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12 April 1st, 2011 RATINGS: GH big winner spikes to #2! DAYS still at bottom despite gains!


Seems like everyone and then some tuned in the week of March 21-25th, as the Jake/Josslyn drama begin to seriously unfold. Thus General Hospital, for the first time since March of 2005 has jumped to the #2 position in total viewers gaining +236,000 viewers!

Meanwhile in other news ratings news, One Life to Live scored viewers gains and remained at #4 for a second week in a row, and Days of our Lives which still dwells at the bottom as the lowest rated soap, did gain +45,000 viewers last week, but still tied a record low in total households for the second straight week.

Y&R lost a significant amount of viewers that week with a total of 196,000, but still is steady at number one. View the complete ratings from Soap Opera Network here!

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  1. Norissima says:

    Everyone blames Guza for bad writing. But if he keeps the ratings up he’s sticking around for awhile.


  2. Avelina says:

    Im a DIE HARD EJAMI on Days but their writing is so bad right now that Im disgusted to watch. GH is my fave soap right now and with SCRUBS getting back together and Becky Herbst Staying- I am one happy camper


  3. Brooke says:

    GH spiked because of two things:

    1. Rebecca Herbst was rehired

    2, Because of what fans HOPED to see. Unfortunately, Jake’s death was badly mangled with its lack of build up to Joss’ illness, with its rapid pacing and way too much focus on Jason and Carly. Luckilly, the stellar performances by Rebecca, Jonathan Jackson and Tony Geary, not to mentioned Jason Thompson and Kimberly, as well as Jane Elliot, managed to rise above it all.

    Just watch the rating crash as the show returns its warped focus back to the Jason, Carly and Sonny show.


    Sandra replied

    Rebecca wasn’t rehired last week during the ratings spike,,,that wad over a month ago. Death of children, weddings all spike ratings that’s why so many other soaps had weddings during sweeps also.

    Many said they were tuning out because Jake was dying they either lied or news that he was dying brought old viewers back. I think they will fall again until the next dramatic plot point!


  4. THERESA S, says:

    i love me some GH. it is my fav next to OLTL. I ENJOY all the chacters on the show. however right now i can slap Micheal up side his head. he better come out that phase he’s in now and come out of it in a HURRY……YESTREDAY, MICHEAL ! things are going GOOD for him but, he want to go into a phase.

    i haven’t cried so much in a long time for a soap as i did to the s/l of JAKE. oh! how i cried. it was heart wrenching. when i stop crining, i got…… mad. mad people i didn’t thinking i would get mad at. JASON, CARLY,LUCKY, that sorry a $$ JAX and LIZ.
    WHY DID THEY DO THAT TO LUKE ? they knew that was an accident . but i didn’t hear a soul asking, how/why JAKE was where he was to get hit ? why he was out in the street in the dark and so on. where was his mother . i always go by to the reading class i taught. CAUSE and EFFECT. OH. WELL ! I know i will have some more crying days to come. those are some great shows. i don’ care what the rating say.


  5. Kelly says:

    I want to thank Bob Guza and Steve burton for the heads up on where the storyline for Jason Morgan is going…nowhere that I am interested in watching.


  6. LOriCEE says:

    I loved what my buddy Nancy had to say after watching this: So he knew that having Luke be the one to hit Jake, would be the way to make it about Jason,Sonny,Jason,Carly,Jason, Lucky, Jason, Luke JASON JASON JASON

    It does seem that Elizabeth and Cameron, who spent the most time with Jake, are afterthoughts in this stupid story. Will be FOREVER grateful to have had the Jason/Elizabeth scenes however.


  7. cat says:

    The ratings spiked because of the liason scene promo and liason fans tuned back in.. the video of Guza and Burton was disgusting. I turned it off after Guza stated his story will be told which he was referring to Jasam. They rushed through the Jake storyline so Guza can tell his story that no one cares about. The Jake storyline was pure agenda and done horribly.. Guza couldn’t even give him a funeral or memorial or more than one liason scene (the parents of the child ran over) and gave his kidney to Joss who has no purpose on the show.. should have been Joss giving her kidney to Jake…that would have been an amazing storyline…but of course Jake reminds everyone and gives the hope of Liason and Frons and Guza are having none of that..

    The Liason fanbase is the largest couple fanbase in the history of soaps and is still present even thought their couple has not been written together in 3 years yet Frons and Guza keep on with forcing Jasam.. first they tried to get rid of Becky and now they killed Jake and to add further insult to the fanbase we get this ridiculous video where Guza further insults the Liason fan base and Burton sits right there with him.. :( so disappointing the PR behind GH…

    The ratings increase is temporary as Liason brought 2.2 for the day they had a scene together. Jasam brings an average of 1.5 ratings when they are promo’d. So go ahead Guza tell your story we won’t be watching. This is why soaps get cancelled…so sad :(


  8. laura says:

    I don’t think that the ratings increased because liason. The comment that liason got 2.2 ratings versus Jasam and 1.5 makes no sense. People didnt tune in for Liason, most wanted a story close to the BJ/Maxie storyline which till this day is one of GH best!! Liason had no part of it. And there is no evidence to support that liason is the largest fanbase in the history of soaps. Every issue of ABC Soaps in Depth has the two couples alternating almost every week which would make both fan bases VERY large. I don’t even look at Soap Opera Digest cuz those are robovoting for sure cuz the same couples, actors, and actresses could never always be the same. Soaps in depth had Spixie as # 1 for weeks and weeks but never got voted in at SOD and neither has jasam.

    Liason wont fix GH. Better stories revolving around family, friends and romance is what will make the show better. I hope the people who tuned in for the Jake story arent too disappointed and will keep tuning in.


  9. eiwcakeff says:

    The very best thing I can say about that video is that it was desperation at it’s worst. The HW couldn’t have been any more of a suck up than it he had a hose connected to SBu and sucked his essence out.
    I don’t expect any better from GH than these kinds of antics and isn’t that sad. If they go with a jasam baby/wedding/powwow whatever it will still be the same stuff they have given us for over two yrs.–crap.
    If SBu thought that BS about jm having a big epiphany was flying he knows nothing about GH fans, especially long term ones. You don’t go from losing a child to having another in 2-3 months, but if it does happen it will only cement with fans that the whole past couple of wks was agenda driven poop.
    Even worse it contradicted everything Guza said in the interview with TV Guide and confirms they are playing both ends against the middle.
    I watched GH for 1 wk the one where Jake actually died and I did it for one reason only Becky Herbst and she killed that wk over and over and stiil it wasn’t from her POV it was from jm, lucky, luke even carly for pete’s sake but she was a stand out along with JJ and TG all three were excellent.


  10. kay killgore says:

    The rumors were true a lot of heavy male egos on this show!!!!! That is why I am no longer a viewer!!!


  11. leah says:

    Do you think abc would do well if it got rid of Frons? GH took a dive when Brenda was brought back.. the killing off of Claudia wasnt a big helper either. The writing is just bad. so many dropped story lines… Tyler Christopher says they couldnt pay him and not only that they had no story line for him… wow… maybe they were so busy writing a book for spinelli they forgot to write for the show… its just time to clean house Guza needs to Go… the writing was better during writers strike.


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