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15 August 12th, 2011 RATINGS: OLTL rakes in highest number of viewers since 2008 & almost 3 Million for week!


As On-Air On-Soaps foretold, and as we said to all the soapers and fans out there about what you can do constructively to show ABC that they made a B-I-G mistake, you are doing it! And rightfully so!

The best soap opera on daytime television, period, One Life to Live has pulled in for the ratings week of August 1- August 5th nearly 3 million viewers! And, that is not all folks – OLTL hit it’s highest number of total viewers since back in November of 2008 with 2,912,000 and added another + 100,000 more eyeballs this week.

Take that ABC Daytime… but good for you, Prospect Park! If you can continue what the show is delivering currently on-air and bring it to cable or to your internet platform, you will definately have without question, to anyone, a bonafide hit!

As for the show itself, again it’s been on fire, and in particular watching both amazing performances of the Two Todds… Trevor St. John and Roger Howarth!

The only other soap opera that showed gains for this ratings period was the number two soap, The Bold and The Beautiful which added another +119,00, making the battle for second place a hotly contested race, with OLTL closing in, but B&B holding steady!    View the entire ratings courtesy of Soap Opera Network here!

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  1. brian says:

    “…. cause we only have “one life to life”

    Blair should re-sing the song now, it was funny spin she put on it when we all thought the show was cancelled….


  2. Todd says:

    I have been running home from work every night. The show has been great. I loved Nora breaking down in front of Destiny too. Enjoying all the stories right now. The Viki Todd scenes have been the best.


    Torrey replied

    I loved the slap that Destiny’s Mom gave Nora today. I have a feeling that these families could have some really interesting scenes together. I have always felt that Destiny and her family have always been sold short. The scenes that were done when she found out her parents weren’t really her parents were spectacular. I so wish Greg was still on the show.


    Todd replied

    And Rachel too. She was a great actress and a core character. Maybe the online version.

  3. Torrey says:

    Let’s keep watching more and more OLTL fans!!! I want our #1 soap in the spot it deserves to be in…..#1


  4. Dan says:

    It’s a shame that all of these viewers weren’t around when it mattered.


    Liz replied

    It is a shame. OLTL has always been my favorite soap. I have watched it since day one in it’s old 3:30 time slot, just before Dark Shadows.

    I hope that it will continue to garner the ratings it deserves and maybe, this is a big maybe, it will continue with the same writers, cast and crew online, on tv, on anything! I just want it to continue.


  5. Avelina says:

    WOW DAYS is last again. Oh Well NO EJAMI = lost viewership!


  6. Ceridwyn2 says:

    One Life To Live is on fire yet again. Sleep, what’s that?…I work nights (11pm-7am). I either stay up and watch east coast feeds, or go to bed and wake up early to watch west coast feed of both AMC & OLTL. Both shows have me gripped from beginning to end of the episodes. Usually can’t wait til Mondays, which is an unusual feel. :D


  7. mary says:

    The two Todds are a home run! Love it, love it, love it! They interact so well, and are so in tune with the character that they both did a super job.


  8. hwo wright says:

    I think maybe this was a wake up call to the networks. Oltl is showing what good writing acting can take you. An one lifen was gaining traction before abc cancelled it. Nbc is bringing back the favs too all my children is goin up b&b etc. Soaps on on fire again thanks to the viewers fighting back. Abc knows it made a. Mistake with oltl. I mean how can they justify taking it off air come january if its the number 1 or 2 show. Of all soaps ? I wonder? Does abc have the option of keeping oltl past january? An give prospect park only the online viewing ? And if so does that mean they could keep both soaps on air ? If say. The talkshows fail ? Can someone please clarify that for me


  9. todd says:

    I heard rumor at the OLTL fanclub weekend that on Wednesday 8-10-11 OLTL tied Y and R for 1st place in the ratings. I can’t wait to see next weeks results.


  10. danna says:

    According to the above Soap Opera Network link, OLTL had 3,197,000 viewers on Monday, August 1. OLTL has been incredible and keeps getting better, beyond what I thought was possible. I love all the performances and storylines. On the weekends, I can’t wait for Monday to watch more OLTL.


  11. jp says:

    OLTL has been phenomenol. They better win the emmy for best daytime drama at the next awards show. No other soap can compete with it right now. Keep it up, OLTL.


  12. Stephanie says:

    Not only did ABC make a mistake OLTL also made a mistake in letting Trevor St. John go. He is an amazing actor and he has done a fantastic job as Todd over the last 8 years. He will truly be missed.


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