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19 August 5th, 2011 RATINGS: OLTL & DAYS show strong Gains!


The ratings are out for the week of July 25-29, 2011 and two shows showed strong gains compared with the rest of the pack and those are…drum roll please… One Life to Live and Days of our Lives!

First, let’s talk about the canceled One Life to Live who is holding again mighty strong in third place among all the daytime dramas.  During this ratings period, OLTL gained another + 33,000 more viewers for the week, and the show is up + 481,000 viewers over last year at this time! Take that decision makers at ABC!

Now on to Days of our Lives, which increased the most viewers last week with + 109, 000 viewers! It seems like Crystal Chappell’s performance as Carly’s drug addiction escalated, made viewers tune in!  So the question is now… can the venerable NBC soap opera make a big comeback?  We shall see once the new DAYS resets itself on September 26th.

View the current ratings courtesy via Soap Opera Network by clicking here!

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  1. Todd says:

    The best news is that oltl passed the 3million mark. It beat BandB on Friday.


  2. Katie says:

    See you put Crystal Chappell on most of the week, in those awesome scenes with Missy and the ratings go up JUST like her last decent storyline.


  3. Torrey says:

    I would love to see OLTL jump up to the number 2 spot and surpass B&B, just to slam dunk it in the faces of the execs at ABC…..I and I would just go crazy if we could somehow get it to the number 1 spot! LOL Come on OLTL fans, lets watch like we’ve never watched before…..encourage friends and family members to tune in and watch.


    brian replied

    if somehow the canadians could be counted, OLTL would be number 1 !!!


    lisa replied

    You said it , Brian I love,love,love this show !!!

    Torrey replied

    I don’t know why they don’t count Canada. I’m sure Y&R counts every country they can, since they’ve been number one so long. I mean don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Y&R from time to time, but OLTL is the all time best soap on television!! And it deserves to be in the number 1 spot. Not to mention it deserves to win Outstanding Drama over B&B, which has won two years in a row.

    Mary replied

    OLTL deserves to be number one.

    DAYs deserves the cellar, it’s that bad. :(


  4. Robin86 says:

    Seriously, Crystal was phenomenal this week and it showed in the rating. They are probably going to ride her ratings wave until she’s gone and blame it on all the hype they are putting around the “reset”. Whatever, I am done come 9/22.


  5. JustMe says:

    Yup, in the words of @mollydollyy, “@crystalchappell killin the game”! She OWNED last week on Days, especially on Tuesday. Stellar performance. All they had to do all this time was WRITE FOR HER. It’s a shame we won’t see that kind of work after 9/22.


  6. kelltwomyn says:

    It’s amazing what decent writing will do for a character and an actor. Thanks for confirming what Crystal Chappell’s fans have been trying to tell NBC for months!


  7. PJ says:

    Riveting performances, one after another, from Crystal Chappell, the past few days on DOOL. The thought of not seeing her brilliant acting on our TV screens (I’m so hoping it’s temporary) after 9/22/11, is so disappointing. I sincerely hope that another daytime show, or primetime, will sign her on, so that her incredible talent will not just be confined to the web.


    Robin86 replied

    I agree! If Days refuses to pay attention I hope the jump in the ratings is making other soaps take notice. We really need to keep this women in Daytime!… or Primetime. I’d take her there, too!


  8. Paul8148 says:

    I be laughing if Crystal wins the emmy (through I doubt Erika does not have a lock for Viki’s 40th.)
    OLTL Can sweep Show, Direrting, Writing, Lead Actor (Trevor, Roger, Robert, or Jerry), Supporting Actress (Bree for Jess ripping the neckless of or Nat), supporting actor JPL (through I understand Jackson is a lock for GH), Eddie for younger actor….Cystral can win actress….

    The Ulimate F-U


  9. Jared says:

    Wow! ONE LIFE TO LIVE is slamming the ball right out of the park! Way to stick it to Disney and their cartoonish executive clan! I don’t know if #1 is possible, because that’d be about 1.5M more viewers, but maybe jumping to #2 overall? That would be an awesome way to leave abc in the dust. I’m hoping someone will take notice and Prospect Park will be able to find a new TV home for our show, which is undoubtedly the best soap on TV right now and perhaps one of the best soaps ever (in its current state).

    By the way, TSJ has mesmerized me as Todd for the last 8 years, and I adore him. He, IMHO, has been the best actor on daytime for 8 years. However, RH is proving to me why he’s the real deal. Seeing them both onscreen, I realize just how really different they are. TSJ’s Todd is overtly disagreeable and cranky. RH’s Todd is so vulnerable that he can make you cry with one facial expression; meanwhile, you forget what a monster he has been in the past and let your guard down to his potential for cruelty. Their subtle differences are not so subtle anymore now that they are both onscreen. I may be wrong, but I believe RH is the real Todd and that TSJ’s Todd was brainwashed and released to Llanview 8 years ago to do Baker’s bidding.

    I do want to thank Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati and the cast and crew of ONE LIFE TO LIVE for giving us this most memorable final season on abc daytime. Job well done. I love you all.


  10. Paul8148 says:

    My guess is that TSJ is going to be Powell Lord (The Powell a couple of years ago was a fake from the “agency”). He is either Brianwash or has D.I.D. and really believe his is Todd.


  11. Richard says:

    Watch Days rating go thru the roof on Sept 26th. Instead of tuning in to AMC I will tune in to Days !!!! Me and the Millions of other AMC Fans. No way would I watch the crap they are planning to put in AMC’s place. The PUKE… The FOOL… The CHIT .. I cant even say the crappy name. When I think about AMC going off the air and those ugly boney characters they want to replace my soap with. I just get a queasy feeling inside.
    ABC Execs are so out of touch it’s not funny, but to the benefit of NBC, we will change the channel !!!! Days here I come, Sept 26th !!!


    Spol replied

    As someone who has watched Days and AMC on and off for about 25 years, I recommend strongly that you not bother. Even at its worst, AMC is so much better than Days — the acting is better, the storylines are more interesting, and the characters relate to each other in a far more meaningful way. The sharply downward trend in Days ratings over the last 18 months attest to what a total trainwreck Days is. The only thing worth watching now is Chappell’s performances and even that is solely for the great acting, not anything about the show’s storyline (which has crapped all over the character and makes little sense). She will be gone by 9/26 and what will remain or be put in as a replacement isn’t worth conversation unless you are a big fan of overplayed supercouples and questionable acting. New writers are not going to be able to fix what needs fixing because the problems at Days run too deep and are way beyond what they can control. Find something else to do with your time. You will be a lot happier.


  12. LUMI says:

    all 6 soaps are the best and are still on,right,
    now that AMC and OLTL is going off the air,sure the ratings will go up,eveyone wants to watch and to see what happens,I have not watched AMC sence Mary left the show,
    but I will tape the show on 9-23 to see its last show for two hours,I never watched OLTL,but I bit it was a great soap,just like Days is :)


  13. Q Fan says:

    Even diehard DAYS fans would acknowledge that John and Marlena haven’t been interesting for 15-20 years. (Basically, their last interesting moment was when Sami walked in on them in Titan boardroom resulting in the conception of Belle). Marlena is only interesting when she’s possessed or brainwashed. John is a clueless oaf. Carrie and Austin are far from riveting. Jack is usually a joke; Matthew Ashford shined when he was Todd Manning-esque 20 years ago, the tortured soul aiming for redemption. He shined as a serial killer on OLTL. But Jack has been written as a buffoon for most of the last 20 years (or as a bland hunk when someone else played him). John Aniston might kick ass if he had better writers. I’ve never liked E.J. simply because he’s one of the most ridiculously SORAS’ed characters in soap history. Little Elvis (originally John, Jr.) was born in 1997. It’s beyond disbelief that anyone who looks like James Scott could be the offspring of Susan Banks and Stefano DiMera. Ken Corday promises a “return to basics/real storytelling/families” every other year. He’s the worst showrunner ever. I’m not falling for their latest PR push. Getting rid of Crystal Chappell and Louise Sorel is a huge blunder. Why is DAYS so averse to keeping true acting talent?


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