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40 January 29th, 2016 RATINGS: General Hospital Gains Most Viewers! All Soaps Up!


The ratings are out for the week of January 18th through January 22nd, and it was a good week for all four network daytime drama series as each showed gains.  As well, each show is ahead of its total viewing audience numbers from last year at this time.

However, it was ABC’s General Hospital who gained the most viewers adding +116,000.  In story during the ratings week, Lulu (Emme Rylan) rescued Valerie (Brytni Sarpy) from the cabin fire, Johnny (Brandon Barash) exited one more time, the Lulu and Valerie catfight broke out, and the further disintegration of Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) and Lulu’s marriage ensued.   GH fans also had the opportunity to see fan favorites Robert (Tristan Rogers) and Anna (Finola Hughes), working together to try to find the whereabouts of Carlos Rivera (Jeffrey Vincent Parise).  With that and other stories, GH brought its total viewer average count to 3,131,000.

Days of our Lives added the second highest number of viewers for the week with +85,000 in episodes that saw Hope (Kristian Alfonso) confessing to murder, then later sharing an unexpected kiss with Rafe (Galen Gering), John (Drake Hogestyn) finding himself in a stunning betrayal over his biological parents, and more.  The 50 year old soap opera came in with a total viewer tally of  2,872,000, and that is +473,000 from last year at this time.  Y&R is the only show ahead of DAYS in terms of audience growth in numbers from a year ago.

Speaking of The Young and the Resstless, the CBS soap continued to lead the pack in the number one spot,  gaining +39,000 viewers, and giving the series + 5,308,000 in total viewers for the ratings week.  Meanwhile, The Bold and the Beautiful is still holding very strong hitting over the 4 million mark in total viewers again, and gaining +65,000.  In the key demos, GH was the only soap to increase viewers in women 18-49, while DAYS was the only soap to increase viewers in women 18-34.  In the category of women 25-54, Y&R, DAYS and GH were up, with GH gaining the most viewers.  Check out the entire ratings picture via SON here.

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 5,308,000 (+39,000/+567,000)
2. B&B 4,063,000 (+65,000/+313,000)
3. GH 3,131,000 (+116,000/+226,000)
4. DAYS 2,872,000 (+81,000/+473,000)

So, what do you think about the total viewer number and increase from last year at this time on your favorite soap?  What do you think about all the soaps solid ratings performances at the start of 2016? Do you feel they can sustain it? Which of the four soaps is working best right now?  Which is not?  Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. mysty says:

    Robert and Anna were on doing their thing too. I’ve been really loving them


    maddiehayes replied

    ITA, they are really the main reason I’m still watching. They have such great chemistry!


    Tristan replied

    Anna and Robert for the win! Now, can we please get a contract for Tristan Rogers? I’d want him teamed with Anna of course, as they are the gold standard, but some story with Laura would be wonderful!!!!

    Harry replied

    Yep–it is Robert and Anna all the way.
    I have no use for any of those other loser couples.

  2. Ces says:

    Wish Brandon could have stuck around!!


    Tristan replied

    True, dat!


    Harry replied

    Damn, Ces.
    He is so damn brilliant.
    He reminds me of a a more handsome and more modern version of Jimmy Cagney in White Heat.
    My one lament is that his crackling talent was wasted on this lame storyline involving the whole Lulu/Dante/Valerie silliness which was so beneath him.
    I also wish they would have allowed him to go on to play Chopin on the piano.
    Why does Johnny have to go while lesser talents such as Julian, Morgan, Carlos, Sonny and Franco get to stay?


    Tristan replied

    Brandon Barash is so amazing. He literally lights up the screen, without saying anything. And yes, Harry, he makes the actors you mentioned seem like sleep-walking amateurs. Barash is a true leading man and it is shameful he is not on GH in that capacity. When you think about it, Barash and Tristan Rogers have more chemistry between them than the rest of GH’s male cast members combined. And neither are on contract. Go figure!

    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Johnny ‘Cagney’ needs to stay…”Look at me ma…im top of the world!!!”…lol

    Natalie replied

    I agree! Love Brandon Barash! I understand having Morgan on as he is Sonny’s son and now is bi-polar. However, I have no interest in Carlos or Franco. They are great actors, but dislike the characters and feel they have little place in Port Charles.

  3. Patrick says:

    “… Y&R is the only show ahead of DAYS in terms of audience growth in numbers from a year ago ”

    I’ll take this….

    it’s my understanding that NBC and Sony start negotiations the first of February



  4. su0000 says:

    Good to see ALL the soaps going up, that is a good thing..

    I had no doubt that fan favorites;
    Robert (Tristan Rogers)
    Anna (Finola Hughes)
    the exit of Johnny (Brandon Barash)
    and even Carlos Rivera (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) would bring them in.. :)

    GH is the lowest in bring in new viewers since last year..
    (Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

    GH 3,131,000 (last week +116,000/ last year +226,000)

    (((DAYS 2,872,000 (+81,000/+473,000) <– WOW!))


    Tristan replied

    su0000: we totally agree. Yes, Robert, Anna, Johnny and that scoundrel Carlos draw viewers!


  5. 4ever DAYS says:

    Rafe and Hope did not kiss.

    To all you women between the ages of 18-49, thank you for making DAYS the only soap to gain from the same week last year in your demo!

    Location shoot airing soon: Brady and the mystery woman at the beach!


    blake replied

    Days is doing a location shoot? Awesome! And there’s a mystery woman???

    Also, am I dreaming or did I see them do a location shoot at a high school last week? Days was on in the cafeteria at work and I thought I saw that.


    4ever DAYS replied

    Yes, blake, DAYS has had several indoor location shoots in the last couple months:

    The warehouse where Hope met the evil Dr. and where Stefano was disposed of.
    The high school.
    The runway and party for the fashion show.
    The auditorium for the photo shoots.

    Now, Brady has already had a dream of a beach at the end of Wednesday’s episode which will lead him on a trip to Malibu where he will meet the mystery woman who’s haunting his dreams…

  6. Mr. X says:

    Some of his stories could use some work IMO but kudos to Chuck Pratt. I’ve been enjoying Y&R recently more than any other time since he began writing for the soap.


    blake replied

    I agree. I never thought I would say it but Pratt’s Y&R is the most entertaining soap on now.


    su0000 replied

    Y&R was always my #2 soap
    GH was my forever #1 soap..
    However now; I FF through most of GH and none of Y&R, making Y&R my #1 soap, now..

  7. Patrick says:

    Days of OUR Lives : Wednesday ep’

    Eric is released from the hospital

    mom Marlena and dad Roman are “holding” on Eric

    he is IMMEDIATELY read his rights….

    heart tugging pull at all the heart

    poignant moment

    argh! ruined by Nicole… (ala a Carly moment) butts in and has to have her moment

    all good and well… production! this is cry at the moment stuff !



  8. susan says:

    Young and the restless is the best soap ever and deserves being #1!!!


  9. jlh says:

    I’ve enjoyed seeing Robert back in action–and with Anna to boot–but I’m borderline shocked that the character I’m most interested in right now is KIKI!!! The actress has really made that character her own, and as much as I adore Kristen Alderson, her Kiki did nothing for me but wince at her name. Hope some good stuff is coming up with this Jerome.


    Patrick replied

    isn’t she, tho? the one word I come up with, with regard to Kiki

    Enthralled : 1.capture the fascinated attention of:

    synonyms: captivate · charm · enchant · bewitch · fascinate ·



    I just couldn’t be happier for Hayley Erin and… Maura West with the cutest of the cutest; Avery

    what a family

    hopefully the tug of war won’t last too long between mother and daughter… not that Kiki doesn’t have good reason… but you can see the natural ease in which this mother daughter act… I imagine if they teamed up together… all that they could do…. teach those Corinthos’ men a lesson

    Live Jerome women! too much treat


  10. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Proof there is viewers for soaps…enough said.


    su0000 replied

    hi Jimh :)
    nothing like breastfeeding story to bring ‘em in …… lol


    blake replied

    Yep. So much for “soaps are a dying breed” BS


  11. Phil says:

    I agree that Robert and Anna play a part in this ratings increase, but Jason and Sam do too. I am really enjoying GH these days. Loving the new writers despite what others are saying.


    Dan replied

    I totally agree with you, Phil. I think Jean & Shelly have done a good job since taking over, and the viewership numbers back that up. It took a while to build the show back up from the horrendous 2.4 to 2.5 million viewers that they were doing when Ron Carlivati got fired. They’re up approx 600,000-700,000 viewers since then, which is wonderful news.

    If you’re a fan of GH, there’s no way you can’t be happy about that. As long as they can keep those numbers at a respectable level, we should continue to have our GH for many years to come. Which is what we should all want, regardless of whether you’re a fan of the current regime or not.

    Just goes to show that simple, character driven stories work. Focusing on characters that the audience likes and are emotionally invested in, and moving the pace a little quicker. You don’t need someone returning from the dead every other week, or ridiculous, over the top stories like people having sex in a mausoleum, or villains pulling off masks like an episode of Scooby Doo.


  12. robert says:

    it’s good to see all the soaps up from last year. they probably got a holiday boost with the holiday. i’ve actually been enjoying Y&R the most right now


  13. Mary SF says:

    Perhaps that blizzard that hit most of States last week had something to do with the bump in numbers– I mean if you can’t go anyway because of three feet of snow, staying home and catching up on your soaps seems a good way to ride out a storm. I would think that storm, and the holiday that Monday, had more to do with the numbers being up than the actual stories.


    blake replied

    Not really because it didn’t hit until Friday.


    Mary SF replied

    After following soaps and the ratings game for years the basic fact is ratings go up when there are more eyeballs watching the screen and in most cases for soaps the reasons the number of eyeballs increased are two fold. If the stories are hot, as in the case in sweeps or if there is an outside cause leading people who normally not at home to be home, like during holidays. Since there was no stories on any the soaps that week that warrant an increase, it is logical to assume the holiday on Monday and the blizzard on Friday contribute to those increases. It may not be the sole factor, but if next week numbers go down as much as they went up this week, then my theory that it was outside factors like the holiday and the weather caused increase more than stories stands. This applies only to those who normally do not watch, which are usually the people that cause the ups and downs of the numbers, loyal viewers are the base and their numbers are fairly constant.

    Chrystie_Delancey replied

    You are so right, Mary SF, and claiming the ratings “miraculously” went up without any acts of God is laughable. I really wish they would stop this kind of boasting. It is just like when a new show is hyped up and premiered and then it is suddenly “the number one show on television” and then the next week is tanks. Yippee!


  14. Chrystie_Delancey says:

    It is so beyond time to stop with the “live + same day” way to count the ratings. I, for one, have become busy during the day and now as a stay-at-home parent I do not regularly watch my shows until later that night or on the weekends.

    It is time that DVR viewing/recording get in on the action as the live + same day is not the whole picture of a show’s success or failure.


    Patrick replied

    I read somewhere… that… if you watch what you DVR within 3 days… it counts

    so.. this is what I hope… and try my best to contribute to these ratings

    so ; I don’t have to binge them all.. just keep up within 3 days of recording


    su0000 replied

    here yah go, Patrick;

    There are three types of viewing Nielsen regularly measures and reports.

    Live viewing, live plus same day DVR viewing (these are the most commonly reported numbers) and live viewing plus seven days of DVR viewing. Almost all of our overnight and weekly data uses the live plus same day measurement. But we do also report some live plus seven data.

    But the advertising is bought and sold based on Nielsen data we almost never see, commonly referred to as C3 or C+3 which stands for live viewing of commercials plus three days worth of commercial viewing on DVRs. That’s right, they actually measure how many are watching the commercials.

    So far as we can tell DVR viewing doesn’t meaningfully add to a networks ability to make money, and more people watching shows via DVR isn’t good news for the networks.

    As you might expect, most people using DVRs usually avoid commercials. As of this writing our experience has been that the C3 data doesn’t differ significantly from the live viewing, and that the relative performance of shows using the live plus same day DVR viewing is a good proxy for predicting success or failure

  15. Jay Trotter says:


    This is the fourth week in a row that GH is over three million viewers! Bravo to the writers, producers, and actors!

    I can’t even remember the last time that happened to be honest but don’t recall it happening in this current decade. I beleive the highest it went was two or three weeks in a row of being over three million viewers during RC’s ratings surge in late 2013 to early 2015.


  16. Timmm says:

    GH is up and Frank Valenti has HUGE news! I Two pieces of good news for us GHers! Robert and Anna together is enough to boost numbers. Seeing those two bust into C&S room the other day was great! R&A just ooze chemistry! HOWEVER, by the end of the week, Friday [1-29-2016], it was horrible! I FF through 3/4 of the show. Mayor Lomax recast and current story is horrible. Lulu looked like a fool trying to seduce DOGnte! Billy Miller seems like he is REALLY under Helena’s spell. He is acting like a mummy! BM has the chops to act, enough of this memory loss BS! I love GH, I’m just venting and here is my biggest “BITCH OF THE WEEK”, how in the blue hell do you not seek medical help for Jake the MOMENT he returns home after being with Helena for all those years? Everyone knows her evilness, especially her mother and father. Dumb, VERY dumb! I hope Frank’s HUGE news lifts my spirits after Fridays show. How about Wally and Tristan full time and bring back Greg as Lucky?


  17. Rose says:

    Interesting observation…when looking at total numbers of viewers for The Chew and The View the soaps hold their own or are better. Unless I’m missing something. Again makes you wonder why the OLTL and AMC cancellations except maybe costs to produce.


  18. Donna M says:

    have to wait and see if Gh revival is for real. love TR and hope he stays..too bad for Y&R if he does. but as a vet lover not too linterested in most of Gh..frankly don’t even know who these people are and don’t care much for Alexis, sonny and crew.
    Big new from FV..if it aint’ frisco …or lucky or TR for permanent…dont’ care. and wont’ make me a regular again. BTW wtf with laura…no romance or even a n inkiling yet. not interested in Scotty redo although llike KS…
    When Gh bought in the recent newbees they should have instead bought back Cristina, serena sly or someone we were connnect to.
    would like to see a returned frisco with laura since no FF renuinon can happen.
    think there is a lot os story there ..lulu would probably lhave her panties in a twad over that. how about lucky coming back? maybe frisco can help him to see he has to tough it our or risk losing evrything…WSB…frisco not jordan or valerie or paul… jmho


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