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36 September 17th, 2016 RATINGS: Days of our Lives Gains The Most Viewers!

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The ratings are out for the week of September 5th through the 9th, and it appears that the first week of new DAYS head writing team, Dena Higley and Ryan Quan, has given the NBC soap an uptick in viewership!  Higley and Quan’s first major storyline revolves around the three super-villains (Orpheus, Clyde and Xander) inflitrating Salem to cause havoc for many beloved characters, and it seems to be piquing viewers interest.

DAYS gained the most total viewers for the week adding +91,000, bringing their average weekly tally to 2,249,000.  In addition, DAYS also gained the most viewers in the key 18-34 and 25-54 womens demos for the week.  The series also added eyeballs in the 18-49 female category.  While the jury is still out, and it’s only Higley and Quan’s first week of material that has aired, fans of the long-running soap are hoping that the show will continue to generate excitement so the numbers continue in the positive.

The only other soap to gain viewers for the week was ABC’s General Hospital.  The show added +32,000, bringing their total to 2,620,000. GH also added the most viewers in the womens 18-49 demo with +14,000.  The gang in Port Charles also saw small bumps to the positive in the 18-34 and 25-54 categories.  On the negative side, GH tied an all-time low for the 7th straight week on viewers 18-34 ratings share.

It was not a good week for the CBS Daytime soaps of The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful.  Y&R lost the most viewers of all the network soaps for the week with -136,000, and tied an all-time low in the ratings share for women 18-49, and in addition was on the minus side in the demo categories.  The Bold and the Beautiful while losing -59,000 in total viewership, also hit an all-time low in the 18-49 womens demo, as well as tying all-time lows in the ratings share of 18-49 and 18-34 female fans.

Of note: Monday’s episode of the ratings period did not count for those shows that aired repeat broadcasts due to Labor Day.  To view the entire ratings picture courtesy of SON, view it here.Nmbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,624,000 (-136,000/+61,000)
2. B&B 3,699,000 (-59,000/+251,000)
3. GH 2,620,000 (+32,000/-145,000)
4. DAYS 2,249,000 (+91,000/-221,000)

So, what soap delivered the best drama during the ratings week? Which daytime drama is piquing your interest right now? Which is not? Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below!

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  1. 4ever DAYS says:

    This past week’s DAYS episodes for which the ratings haven’t been tabulated were even better! This coming week is when the prison escapees orchestrate a blackout! Chills and thrills ahead!


  2. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Days did seem a little better this week-still hate seeing Teresa being let go…GH still feels disjointed…but its ok…i believe Finn was married to Finns daughter-but Finn doesnt know Paul was his wife’s poppa-so whatever happened to his daughter Paul blames Finn(maybe he experimented on her hoping to cure his illness and it backfired resulting in Susan’s death or maybe an operation that went wrong crippling her or something) so Paul is killing people at the hospital to frame Finn…this serial killer story is dumb and an epic fail…all these murders at the hospital…why would anyone want to continue to work or be a patient there…where are security cameras and wouldnt the hospital have police or security guards everywhere?…ya’ thunk!!!-lol


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    And Nelle is most likely Nina’s daughter like in my original guess …???


  3. Patrick says:

    “OH” – OK … – Wow -

    “added eyeballs” gains


    my DAYS

    listen Ryan Quan and Dena Higley… CLEAN SLATE… all the opportunities lies with


  4. Patrick says:

    foreseeable gains :

    Leann Hunley ; Anna DiMera
    Christie Clark : Carrie Brady
    Austin Peck : Austin Reed

    Patsy Pease ; Kimberly Donovan
    Charles Shaughnessy ; Shane Donovan

    Kassie DePaiva: Eve Donovan



  5. Mackenzie Grey says:

    Still not watching. Now I’m watching Y&R and will be glued to it big time with SSM back as head writer!


    Elizabeth replied

    I’m intrigued with the new HW at Y&R as well. After the Tyler Christopher debacle at GH I am done there, and I am wondering whether I should move to Y&R or just simply find another interest and give up soaps all together at this point.


    Mackenzie Grey replied

    IMO Y&R is worth a try, esp with SSM back on board. Also, you may want to give Brit soaps a try: Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks, and Eastenders. These soaps are top notch. Hope this helps!

  6. mark says:

    Days is the best!!!!


  7. Margie says:

    James Read and Kassie DePaivs brought me back. Wake Days TPTB. Say nope to Hope.


    blake replied

    I agree, Hope has been on the front burner forever. We need a serious break from her for a while.


    Dmitri replied

    I agree too; Hope & Rafe suck as a couple, and Hope is such a bland character now. Wish she’d be backburnered for a month!

  8. Soaphound says:

    I’m not surprised about DAYS. They have all those great-looking guys like Eric Martsolf, Casey Moss, Christopher Sean, Robert Scott Wilson (now gone), plus the return of Freddie Smith. Talk about an embarrassment of riches! It almost makes up for all those dreary sets and violent plots. Almost.


    Patrick replied

    i’m going to nudge you over… “almost” their


    “…Talk about an embarrassment of riches! ”

    menfolk, LIVE

    you left off Billy Flynn and Wally Kurth… Daniel Cosgrove, Galen Gerring


    blake replied

    It’s true, even the actors that play Rafe, Aiden and with Austin Peck coming back too.


  9. xmascarol says:

    Well it is about time Days did something to liven up the show.It was good to see Cassie back as well.


  10. xmascarol says:

    Did anyone get a chance to check out Kate ( ex-Abby) on the Lifetime Movie Channel this past Friday night? Lets just say she was the complete opposite of Abby.More like Ben however she did a great job .It was a very good movie you should check it out if you can. Speaking for myself I loved it,but then again I love suspense and mysteries.


  11. Carla cannon says:

    Been watching this show forever this is the best I have seen it in two years they really need to keep this Orpheus thing going and maybe bring his wife back like she had Amnesia or something so his broken heart will mend I love this show it’s the only one not follow one day I’ll get to meet all those people because God knows I feel like I know them but in reality I just know the characters not the people


  12. Dave says:

    DOOL and GH have been great this week. The death of Sabrina and attack on Monica. Whoa!!!! And bad guys on DAYS waiting I the wings to strike with a city wide blackout? Thrilling times ahead. Especially as we enter the holidays and rating always go up. Come DOOL, keep it coming strong for another year!!


  13. blake says:

    I’m glad Days will have Carrie, Austin, Kimberly, Shane and Nancy back, I just hope they aren’t short term. The show needs the big guns. I just wish they wouldn’t only do it in the last few months of each year just to be renewed.

    But I’m really glad that Y&R has Sally back and Pratt out, I’m excited to see what she and Mal Young bring.


  14. Lulu says:

    Days has been good a few weeks now and General Hospital hasn’t been bad. I’m enjoying all four Soaps , now. Keep this good writing going. Except for Sonny , I ‘m excited about G.H ; they’re giving him too much of a free rein to listen in on police business and enter jail cells freely.


  15. Lee says:

    General Hospital & Days are the best!!! Love Cassie, hope Days keeps one of its best on the show! Also keep Teresa, love her! These two sisters make a great team along with Nicole. Kayla is being a baby about Steve, if she loves him take him back… would she want him with another woman? Bringing back the 3 evils certainly is entertaining. I don’t care for Carrie Brady and Austin, their boring. I hope Kate Mansi changes her mind and comes back!! For goodness sake, give Jennifer a MAN !!
    As for GH… I love Finn!! They have some outstanding actors on GH!!
    As for Bold and the Beautiful…. Steffy is a spoiled baby, she needs to go back to Wyatt if she really loves him and stop using Quinn as an excuse for pinning after Liam! She’s already cheated on Wyatt by kissing Liam. Wyatt should dump her and Liam should hook up with someone else, boo hoo Steffy.


  16. Patrick says:

    Days of OUR Lives : NEW headwriting team; September 6, 2016; Ryan Quan and Dena Higley

    GH : renewal stat : September 18, 2016; FV and Jelly… same trio from a year ago

    Y&R: NEW EP : Mal Young… and new headwriter Sally Sussman

    steady influx

    comings and goings are


  17. Watching 44 years + says:

    So happy past favorites are returning…but for how long?? HELLO new writers…STOP killing off favorite for characters!!! GET BACK TO CORE FAMILIES!!! Maybe Jennifer (YES give her a man/solid story) is head of Horton family and Kayla/Steve (Kayla’s brain surgery knocks some sense into her) head of Brady family!! Write some stories that made DOOL so great to begin with!! Stop the revolving door and please try to remember the characters history (Phillip returned with his previously amputated leg in tact…really?!?!). Long time viewers are not dumb. And how many dead people come back to life? Didn’t Ken Corday say the dead will remain dead?!?!


  18. Jan Morie says:

    I started watching Days with my grandmother than with my mother,. My daughter watched it with my mother and herdaughter my grand daughter watches it with me. Four generations of DOOL fans. Would’t change to another soap for any reason. We all have our good and bad days weeks months ., but i’m still fairhful to the show. Love all the DOOL family keep up all the good work.


  19. Peri Levine says:

    DOOL needs to get those ratings up, tho. Way too low. DOOL needs to overtake GH before year’s end to really have a chance to shine.


    Elizabeth replied

    Well, GH is doing everything possible to ensure DOOL’s chances.


    Peri Levine replied

    I have watched B&B for a while, only 30 mins, a guilty pleasure most of the time. I’ll watch Y&R now that Sally Sussman is back as HW. I won’t watch DOOL or GH until things improve, so I won’t be watching either for the next year or so.

  20. MeganLA says:

    Are you kidding me? DAYS’s numbers are still close to all-time lows and way below TomSell’s number last numbers, especially in the key demos. They’re still below 400,000 in women 18-49 and have been so for six months. Just to compare: TomSell had ONE single week below 400,000 and before they were fired, the numbers were always around or above 500,000. Higley has destroyed this show, and no amount of desperate spin can change that. It’s totally insane that NBC allows Higley to stay as head writer for even one more day. Her Days-truction, i. e. murdering, axing and destroying fan faves to “celebrate” the 50th anniversary, resulted in the lowest ratings ever. And those ridiculous “gains” are only more proof of the disastrous state this show is in. The ex-viewers just don’t care about the show anymore, as long as Higley is there and the whole damage she did isn’t COMPLETELY undone! #BringTomSellBack


    4ever DAYS replied

    You don’t know what you’re talking about, Megan!

    These ratings are for the first week of the new writing team of DH & RQ. She wasn’t writing when DAYS was less exciting which caused lower ratings. And Ryan Quan has never been a Co-headwriter for DAYS until now.


    Peri Levine replied

    Megan, ITA. For me DOOL is a Daysaster! I cannot watch until it improves. Same for GH. Not going to wast time on shows I no longer enjoy. Thanks for the great post!


    Art replied

    The show still isn’t good and the ratings are still terrible. Higley and Griffin helped destroy Days and she is still there further ruining the show with her anti-fan agenda and pandering to her favorites.


  21. maddiehayes says:

    I’m glad to see Orpheus back because it gives Jarlena and Stayla a story. Love the flashbacks! Soaps should always show lots of flashbacks when they bring back a long-gone character, to refresh our memories! And there are plenty of newer viewers who don’t know who the character is (Orpheus was even before MY time!) so bravo to DAYS. Clyde and Orpheus are funny together, but I could have done without him and Zander.


  22. Mo says:

    I’m glad the ratings are better, because the ratings in the most recent SOD are abysmal.

    I’m enjoying Orpheus. I may have seen him when he was first on, but it was so long ago, I don’t remember. I googled the storyline to refresh my memory. It is also nice that the show has some flashbacks.

    I hope the show continues to improve. One way would be to get Kate out of her foyer. Move her into the house. It’s ridiculous that she conducts all her business in the hallway.


  23. John Gordon says:

    Okay, this may be a little off-topic but on Days of Our Lives, young Claire has been left behind contingent on the agreement that she stays with Marlena and John and stays under their watchful eye. Okay, that is at least believable.
    So Marlena confronts young Claire and says “we promised to keep you safe, and there are bad people around”.
    Marlena then brings Claire to the Park.
    Yes, all right, uh huh, because the Park is definitely a safe haven. I always say, if you want to feel safe and secure, find a Park because nothing bad ever happens in
    a Park.
    HONESTLY for goodness sake build another Set!


  24. Dmitri says:

    DOOL is improving, and so is B&B. Unfortunately, they still aren’t where they need to be. On B&B, I’m so sick of Ridge and Steffy! Annoying, selfish, bratty little twats! Send them OUT! As for DOOL, it’s getting good but Ciara is such a brat and Claire is starting to become one as well. I’m also beyond bored of the Aiden/Hope/Rafe storyline. Hope and Rafe have no chemistry and are totally our of character. Aiden has no reason to be on the show. And Andre is a bland character. Did we really need yet another villain?


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