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19 October 20th, 2012 RATINGS: Strong Week for The Bold and the Beautiful!

The ratings are out for the week of October 5th -12th, and there was great news for The Bold and the Beautiful! The series picked up another + 211,000 viewers and upped their total for the week to 3,400,000!  Seems people are tuning in to the emotional drama that had Stephanie finding out her cancer has returned and that she is now terminal, Brooke reeling from Ridge’s decision not to return with her to Los Angeles, and Katie dealing with the fallout from having her baby, and Bill’s actions with Deacon that messed up Liam and Hope!

The Bold and the Beautiful also gained the most viewers for the week in the key 18-49 female demo adding +68,000 as well as picking up viewers in the key 18-34 female demo. The series ratings shares in all key categories were up as well!

Over at The Young and the Restless, the still number one kingpin of soaps, added the most viewers for the week with +231,000 as we started the segue from Maria Arena Bell’s stories to Josh Griffith’s.  Y&R is now at 4,649,000 viewers for the week, which is also quite good.

General Hospital this week lost a little steam after having a stellar week last ratings period losing -43,000 in the total viewers category and faltering some in the key demos.  The lone ABC soap is still up over last year with 2,671,000 for the ratings period.

Days of our Lives is still running fourth losing another -33,000 in total viewers.  However, the series did gain in the 18-49 key female demo, and other than B&B, was the only soap do so during the ratings week.  To see the complete ratings picture click here for Soap Opera Network’s rankings.

So here we go, soapers!  Put on your Soap Opera Programming Executive hat and be our Armchair Quarterback!  Which shows do you think are compelling you to tune-in?   What is working?  What isn’t?  Weigh-in!

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  1. Janet Kiley says:

    it was good this week i thought sad to good story’s


  2. Elhu says:

    The dramatic storylines always work, whether the drama is positive/negative or happy/sad, the heightened drama most always garners high ratings, so while I am not aware of all the soaps storylines, with Susan Flannery leaving Bold and Beautiful and Steve Burton leaving GH, both talented soap stars, who have many, many, many loyal followers, there is no doubt their ratings will be high for a time to come. I do not watch Bold and Beautiful, but Susan Flannery is a soap icon, and deserves a beautiful exit storyline, which I am sure is taking place with her cancer storyline, and what better month of the year to do that than October. I wish Susan a wonderful retirement!!! I am and have always been an ABC soap fan, and love GH, so I am sad to see their ratings go down a bit, but it is only one week. I am sure the ratings to come will be steller for GH again, with the storyline of Jason’s leaving playing out. I am certainly sorry to see him go, Steve Burton has given us the better part of 21 years of great storyline portrayal – thanks Steve, you and your talent will be sorely missed each day!!!! I wish you and your family all the happiness in the world.


  3. Derrick says:

    B&B will continue to rise with Susan Flannery’s departure and Brad Bell is writing it beautifully.

    I think Y&R will also continue to rise NOW that MAB is gone!! This week’s episode has been pretty good with Sharon’s mental breakdown and setting the ranch on fire. Some of the sl’s ending quickly has been a relief! Josh Griffith is doing a good job writing so far!

    DAYS, what is going on with you??????


  4. Mary SF says:

    I had stopped watching B&B, but I returned to catch this storyline of Stephanie’s dying and apparently I was not the only one. Now they have my attention again, let’s hope they will not disappoint and go back to triangle la la land, where everyone’s life revolves around whether or not Liam should be with Hope or Steffy. I like the power struggle developing between Rick and Thomas for control FC and the Katie storyline so far is very touching and well done. So perhaps Bill Bell hasn’t completely lost the Bell magic his father had. Unlike his sister in law MAB, whose reign of dull and unbelieveable stories nearly did Y&R in. I think the numbers went up there because we couldn’t believe the writing was so much crisper and better we had to watch the whole week to make sure we were not dreaming. If what I saw in this first week continues, and they don’t take detours Y&R will be my favourite don’t miss a episode show again.


    Mary SF replied

    Whoops meant to say Brad Bell, not Bill, I get them all confused.


    Derrick replied

    Agree with you on Y&R


  5. TruthTeller says:

    i hear Michael Park will be the new Ridge Forester ….


    Iakovos replied

    That would be something. Do you really think? Casting is important buit so is writing. I hope B&B can shore up as it pursues this excellent Stephanie storyline.


  6. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    The show is on-top right now. It’s bold and it’s beautiful. It’s honoring its history so beautifully and I love it. These next months saying goodbye to Stephanie and Susan are going to be heavily emotional. I cannot believe how much I’ve cried the past two days alone! I can only imagine what’s coming up as Stephanie’s cancer increases. I know Brad is going to handle this storyline beautifully!


  7. Jared says:

    Good job, Y&R and B&B! I’ve always been a Y&R fan, though the last few years have been rough to watch. It was nice to have ONE LIFE TO LIVE showing us awesome soap during its last years. That took the sting off the downfall of Y&R. Anyway, attracting 4.65 million viewers in this day and age is quite an accomplishment.


  8. Sara says:

    Not surprised that Days is in last. The show has sucked since the first week of September! I want to see more EJAMI, EJILL, and some decent storylines! Right now it’s just a bunch of random & pointless conversations and insta relationships that don’t make any sense! So disappointed and I miss the previous writers!


    Avelina comes from Santorini Greece replied

    I want Ejami as well.


  9. Robert says:

    Y&R and B&B are my 2 favorite soaps. B&B has been really good lately.


  10. Dmitri says:

    Days is awful right now. Sami and EJ are terrible, there is nothing new with their storyline and they are atrocious together. Will and Sonny are good, and so are Gabi and Nick. Caroline has a nice storyline now. Other than that, the same people are on every day. Nicole is obsessed with Daniel, which is boring. She lost her baby again, which sucks, and I’m sick and tired of Jennifer acting like a cunt, and Daniel being shown everyday is dumb. I like Dannifer, but Jennifer needs time to mourn.


    Mary SF replied

    I too was really looking forward to the Caroline storyline, but based on the previews I read for this week, the storyline maybe a device to get the character Bo out of town. He leaves with Caroline to go to some clinic Kayla found for her. I have a feeling the Caroline drama is going play out off screen, and when they decide to recast Bo, he will come back to town and Caroline will have passed away. And if that is the direction they go wtih this storyline I will be very disappointed; but lately the only thing Days does well is disappoint so I shouldn’t be surprise by it.


    Dmitri replied

    I agree completely

  11. Avelina comes from Santorini Greece says:

    Hate SAFE as they are awful but I agree about everything else. All storylines are just terrible. This is not Jennifer and Nicole used to be such an interesting character. I loved Nicole and Eric Brady. Tomlin and Whitesell are driving this show into the ground.


  12. Tali Smith says:

    Haven’t watched GH for awhile because of the destruction of Jolie, but have tuned in to see Steve Burton departure. Wow Jasam was happy for 1 hour like Jolie, must be the writers-LOL! Watch John McBain say the same words to Sam as he has said to Natalie on OLTL again – what a let down, again. Will tune out again because of the same storylines and dialect. Still hoping for more!


  13. DidjaNoit says:

    GH has lost viewers for four of the last six ratings weeks for good reason. The stories are all over the place, the PTB continue to destroy the GH characters and their history, and the pacing is atrocious. For all those fans that shout how great Cartini are when GH manages to gain a few viewers, they are never around to blame them when viewers are lost. This experimental hybrid show is failing, and it continues to astound me it is being continued, when the best that can be said about it is the ratings are up from GH’s all time lows.


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