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10 December 3rd, 2011 RATINGS: Thanksgiving Week was Great Week for OLTL, DAYS and B&B!


The ratings are out for the week of November 21-25th, Thanksgiving week. And while the soaps only aired three days of new episodes, it showed very strong gains for most of the five soaps, and most notably One Life to Live which picked up another + 167, 000 viewers of the week with the emotional episode of Matthew flat-lining leading the charge.

Days of our Lives has perked up since EJ and Sami’s grief sex and the fallout.  The lone NBC soaps picked up another + 87,00o viewers! The Bold and the Beautiful also registered well with the viewers remaining  in second place and adding another + 136,000 viewers.  Even last place, General Hospital picked up some viewers during the week.

The top rated The Young and the Restless was the only soap to lose viewers for the week with -38,000 eyeballs checking out of  Genoa City.  To view the entire ratings courtesy of Soap Opera Network click here.

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  1. jp says:

    So glad OLTL ratings are strong proving that ABC made a huge mistake cancelling it. Your new shows may be cheaper to produce, but no longer will you have a dedicated audience. I hope its worth it ABC.


    Lynne replied

    I agree they should of never ever cancelled abc soaps. They are such idiots!!!


  2. Torrey says:

    It’s all about the executives being greedy and wanting more money for themselves….the ratings for The Chew were not better than that of AMC, but being that it’s cheaper to produce, and there aren’t as many paychecks to sign, that means there is more money to disperse among the higher ups….and that’s all they seem to care about. However, what they fail to see is, come January 13th, when OLTL goes off the air, bad times are ahead for ABC daytime. I expect that all of ABC Daytime will be effected by this decision of canceling OLTL & AMC. So, when no one watches The Revolution or The Chew it won’t matter that it’s cheaper to produce cause you won’t have the profit to roll around in. I pray that advertisers pull out and really make it hard for ABC.


    ken replied

    abc could of made amc/oltl 30 min shows .thats 2 shows for the prise of 1. amc keep its main lady susan lucci and maybe 7 other cast members.oltl keep erica slezak and bring in andrea evans full time keep bob s woods and a few others.all but wait thats would make fans happy.


  3. Indigo Starr says:

    And OLTL gained 460,000 viewers over last year before it was cancelled. Almost a half million! How they could cancel such an awesome show with such great actors is beyond me!


  4. Blake says:

    Good for OLTL, it deserves these great ratings! I hope it’s last weeks shoot it to #2 before the end!


  5. Jan says:

    I’m tried but still furious of the fact theses shows have been thrown to the side and
    believe those exec’s will pay. Theses new shows will have no viewers as fateful ones.


  6. Kelly says:


    GO EJAMI!!!!!! Viewers definitely tuned in to see their favorite couple and story on DAYS, EJ & SAMI together!!

    DAYS got its highest ratings and viewership in an entire year, with showing EJ & SAMI together!!!



  7. RJ says:

    Days has seemed to get a little better since the Ejami ‘incident’. The scenes, storylines, character development and interactions seem to have improved. Seems they need to have Ejami scenes every once in a while to spark the show and the ratings. Seems people want that. Whether they are meant to be a couple or not, I cannot not say, but definitely some passionate scenes seem to work and help boost the ratings whether people want Ejami or not. I would think the writers and PTB would figure out a way to work this in every now and then.


    Emma replied

    yep, right in the money but i am not sure these writers are smart enough to get it, they seem to just use them to drive stories and get them some ratings boots and buzz for sweeps..after that welcome back borefest..Ha.


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