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30 April 23rd, 2016 RATINGS: The Bold and the Beautiful and General Hospital Show Gains!


The ratings are out for the week of April 11-15th and two daytime dramas scored gains in total viewers and in key demos.

Most impressive was CBS Daytime’s The Bold and the Beautiful that featured the continuing unspooling of the tale of Liam’s (Scott Clifton) captivity by Quinn (Rena Sofer), and Liam finally attempting to return to his life, while Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) had already married his brother, Wyatt (Darin Brooks) in the process. B&B added + 71,000 viewers for the week bringing their average tally for the week very close to the 4 million mark with 3,951,000.   The show also showed the most gains in women 25-54.

General Hospital also showed some gains adding +16,000 in total viewers averaging them to 2,816,000 for the week.  The ABC daytime drama also added the most viewers in the key 18-49 and 18-34 demos, while also showing gains in the 25-54 womens demo.  In story, Anna  (Finola Hughes) and Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carlos (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) were featured, as well as Jason (Billy Miller) returning ELQ to the Quartermaines, and Nathan (Ryan Paevey) proposing to Maxie (Kirsten Storms), while also revealing a connection between Griffin (Matt Cohen) and Nathan.


Days of our Lives had an interesting week.  The soap continues to struggle in total viewers down to 2,238,000 ,and losing another -20,000 for the ratings week.  However, it did gain in all key demos.  But even with the gains, the lone NBC soap opera is still coming in at all-time lows for the 9th straight week in the 18-34 demo ratings share.

As for the number one, The Young and the Restless, they lost -124,000 for the week, but still remain very close to 5 million viewers (4,945,000) and added viewers in all key womens demos.

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings via SON

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,945,000 (-124,000/+18,000)
2. B&B 3,951,000 (+71,000/+209,000)
3. GH 2,816,000 (+16,000/+7,000)
4. DAYS 2,238,000 (-20,000/+84,000)

So, which daytime drama is delivering the goods?  Which show do you think needs some help?  Which storylines are you into?  What do you think of the latest ratings picture?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. Mo says:

    B&B has been really good.

    Days is slowly getting better. I hope they are looking at the ratings and realize their stories aren’t working. I think they lost a lot of viewers with that whole stupid Yo Ling storyline.


    Mo replied

    Add in Ciara’s rape and the demolition of Hope’s character. And why is Hope still at Jen’s and if it were me, I’d have that love seat where Ciara was raped reupholstered.


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    i would burn that love seat…

    Mollie replied

    I’d have that love seat burned! Seriously. The other day, in story, when I saw Hope and Rafe sitting on the sofa while “expressing their feelings” I thought Ewww. Get rid of the rape couch!

    Patrick replied

    i’m distressed, about … “Days”

    i’m 3 weeks behind… I plan on catching up

    yeah… i’m surprised that Hope and Ciara are still at Jenns

    you’d think if Hope really knew… she’d have gotten her daughter out of their

  2. Daisy says:

    Can someone please explain the difference in the demo age ranges? They appear to encompass the same age brackets to me. 18-49 and 18-34?? What makes these different? How can you split the same age group into two categories that apparently are so coveted? 25-54 is even more puzzling. And why isn’t there a demo for an age range above 54?
    Older women have been dedicated loyal soap fans longer, some have more free daytime hours to watch live, and they have money to spend on the products advertisers are promoting.
    Why don’t they have a voice in the demographics?
    I’ve seen these ratings for years now and have never understood how they arrive at these groupings. I hope someone can explain it.


    4ever DAYS replied

    18-49 is the most important because a wide range of products can be advertised for that group.

    18-34 are for products that are geared for that age range.

    25-54 are for products that are geared for that age range.

    Some demos overlap simply because advertisers are selling certain products for certain age ranges (demos).

    Older than 54 doesn’t hold much weight because it is believed that the older a viewer is the more likely the viewer wouldn’t change what products they would buy…If older viewers have been buying Tide laundry detergent for 40 years, they’re less likely to try Rip Current (lol) laundry detergent.


    Tomas Torquemada replied

    Additionally, 18-34 are your target for mothers with infants, toddlers and young children. Look at the adds on Daytime. Lots of ads are targeted to a specific demographic that this dude is excluded from.

    It’s all about advertising dollars. And advertisers love specific demographics for placing ad buys. Do you see Ford Truck ads in Daytime? No, but I see them all the time when I watch baseball. Because demographics

    Daisy replied

    Thank you. It makes sense. I still don’t like it, but I understand it now.

  3. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Days seems to show some improvement but it is still nowhere i thought it would be…GH has improved will there be a miracle pregnancy-Nina pregnant by Dillion and then pass the child as Franco’s?


  4. Mateo says:

    DAYS will continue in the tank if they continue to feature the no talent youthful cast. They are awful. Ciara has not grown in her role. All these other characters of college age have no value in the plot. The Joey and his new gf out of nowhere is just a rehash of Kayla and Patch and that is bad enough in it’s original form. Since the conclusion of the Ben/Chad/Abby story there is nothing to root for. No one to care about. The one actress who manages to keep attention is Suzanne Rogers as Maggie Horton Kiriakis. Her story is silly but I love that woman. So good with such trash as story. That is one actress they should feature regularly. All the other stories if they are to be called stories are so boring it’s more like Snoozes of our lives. GH has been on fire. So good in the acting department from every one and even the stories that are what I call far fetched are fun to watch. Y&R has a way of grabbing their viewers. The scenes with Abby and Ben losing the baby were so great. Max, the son is so evil you scream at the screen everytime you see him. Sage and Sharon on that path to discovering the truth is making everyone hold their breath. You just think of how it will affect everyone involved. Nikki’s breakdown is stunning. Victoria and Billy’s crash course of a marriage and divorce is above par. As for B&B, I have tried watching more steadily and the one problem with that show is that they try too hard. Some of the actors are interesting but the stories are either too trendy or heavy handed. I don’t like feeling manipulated in my emotions. I love a detailed story with sincere emotions. And those come in rare supplies. Quite frankly the show is held together by Heather Tom. That lady is just magic. Pierson Fode is a great new actor. Handsome but more than skin deep. As for the rest, well a big yawn. The ratings should place Y&R at #1 and GH at #2. All the rest is what it is…


    Tomas Torquemada replied

    I find myself in agreement with almost all of what you said.

    I would add that the sepia tones flash backs on DROOL are awful, verging on parody. And I fear that the storyline it supports is going to flame out as well.

    It’s nice to know I can FF through all the Summer scenes safe in the knowledge that the six months of her story and the character were already abandoned. She’s going to linger onscreen for another several months but there’s no reason to pay attention. At least Brady’s heart isn’t giving him any more Dead Daniel memory flashbacks… it’s gotta hurt for the actors to pick up such poorly conceived plotting and be asked to make a silk purse outta that


  5. Jennifer says:

    Days is now a joke. The Hope/Rafe pairing has people pissed and tuning out. The Summer story is just lame. Chabby was ok but KM leaving. They better do something quick.


  6. su0000 says:

    the ratings do not represent if the soap is actually liked.
    IF, the rating showed how much of an episode was actually watched, then and only then would the ratings represent like or dislike.

    I FF through much of GH and only watch certain scenes, about 13 mins of the episode.
    I watch, I am a number in the ratings, but GH is no longer GH and at times I don’t know what in hell I’m watching, surely not GH..

    So– ratings do not show if or if not a soap is good / just that people tuned in even if for just 5-10 minutes.


    Aria replied

    Your points in the ratings don’t count if u ff . if u dvr GH then u have to play it out n not ff the commercials for you to count in the ratings. Plus your probably still praying for RC to return to writing for GH , good luck on that one…


    su0000 replied

    I watch online.. just a click-in counts as a number ..

  7. Dan says:

    I loved Sonny and Anna teaming up to go find Carlos on GH. We haven’t seen Maurice and Finola work together much over the years, so that was a real treat. I want more of that. As much as I want to see Carlos pay for what he did to Duke, I do have to say, Jeffrey Vincent Parise does such a great job in the role. Richard Burgi as Paul was also tremendous this past week. I like the mob and crime stuff heating up. Julian back involved in the business is a lot more interesting than him and Alexis taking a bubble bath, lol.

    And then you had the Quartermaines on the front burner with the Tracy story, which Jane Elliot knocked out of the park. I hope she’s recognized come Emmy time next year. It was also nice to see Monica used more than she’s been in quite a long time, as well as the all too brief cameo by Wally Kurth. The stuff with Laura and Kevin was very random, but I like the possibilities if they follow through with it. Genie Francis long overdue for her own her story, needless to say.

    You have the mystery going on with Hamilton Finn and what and why he’s shooting up, all the drama, back stabbing and blackmailing with Nikolas and Hayden/Rachel (yes, the daughter of Raymond Berlin, lol) which I think has been very good.

    I think GH has been really enjoyable over the past few weeks.


  8. damien says:

    days is beyond burnt toast!
    how much longer before they nab ron carlivati from gh to headwrite?
    wats the holdup?
    why make the audience suffer any longer?… this new writing regime was good for about two months… they ve reached their height… its all downhill now


  9. sonia says:

    I thought, I saw Kelly Monaco/Sam right beside Billy Miller/Jason getting those stocks and take them the Q’S and give them back.. don’t see not mention


  10. Lexie says:

    Pratt’s using a 10 year-old kid as a psychotic murder is disgusting. How low can Y&R go?


    Rose replied

    Lexie…so agree.


    Timmm replied

    It is certainly uncomfortable to root against a young kid like that and hope he falls down a pair of steps himself!


  11. Rodd says:

    I am really liking GH in a lot of ways lately. It’s not water-cooler-talk on a lot of days, but there are a lot of beats that the writers are capturing. )They still have plenty that slip through the cracks, though.) I especially like that I’m seeing a lot of the superb cast on a weekly basis, even if it may just be for snippets; a lot of them are not being ignored for weeks on end. This is making PC seem like more of a community to me.


  12. Aria says:

    I have no idea what fans see in Carlos and Julian, I know fans love their good guys or bad guys with a heart of gold ect. But I’ve never seen fans root for weasels and Carlos and Julian are just that they are weasels, two guys who hide behind their not so bright ladies, sorry Alexis, I lost respect for you once you were ok with Julian putting out a hit on Duke .. Those two need to pay for their crime already . Please no Paul with Anna either Paul is the latest weasel to hit town , and our Anna wouldn’t fall for that.


    Timmm replied

    Carrrrrrlos is a dirt bag!


  13. Scott H says:

    I have to say that Kate M (Abby) knocked it out of the park this last week…..she has truly grown as an actress…will miss her a lot…..see no chemistry at all between Hope and Rafe; however, I did notice some sexual tension between Hope and Deimos…..which was oddly surprising……not sure how the new head writer Ryan will be able to bring Days back to it’s glory Days…pun intended…..I did notice on a previous feed someone mentioned bringing Ron Carlivati to the show as head writer…can’t say that that would hurt the show…at least he could draw on the history of the Salem characters…..maybe get some comedy back to the show….why not give it a shot….and please update the sets and stop with the six months taping ahead….there needs to be a way to fix stories that aren’t working sooner so as not to lose anymore viewers….and please get Dena Higley away from the show….she’s as bad as Jill Farren Phelps when it comes to ruining a show and characters on a show…..thanks for reading my rant and have a great week….


  14. cooks7570 says:

    I want to know where the family scenes are at on GH. Where’s the freindships at too. I want to see more of Valerie. I hope Anna will stop crying too.


    Timmm replied

    Carly had a friend in the 1990′s. [Courtney]


  15. Dmitri says:

    B&B and DOOL used to be my favorite soaps, but now they suck so bad. The Summer storyline is awful. Chabby is great but KM is leaving soon. There’s no chemistry with Hope & Rafe. Just too many forced storylines and people are tuning out. I haven’t watched since November! The way things look, I won’t watch for another few months. As far as B&B goes, I’ve boycotted the soap since August. Such bad writing. So sick and tired of Liam and Steffy all the time. Get rid of them! And now I hear that Quinn might be pregnant with Liam’s child. Nasty!!! Will not be watching.


  16. Rj says:

    If Days can come out of the darkness they have had on the show now for quite awhile, perhaps, ratings will improve. I saw a few minutes of the show today, and hope they are trying to move in that direction with the Hope/Rafe romance, etc.


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