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12 September 23rd, 2011 RATINGS: One Life to Live hits #2! While CBS Soaps hit hard!


After many were of the belief that the little-soap-opera-that-could, One Life to Live would finally be in at number two in the ratings, it has finally achieved it.  The cancelled ABC soap is now in second place.  But while OLTL ended up in second, it, and all the other daytime soap operas, lost viewers for the ratings week of September 12-16th.

The CBS soaps were hit the hardest.  The Young and the Restless still in the number one show lost -382,000 viewers for the ratings period,  and The Bold and the Beautiful which has been in the number two slot, slipped ever so slightly to third, which gave OLTL the runner-up position this week. B&B also lost – 349,000.  All My Children also lost over 200,000 viewers that week.

Hopefully every show will bounce back in short order!  To view the entire ratings via Soap Opera Network And c’mon fans, we need to support these shows and watch them for the genre to stand a chance on network television!

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  1. Torrey says:

    Yay, OLTL!!!! I hope that it makes it to the number one spot before January.


  2. Ceridwyn2 says:

    Way to go OLTL. That was sooo good!


  3. stephanie says:

    All My Children ended today…I don’t think anyone liked the ending. Is it true they are going to be online? will they be the same?/


  4. Jared says:

    With Y&R’s downward spiral, that could happen. The last few years, ONE LIFE TO LIVE has been the best soap, so I’m happy it is finally getting the respect it deserves, at least in the ratings. As far as Y&R is concerned, Mr. Fairman, is there any way you can do an investigation and let us know what is going on over there? It seems to me that the decline since MAB took over has elements of deliberate destruction. There are so many of us who grew up with this soap, and we’ve always gotten excellence, at least until LML and then MAB took over. Someone like me, who has watched and love Y&R for 30 years is so much more capable, in my opinion, than the current writing staff, to determine the direction of this show, with longevity and beautiful storytelling in mind. Please help Y&R. Someone, please hear our pleas!


  5. todd says:

    of course ratings dropped. It was likely the first full week of school for much of the country. Young people are still watching, they are just not being counted by Neilsen. College kids watch on their computers, or Hulu, or You-tube.


  6. jp says:

    We devoted OLTL fans knew they would hit number 2 in the ratings. Keep up the great storytelling and unbelievable performances. It will be great for the cast to go out on top. I look forward to seeing former characters returning in the next few months. And I will be there when they make that move to the internet on January 16th. I hope a cable network is still in the works for the future as well. Bravo OLTL


  7. Jared says:

    Yes, keep it up, ONE LIFE TO LIVE. We love you! I hope you leave the mouse house as the #1 show overall. You deserve it!


  8. lew says:

    MAB are you checking the ratings??? Time to act NOW!!!!!!!


  9. Brian Greene says:

    Big Amen For “OLTL”! :-)


  10. Scott says:

    It would be a horrid shame for the amazing show of Y&R to lose to this…. “show.” MAB messed up big time by throwing out Maura West and taking her time getting MTS back. I have faith Y&R won’t lose their spot to this series.


    jp replied

    OLTL is far better than YnR.


  11. Blake says:

    Good for OLTL! The little soap that could! #2!!! Man, I can’t get over that. And it’s not even close to January. Imagine where it will be around that time!


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