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29 November 21st, 2014 RATINGS: General Hospital Shows Gains! Back Over 3 Million Mark In Total Viewers!


The ratings are out for the week of November 10th through the 14th and General Hospital and Days of our Lives were the only two of the four network daytime dramas to be in the plus column in total viewers!

GH added the most with + 154,000 to bring its tally to back over the 3 Million mark at 3,074,000.  In addition, GH was the only show to add viewers in the women key 18-49 demo, and was the only soap to add viewers in the women 25-54 demo.

The Monday November 10th episode was one the most watched for the week for GH scoring a rating share and total viewers of 2.38/3,260,000.  In it, Sonny (Maurice Benard) was starring down the the barrel of a gun thanks to a betrayed Michael (Chad Duell). Next, the mob king is arrested for the murder of AJ Quartermaine!  Meanwhile, Ava (Maura West) is hysterical in the hospital that Nina (Michelle Stafford) and Madeline (Donna Mills) have kidnapped her baby!

In addition, the Wednesday November 12th episode was solid for GH with ratings share and total viewers digits at 2.39/3,176,00.  The episode opened with the Franco (Roger Howarth) narrated prologue which ends with the line, “This isn’t karma … this is revenge!”.  Later, Michael (Chad Duell) gets cozy with Rosalie (Linda Elena Tovar), Sonny (Maurice Benard) end up the slammer, and Nina (Michelle Stafford) having knocked out Madeline (Donna Mills) becomes further delusional.  Finally, Franco leaves a haunting videotape message for Carly to watch (after his bomb rigging ruse), as Franco orchestrates his getaway with Nina.

Over at Days of our Lives, they were the other soap to gain in total viewers adding +38,000 bringing its total to 2,411,000, while The Young and the Restless lost the most viewers for the week with -136,000, but note the top rated sudser is not that far away from the 5 million mark with 4,845,000.

Y&R though, had the most-watched episode of the week for any of the daytime drama on their Monday, November 10th episode bringing in 3.61/4,981,000In the episode, Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) asked Billy (Burgess Jenkins) why Jack (Peter Bergman) has a picture of Kelly (Cady McClain) in his desk and begins putting two and two together.  Stitch (Sean Carrigan) tells Maureen (Meredith Baxter) that he is going to tell Victoria (Amelia Heinle) the truth tonight.  Adam (Justin Hartley) watches Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) and Connor on his computer and gets upset when Chelsea talks about Billy moving in.

As for The Bold and the Beautiful they lost -86,000, but they still holds strong in second place with 3,691,000 total viewers.   To view the entire ratings picture courtesy of SON click here.

So, what do you think of the performance of General Hospital for the ratings week?  Was GH the best show during the rating week … or did Y&R, B&B, and DAYS strike your fancy?  Which soap is keeping your interest the most right now? Weigh-in below!

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  1. Claudio says:

    General Hospital is on fire now, and the ratings prove that. The acting is wonderful, Chad Duell who plays Michael is doing an excellent job. I love Nina Clay and Ava Jerome. Maura West and Michelle Stafford need to win emmys for there work on general Hospital. Also Billy Miller is doing a terrific job as the new Jason Quartermaine. Days Of Our Lives is also a wonderful soap, I cannot wait until we see Melissa Archer as Serena. Molly Burnett is also back today on Days Of Our LIves. I am so happy, Melanie is back in salem.


    Claudio replied

    I forgot to mention, the big rumor online says that Julie Marie Berman ex Lulu is coming back to GH as Lulu or another character.


    missmeka1987 replied

    There are rumors that she’s coming to Days as a Belle Black recast idk rumors are rumors..

    Patrick replied

    she would be such a boon to Salem ‘ ites

    to see her as Belle Black would be staggering

    DAYS : please hire this magnetic being

    Julie Marie Berman… please move at DAYS

    Buddy replied

    Hey, IF You all want Julie Marie, then You have to give US back Greg Vaughan aka Lucky Spencer!!!
    Hey, only fair, lol…


  2. Rosie says:

    General Hospital is so good, good acting all around fantastic story lines and jaw dropping episodes they are all Emmy worthy, each and every person who contributed to the show. Y&R losing viewers is not a surprise some the story lines are not that great. If you are not watching GH then you are missing out on some good stories.


  3. Lou Piikes says:

    GH is on fire, especially with all the nutcases running amock in Port Charles.


  4. su0000 says:

    BRAVO GH!!
    The GH stories are thrilling and grabbing..
    The acting is phenomenal..
    GH has a showcase list of the best of the best stars, surpassed by none..

    Rating are like age, just a number..

    the numbers go up and down.. .. Long live ALL the soaps.. !!
    As long as I love and enjoy my soap it is #1, numbers are just digits..


  5. aria says:

    To bad that the ratings for daytime move at a snell pace compare to primetime, where if a show starts to gain ground you can see it in the numbers. for some reason it takes longer for a show to over throw another show, i.e look how long it took gma to finally knock the very boring today show from its #1 position. You see the same thing playing out with the soaps, where its obvious that GH is a more entertaining show yet Y&R out ranks it in the ratings simply because viewers stay loyal to their shows even when its bad or not as good . Its obvious withall the buzz that GH was great this November sweeps, yet you look at the Y&R #’s and you would think its the better show, and simply thats not the case. To bad everything is about the numbers!


  6. Robin Cornett says:

    Yes, even my husband is loving it now! Keep up the good work you all.


  7. Laurie says:

    I KNEW IT! GH ratings rise again. Sadly, I feel the show has done this without 1 iota of help from ABC Daytime. CBS promotes their daytime shows! We must continue relying on Mr. Fairman and a few other sites to promote our show! Thank goodness for them and twitter!

    I feel the ratings would have been over 3 million last week as well if it wasn’t for Wednesday’s Obama preemption. Just that day they took a hit. I’m thrilled about this for GH because this is my kind of sweeps- fast, fun, outrageous, funny as hell, heart-breaking, shocking w/a million twists and turns. Much too Su000′s dismay I’m sure, I need more romance on the show. LOL. I also think RC is a good writer for the Q’s adventures & snark! Lifestyles of The Rich and Bitchy!

    DAYS seems to be a bit better for the 1st time since Ejami’s departure. My problem w/Days is that I hate half of their stories right now, but Clyde, Bubba, Jordan are the worst! I hope they pile in their pickup and go. DAYS does have some gems- Hope & Aiden, Hope & Aiden, Hope & Aiden, Theresa is gold to me, Victor & Maggie, Kayla, Nicole (away from Eric), Chad and now Melanie’s back. I wish they would straighten out Eric. His hate for Nicole is way, way past the point of ridiculous now. Everyone in his life has screwed him worst than her & he forgave them. Nicole’s too nice, too needy! I wish they would quit putting her in his orbit and she could go play with Daniel or something. She’s adorable away from Eric & his bitchy family!


    Patrick replied

    your 3rd para : rocked : DAYS preview … it’s still a go

    I have found a fan of Jenn Lilly’ Theresa : “…Theresa is gold to me”

    isn’t she tho… she’s not going to wallow in all the dissapointment and negative venture salem’ites dish… she’s out with Paul… LOL… I love it

    Brady is festering in vision of what is ; what could ; what goes

    LOL.. Eric Martsolf delivers… he’s perfect as the foible for venture… Emmy deserved

    DAYS has catapulted even keel… Theresa, Brady, and Kristen… with child… what steered prior… Kristen, Brady, and Eric

    blast off!


    magnetic charge is still ongoing… despite

    wasteland… is : Jordan, Ben, and Clyde

    they need to find some one pronto for Chad.. the DiMera.. won’t lie wait or umbrage anything less than full… I hope Melanie sparks to… don’t waste her on chaste ideal with the lacks Daniel and sister of goodness Maggie

    where is my Rafe’alicious… Kate and Rafe are physical… no wander here when it’s

    Aiden and Hope are definition of LOVE… it’s delight feast and admire these two actors


  8. Dan says:

    Great to see GH being rewarded for putting on a tremendous show over the past few weeks. The acting, the writing, everything has been top notch, and firing on all cylinders. It’s nice to see the ratings finally starting to reflect what most of us have known for a while, that GH is better than it’s been in a long time!

    People are tuning in and liking what they’re seeing, and that’s what it’s all about. I’m enjoying the show more now than I have in many years. Hopefully they can keep the positive momentum going, and keep building those numbers.


  9. Mark says:

    Gh is on fiya right now and I love days and Y&R stopped watching bold but might start again


  10. Sheila says:

    I watch all three and understand perfectly why Y&R has the highest overall. It is the most believable soap of the three. Nobody is ever possessed or has an embryo transplanted from one woman to another. People don’t go around packing guns and playing wise guys and mafia wannabes. The children don’t talk like little gangsters. It is a solid soap that keeps the largest number of viewers coming back every day.


    Laurie replied

    Sheila, Y&R has had plenty of unrealistic s/l’s and are running a few right now.

    The whole Sharon didn’t know she had twins/Ian Ward was pulling the strings/Ian marries Mariah in a storage shed & torments Nikki as he please due to no security at Newman Ranch-just…no.

    Victor, not a doctor, finds a magic protocol (presumably he borrowed some from Robin Scorpio-Drake at Crichton-Clark), and pays off a magic doctor to wake her, just so Victor can stick it to Sharon. Nevermind the drug may kill her. But wait, then Phyllis awakes and hitches hundreds and hundreds of miles back to Genoa City, and nobody is the wiser. No missing person alerts, no cops out on the highway ever thought she kind of stood out from the regular hooker hitchers..nothing. She shows up in GC, wreaks havoc & slides right back into her life with no therapy or last effects. Sure!

    Adam is alive and somewhere, somehow got plastic surgery after the accident, but not just any plastic surgery, surgery to make him look exactly like Constance’s dead grandson Gabriel, who presumably died trying to save Adam. Now he’s ready to parade around Genoa City as Gabriel to spy on Chelsea.

    And the #1 most unrealistic thing about Y&R ever and in the history of soaps: Expecting us to believe that that uncharismatic, non-acting, cardboard clown they have playing Billy Abbott is Billy Abbott.

    Having said that, Y&R is usually the most realistic of the remaining soaps. But they all have their moments! LOL


    Dolores Mancini replied

    Y&R ,some years ago had several ladies trying to steal Victors sperm ,so that was a little out there,it was Ashley who wound up with it ,so there is Abby,how she came to be.

    Sheila replied

    Laurie the only thing I will say is that there is a vast difference between hard to believe and unbelievable. I recognize bias when I see it and to refer to Burgess Jenkins, who is far better known in filmography than is Billy Miller, as a cardboard clown is simply fanfiction at its best. Thank you for your opinion even tho it remains in the minority.

    Harry replied

    Sheila, I appreciate and respect your viewpoint. Unlike Fox News, it’s fair and balanced.


  11. Laura says:

    The week of November, 10, 2014 was also the week Sam met “Jason”. It just proves that fans want Jasam!! :P


  12. Rick says:

    loving Days and GH. GH is great now that they’ve got Billy Miller & Michille from Y&R. I stopped watching Y&R on 1/30. GH is a little crazy, but fun. Days is more traditional love/romance based. Love Eleen as Kristen! She is extremely talented, and shines 100% more then at Y&R


  13. Buddy says:

    “GH” is as great “must watch tv” as it was during Gloria Monty;s reign (with some help from Genie Francis, Tony Geary, Tristan Rogers)!!! The took the show from last place (out of 14) then, to the Number One spot, where it stayed for 10 years… Once again Laura/Genie Francis and Luke/Tony Geary, both under contract to ABC, were brought back together with their Son Lucky, and ratings did soar… During the Wendy Riche/E.P. and Claire Labine/Head Writer years the show went back to many real life events, relevant to that time as others, and “GH” was still the BEST SOAP on daytime tv, regardless what the flawed Nielsen ratings system…
    Then came the “Reigh of Terror” aka Jill Farren-Phelps, Brian Frons, Bob Guza(and His Wife) and Charles Pratt, jr… Which IF We lifelong “GH” Fans had not been so vocal and passionate about OUR show, it would have gone the way of “All My Children” and “OLTL!”
    Thankfully, Phelps fired Guza, Frons fired Phelps and Frons was “relieved” of his post as President of ABC Daytime!
    It became great again with Frank Valentini, E.P. and Showrunner taking over, and Ron Carlivati/Head Writer. They brought back almost all the old Characters, Frank along with Ron, “pulled a Monty” and OUR show was saved, the ratings rose and have stayed there…they are giving the Fans what We want, and “GH” feels like “GH” again!!! The ONLY missing pieces to the puzzle is Laura/Genie Francis, WE want Her back in a good s/l, new love interest, and a job like re-opening DECEPTION!!! Laura could live at Wyndemere, She and Tracey could have a “Dorian vs Vicki” relationship, then watch the ratings for “GH” go thru the roof!!! Laura would never leave Her Kids and Grandkids for anything, it just feels like something doesn’t work without Laura!!! Laura and Luke do NOT have to get back together either… There are still many stories left to tell for Laura!!!

    Oh yeh, one last thing, WE want Greg Vaughan back as OUR Lucky!!! Maybe, “GH” and “Days” could work out a deal for that to happen!!! So, IF they would get Genie back + Greg, Laura would be in Port Charles, where She belongs; with Her Kids and Grandkids!!! #FrankValentini #GenieFrancis #GregVaugh and #RonCarlivati

    From a 50 year long Fan of GH!!!


    Harry replied

    I like your idea pertaining to Laura–she should come back as she is really needed.
    I would like Tristan to come back as Robert Scorpio as well.
    Currently, he is playing a con artist criminal on Y&R. While I can accept that the actor who once was the Super spy hero of daytime can play against type, I cannot accept that his character, Colin, is kind of a creepy, low level, inept criminal resorting to blackmail to cover his debts.
    If Tristan Rogers is going to play a criminal, let him be one of the highest caliber.


  14. Dory Shea says:

    Shocking. Sonny is actually held accountable for once in 20+ years and viewership goes up. That is something those of us who hate Sonny could have told GH 20+ years ago would happen.


  15. Patrick says:

    prop : all the Y&R fans, who, patiently, waited, believed even

    Y&R is on charge

    Fridays ep:

    1 I was instantly intrigued with; Adam, Sage, and Constance
    this is tour de force wait… all cylinder spark

    2 Eileen Davidson : truly, remarkably : all she has to do is walk in to the scene and she takes it…. she makes EVERYone able and ON

    3 Gina Tognoni… and I say this, with haste : I didn’t think any one other than MS would prevail… Gina obliterated and I’ve forgotten she’s a recast… it’s that feasting…. again: she helps echelon and carry Genoa City citizens to

    just show me Gloria…. show us some Michael… with his trial
    keep Traci ON… she’s just as big a part and completes the Abbott renew

    get Victoria and Stitch together

    I have to give prop to Cady McClain… again… this is a throwback to her character development of Dixie… I would cringe at all her redux redo of hairstyle, clothing… etc… but.. she always managed triggerher act…. I was sorry that Jack was at the “bar” wanting to tell her character.. that it’s done. he’s engaged to Phyllis

    rise from the ashes… as you, the actor, always DO… thank you

    there you have it… my friday ep pull

    it’s ON again…


  16. janet says:

    Guess we will see how long this lasts. Sonny goes to jail, Michael becomes a Quartermain. So we have been telling them for yeeaarrs this was what we wanted No more Sonny. Carley needs to pay also .she destroyed evidence. She needs to go also. Send Joss to Jax. Nina made me turn the channel right in the middle of her torturing Ava and I am not even an Ava fan. It was disgusting. One thing that would keep me watching is if John Z gets to kill Sonny in jail.


  17. k/kay says:

    Today someone sent me a link to the show Pure Soap that use to be on in the 90′s there was an interview with Tony Geary . He talked about how he loved the character of Bill Eckert and that to him he was not dead this was done in 1993. So my odds after seeing this are that if TG wants this to be his swan song Fluke is Bill Eckert. Happy watching GH fans thought I would share that with you rabid GHer’s ! :)


  18. Barbara J. Long says:

    Sorry Janet but the people who took down Sonny killed Rafe. I think you need to go back and review AJ’s shooting again. I will leave it at that.


  19. mgb357 says:

    when will the network execs take notice?


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