those are the only ones I really miss. I also think that EJ has not been front and center like usual which might be a reason for some to tune out. Every fan is going to have their faves though and you can’t please everyone. I wish that Days could find a good balance though and attract viewers again because the writing is 1000 times better than Dena Higley’s stuff.


  7. Red says:

    @Brian – Totally agree with you. Since the Days’ reboot, all of the returns are suddenly front and center. To me, that was too drastic. They need more balance. But I also think that the writing is far better and a quick turnaround in the ratings wasn’t going to happen overnight. If the stories get people talking, then the ratings will gradually increase. The main problem is I can’t see any of these stories right now drawing new viewers in. They need a buzz story and I don’t think “John as Bernie Madoff” or “EJ for Mayor” or “Rafe/Sami/Austin/Carrie” could be called “must see tv”. But at least it’s a start.

    OLTL made a serious misstep with the Gigi returns sl but at least it means Cutter will get more airtime because Josh Kelly is the most charismatic new actor daytime has seen in a long time. Very talented, great comic timing, makes even the most seemingly unlikable character charming and endearing and may I also say he’s terrific eye candy. This guy is going places, mark my words. But I do expect the ratings to tick up once Liam’s paternity is (finally) revealed and the Victor murder case is solved.

    Y&R is in bad shape right now but the Devon sl is promising (how ever will they redeem DM’s character?) and the return of Patti is encouraging – but only if it’s long term. SH was sorely missed.

    B&B is just dreadful right now. They turned Liam from a knight in shining armor to a worthless pig in a matter of weeks. Just can’t root for him anymore. Bridget and Owen suddenly pushed to the forefront seems so forced and phony but at least Jackie is getting some much deserve airtime again. The only sl with any possibilities is Thorne’s return. I would like to see Ridge finally put in his place. But not enough to put up with the rest of the current crap that the writers are shoving down our throats. If this win them the Emmy again this year, daytime is definitely doomed.

    As for GH, two words – totally unwatchable.


  8. Imane Assi says:

    3 words:Nadia,Crystal.Jay

    The show needs them


  9. jp says:

    I am so glad OLTL rebounded this week in the ratings. I am sure in true OLTL fashion that the revelation of Liam’s paternity will be a big event. I am assuming it’s going to happen at Natalie’s and Brody’s engagement party. Im sure OLTL will deliver it with a knock out punch. To me, OLTL can do no wrong. It has been on fire.


  10. Gmbenet says:

    The ratings are bound to fluctuate a little bit. However it would help if storylines would move a little faster. Dragging out a storyline can cause viewers to become impatient. Also, I don’t watch other soaps. Many viewers may watch more than one. If Y&R, B&B or GH has a storyline that is climaxing, that could possibly cause a slight shift in the ratings. Attention spans are not what they used to be. So picking up the pace a little might help. But I don’t think there is anything to really worry about.


  11. Anne-Marie says:

    Bring back Crystal and Nadia, give them decent storylines – and the audience will follow


  12. Blake says:

    OLTL is smart because they seem to pick up steam especially when it seems to be getting stale. I know the baby’s paternity has been going for so long and it’s fustrating but that’s how soaps should be, keep us wondering if the climax is about to happen.
    Todd’s story has picked up since he confessed to kiling Irene but who knows what will happen with him after shooting Victor (and proving he was brainwashed). Hell, Irene could be alive for all we know (I hope not!)
    And I am glad to see Gigi awake and that story pick up also!


  13. RJ says:

    I agree with so much that has been said. I do think the storylines, characters, etc. are much better now, but they have to move the storylines a long more quickly or people get bored and lose interest. I think it is good that they have brought back some of the old characters, but they have to get into their storylines more, and they may need some tweaking to get them in the ‘groove.


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