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51 July 8th, 2013 RATINGS: DAYS Has Great Week! All Other Soaps Show Gains!

Lots to report from the ratings week of June 24th -28th. First off,  according to NBC, Days of our Lives jumps the same demo categories as this year vs. the same week last year by 42% in the Women 18-34 Race, 30% in the Women 18-49 Demo and 34% in the Women 25-54 Category.

Season to date, Days of our Lives is tied for #4 in the women 18-49 category and tied for #3 in the women 18-34 demo. Season to date, DAYS is up 3 percent in total viewers (2.7 million vs. 2.6 million).

Now in this week’s comparative ratings with the other three network shows; Days of our Lives is again holding the #3 spot ahead of General Hospital.   DAYS scored 2,665,000 viewers for the week with a gain of +211,000 the most of any of the network soaps!

General Hospital bounced back some this week and added +23,000 viewers remaining once again remaining in the fourth spot with2,430.000.  The Young and the Restless continues its strong hold at number one with 4,556,00o and a gain of  +134,000, and The Bold and the Beautiful holds at number two with 3,494,000 adding +108,000 to their viewer count. You can view the entire ratings picture here via SON.

So fans, it’s time for you to be our Soap Opera Programming Executive Armchair Quarterback.  Do you believe DAYS is doing well in the ratings because they are the hot show right now that is delivering exciting and plenty of tune-in programming and episodes?  Which soaps are working for you right now?  Which are in need of some fixing?  And if you were given the opportunity to tell the suits,  what would you suggest to help them improve their ratings or improve upon within stories?  Or, if you were to give them a pat on the back for a job well done on a story you like, what would you tell them?  Comment below!


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  1. Johnny says:

    I think Days of Our Lives has the advantage of being an NBC-TV produced high quality show. I always loved All My Children, but now, on-line, it needs some assistance and it certainly needs some more Sets, not just Chandler Mansion and Jane’s Coffee Shop sets.


  2. Ces says:

    Yeah Days!!
    With exception to the Jen/JJ/Daniel drivel, I am enjoying the rest of the show.
    It still needs help, like where is Hope, John & Doc???
    But I am enjoying the Father Eric/Nicole/Kristen/Brady angle very much.


    k/kay replied

    Ces I do not watch Days but I read an article that Drake Hogestyn/John has not filmed since March and that he has his home in Malibu up for sale and is planning on moving back east. He may be gone for good?


    Patrick replied


    I read that as well in the latest SOD issue.

    that saddens me… course… we’re not seeing much of Marlena as well.

    it further stated that “he wanted to be near his family”.

    and that he was always amenable to starring with cast and production.

    it’s kinda like… with Stefano as well…. perhaps it was understood that he was back in a limited capacity and supporting…. and I’ll take Stefano any way we can…. and that would include John.

    so… I dont know… geez! do you get that lump in your throat when you think of these people…. emotional mis’givings… because we miss their story.

    dmrjmd replied

    I agree with most everything you wrote, with the exception of John Black. HA!


    Ces replied

    I heard his house went up for sale Kay, that would be too bad if he didn’t return!! Perhaps, they should let Josh Taylor go and get Wayne Northrop back ;)

    k/kay replied

    Ces Wayne Northup would be great everytime you look at Josh Taylor/Roman you think of Chris Kotischek. That is why I tuned out they were really doing crazy stuff in the late 90′s did they not bring Wayne Northup back for a while to play some crazy Doctor? Oh well Lyn Herring/Lucy Coe on GH his wife said he is happy with their cows on their ranch!

  3. vickie says:

    ejami all the way


  4. Jules says:

    Yeehaw! I think DAYS’s gains are a combination of everything everyone’s been glowing about the show recently- good overall stories, good day-to-day episodes, acting, use of characters and so on. I can’t express how happy I am to see that the numbers are reflecting the general positivity this show has been receiving. Everything is working right now on the show (even Jen and Daniel, now that JJ has been thrown into the mix). NBC needs some cheering up, and I hope they’re paying attention to the gem they have in their soap… of their only scripted shows that’s working.

    Y&R….I can never understand their numbers or their gains. I haven’t been watching for very long, but their position as #1 ASTOUNDS me. I started watching after AMC/OLTL were cancelled as my way of showing support for the rest of the genre, but man, it is just the antithesis of entertainment. Why do people waste their time? Habit? Loyalty? It’s just awful! In the words of Caroline Spencer from B&B last week: “It’s BORING!”

    GH….bleh. Don’t care. I hear the show sucks now too. I won’t care until Kimberly returns and Scrubs are reunited, and I would certainly tell the “suits” to hurry up and arrange with the actress a block of time she can come back for. Even though she’s been doing other things, KMc acknowledges the time is coming to move the story along. Frank now needs to make the call and make it work. Until then, I couldn’t care less if I tried.


    k/kay replied

    Jules I pulled GH & B&B off my DVR and once this paternity storyline is over on Y&R and I think I know where they are headed with it it is going to be removed I just watch movies now in the evenings. It has been since the 90′s that I watched Days I just said why start again so my husband finally is going to get his wish no soaps in the house. Lol!


    blake replied

    Yeah Y&R and B&B always #1 and #2 is annoying. Doesn’t seem it will ever change, but we never know.


    BR replied

    In an interview last week, KMc said she and Valentini are constantly in touch and in discussions, but with her schedule (she’s in a director’s mentoring/internship program and is working a full time schedule shadowing directors on other shows) as well as directing and producing her own film projects. She said she was completely open to returning, but we’ve seen she’s only been able to commit to one or two days at a time so far, which the audience is kind of over–now they want some story resolution. If she was suddenly available for 3-6 months (which even she says is not likely to happen anytime soon) I’m sure they’d jump on it ASAP. She seems pretty easygoing and willing to make the budget and schedule work, but if there’s no time, there’s no time.

    She’s not on contract (so they can’t force her) and she doesn’t need or want money (so they can’t lure her back with a huge payoff, like VM’s $1M for six months a few years back, even if they could afford it).

    And, to be fair, I’m sure all parties would appreciate the time. For story purposes, it makes more sense for Robin to return coinciding with a major event like the birth of Patrick’s baby or Sabrina accepting Patrick’s proposal (a’la DAYS’s Roman and Marlena coming back from the dead a few minutes after Roman’s widow Kate accepted Marlena’s widower, John’s marriage proposal) or even Patrick and Sabrina’s wedding. Right now, Patrick and Sabrina are new enough that Robin returning would simply break them up, without a lot of pain and angst. But if, like GH’s Brenda returning from the dead the night of Jax’s wedding to Skye, Robin were to return at a time like that, all hell would break loose and soapy goodness would flow.

    They also have the problem of KMc not wanting to return permanently. So they have to script a way for Robin to return from the dead only to voluntarily decide to leave her husband and child again, and have the audience buy it. As SOD points out, unless Jason Thompson is leaving the show, KMc returning now would guarantee a very unhappy ending. There are only 3 possible scenarios: 1) Robin returns and then leaves town voluntarily, leaving her husband and child again 2) Robin returns and dies or is kidnapped again or 3) Robin returns and reunites with Patrick, and they leave town as a happy family. So unless we wish unemployment on Jason Thompson, it has to be handled carefully and not rushed.

    So like the great soap secrets of the 70s, 80s, and 90s–when things like paternity could go years with only the audience knowing but not the characters on screen, this is a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. And it’s almost always paid off in years past, the more years the secret goes on the bigger the reveal later on. I remember how good and how maddening those secrets were, but how awesome it was when they blew sky high years later. It’s a great soap tradition and the best one to go with in this case since KMc is not willing to come back for a long stretch. However, it’s not unlikely that her directing career could be only so-so and she’d have more reasons to return to GH if we give it months or years. If we insist on resolution now, it’s unlikely it would be any story the audience wants to see.


    Jules replied

    I’ve always wanted option 3, from the start- years before KMc was set to leave as a matter of fact. Of course, I don’t want JT fired, but rather come to the conclusion on his own that he wants to branch out, try new things and see where his potential can take him. JT’s revelation, KMc only needs to return for a few eps, Scrubs and Emma ride out in the sunset together as a happy family and I am finally a satisfied fan with a conclusion I can make peace with. Of course JT isn’t budging at the moment which complicates my wish list but then I still maintain they could use Kimberly as much as they can to make her stay worth it and her presence on screen enough. They did this with Tony Geary last summer when he was on his annual vacation- they taped all his scenes early enough and spread them over a longer course of time. What they’re doing now of not showing her at all or making any progress in story anywhere is not good enough. They want to tell other stories, but the audience doesn’t just forget in the meantime. RC and FV are a talented duo- RC with the pen, FV with making things happen. They could use their imaginations and make something happen…take some step forward.

    As it stands currently, there is a part of me that can not “move on” with my apathy or disdain (depending on the day) for this show until they move on with this story. It sounds ridiculous I’m sure, but there is no part of me that will watch or support this show until this hole they’ve created can be filled. It’s been a year and a half and my resentment just continues to build. Is anyone trying to wake up Robert? Did Anna forget completely what Heather told her? Why can’t Patrick receive a mysterious package or message that makes him wonder? Once this is settled, I feel like there will be some sense of relief to the point where I’ll be able to let go and watch the show again for what it is. But I just can’t now.

    In my gut, I believe RC is waiting for Sabrina/Patrick’s wedding day (uch…even typing that makes me queasy) and having Robin bust through the doors either as the priest says “Does anyone object”, or at the “I now pronounce you” part. I think that’s just classic RC to have things come to a head on a wedding day.

    In any event, I appreciate your post BR. I know I’m going off by irrational emotion, but it’s how I feel. They did this, and I- as a fan since the 90s, not to mention a fan of this couple since day 1- deserve resolution.

    k/kay replied

    Jules Tristan Rogers/Robert said the only reason he was brought back was because Tony Geary was on vacation he was suppose to be the one helping free Duke or whatever so they had him discover Robin and put him in a coma. I do not see him coming back TR has been jacked around by everybody I would have much rather seen him then Duke. And they made a big fuss about Ian Buchanan/Duke coming back and where is his story. I know everyone loves Roger Howarth but you are going to get GH cancelled if you keep this up it is stupid to put all your eggs in one basket. I have watched 1 episode since the nurses ball and that was one too many!

    Mary SF replied

    And what’s wrong with loyalty? Soap fans are a bit like sport’s fans– they have their team and they watch them play win, lose or draw. Y&R has a large and devoted fan base that has stuck with the show through good and through the not so good. I am from Canada and a Maple Leafs fan so that might explain why I can watch this show day and day out and still root for it. LOL

    Is it boring? Obviously to you it is, but not to me– but I guess its my team- my soap so I’m gonna love it. I find a moment in every episode that blows me away. It may be nuts, but aren’t all fans a little nutty whatever it is they are a fan of. And perhaps only a true fan can understand their love for the thing they are fan of-

    I won’t waste my time trying to convince you to like this show– but surely you are fan of something to get, whether you like it or not, this show has fans and the ratings have proven that yeah- loyalty counts.


    Patrick replied

    The one olympic sport… that i have found interesting… and is fun to watch…

    and – OH – aren’t canadians… passionate about… I love that.


    LOVE the winter Olympics… wish i was a downhill skier.


    Loyalty is all good…. so is passionate about….

    I remain true to soaps… when it would seem… all the MIA fans… got too busy… caught up in their own lives… and “matured”.

    This site is just as much a big part of my soap experience. you know.. truth is: gone are the days … when soaps were water cooler moments… and now.. it’s relegated to on line sites… so.. i commiserate with… whether we agree or not.

    I’m still giddy about DAYS winning best soap… and.. with the current state… that DOOL/NBC/Sony are celebrating…. it’s a good time.

    Jules replied

    Well hello neighbour! Hope you were home during the worst of it and survived that awful rainfall property damage free.

    As for Y&R, my comments were pretty rhetorical. I realize fans, especially older, will watch come (excuse the timing of this pun) hell or high water. What you’ve written is pretty much exactly my sentiments about DAYS so yes of course I understand. But as I said, I knew that writing my original post. Maybe over the course of 40 years they’ve earned those numbers and a 20 year+ run as #1, but in terms of content over the past 2/3 years- which is as long as I’ve been really following the show- I am flabbergasted. I know why people bother, but given my frame of reference, I don’t think it’s entirely out there of me to ask the questions.

    Mary SF replied

    No ducks swimming in my backyard- but yeah that was one for the record books–.

    Did I come across defensive? Didn’t mean to– just saying sometimes when you like something- even when it is less than stellar- you still see the good in it. They say love is blind- so is soap love.
    Nothing wrong in asking a question— but the truth is all soaps are different- and being a fan of the genre will not necessarily translate into being a fan of all soaps. I tired but never really gotten into the ABC soaps– but like you I wanted to support the genre so I tried the reboots, just not my thing. And I watch B&B off and on over the years, but I am not loyal to it, so when I find the stories on it not my style- I stop watching. It depends what you like, and some people don’t like Y&R and lot of us do–

    personally what I hate is the stupid rating system, which tries to pit one show against another and everything has to be a competition. I wish there was some other way for a show to make money than relying on ratings to set ad rates– but until then– I think the best soap is whichever soap you like the most.

  5. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    A year ago i wouldnt be saying this…DOOLs is the hottest soap at the moment and no.1 in my book. That could change later…


    Ces replied

    it always does. lol…


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    haha…we soapers know it!!!

    Patrick replied

    fasten your seat belts…. it’s gonna be a bumby ride….

    and I relish this ride that DAYS is currently heralding.

    Acclaim! Days of Our Lives – WINS best Serial.

  6. blake says:

    Yes, with Days being on fire these days the ratings are definitely a reflection on that. Though it never explains why B&B is always having good ratings and always # 2. I’d love to see that changed for once!


  7. Aria says:

    Dool which I’ve never seen is prob benefiting from not being on the radar like GH has been, it’s a shame GH is back down, hope it goes back up, but they need to get their act together, I wish I could point out what’s lacking with the show but I don’t know what’s turning viewers off. For some it’s probably the OLTL fiasco , recasting lulu, firing Kelly Sullivan lack of airtime for genie Francis and finola Hughes, and probably the worst for me was how they left us hanging with Robert Scorpio. Lets hope they FV & RC don’t turn into JFP&RG. The one thing that really confuses me is how YR gets those high numbers it just bugles mind..


    Ces replied

    ditto on everything. I’ve tried to watch Y&R several times throughout the years because I love Joshua Morrow but gawd that show moves at the slowest pace and I’m not a patient person. Listening to Eric Braeden mumble and Peter Bergman with his voice and constant blubbering annoys me to no end.


    missellie replied

    I recently switched allegiance from GH to DOOL because, IMHO, DOOL is a much better written show. GH is suffering from everything you named, especially the resurrection of Franco. It burns my britches that tptb did handstands to bring back three actors that are not needed on GH. I have never seen evidence that they were vital to GH nor any rise in ratings due to their presence. The cast is bloated and stories are poorly constructed. Enough said….DOOL is utilizing their cast in good stories. No one disappears for long stretches of time because the cast is an appropriate size. I am looking forward to seeing Jen Lilley and Chrishel Straus in the future.


    Patrick replied

    You hit it on the nail….

    No one dissappears for long stretches of time because the cast is an innapropriate size.

    this is DOOL’ time… in producing the whole cast… everyone seems to be doing something. talk about gelling… capitalizing on talent… and the writing is being well acted and played out.

    EVEN…. JJ… has caught my attention and pulled on my heartstrings…. after watching the July 4th familial picnic…. watching JJ’s tender scenes while holding Arianna Grace… and listening to Adrienne tell JJ… just how much Jack loved him…. and he started crying… geez! that got me.

    I just have to say…. ie: i’m dredding the departure of Chandler Massey… and I’m OK with that… Food for thought… I was watching T… and I think he’d make a good Will… he kinda has that Lucas demeanor… and sensitivity… wouldn’t it be fun… if he looked more like Lucas…. anyway…

  8. Leah says:

    Glad for gains. But , look at the all important 18 to 49 demo; not so much. (Yes GH and Days had small gain) This is the ‘bread and butter’ of the networks and will drive the survival of this genre. When these shows gain/maintain in this demo, then I’ll sing their praises.


    Phil replied

    I would say a 30% gain in Demos is a pretty solid gain! If you expect demo to match or top viewers that is never happening. I sure even the networks know this. Stop the doom and gloom… Critics and networks alike have said soaps are on the rebound. I don’t think the remaining four will go off anytime soon. It’s okay to celebrate! Days is tops in my book.

    The way ratings should be:

    1. DAYS
    2. GH
    3. B&B(heather Tom nailed it)
    4. Y&r


  9. Ray says:

    DOOL has been fantastic lately. I hope several of the actors are putting together Emmy reels for next year, especially Alison Sweeney and Eileen Davidson for Best Actress, Ari Zucker for Best Supporting Actress, James Scott for Best Actor and Chandler Massey for Best Young Leading Actor. Eileen has owned the show since she came back last year.

    I am ready to see Eric leave the priesthood. He could mix it up with Nicole and Kristen, but needs to stop being so nice. I like Brady with whomever he is paired with.

    I think JJ is a good addition. If Bo is not going to come back, than age the character of Ciera and let her be a part of the next generation of Days. I am still holding out hope Belle and Shawn come back to the show. I no longer care about John and Marlena. I am so tired of seeing John’s bad imitation of a super-hero and Marlena crying every day.

    I’m curious to see who Chrishelle Strauss will be playing on the show. I am hoping that she will be a new heroine and not another villianess. With Kate, Nicole, Sami and Kristen, I don’t want the show to become one-dimensional.


    Patrick replied

    I have to agree with you…

    ie: aging Ciera…. as this further elevates Hope… without going with just the new partner…. love interest… look how many times it’s failed Jenn.

    and I want both Hope and Jenn to remain solid with cast and crew.

    I’m enjoying watching Jenn this summer… the angst motherload.

    you have to credit JJ… for his nuanced delivery… he gives her these looks/longings and I laugh at his scripted lines… He surprises me. SO… I credit his acting skill… and he’s well on his way… who knows what will happen with his character, including with… Jenn Lilly’s, Theresa. heck… especially when he stood up for his great gran and grandpas tree in the horton square.

    Chrishelle Strauss is going to be amazing. LOVE these two young women…. Chrishelle and Jen…. to help ease the departures of Will, Chad, and Gabbi.


  10. Marc says:

    I think Days is a terrrific show and clearly the best of the 4 on network. The only tweaking I would fix is no one cares about Jennifer and Daniel. Stop sticking them down our throat


    Patrick replied

    ditto on Daniel.

    I’m kinda miffed about the all that, genius is me… Daniel, mixed in with the Eric story… I wish it was Kayla that was helping out with the intrigue that is happening with father Eric.


  11. su0000 says:


    GH — 2,430.000 / USA, Canada
    DOOL — 2,665,000 / USA, Canada

    Y&R — 4,556,000 / 36 countries
    B&B — 3,494,000 / 36 countries

    (nuff said..


    Brenda replied

    Nielson measures viewers “throughout the U.S.” See their website for details.


    shawn replied

    This comment is an big EPIC fail. Neisen DOES NOT measure worldwide viewership.


    Mary SF replied

    Don’t waste your time Shawn– I have try telling this person many times that the ratings in other countries are not part of the American ratings, it falls on deaf ears. Neilson might measure ratings for other countries like Canada,but those ratings are for that country’s broadcasters to set ad rates for that country– but they don’t get all lumped together. However no matter how many times you and others tell this person they don’t, this person doesn’t give up their belief that worldwide viewers bump up the numbers unfairly in the two CBS soaps favor. Don’t waste your breath because the next time this topic is brought up they will post the same thing again.

  12. boes says:

    DOOL deserves the gains, mostly. I started watching it after OLTL and AMC went off the air and although it can be terrible sometimes – think Daniel and Jennifer, it also has multi-generational families and tons of good actors, including women over the age of 40. This should prove to all the execs out there that fans like people of ALL ages.
    And even when AMC and OLTL came back – and I love them both – GREAT reboots IMO – I’ve kept up with DOOL.
    IMO GH has gone from good to terrible and I’ve stopped watching, at least for now. And I stopped with Y&R a while back. Although MAB was pretty bad, Y&R has gotten virtually unwatchable under Farren Phelps. And amazingly, it continues to get worse.
    And B&B has always been a joke – but I think that’s part of the attraction for some.

    But OLTL and AMC are back, so those, along with DOOL keeps me happy.


  13. Joan Faist says:

    Nicole should have her Baby hopefully Brady’s. Both times she lost her baby it broke my heart. She was fantastic in portraying her grief . I felt the total desperation she went through. Love Ariana, one of my faves.


  14. Matt says:

    I know that the Will & Sonny storyline has brought in a lot of viewers that are new to soaps or had previously given up on them. No other soap is doing this kind of storyline and not only is Days doing it, they are doing it exceptionally well.


  15. Tina says:

    Days is really working right now. Outside of the dullness of Jennifer & Daniel – the stories are good. I would like to see the kids more often. Less Dannifer in scenes for more DiMera family scenes and things will improve. I love Wilson and Ejami. I would like to see Vargas on contract in a story with Hope


  16. Janice says:

    I love days i have watched it for the last 30 years since i was 16 years old i love the Brady family


  17. 4everdays says:

    DAYS continues to amaze! DOOL is cool!!!

    GH is flatlining.

    YawneR is appropriate for Y&R or Yawn & Rest.

    B&B sucks! It is a plain and simple B*****B.


    PatF replied

    Watch today’s YR and I’m sure you won’t be yawning.


    shawn replied

    I watched it and changed the channel. YawneR is the word all right. They need to take lessons from DAYS on how to do a reveal that wont put you to sleep.

  18. PatF says:

    Glad to see YR up over last year when Paul had shot Ricky. It was also a good increase over last week.

    Congrats to Days.

    GH is in trouble ratings wise when it averages a 1.8. Not good.


  19. Ray says:

    I was behind several days in watching the show and did a marathon last night. A few more suggestions for “DOOL.” I hope Nicole is pregnant with Brady’s baby or wouldn’t it drive a lot of story if Kristen ends up being pregnant – or better yet, both of them with Brady’s baby.

    Hope/Kristian Alfonso deserves better than the treatment she is getting from the show. In one of the recent shows, she only had scenes with Roman and sitting in the crowd during the officer’s funeral. She has been a HUGE part of the show for years. Just because Peter Reckell left does not mean it needs to be the death nail for her character. Get her out of the police department and give her a new career with Kate.

    With Will, Gabbi and Chad leaving the show, it would be great to bring in a sibling for Sonny. Also, doesn’t Kim and Shane have several children? Why not let a few of them come back and go to Salem University? It also might be a good time to bring back Stephanie, Patch and Kayla’s daughter.

    I actor playing JJ is knocking it out of the park. His scenes with Jennifer at the police station were very realistic, especially all of his facial expressions and not taking ownership of his mistakes.

    Am I the only one who wonders who dresses some of the characters on the show? Jennifer needs to stop raiding Alice’s closet. Marlena’s white flower on her yellow/gold jacket looked like something Alexis would have worn on “Dynasty” 30 years ago. Kate has great style.

    As much as I love Kristen and EJ, I would love to see Peter Blake come back to town to add another dimension to the DiMera family. If the show is recasting Chad, I hope they go with a more adult-looking actor.

    I am also missing the scenes with Maggie and Victor. I always laugh when he is being grumpy. The scenes with Adrienne and Justin add to the legacy of the show.

    During the past week, I give the highest props to Nicole, Kristen, Eric, Sami and JJ for best acting. I love these actors.


  20. shawn says:

    And the little show that could does it again. GREAT JOB, DAYS!!!!


  21. 4everdays says:

    Are you tired? Stop being a YawneR. Our DAYS are exciting!


    shawn replied

    LoL, nice one.


  22. 4everdays says:

    Glad to see soap fans catching on:

    Y&R fits perfectly in YawneR. Stop being bored. Wake up and stay awake for DAYS!


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