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62 March 4th, 2016 RATINGS: Days of our Lives Struggles, While All Soaps Down In Key Demos!


The ratings are out for the week of February 22nd through the 26th and it was not a good week for NBC’s Days of our Lives.  The series which had a nice uptick in total viewers during its 50th anniversary run of stories from late October 2015 through early January 2016 following Daniel’s  (Shawn Christian) death on New Year’s Eve is struggling of late.

In total viewers for the new ratings period, DAYS averaged 2,353,000.  That is -81,000 from the previous week and -69,000 from the same time last year. The series also tied its lowest rating share of all-time for the second week in a row in the womens 18-34 category, 0.32 (-.02/-.05)

The only daytime drama to add total viewers in this new ratings period was General Hospital.  The lone ABC soap added +26,000 bringing its weekly total to 2,968,000.  However, GH as well as Y&R, B&B, and DAYS are down across the board in all key female demo categories: 18-34, 18-49 and 25-54.   Breaking it down even further, GH lost the most viewers in the 18-49 and 18-34 demo, while B&B lost the most viewers in the 25-54 category.

The juggernaut that is The Young and the Restless still holds firmly to the number one spot with just under 5 million in average total viewers for the week at 4,967,000, while its sister soap The Bold and the Beautiful also continues to maintain its number two spot with 3,766,000.   View the entire ratings picture courtesy of SON here.

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,967,000 (-21,000/-399,000)
2. B&B 3,766,000 (-29,000/-280,000)
3. GH 2,968,000 (+26,000/-221,000)
4. DAYS 2,353,000 (-81,000/-69,000)

So, what do you think about the latest ratings picture?  What do you think should be done on your favorite soap so that more viewers till tune-in instead of tune-out?  Which daytime drama is working best? Which needs some help? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  1. AJQ says:

    GH is where it is, there has been no measurable or notable difference the past few weeks.

    The numbers are down significantly from this time last year in total viewers and demos. Down below 500,000 in 18-49 at 495,000, it was 620,000 last year. 460,000 18-49 numbers are what got RC fired and that was June & July when the numbers would be lower than Feb sweeps.

    GH has it’s audience that will watch Julian and Julexis and Franco the funny hero who loves kids and who feels all paternal and squishy with Kiki.

    Last week was a week that should have had an increase in viewership if the direction chosen for this show was the right one, a direction that would attract viewers who cared about what was on screen.

    The big Julexis wedding. I mean Julexis is a huge deal with a squish name and a hashtag on twitter right? They’re so hot and sexy. Everyone is into their “love story” and journey. Julian leaving the mob for Alexis makes us melt. We don’t care that Julian is a whitewashed, marginal character from 25 years ago. We don’t care that he had Duke killed. He has Abs! And we love that Lucas, the son of Tony Jones calls him dad. We love that Sam is close to him and that Ric and Sonny’s daughters were all squee over the wedding. Or maybe we don’t.

    Kiki got shot. Ava went to pieces. Franco was there for them. Three characters we all love and care about right? It’s so dramatic and compelling because we care so much about kiki. We care so much about Ava and Franco’s pain don’t we? Maybe we don’t.

    GH has decided to focus on these new characters. We are supposed to love them. If not we are supposed to sit around like Siskel and Ebert and rate performances. Maura nailed it. Only Roger could do that. That’s what we get, that’s who the show is written and produced for. fans of actors who can say how great they think they are, how Emmy worthy their performances are. Couples with squish names that are hashtagged. Ship wars and fan baiting.

    And what does that have to do with GH? Nothing.

    This is how far you get with a show called GH that isn’t written to attract GH fans. This is the ceiling for that show.

    And now Michael Easton is coming back,..


    Patrick replied

    I really do see… a FEATURE and MARQUEE value… in; Tracy and Anna

    Tracy: it’s something to instantly tear up ; well up; and cry spot on for Ms. Tracy
    she went down with guns blazing… firing at will…

    let me point out… that fans have roared… that they want more stories centered in and around General “HOSPITAL”

    well.. we are certainly getting their; let’s start by the wondrous and ooh la la tantalize.. with Dr. Griffin Munro ; and back in the thick of things… Michael Easton

    so… you add in 3 generations of ; hospital care heightened

    Tracy; with her brain freeze.. that’s alarming to see

    Kiki; this actress is dynamite .. and is loaded with talent… she does not need the Corinthos

    Jake; my little man… I want to know what’s going on with his mindset… finally… and it’s just magic and PULLS at my heart.. to watch ; Liz and HER son

    so… ONCE… GH offers Rebecca Herbst a CONTRACT… seems to me.. all is well and right with General Hospital

    Anna : how can you laud a woman so much… so eternally grateful.. that at the very minimum… this lady REELS constant charge… a shining beacon and advocate of this genre

    PLEASE SOAP GOD… LET Dr. Griffin Munro be Anna son… and he is charmed and smitten by… the one and only lass of complete compel ; Liz

    now.. that’s not to leave Franco out of Liz’ orbit…

    now.. it doesn’t make sense.. that he tells Nina.. he doesn’t want to have a child with her… but is bereft at his love for Kiki.. even tho he can’t express what he’s feeling… or draw her out of her coma

    and… he seems to be drawn to Liz.. and her sons… so it doesn’t follow… YET

    but .. this just all bodes well and true… that Liz has a commanding presence… with virtually ALL the cast… all the MEN … she’s a dream

    OK.. one disgruntle… if Paul Hornsby is now .. on the right side of the law.. OK.. I just dont’ see any way out for Carlos.. but.. at least give him an inroad.. since all the rest of the cast (ok; Johnny Z ) is a given… but Jeffrey Vincent Parise is a worthwhile solid ACT

    dang … with so much of what GH once was… they could at least give us back… Mac and Felicia… for veteran heartwarmer… these are two of the MOST solid acts to cull from.. and give the long term audience a beloved couple.. give US MORE

    two things that just don’t add up

    what does the audience see in Julian and Alexis… what a waste of airtime… to solidify a new family… ??? really ??? I just see a neediness and nerd emasculated romanticized Julian… can’t wait to see if the GH headwriters.. steer him toward Nina !!!!! pronto! this readymade family.. of Julian, Alexis, SNORE and near the worst of the bunch Sam… with her mother… Kristina… and my beloved Molly.

    so… the only 3 who are worth story… Julian with Nina; Kristina with her college professor.. and Molly with TJ

    Wally Kurth is coming back !!!! hold the presses.. is he going to be on often… even if recurring… what a waste of talent… DAYS is STUPID… to let him off contract…. so be it

    Olivia IS FUN… Ned is coming home… Wally Kurth is such an affable and leading presence who just lightens up and makes for a happy environment… when he’s miffed pissed and out for true… watch

    Morgan! bye bye for awhile… enjoy that mental ward of quiet for all of us! AND ! I only say this… because.. if it gives US ALL , LESS sonny and carly… so be it.. happy dance to that


    jacque replied

    Great Post.

    Harry 1 replied

    I don’t have much to add to AJQ’s insightful and spot on post nor can I add much to Patrick’s earnestly hopeful one.
    All I can say is that after Sonny jumped up from that wheelchair, production had to make use of the wheelchair investment, hence, Kiki is paralyzed. Good Lord, really? This is the best they can do? Alexis and Julian are all about sex–there is no romantic tension, nothing which tugs at the ole heart strings. And sorry, but Jason and Sam are a snooze fest. No wonder Kelly is mumbling more than usual–she is falling asleep in those love scenes along with the rest of us. And Nina’s nostrils continue to hotly flare while Franco’s seem to recoil, oddly adopting a Peter Pan complex and seeking refuge with Lizzy’s Bad Seed of a child.
    The truth is I don’t know who is writing this show and if it’s not the head producer, it’s the actors–it is certainly not the writing team.

    Harry 1 replied

    PS. Patrick, the other day Maxie told Nina to get a second opinion about whether she can have a baby or not. She was told by Brit that she could not have a baby because she had gone through menopause while in a coma.
    Maxie said that seeing it was Britt who made this statement, she could hardly trust it.
    Gee, could it be that fifty something Nina really cannot conceive a child at this post menopausal stage of life?
    Honestly, if they make Nina get pregnant I will be beyond irritated.

    Tristan replied

    Superb post.


    Iakovos replied

    Your post is well written and spot on. Thank you.


    maddiehayes replied

    I quit watching GH two weeks ago when it became clear to me that romance is no longer a priority on this show. Nathan&Maxie were promoted to have a marriage proposal, but what did we get? ‘Let’s shack up’. Lulu&Dante .. does anybody really want them back together after everything that’s gone down between them this past year? Not right away, that’s for sure! Alexis&Julian .. I’m sorry, but I cannot stand GH’s sorry attempt at whitewashing this scum. Nor do I buy Sonny as the ‘hero’. Then there’s Jason&Sam .. they are not a couple, they are a ship war! Jake&Liz had the real romance, and it was botched the minute Liz, in a complete OOC moment, decided to lie to keep him. And then there’s Robert Scorpio. And Anna. Where is he? I would watch just for him. Why doesn’t this show capitalize on the amazing chemistry of those two? Instead of putting Anna with yet another scummy character, Paul. I am completely with you on Ava, Franco and all the ‘new’ characters. GH has not done a good enough job of making us care about any of them. It takes time to care about characters. GH doesn’t bother, they just shove them at us. What GH needs is one Supercouple, JUST ONE. Luke&Laura saved the show all those years ago with their beautiful romance and adventure stories. Along with those came delightful characters and friendships. I do not see any of that happening on GH these days. Only when Tristan Rogers makes his too brief appearances do I see any semblance of the GH I once loved.


    Harry 1 replied

    Maddie, I know, right?
    I come home after a long hard day at work and check out GH on the DVR. I find myself fast forwarding through the entire episode. I see a sea swell of faces I don’t care about–Sonny, Morgan, Carly, Nina, Franco, Ava, Paul, Jordan, Alexis and Julian and I find myself eventually giving up and pushing delete.
    There are times when I see flashes of faces which give me and the fast forward button pause–these faces are Mac, Felicia, Laura, Anna and Robert. But those faces are incredibly fleeting–I think of that line from Keats’ “Fled is that vision.”
    Again, I have to ask, why is it so hard to give viewers what they want? Why does it seem to be about what the head producer wants?

    Elle replied

    Yes, I love the truth in this post!


    Dan replied

    AJQ, I write this with respect. You always have a lot to say about GH, most of which to be perfectly honest, I don’t agree with. Which is fine, rational adults can disagree without being disagreeable. I do respect your passion for the show and your desire to see it be better. So a serious question. I’m very curious, as the long time viewer that you are, if someone handed you the reigns of GH tomorrow, what would you do to fix the show and get the ratings back up to where you feel they need to be?


    AJQ replied

    Dan, very simply I would write and produce a show that appealed to longtime General Hospital fans because they are the best bet for a larger and more consistent audience in the 18-49 demo.

    Fans who were teenagers, college students, twenty somethings, in the 90’s & early 2000’s are currently in that demo. They would watch a show with characters, families and actors that they know and love, that they remember fondly. This experiment of new characters and “superstars” from other soaps has brought no ratings. Julian’s wedding to Alexis, Kiki shot, Ava’s guilt and five straight days of Franco, played by “Superstar Powerhouse” Roger Howarth got GH a 495K demo rating. It fuels the SOC board so that the same ten posters (less if you assume multiple accounts) can write that Roger is the greatest actor ever, all his scenes are Emmy worthy and he has a huge fan base. But outside of that propaganda he does nothing for GH. And btw, he’s won one Emmy for younger actor 23 years ago and hasn’t even been nominated in 12 years.

    Now we have Easton coming back. Really? How much more evidence do we need that Frank has an anything but GH agenda? Unfortunately we lost Jason Thompson, so money gets freed up and they give it to Easton? Ratings aren’t great now, but they’re higher since he left. So how is this justified? A fan petition of 14,000 signatures? Except GH is up 400,000 viewers since he’s gone. And now Easton and Howarth are posting videos and planning fan events. Seriously? What percentage of fans who show up to the events will be OLTL fans? 90%?

    Get rid of all of them. Howarth, Stafford, West, Devry, Easton etc. They don’t bring ratings, they will not attract new soap viewers or lapsed GH fans. Bring back fan favorites like Robert, Mac, Felicia, Kevin, Lucy, Ned etc. Sign Becky. Build their families, tell their stories and fans who watched them and loved them, fans in the demo, will come back more readily than to watch Howarth play Franco as OLTL’s Todd falling of his bicycle or Easton playing another GH doctor after already failing.

    We’ve seen the reboot of Full House released and picked up for a second season the very next day. Why are fans watching it? Would they if they used the same title and house but changed all the characters and actors? Should they replace Dave Coulier with Jason Alexander because he was George on Seinfeld? Laurie Loughlin with Julia Louis Dreyfus?

    Shay replied

    @AJQ….Once again, thank you for saying it so I don’t have to…..I’m bored to tears with GH and am nearly at a loss for words in trying to express my utter disdain for the stubborn reluctance to fix what you so clearly state as the ongoing problems with this show. (Save for the Michael Easton sentiments, which seem to be the only place we part company…..) How many more times do any of us have to spell out the issues we have with this soap??? They’ve been succinctly and well-put so often here that I’ve long lost count, and yet, we just keep on getting more of the same! There are too numerous, and totally pointless, characters that aren’t working—and NEVER will—yet remain to be forced upon the viewers ad nauseum and the storylines are stale—often recycled—such as in the Sonnycentric antics that pervade Port Charles, the constant sexfest better known as Julian and Alexis and the ongoing (failed) efforts to make Nina and, to a lesser extent, Franco, palatable. Even when there is an easy, obvious out for certain players (and yes, I’m talking Carlos and Sabs…) the writers come back to them with a vengeance and bated breath for yet another useless round. Hence the question that begs to be asked is not why people aren’t watching GH, but what is there to make anyone even want to tune in? Those days that I do take a look provides nothing but disappointment and disgust…as soon as one of those loathed aforementioned characters appears, that’s it for me. And apparently, I’m not alone! (Hello, Harry 1……)


  2. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Better writers…but they seem to be gone with the phone booth…we cant keep having gloom and doom every week…too much Dark Days…GH is slightly better…barely any characters to cheer for…almost everyone is a villian…teen Joey kills Ava, Chase rapes Ciara, Hope is a murderer, a drunk Erik killed someone, looney Summer-a snooze, a looney Ben escapes and will kidnap Abigail, Jen doing drugs, Nicole grieves Danials death suddenly seems ready to play teeter totter on Dario, Deimos may be responsible for Bo’s death…no light at the end of the tunnel…its like these few surviving shows are deliberately driving viewers away so the networks can say the soap opera genre is mostly sincerly dead…Days should be called Death Valley Days!


    Amy replied

    You said a mouthful. All true.


    maddiehayes replied

    I quite agree, Jimh, I’m almost ready to throw in the towel on DAYS as well. As I commented above to AJQ, soaps need romance to survive. That is why women tune in. The couples. Not the couples murdering somebody, or being blackmailed into having sex with psychopaths. In the ’80s, DAYS, like GH, had a winning formula of slowburn love stories combined with romantic adventures that kept the couples together without getting boring. When they had a winning pair, they did not say .. okay, they’ve been together a week now, that’s enough, let’s try a different pairing now. Seriously, that’s what they did with Eric & Nicole. And you’re right, Nicole, who was OH so in love with Daniel (how??? After Eric&Nicole had confessed they were they love of each others’ lives???) .. will be making whoopee with Dario before you can blink an eye. Same with Eric & Jen (eww). Don’t tell me nobody wants to see love stories any more. Prime time shows are doing them, and doing them BETTER than the soaps, and winning a huge following.


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Im a guy and i want a little romance in my afternoon too…

  3. Tay says:

    I know there has been a lot of people unhappy with the “doom and gloom” stories on Days, but the last few months have drawn me back in. Legacy characters and characters with ties to legacy characters are where it’s at. Sure the Steve & Kayla story lines could be even better… but having Kayla Brady and her love back on canvas is a win for the show. I agree they should have brought Sarah or Melissa Horton back instead of this Summer crap. Also, use your gay storyline and God forbid… actually have a lesbian story at the same time. Sarah Horton plaeyd by Sarah Brown would be awesome.

    As far as GH, “Morgan” and his family have had some powerful scenes lately. I had a hint of hope with the Parker/Kristina story since there is no active lesbian stories right now. GH has great history & some great actors, but overall it’s just not doing it for me right now.

    As for YR, I was at the point of tuning out b/c I couldn’t stand to see Victor get away with everything he had done one more time… but Gina’s work as Phyllis and Victor being arrested has been rewarding for me. Lily had more chemistry with Daniel than Cane & would love to see his character back. Get rid of the current Nick/Sage Dylan/Sharon pairing.


  4. Ces says:

    Days is where it should be. Its all about hype then falls flat. I love GH!! Back to watching my one show.


  5. su0000 says:

    S0 sad..
    ” GH lost the most viewers in the 18-49 and 18-34 demo”
    GH is going to go down more in upcoming ratings..

    Y&R has been very good.. Anyways, I have been entertained and enjoying Y&R..

    Sorta not not good for Days and GH being down during February sweeps month..

    (( If you love your soap and really look forward to seeing it and are enjoying watching your soap, then to heck with the numbers, just enjoy !!


  6. susan blackman says:

    They need to bring Days out of the dark an into the light.An where is the love an romance that Days is sorely lacking


    maddiehayes replied

    That’s it in a nutshell, Susan


  7. robert says:

    even with all the action last week,GH’s ratings still didn’t rise much. they are focusing too much on newbies. not surprised about Days going down,the show is not in very good shape,it is way too dark. Y&R has been watchable,their still strong at around 5 million


    Layla Kalich replied

    GH is focusing too much on newbies because they keep casting new people, it seems like almost weekly they have a casting call for someone new, that will have about 10 minutes of airtime a month. I really don’t know how the writers can keep up with all the different characters.


  8. Rose says:

    If our soaps are supposed to bring viewers an escape, romance and adventure, even mystery and intrigue, none of them are doing a very good job. I might as well be picking up on the angst from the daily news, or for some, be more distracted by the other “entertainment” going on in the country right now.


  9. Maxie1215 says:

    Days has lost any sense of morality. Will’s death symbolized it. It was written by hateful and cruel and homophobic writers who assumed the audience was hateful, cruel and homophobic and would enjoy his death. Every single story since Will’s death has reflected that amorality and nastiness and presumption of nastiness in the audience. I don’t if the small – and it was relatively small – ratings boost even had anything to do with all the death and “excitement”. I think it was more about the publicity and the promise of the 50th. If Days had written stories of love, redemption and romance, I think the ratings would have increased. Instead, it went with cruelty and exploitation. For me, Kill Will and make Chase a rapist are bookends that show the character of the writers and who they mistakenly thought the audience was. Sad, but I think NBC must regret renewing this show. I’ve watched since I was a child, but this show can never win my trust back, especially since I think the show now reflects Ken Corday’s character and what he thinks of the audience.


  10. Kaylie15 says:

    NBC should have canceled Days and just shown a test pattern.


    Stephen replied

    NBC have brought discredit to themselves with their silence on the horrific homophobic pander, and their pro-active praising of the show.

    In 2011, the head of NBC Entertainment, Robert Greenblatt himself won a GLAAD award – the Stephen F. Kolzak Award, which is presented to an openly lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender media professional who “has made a significant difference in promoting equality for the LGBT community.” An Robert Greenblatt is the man with overall responsibility for daytime scripted broadcasting, ie. Days of Our Lives.

    He needs to step up now, and stop resting on his laurels, and earn them! If he doesn’t his reputation is going to be badly tarnished. GLAAD themselves have brought themselves into discredit by their silence.

    Certainly, NBC have a knotty problem on their hands with Days. But they clearly have not done enough. I know loads of people who have complained, but I know not anyone who has received a response from NBC. That itself, is massively unprofessional and irresponsible.

    No one is being held responsible! And it was clearly a scripted pander. The several instances of Will’s cousin Abby and friend Chad referring to Will as one of “those people” who were murdered make that undeniable. The sheer number of anti-gay strikes in the scripts make that undeniable.

    The plan of Corday/NBC/Sony (if they even have a plan!) seems to be to “leak” info that Chandler Massey is returning – in the hope that that will make everything alright, and that the problem will go away. That’s so pathetic, and it hasn’t worked. For one they have underestimated Guy’s popularity, but more to the point – it doesn’t do a damn thing to change the horrific homophobic pander that they broadcast on national and international television, and which has made them all objects of disgust.

    NBC is a national broadcaster, and they need to take their moral and social obligations seriously. We all know that the regulatory framework is very light, and allows production companies to do whatever they like – but that is no excuse. NBC needs to take responsibility for the hate-messaging that it has broadcast across America.

    Will was a hero to people, and an icon, and so he is going to be remembered for a long time, and so is the anti-gay pander and hate-messaging. This problem is not going to go away unless they meet it head on and address it properly.

    Ken Corday, Greg Meng, Albert Alarr, Dena Higley – these are all people who were in charge when this pander to hatred happened – and they are all still there – and in charge. Josh Griffith is gone, but rumor is is that that is because he couldn’t get along with Higley, rather than him being held responsible for the hate-messaging. So no one is being held responsible! Corday has even released a statement praising Griffith, and saying he did the fiftieth anniversary, whick kicked off with the obliteration of Will, “right”. And what about those executives who I believe have a more direct input into the show (and encouraged the show to do the gay story in the first place), like Bruce Evans and Rebecca McGill? What were they doing? Were they asleep at their posts? And what are they doing now?

    NBC would do well to remember the kudos that “Will Horton” brought their network, and take the steps that are necessary to bring themselves back into good repute. That necessarily includes taking public responsibility and apologizing for the hate-messaging. Praising the show, and bigging up their past GLAAD awards, as they did in their renewal press release, just makes people even more disgusted with them, and turned off.

    NBC are kidding themselves if they think that just bringing back Will is going to fix things. Who wants to watch stories by a production team who are okay with hate-messaging? No wonder their ratings are tanking.


    Kaylie15 replied

    Well said, Stephen. The killing of Will wasn’t just any “mistake” and plenty of fans recognized that. It was a hate pander, pure and simple, and they could bring Will back tomorrow and make everything a dream and it still wouldn’t change that. They are absolute moral cowards first for the way Will was killed off, and then the way they have stuck their pathetic heads in the sand and tried to pretend that we didn’t see what we saw. It’s public relations 101 – when you make a huge mistake, take responsibility and apologize. Of course, most industries don’ have a bunch of shill “journalists” desperate for a show like Days to survive and continue to pimp a disastrous series of choices. Ultimately, I get the feeling the Ken Corday, Dena Higley and Josh Griffith assumed we viewers were terrible human beings who got off on cruelty and exploitation and bigotry. I can only imagine what the ratings would be if the show had chosen love over hate. The good will from the anniversary could never be sustained with such ugliness on screen every day. Karma exists and Days is the proof.

  11. kiki says:

    There’s a potential huge audience for soaps, but it just isn’t there at a specific time during the day. Teenagers find the idea of scheduling time for a show absurd, when they can get what they want when they want on youtube. People into these stories will watch pirated youtube clips from work rather than wait to DVR them, and that isn’t a bad thing it’s a good thing. It’s just that it doesn’t fit with the old, moldy revenue model. In the UK, soaps are released online when they broadcast. If any of the soaps did that, it would take time, but a new audience would grow.

    A genre that can produce ongoing content on a low budget that engages viewers far more than a talk show should be in a great position for the new world of streaming. Yet, they have to write compelling, ongoing stories and have some potential for happiness and aren’t homophobic and sexist. Days has run in the opposite direction, hoping that turning itself into Daytime’s answer to Sons of Anarchy will somehow win over people at home. It’s crazy. There’s plenty of dark and cruel shows with no heroes and only shades of grey. It could have filled itself with light and hope and real drama, as opposed to cheap stunts. Everyone I know, even those people who stopped watching years ago, wanted Days to succeed. Instead, we all watched it take a cruel suicide plunge. Very sad.


    RichInIowa replied

    Excellent critique, kiki, and it makes me sad (and angry) to agree with you, since Days was my favorite of the four until the gay-bashing murder of Will. And I had been watching it for decades so it wasn’t “gay-fad” watching like some will insinuate. I never thought it could get worse, but it has actually continued its vile storytelling! I’m very close to leaving like I did GH after decades of being a devoted fan (and will never go back), so maybe this will give TWO extra hours a day to do something more interesting in my life.


    H.D. replied

    I agree as well. I have a small circle of friends who all watched Days – mostly via DVR and online – and they have all stopped watching. We laughed and rolled our eyes through the elephant story but starting with Will’s obviously homophobic death, one by one they dropped off. The last straw for the last watcher standing was Chase raping Ciara. It’s just sick.

    As the mother of a gay son and longtime watcher, I stopped with Will’s death and I won’t go back. The new writer may be gay, but unless they admit to what they did, I’m out forever. I also don’t want Chandler Massey or Guy Wilson to have to go near this poisonous show. Corday is not just stupid, he’s cruel and whether he hates gays himself or just decided people who do were going to be his core audience, he deserves to lose the show.

    I’m curious if the Chad and Abigail wedding will cause a slight increase in viewers or if since most fans know Kate Mansi is leaving, they have lost interest.

    I just think the writers are mean and petty, and this is certainly not the show I ran home from school to watch on my brand new VHS player back in the day.

    kiki replied

    I have two teenage girls, and they devour Korean soap operas on Netflix and Youtube. The only story that they ever showed any interest in on Days was the Will/Sonny/Paul triangle, and they watched it not with mom but on Youtube. We aren’t Asian, either, it’s just the Korea soaps offer a kind of melodrama that appeals to them that none of the American soaps manage to do.


  12. Debbie Babashak says:

    You have to keep the characters constant. We don’t get to really know them before they’re killed off. We’re always wondering which long time character will be the next to leave and that’s not suspense, it’s misery. I’m not interested in a storyline about a bunch of teens. I’ve watched the show for too many years to resort to that. If you need to give them major storylines then send the right message regarding rape, etc. let these kids know how important it is to trust their parents. The storylines are just getting so ridiculous. We have enough crazy stuff going on in our world. I want to be entertained when I turn on the tv. I can watch the news and watch all the brutal killings I can handle. Give me handsome men, beautiful women, beautiful clothes and some juicy storylines Bottom line is I’m missing Sami and EJ and Bo and now Abigail. Bring the LOVE. Please recast Abbie and keep that storyline going.


  13. Mary SF says:

    Days– each of their dark stories by themselves would have been okay, it was because they did one right after the another that it got a bit too much for daytime and that is the key, daytime is different than prime time. If in August the new writing team wants to pull a Dallas and make the whole last year a dream that would be fine by me. Usually Days has the best Feb sweeps, but this year they were dead last, no pun intended.

    GH– it is very uneven these days, when it is good it is very good and when it is not, it is very blah. Again I will say I wish there was a way to marry the wit and twists of RC with the character focus and dialogue enriched style of JP and SA– if we could do that GH might very well top Y&R.

    B&B- loving the Quinn and Liam story-can’t wait for Liam to realize what Quinn did to him. BUT– honestly Brad how realistic is it that Steffy would fall out of love with Liam and want to marry Wyatt in what a month? I find that part of the story a bit hard to believe. Please can’t we have Wyatt find his own woman without always wanting his brother’s ex’s. And I am glad they are finding giving Heather Tom something to do, unfortunately it is a repeat of her depression story with the added bonus of addiction. I know Ms. Tom wasn’t won a Emmy in a while and might be going into withdrawal, but do we always have to see poor Katie crying all the time, just so Heather can have a great reel to submit.

    Y&R– OMG right now every character on the show is like nails on the chalkboard for me. They all irritated the hell of me. The acting is fine, the stories are not great, but not horrible, but every character whenever they open their mouths annoy me to no end. I don’t know if it is dialogue or the fact each character is merely a shadow of their former glorious selves, but I really don’t like one person in GC right now and when you don’t like a character it is hard to invest in their story. I am watching more out of habit than enjoyment and praying they get new scene writers and give the characters something to say that won’t make my ears bleed


    Rose replied

    Mary SF…good summary!


    Peter K. replied

    A dream is probably Days’s only shot at survival. Griffith & Higley didn’t want to save the show they wanted to destroy everything that TomSell did, especially what was working. Hope/Aiden and Will/Sonny/Paul were the stories that viewers actually seemed to enjoy and engage with and they destroyed them. Killing Will so maliciously and with pride that they were pandering to those who hated having a gay character was just disgusting, but what was done to Aiden and then Chase was equally disgusting. I’m not exaggerating either. I felt true disgust when those stories unfolded. I’ve never felt that way in 18 years of watching, and so the fact that so many viewers have turned away in droves is not a surprise. Chad & Abigail had potential under TomSell, and that’s the reason why they stuck around, and I’m sure they thought Billy Flynn was the new James Scott. He’s good and seems to be popular, but he certainly can’t save the show. Scott was, in fact, polarizing. Some people loved him some people hated him. The same with Alison Sweeney’s Sami and Will played by either Chandler Massey or Guy Wilson. It’s the polarizing characters that bring in viewers and engage people. Boring characters like Rafe or Brady don’t do it at all, and Chad doesn’t really have anyone that interesting to play off of.


  14. Mo says:

    Of course Days has been struggling. The writing and the acting has been bad. I can’t believe I’m still watching.


  15. Allen saint james says:

    Watched clips of gh during its adventure days yesterday and just and was reminded of the unity the characters shared. There was always a big common threat the good guys would take care of. Bring back the adventure!!! It’s not just about bringing legacy characters back it’s about giving the show a dose of what made it special in the 1st place. It’s so normal now.


  16. Tristan says:

    AJQ’s post — above — is brilliant and absolutely on point. Sweeps was Julexis, the Corinthi, and the mob/arms deals. There are a lot of us who do not want to see this rehash of the kind of emphasis that has consistently tanked GH. Last Friday was Morgan and Sonny day, and a huge ratings loss. There is a message being sent to TPTB of GH by viewers. TPTB need to take us seriously. As has been proven time and again, healthy ratings will never result from Corinthi 24/7, mob action, and over-hyped, one-dimensional pairings like Julexis. This isn’t rocket science. Viewers are speaking loud and clear. We are not seeing what we want to see. And what we want to see seems to be at odds with what TPTB insist we watch. Why is FV still in charge? He could not be more clueless about GH if he tried.

    And all indications, to date, are that we will be losing Becky Herbst — insultingly low-balled, according to inside sources reported elsewhere — so that we can suffer through ME character number four (highly doubt he was insultingly low-balled in his contract negotiations), and Rebecca Budig with her four-year deal. This is not putting the best interest of the show first, but rather suggests a power trip by an executive who finds viewer preferences utterly irrelevant to whatever personal game he is playing.


    su0000 replied

    hi Tristan ..
    The mob you are referring to was very short lived one day, one day, of sweeps action with the purpose to fill hospital beds to give hospital stories ..
    The gun story was NOT about the mob..
    It was to put Morgan into the situation he is in.
    It was to have Kiki shot to give Ava a story
    It was to make Paul a sorta good guy
    It was to have Sonny walk out of his wheelchair..
    It was to HAVE Dante save Lulu
    That one day of mob action on the dock was not about the mob it was about the above. and sweeps action..


    CeeCee replied

    Agreed, su; purpose, action and consequence: writing tools.
    True compendium.

  17. Llanviewer717 says:

    I certainly understand why Days is losing viewers. TPTB had made multiple boneheaded moves:
    1. The boring elephant statue story they gave Melissa Archer.
    2. The one note character they gave Kassie DePaiva. Kassie and Melissa are very talented, compelling actresses who can carry complex stories. Both deserved better stories to tell. Please don’t make the same mistake by wasting the talent of John Paul Lavoisier and Vincent Irizarry.
    3. Destroying Will and Sonny. Yes, Freddie Smith decided to leave and no one liked Guy Wilson. If you didn’t want to recast, you could have a least sent them off canvas to work on their marriage. Killing Will was absolutely unnecessary.
    4. Killing Aiden. You really missed the boat by dumping Daniel Cosgrove. There was tremendous potential for stories with the marriage of detective Hope to attorney Aiden.
    5. Firing Kassie DePaiva. I really liked Eve and Justin together and was looking forward to seeing how their relationship would play out. It was a chance for Eve to finally move on from her vendetta against Jennifer. Likewise, where are Lucas and Adrienne? They are another interesting couple that I’d like to see. And didn’t Adrienne have some kind of health problem? What became of that?
    6. Firing James Read. Read is a terrific actor who did a superb job with Clyde. It would have been interesting to see some kind of redemption or reform in Clyde after Ben went off the deep end.
    7. The casting of new teens. I certainly understand wanting to SORAS the characters. Unfortunately, you picked the wrong people for the parts. The little blonde girl seems to have potential and maybe the boy playing Theo. As far as Ciara, Chase and Joey, either issue an URGENT casting call or send them off to boarding school.
    8. Please dump the park. It is so silly watching everyone sitting in that pitiful park while discussing their most confidential and emotional topics.


    Stephen replied

    Llanviewer I think you make some good points, but please, many people really *do* like Guy Wilson as Will, and have done so from his debut. We can say that Guy has been a controversial recast, for sure. When I look at comments from the time of his debut, I see both many people who really like him, and many that really don’t – and some fiery arguments between people holding opposite views! I don’t care for the nastiness that is common in some of these exchanges, and I wish that people would accept that their response to any actor is at least somewhat subjective (as acting is all about making a human-to-human, individual-to-individual connection), and I wish that people would respect the reactions of others in this regard.

    If you make a blanket statement like “no one likes …”, then you’d best be prepared to hear loudly from those who *do* like – and a lot less politely than I have been!


    kiki replied

    I loved Guy Wilson as Will, and I’ve been bewildered at the viciousness towards him. It’s ugly and its mean and it speaks very ill of certain fans. Guy Wilson had plenty of fans, who were derided, bullied and shouted down by haters who didn’t represent the majority, I am one of the “nobodies” who you dismiss and insult out of hand. My children loved Guy – and they are not nobody either. I highly suggest you open your mind because there would not have bene an outcry against the death of Will had he not still been a beloved character.

    If you live in an echo chamber of hatred, then you will assume there is “nobody” who doesn’t hate as you do.

    CeeCee replied

    Whatever happened to the rumblings that Will was coming back? I would love for the Sonny/Will love story to resume.

    Llanviewer717 replied

    Thank you Stephen and kiki for pointing out my very poor choice of words. I should not have generalized; but, I did read dozens of posts from viewer who were dissatisfied with Guy’s performance. Personally, I thought he did a great job and was very sorry to see him go from the show. I wish Guy nothing but the very best in his future career.

    Peter K. replied

    I liked Guy Wilson better than I liked Chandler Massey. One was overrated and one was underrated and both are a thousand miles better than pretty much anyone on the show now. However, there’s little doubt Guy Wilson was the victim of a smear campaign orchestrated by some insane Massey stalkers and then was the victim of the double standard that queer characters are always held to. Personally, I thought there was tremendous potential in a Will and Paul pairing – and their chemistry was better than Will and Sonny by far.

    Moreover, the show’s current attempt to use Paul as some sort of pathetic “proof” that the show isn’t homophobic is laughable. It regressed back a few decades to where they parade around a gay every few weeks and run a tolerance PSA but Paul has no story. It’s sad, and it just rubs salt in the wound of the cruelty of Will’s death.

    blake replied

    Spot on! And what kills me about the park is how they will be there late at night.


    Stephen replied

    I like Guy’s Will. I think he brought a lot of charm and likability to the role, and I really miss him!


    Jim Preston replied

    I also agree about Fake Leaf Park, good grief everything happens in that stupid park. Invest please in a new set.
    The storyline(s) over the past 3 months have been tedious to endure. I literally throw the show on and go iron one of my lab coats for work or something (honestly) – if I were to lay down on the couch and put the show on I know I would surely fall asleep.
    They should NEVER have Killed off Will by strangulation. Why couldn’t he just be sent out on assignment out of town? If the actor who portrays Sonny wanted to vacate the role, why couldn’t they just attempt a recast? Can’t Paul have something to do other than be a vacuous male model?
    When they focus so much on Ciarra and the teens, to me it’s dullsville. I also think that Kayla and Patch still arguing about their love is worn out and played out – if you’re in your “50′s” or so hopefully you’d be past these teeny bopper type love problems.
    I hope that they come up with something more compelling on this show soon or the sand might just run out of the hourglass sooner than we think.

    kiki replied

    Well, my girls tell me there is a rumored video of an actor (not Freddie Smith) bragging that when Guy Wilson refused to sign up for selling a certain anti-aging product, that there was a concerted effort by sales teams to trash him online. I’ve not seen it. Of course, teenagers and rumors go together, but it would not shock me if that were the case.


    Kaylie15 replied

    Days in its current form is exactly what happens if you hire writers who live in an echo chamber of hatred and presume nothing but hatefulness of the audience. Alas, much of online culture rewards cruelty and group think.


  18. Diane says:

    I honestly couldn’t care less what the ratings say, the week of GH that these ratings reflect was one of the best weeks show quality wise that they’ve had in quite a long time. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I know many others did as well. The ratings go up, they go down, who cares. Let the people that work for the networks concern themselves with the ratings. Those are the only people that should care. The viewers that obsess over them, and write long diatribes about them, like certain people here on this forum, really need to get a life.


  19. cooks7570 says:

    I want to know where is the drama is in GH. There is not one couple I care about. Can’t the show bite bullet and break a couple up. For Days of our lives. I just don’t find Andre scary. Why did the show have to give Abby a baby at her age.


  20. blake says:

    Of course Days sucks now, it’s past the anniversary and the renewal so of course Ken Corday doesn’t care about the ratings now. Come the fall there will be new writers and old vets brought back.


  21. Michael says:

    If you watch Friiday’s episode with those talent free actors that play Claire & Ciara & Theo & Chase you’ll get a good indication as to why the ratings are down. Seriously, I thought Guy Wilson was the worst daytime acttor until these terrible, awful teen actors came aboard. What is wrong with Corday and his casting director???


    Patrick replied

    I can’t help myself;

    “…What is wrong with Corday and his casting director??? ”

    exactly !!!!

    Guy Wilson is a dream casting; compared to ; Ciara, Claire, Joey, Theo, Chase

    I’ve come to actually care about Chase… and Theo

    even when it comes; to Phillip / Belle / Shawn D.



    just as bad as the SORAS teens… i’m willing to give Belle a chance… but it still rankles and riles me that.. she’s the newbie Salem lawyer.. replacing Daniel Cosgrove’ ex-Aiden

    we haven’t seen, enough; of Shawn D.. to get all hot under the collar.. so be it

    evenso.. all these SORAS teens and recasts.. ARE, NOT working

    I will continue to marquee.. just how disappointed I am in Ken Corday Production value


    Heckboy replied

    If you thought Guy Wilson was the worst actor on Days, then you are blind. Of course, thanks to the fans of the previous Will, who are some of the worst human beings and nasty trolls on line who even harassed Guy’s family, it became popular to hate him. Yet, he remains a gracious human being. But congratulations, what you see on Days now is the result of a show that assumed that 20 or 30 despicable online trolls were the core audience of the show, and now it’s an unwatchable cesspool.

    I’ll say it. Chandler Massey was terrible, except in the coming out scenes. He was visibly uncomfortable in romantic scenes with Freddie Smith, routinely forgot his lines, smirked his way through dramatic scenes and did not deserve his last Emmy. Sorry, twink lovers. If he comes back, you’ll be disappointed to learn he no longer looks like jailbait, either. And you’ll also be sorry to know – if your one of the twitter crazies, he and Freddie are not a couple.


  22. Layla Kalich says:

    The only soap I watch is GH. I should say I try to still watch it. The writing has become so painful and boring it has become challenging. The GH ratings are on a rise from maybe a month ago, but over all they are really down. Especially for Sweeps month, I feel like I was SWEPT into boredom. The writers and execs seem to be trying to pull anything they can out of their hat in hopes to gain and keep viewers.

    We have the whole big Julexis wedding to try and rein in all those Julexis shippers. I don’t think they knew where they wanted to go next with the two of them, so marriage seemed like a good option. One of the problems is we had no real build up to this wedding so it almost didn’t seem plausible. Not that we really missed much but we also didn’t really see any wedding prep. The writers seem to be all about the Davis Girls, especially showing all those scenes of Alexis getting ready with the girls. Yet we never saw her go dress shopping or anything like that. Really bad way to try to end sweeps. Big Failure there.

    We had the big gun shipment storyline. Another epic fell. While the actress who plays Kiki has become a bit better at acting, at this point who really cares about her. Another waste of time and story line.

    The Shriners Hospital stuff has become played out. I think anyone who has watched the show over time realizes that they support Shriners. Therefore to give Shriners a plug during the end of every sentence just annoys people. Another not needed thing during sweeps.

    Another storyline people don’t care about that seems to get countless airtime is Paul. There is nobody really invested in Paul. He doesn’t have great chemistry with Anna. They killed anything he could of had with Tracy. The scenes with Ava make people nauseated. Yet we find a way to whitewash him to keep him around because yeah the cast just isn’t big enough.

    In September when Finola Hughes returned ratings were higher then they are right now. This was during a time that sweeps were not even going on. Perhaps it was because Finola returned and she had some interested scenes with Robb Derringer (Sloane) Has she had chemistry with anyone in the six months since? This was also during the time that Sonny was shot. However I can’t really see how they can now say that ratings are on the rise when they were still better six months ago. Where can this soap go from here? We are casting every week and bringing back every vet known to man, yet the ratings are still suffering. How long before the new writers are fired as well? I feel it needs to happen soon.


    Patrick replied

    “THANK You”

    I really thought… when the presses lauded soooo much… how big this event was going to be.. and it seemed like it was a no hold barred big production



    what ruined it prior… was … ALEXIS … is still tooting her virtue… that Julian has changed his stripes.. and has let go of the mob tie etc… what a … ??? let down

    big deal…

    so.. I’m with you… after all the hoopla.. I got the same thing… they feature.. Alexis three daughters.. all cutesy cutesy in the front row.. front and center.. spotlight

    blech! at least when it comes to Sam

    this ready made family that GH now proclaims…. more than muster …. have to be kidding

    as I’ve posted.. it’s just a matter of time…

    Julian and Nina
    Kristina and the college professor
    Molly and TJ

    all they have.. and that’s enough… put Alexis and Sam backburner.. who’d care


  23. Timmm says:

    According to the ratings, I just dont see how Y&R has 40 percent more viewers than GH? Over the whole year I think Y&R is better but week to week, they put in too many average shows. I guess its the loyalty factor? People seem to turn off GH to quick.


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