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14 July 15th, 2011 RATINGS: OLTL & AMC Gain Most Viewers; Overall Soaps show gains!

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It was a good week for soaps last week from the 4th of July holiday through the 8th!  Y&R, B&B, OLTL, AMC and GH all showed gains in total viewers.  The only show to lose viewers was Days of our Lives!

However, the soaps with the most gains were the canceled One Life to Live and All My Children! OLTL again holds strong in the number three spot of all of the daytime dramas gaining +162,000, while AMC came in at number four with + 219,000 additional viewers.

GH ended up still at the bottom of the ratings by a smidge over DAYS. And, The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful continued their dominance at the top and number two spot, respectively!

View the ratings courtesy of Soap Opera Network after the jump!

Ratings Report for the Week of July 4-8, 2011

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,582,000 (+64,000/-500,000)
2. B&B 2,962,000 (+62,000/-185,000)
3. OLTL 2,608,000 (+162,000/+145,000)
4. AMC 2,412,000 (+219,000/-36,000)
5. DAYS 2,270,000 (—–/-334,000)
6. GH 2,269,000 (+70,000/-327,000)

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  1. Katie says:

    I am a former AMC viewer who has tuned back in I really think the show has gotten so much better since the new writer came in. I love MINX! David and Tad/Cara. Heck I even found myself enjoying Greenlee and Ryan for the first time ever!


  2. Emily says:

    I hope people tune back in to GH. I know there have been some disappointments over the years but Jonathan Jackson, Laura Wright, Chad Duell, & so many others are kicking some great stuff out there. They are really doing a great job. If you’ve stopped watching, it’s worth another look especially with new writers on board.


  3. Sheila says:

    I am really glad to see the gain in viewers and but it is sad that the ABC network does not care about the loyal fans. I think they should really look at keeping these ICON daytime shows on the network not just online even if they have to find another time slot for them and if they can’t sell them to another network at a fair price to keep them alive. I Grew up watching these shows and have been loyally watching them for 40 some years even though I have to tape them sometimes. I am glad to see Days of our lives go up as well even though I do not watch that show one of my best friends Grandfather was one of the original writers of that show and I would hate to see it suffer the same fate as OLTL and AMC.

    Please reconsider keeping our shows running.


  4. Sharon rosales says:

    Had abc/disney truly done a survey from the beginning, they would have known that cancelling these soaps would be a devistating move! Instead of it bringing in more revenue for the company, it would in fact, cost them money by losing their reputation and the respect of their viewers! Abc/disney, you have the opportunity to make things right with the soap fans, take it! Find a way that all soap fans can/will be able to continue viewing these programs over the air. You know any and all options u are left with!! You can redeem yourself with the soap fans!!!


  5. Ceridwyn2 says:

    Really happy for AMC & OLTL’s increased ratings! They’re both doing great. Sad to see them both go off broadcast in Sept/Jan – to switch over to web-based shows. Really looking forward to seeing how they transition.


  6. leah says:

    my hope is pp will put the shows back on t.v. in the same time slot and kick abc a**. What a net work mess at abc. How does one sabotage their own net work and still have a job. I dont know about anyone else-but i will for ever view ABC Disney as a net work of liars and lies. where ego and greed rule over the wants of the fans…. whom ever put in place the saboteurs- they did a wonderful job-you should be able to buy ABC for a little of nothing in another year.


  7. Marsha says:

    …Here goes the adage, write good stories and you will have viewers. Everyone is tuning back in now that Lorraine and Agnes are on board….and the character driven soaps are revived.


  8. todd says:

    OLTL #2 in the important women 18-49 demographic! Go OLTL! Frons made the biggest mistake of his career.


  9. Avelina says:

    DAYS is still at the bottom- did they gain any viewers? I hope it gets better for them as I am a DAYS fan but Im so happy for AMC and OLTL.


  10. Dan says:

    Hopefully GH will bounce back once Garin Wolf’s material starts airing, and he can start cleaning up the mess that Bob Guza left behind. It won’t happen overnight, cause Guza had many years to ruin GH. But I’m confident the show will bounce back. They still have the best cast on daytime, in my opinion. It’s just a matter of someone being able to give all those talented people some good material to sink their teeth into.


  11. Becky says:

    i think it is sad they are cancelling these iconic soaps! There are millions of fans that dont have access to the internet and this is their favorite part of the day.They are shut ins, disabled, Some people even tape the shows while they are at work to watch at night for their “escape” It is a crying shame ABC doesnt care about their loyal viewers.I have been watching AMC since the first day it came on the air,Shame on you ABC and mr Frons!


  12. Blake says:

    Funny how GH, the only ABC soap not cancelled is the lowest rated soap in the ratings! OLTL and AMC are on fire and are high in the ratings (OLTL # 2 in demos?!?!?) and have gained hundreds of thousands in a year, while GH has dropped over 300,000!
    Frons and ABC are complete idiots.


    danna replied

    I second that.


  13. Kory Cartwright says:

    I grew up watching one life to live, GH, and all my children with my mother. Partly because i couldn’t watch my cartoons until after my mothers soaps were over. I am a dude,but i love the soaps. Yes, i think all my children and GH have gotten too stupid for me to watch, but i love One Life to Live. Especially, Todd Manning. One Life to Live is as part of my life as breathing is. It’s a damn shame ABC is taking it off the air and once it’s off the air, ABC will not be allowed to be veiwed in my household… EVER!!!!!!!!!!! Screw you ABC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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