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43 June 7th, 2013 RATINGS: Jeanne Cooper Tribute Episode Scores Y&R 5.1 Million Viewers! DAYS Hits 2 Year High!


The ratings are out for the week of May 27-31st! And, it was an awesome week if you were a soap fan, because the ratings reflected that people were watching all four network soaps and each show scored additions to their viewer count and much more!

Let’s start with The Young and the Restless, who showed the power and the love of their legendary star, the late Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor)  in a very special tribute episode that aired on May 28th, right after Memorial Day! According to the latest ratings, the show was tune-in by close to 5.1 million fans! What an amazing and wonderful honor to Jeanne.  We thank you the fans, and Y&R for this one!  For the week, Y&R remained at number one!

The real winner show wise for the week has been the thrill-a-minute work on Days of our Lives! May Sweeps found the NBC soap on a real upswing and this ratings period the show scored it’s best numbers in 2 years! Thanks to the performances of Eileen Davidson and Eric Martsolf in Kristen being exposed for her lies and machinations,and the continuation of Will becoming a dad, Nick revealing his past in prison, and more!  DAYS added the most viewers for the week with  +314,000 viewers!  Total viewer was at 2,827,000! It also scored an 18 month high in the key 18-49 female demo, and had its highest household ratings share in two years!

The Bold and the Beautiful had another strong week adding +179, ooo viewers with a total of 3,590,000 and staying firmly in the second spot, while General Hospital which has fallen now behind Days of our Lives for the second week in a row and is now in the fourth spot, also added viewers of +146,000 for a total of 2,651,000. You can view the entire ratings picture via Soap Opera Network here!

So soap fans, time to be our Soap Opera Programming Executive Armchair Quarterback again! What do you think that is working on your favorite soaps that has you tuning-in? What show do you think needs some improvement? What do you think about the upswing in the ratings for DAYS? And, the number of people that tuned-in to watch Y&R’s Jeanne Cooper Tribute episode?  Share your thoughts!

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  1. Jewell says:

    That’s because CBS is the best, and they know how to treat their fans..


    Harlee replied

    Hear Hear…ITA


    shawn replied

    LMAO, obviously, someone forgot that CBS canceled two of the longest-running soaps. Oh, yeah, they know how to treat their fans real good. SMH


    Harlee replied

    shawn, yes CBS did cancel 2 of their soap but CBS had to do something because P&G was ready to do the same thing, they wanted out of soap genre. Do I miss ATWT & GL ….like everyday but it is what it is and CBS has regrouped with a strong lineup backing each show. It took them almost 5 years to to win longtime viewers as myself back and CBS does a great in PR for their daytime lineup compared to the other networks which is non-existent.

    madluv4ya replied

    Agree! Love love love Y&R!!!


  2. Harlee says:

    The Sony daytime division is healthy! Sony is doing a happy dance….Days hands down has been delivering all month with good soap opera! Blake Berris has Emmy reels for next year, Eileen has the show’s balls, loving Nicole\Eric\Vargas nastiness, Sami is strong again loving Sami\Kate exchanges, Dannifer been more enjoyable & believable w\JJ entrance, & YR is the distant 2nd in quality of delivering some great stories paying off (still doing in spade) Baldwins dejour…Michael\Lauren\Fen, Summer’s paternity is riding eerily high & entertaining, Phack, Traci’s return, Abbott house is popping again, Creepella (Carmine) is the most charming stalker I’ve watched on a soap since “Douglas Cummings” saga…Marco Drapper is a diamond in the rough & bringing it to the Carmine\Lauren sexfest!


    Patrick replied

    oh geez! you had me immediately intrigued with the Carmine “stalker”… this is all good buildup to see Tracy – all circuits busy. you know innately bottom line… that Lauren and Michael will find each other again… yet… to relive those memories. I laughed the other day, when, Gloria was talking to Michael in the hotel bar…. “… she jumps at everything in the night”

    i feel llike it’s been a quiet time… when the soaps good… you focus in. I couldn’t be happier for DAYS.

    ie: back to Daniel and Jenn.

    Nicole, Chloe, JJ. ie: target Daniel. DAYS has overall been so good… i’m overlooking the ugh Daniel and Jenn…. I like that it’s more housefold Hortons’. And… it’s a little dumbing down… but… Jenn gives JJ even more money… and it’s like we know what’s going to happen already. I don’t mind seeing Jenn as mother.

    Kate has become interesting again…. She’s on Load… and it’s entertaining… I hope it’s back to Rafe….

    Anne is making me laugh with her shenanigans with Jennifer. that’s the only good part.

    you know… i’m still interested in what’s after….. – next – for Kristen and Nick.

    hopefully… Gabi will start focusing in on how sensitive she could be… with Will and Arianna Grace.


    Patrick replied

    I have to Laugh…. when Gloria first heard the news that it was Lauren and not Michael that affaired.

    it was like… Gloria was non-plussed for a start… that it wasn’t she that got to Carmine first.

    LOL… and Phyllis more or less calling him a tramp.

  3. Jules says:

    With 4 shows under this ratings scale, it’s important to keep in mind that no one is a loser and no one is a winner. 4th place with 4 shows left may officially be called “last place” but no one is really winning when we can only say we have 4 soaps on the air.

    That said….

    WOOOOHOOOOO DAYS!!! So proud of my little engine that could! They deserved it and much more. Kudos to everybody for the great work!

    And also….

    I’ve made my feelings about GH very clear. I won’t gloat but I’m definitely not disappointed. The days of me being disappointed in that show are long behind me.


  4. Brett says:

    The only thing that surprises me about the ratings is how they keep growing for B&B which is just a mess!


    Harlee replied

    I just disagree, B&B is bringing it such a classic style of soap…why I’m enjoying it…but do understand it’s not everyone cup of tea. To me is has some tight stories happening on canvas.


  5. shawn says:

    You’re right about DAYS being “thrill a minute” work. May has been an incredible month of high stakes drama. Bravo to the little show that could.


  6. Liza says:

    Wow on JC’s tribute, and it was done well too. They should have ran everything they had over 3 days because I thought the bonus footage they didn’t run was just as wonderful.

    I’ll bet Katherine Chancellors funeral will do well too because viewers who haven’t watched for many years will tune back in. I hope Y&R and does it right and lets viewers see the classic long running Y&R characters they are familiar with, and have followed, over the decades. It could give them a new beginning because it just not older viewers who know the vets. Children in who grew up in the 80s & 90s are in their 20s & 30s now and they know the vets & characters from those decades because many of their relatives had Y&R on their screen daily just like Sesame Street. I hope they use all the old music too.


    PatF replied

    We are all hoping for this!

    There is years of story from Kay….it’s a goldmine waiting to happen if it’s done correctly. I hope Phelps and Josh are smart enough to see this and take Kay’s story to the next level with Jill Foster!


    Mo replied

    Yes, I think they should have done two days. After 40 years with the show, she was more than deserving.


    Harlee replied

    Sigh…we need Kay back to write that type of true story….sounds heavenly…it needs to be umbrella story for the whole canvas…Katherine Chancellor’s death reverberating through GC establishment a true thunderstruck moment and play all the beats w\vets surrounded & loved by Katherine have a story…icing it with most emotional story of all Jill’s grief and loss….


    Derrick replied

    Everyone is hoping for this!!! They are busy trying to plan and write the end of Katherine Chancellor!

  7. Mo says:

    Glad to see more people watching Days. It has been really good and deserves higher ratings.


  8. jimh says:

    Days is reeeaaal good right now…but wish it was that way every month instead of just for may sweeps. GH is getting good again now with RH as Franco help keeping the Qs front and center…delicious scenes with them!


  9. Derek says:

    Goes to show soap viewers are still out there. They just need good shows to tune in.


  10. su0000 says:

    ALL the soaps have their up times and down times..
    All the soaps have their fans and loved by their fans, no matter if they are up or down, they all winners in someway or another.

    With the exception of Y&R which is rigged by countries.. lol


  11. Leah says:

    I’m so happy 5.1M viewers tuned in for JC . Sbe is/was iconic! But, she gave Y&R 35+ years! The viewership should have been higher.

    I do not mean to take anything away, but this is telling about the genre as a whole.


  12. blake says:

    Great for Days, they have had the best month in a long time and I hope it stays this good for a long time!

    And great for Jeanne Cooper’s memorial episode getting over 5 millon viewers! That’s fantastic!

    I’m surprised that Frank and Ron on GH isn’t doing better creative wise. They were on fire most of the time they were with OLTL and the ratings also.


  13. david says:

    general hospital there ratings are falling again. if this keeps up. they will have to make changes. get rid of franco britt scotty and sean. bring back robert scorpio back full time. days of our loves is on fire now. eileen davidson as kristen dimera is so evil but good acting. like susan says kristen is mean mean jeanne cooper the tribute was well done. it should have been 2 hours. but i enjoyed it and i really really cried. i miss jeanne cooper so much.


    k/kay replied

    They wrote Robert Scorpio in a corner why we did that story of Robin is beyond me. Should have let her stay dead and then if she ever wanted to come back they could have wrote a story then. Total screw up Robert Scorpio was one of the best characters ever on that show instead I am stuck with Roger Howarth’s overacting camp.


  14. Nikki says:

    I’m so happy that Jeanne got this win with ratings, it shows how much us fans love(d) her. I wasn’t completely happy with the tribute, but I was happy Y&R did something rather than nothing especially since I have no faith that Katherine’s onscreen send off will be deserving.


  15. Libby says:

    Congrats to all the Soaps. It is amazing and quite fitting that 5.1M viewers tuned into #YR. I agree with others that even if you are a lapsed or casual viewer – you were likely to tune in as a tribute to legendary Jeanne Cooper. It was the BEST tribte program any soap has ever broadcast in my yrs of viewing soaps. Cast, crew and EP, Jill Farren Phelps, deserve many thanks.

    DAYS rating is so encouraging. EJAMI is coming into its own love story that fans have waited years to see. Eilleen Davidson and Eric Martsolf have sold a mediocre story. great performances and good pacing. Added up to great television. Blake Berris has led the charge to make the Will/Gabi/Nick story compelling. Blake Berris is by far the best younger actor in DAYS history. Chandler Massey has also given a solid performance to a beloved character from the moment he joined DAYS. All of these stories equal a much more compelling show for viewers in ions. DAYS remembered well that this was a make or break May Sweeps. DAYS made it happen.


    Patrick replied

    have Patrick and Sabrina consummated their relationship?

    I wonder how long they are going to drag this out… will they or won’t they? too busy with Brittany.

    for some reason. i’m surprised… that no one’s mentioning yet… what is EJ up to? ie: bringing his fathers’ dynasty to a crumble? ie: his father is too distracted because of Kate. I don’t believe that… but.. Kate is a HOOT.

    I like seeing EJ with Justin… if this gives him story and screen time… it’s good stuff to watch. having watched him on GH, as Ned… DAYS had better deliver and give us more Justin… AND his wife Adrienne.

    I agree that Eileen and Eric have sold a mediocre story. I’m still interested in what happens with Kristen and Nick.


  16. David says:

    If the shows were competing in the same time slot then I can see saying oh well this show is better than that. But you have to wonder if all 4 shows aired at the same time how they would fare against each other

    Great to see GH rise after all the complaining you read. Tells you what a small portion of the audience was upset


  17. Joshua says:

    Why is it that when ratings are released, people only talk about “Days of Our Lives” and how completely awful it is and/or how proud they are of it.



  18. Philip Chase says:

    I still feel Ron and Frank have done a great job with the “GH3″ forced recast. Roger Howarth is magnificent as the new member of the Quartermaine family. Hope he’s fated to spend years in Port Charles.

    Blake Berris has rivaled Howarth’s record in first, being hated by viewers, and with the revelations of his experience in prison, has become the best appreciated DAYS actor, although Eileen Davidson has been at the top of her acting game.

    Y&R won all our love with the too brief tribute to beloved Ms. Cooper. Like soaps of yore, the show has great family relationships … and this time a good stalker! LOL … Lauren better beware of Carmine! It’s also a pleasure to see Steve Burton act for a change after his zombie years on GH. The Newman conflicts are engaging, and Billy Abbot needs to learn no one wins at gambling!

    Even B&B which has been very tedious with its romantic triangles. If Hope had half a brain, she’d give wuss Liam the freedom to be miserable with Steffie. JMHO. Hopefully Bill will be repaid for his callous treatment of Maya!

    Glad soap watching is on the upswing. Those of us who miss the good old days when all 3 networks offered daytime drama from 12:30 to 4:30 pm every weekday, would like to see viewership build.

    And, for goodness sake, please all readers watch the reboots by PP of OLTL and AMC which have been excellent in production, concept, acting, and stories. We love those actors!


    Patrick replied

    I really liked Chandler Massey’ interview with MF.

    when Chandler stated that Nick is the most interesting character on DAYS now… and that MF stated that Chandler is the “heart” of the show… ie: i’ve always thought that… Marlena.. handing the torch to Sammi… and she to Will. it’s time appropriate and relevant.

    Blake Barris has entranced me. so many factors are fact… with DAYS right now.

    it’s all cyclical… and i’m enjoying DAYS.


  19. Cubsfan3 says:

    I am so happy for all the soaps, especially CBS. Thrilled to see the numbers for the tribute to Jeanne Cooper.

    Also happy to see B&B doing so well. Love the stories and the direction of the show. Love seeing more of the characters on and look forward to the new cast coming.


  20. Kathy says:

    Days has been great lately. Every day I look forward to it–especially Ejami and the Nick story. I’m so happy to see it getting back in the groove and that this is reflected in the ratings.


  21. calie says:

    I agree, it has been off for 2 days and I miss my daily dose of Days.


  22. Becky Lystad says:

    Jeanne Cooper is an icon. She has been in my living room for an hour for years.


  23. Derrick says:

    Yay, DAYS on a roll!
    JC’s tribute got 5.1 million viewers. Congrats Y&R and B&B is doing good also!


  24. Lilith Niflheim says:

    Nice that the ratings for B&B follow my own personal taste… Since Steffy is finally hitting karma and Hope’s up for some happiness I’m finally getting interested again after 2 years of being frustrated with the Steffy Show. Now only if they could make some sense of the Brill mess and I’d be one happy camper… Oh well, you can’t win them all!


  25. Brenda says:

    Y&R has been great lately.


    Beacon replied

    In what universe has Y&R been great recently?


    shawn replied


    Brenda replied

    In the universe where I have watched for over 30 years and have seen many ups and downs and I think the show has been great lately.

    Harlee replied

    YR has been very good lately maybe not great still to much Dylan but the stories for the vets has been entertaining.

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