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27 October 15th, 2011 RATINGS: Y&R and GH hit lows! DAYS on the Upswing?!

The ratings are out for the week of October 3rd-7th and it was not a good week for most of the soaps!  At the top, The Young and the Restless is continuing to have some intense ratings losses and new lows in several key demos.  However, the sudser still remains in the top position.  Perhaps one of the most indicative signs is that Y&R has lost over 765,000 viewers from last year at this time.

Things aren’t looking bright for General Hospital either.  The only soap that will remain on the ABC lineup is now at the bottom of the ratings heap and lost another -348,000 eyeballs for the ratings period.  GH hit new lows in the key demos of 18-49 women.

Days of our Lives has moved on up in the rankings. The rebooted series has moved into #3 position ahead of One Life to Live, which clocked in a bad week losing 298,000 viewers! DAYS also lost viewers this past week, but it has gained over 112,000 viewers from last year at this time.

The only soap to gain viewers and holding strong at number two is The Bold and the Beautiful.  The CBS half-hour soap added 55,000 viewers as their Aspen story began to pick up steam.

View the entire ratings via Soap Opera Network here!

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  1. Emily says:

    GO DAYS!

    Suck it GH! You never change!


    Sheila replied

    Yes – they need to go down in flames that are visible from space.


  2. Sheila says:

    GH sucks because they don’t care about what their fans want. TPTB just want to phone it in by doing the same damn storylines over and over.

    I’m in the key demo group and I would have been watching if Lexi and Nathan’s Ethina was given a chance. Aside from them, I’m not too interested in the show.

    Hey GH big wigs and writers — I stopped watching almost 20 years ago because of all this mob crap and only recently I fell in love with the chemistry between Lexi and Nathan via YouTube clips. Now that Lexi is gone (big mistake) I’m not going to bother watching your stupid show.

    Also, the idea of replacing Lexi with an older looking actress just to have Kristina and Johnny is RIDICULOUS. Oh, wait, that’s right, this is GH and EVERY G-DAMN STORYLINE HAS TO BE ABOUT SONNY. This potential pairing of NuKristina and Johnny is only being cooked up to give SONNY more airtime. Give me a FREAKIN’ BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Joi says:

    I would like to cosign Sheila’s post. TPTB do not listen or care about the fans. People have been complaining about the same thing for awhile now. I like Jason, Sonny, and Carly but they get way too much screen time. Where is the balance gw said he was going to bring????Another problem is the newbies they keep bringing on. The fans are waiting for them to write stories for the characters they have on canvas, not new ones we dont care about. Yes, we could learn to care about the new characters but many are too resentful of them not writing for the old ones. I also believe Lexi’s firing effected the ratings. The fanbase has been waiting for over 2 years for those two to get together. We would scream for a week over one 90 sec scene between the two. We would countdown the days until they were on screen again. How could you ignore a fanbase that dedicated? Krissy and Ethan were the main reason why I watched gh. I enjoyed some of the other scenes, but they were the bright spot that kept me tuned in. A lot of people felt that way, and they are seeing just how much with the ratings drop.


    Jordan replied

    I appreciate your site very much, but I think you should clarify your numbers before you post. I used to watch DAYS and want the remaining shows to stay on the air, but let’s face it, DAYS was up 280,000 viewers the first week of its supposed “reboot” and the following week lost 120,000 of those new viewers. How does that make DAYS seem like it is on the “upswing?” I feel badly that GH and Y&R did not have great weeks, but please don’t make it seem like DAYS is moving up. The new set is just that….ONE new set. Sorry, but these are the facts.


  4. FP says:

    The Spew is obviously hurting OLTL. AMC fans are apparently boycotting ABC. Can’t say that I blame them, but I want to see OLTL leave the network a winner. As for GH, it looks as though Garin Wolfe was installed as HW to save money (I’m sure that Guza was waaayyy overpaid) while maintaining the status quo. How sad.


  5. Torrey says:

    Well, I think I know why OLTL slipped up a little…’s because they keep dragging this whole Natalie/John/Brody story out. I mean how long has this DNA baby switch story been going on? It’s getting quite ridiculous!! Every person in LLanview will know soon know that Liam is John’s son….everyone except Natalie & John, that is. Come on Ron, it’s time to wrap this story up. Give the viewers what they want and watch the ratings soar…..


  6. DaisyADay says:

    They need to get rid of some of the cast of GH starting with Dr Webber and his cougar. Get rid of Liz for about 6 months and bring her back with a spine – she annoys the crap out of me with her needy whining. Get rid of Ronnie – he’s such a cartoon characted. Get rid of Carly’s bodyguard with the flashbacks to Iraq..a triangle with Carly, Sonny and Kate and bring the hunky Max back and back in sexy Diane’s arms. Get rid of Hooker Abby and give Michael someone more age-appropriate. I do like Ethan and Kristina – she does look really young but if they cut her hair and style it right and the right clothes (not hooker clothes) she could look older – and Ethan -shave him and wash and style his hair – he would look younger. More Alexis and find her a man that can match her intellectually and hotness – Sam’s father? Some attitude adjustment for Lulu….she is a mixed-up chick and speaking of attitude – no nurse would ever dare speak to anyone on staff like Epifany does – her ass would have fired. Bring back the Dark Prince (miss Nikolas)! And last, hot, sexy, fiery storyline for Maxie and Matt. Love Franco stalking Sam and Jason.


  7. Susan Richards says:

    One reason General Hospital has been horrible is because Anthony Zachara is on the screen whining incessantly all day long and this does not make captivating television. Therefore, I am not surprised about their ratings slipping. I am surprised that Y&R has lost viewers because I believe it is the best soap on tv right now. I dont believe Days of Our Lives is experiencing some sort of “revival.” It was up 280,000 viewers the first week and then lost nearly half of the total viewers in its second week right after the relaunch. I would hardly expect it to wind up in the 4 million viewer range to be a contender with Y&R.


  8. jp says:

    I hope OLTL will end its network run on a high note. I know this ratings week was not a good one, but I hope the viewers don’t give up on it. OLTL knows how to use its history and talented cast.

    As for Days, I tuned in one day to see the revival. It was a revival of familar faces, but still the same old boring Days. Not worth watching to me.


  9. Karen says:

    Y&R sucks because the writers are idiots. Phick was popular in 2006. This is 2011, nobody wants to see an almost 50 year old woman behave like a teenager, drooling over Nick like a dog in heat. It just ain’t appealing. No one wants to see Sharon torn over her love for the man that stole her child. It’s obscene.


    Tee replied

    this is true…but I love the Y & R. Always have……they have learned to switch it up just a little. I really want to see Sharon and nick back together because I am sick of Phyllis breaking up every marriage she gets her hands on. She is a homewrecker and never has had a man of her own. Both of her children are by married men. SHE SUCKS!


    salmonseeds replied

    OK just step back and think about it …. that’s why they have Phyllis in there mixing things up ….then she goes to another relationship and it goes round and round.
    the problem is every one on the Y&R is having an affair with the same people in the same old circle….a good thing that people like Sam and Phyllis’s sister Avery have come on board…fresh meat …that’s what the Y&R needs.
    My big question is ….what happens if Kathryn dies in real life of Victor what happens if he dies in real life….do they have aplan for that ? they are both pretty darned old. ..having said that ….any one clould die no matter how old they are …eh ?????

  10. Lis says:

    GH storylines are boring.Jason and Sam’s honeymoon was like watching paint dry, dull as dirt. This couple was on all week and spoke the same nonsense day in and day out. The Mob is still front and center. I don’t care about Sonny or AZ. Sonny /kate again, Seroiusly?!! Carly , the shrew, chasing jasam is also ridiculous. Lulu is so annoying. Lucky crying all the time is unwatchable. No vets on ( barely see monica and the Q’s ). Aweful! GH you deserve last in ratings and you will drop further if you continue this path. I suspect that Disney is already going to cancel GH.


  11. kay killgore says:

    The rumor is going around that GH is being cancelled in Nov and off the air by April of 2012. All of the soaps are writing junk and the actors know it it has to be depressing to go to work and read this junk.


  12. lew says:

    Garin Wolf, you promised us changes at GH. The only change that I see is the new Kate. Bringing back Alan for a quick minute and Skye, who isn’t a Quartermaine, does not qualify as positive changes. They were just a band aid that was ripped off too soon and the soar is still there and raw. For GH to survive, radical changes are needed now. Give Sonny, Carly and Jason a rest. There are other talented cast members on the show. The rating don’t lie. If this is the work of Jill Farren Phelps, then something needs to be done with her too. No more Franco, Anthony and Lisa. How much crazy are we suppose to take? ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!


  13. Jack says:

    GH ratings are down because all the story lines are crappy…Same crap different day. Sam & Jason are boring as ever, I was a fan when they first started but now the actress playing Sam bores me to death, her acting is so bland. Sonny & Kate are boring, Carly & BodyGuard boring and trying to pair Ethan with Kristina was a mistake that GH finally corrected, those two had no chemistry (IMO).


  14. Iakovos says:

    It’s the writing, yes, and I hope scirbes hear our cries. GH needs to move away from those mob storylines. They are dark, depressing,and repetitive… and we have no redemption. Redemption is part of our interest in characters… growth and falling back. New challenges. Y&R could use truth to character, too. When did it become so GOthic and over the top? That was never Y&R’s style. I am giving DAYS a chance with this reboot thing and remain hopeful. THE DAYS serial is all new to me so it seems fresh that way. Love OLTL and hope it can fire up some before it goes off network TV. B&B? Oh dear. Aspen. Um…. Yuck.


  15. lauren77 says:

    I stopped watching GH months ago beacuse of Lisa. They sure know how to drag on a story. She repulses me. GH will be cancelled and they should. It Sux. I now watch “Y&R”…it’s like a breath of fresh air. Why don’t they keep OLTL and get rid of GH? Seriously, I don’t know anyone who watches that ridiculous piece of crap !


  16. Sun45 says:

    The reason that GH ratings are in the toilet is because of the writing period. There is nothing on GH to look forward to . Viewers are not in a hurry anymore to rush home to see GH because there is nothing on GH that is watchable. All of these new actors and actresses that GH is hiring that the viewers don’t give a crap about is not helping this show. This is a time where GH should be trying there best to bring viewers back to the show but there not and firing Lexi Ainsworth to me was a big I mean big mistake. If this show truly cared at all about the fans and what we want and how we feel they would have nerver fired Lexi Ainsworth and they would quit hiring all of these newbies. All GH is doing is driving viewers away and they don’t care yet they want the fans to continue to support them what a joke. Here is a tip for you GH stop hiring all of these newbies the fans don’t care about them and how about rehiring Lexi Ainsworth and admit for once that you made a mistake. At this point I’m done with GH I really do believe that Garin Wolf was bought in to tank the show because to me GW and the higher ups don’t care about the fans they see the fans as nothing more than a joke.


  17. Jared says:

    Hey you, up there. I’m a “someone”, and I love me some PHICK! hehe

    Y&R needs new leadership. The current regime is reeking of deliberate show destruction.

    ABC canceled the wrong soap. GH is unwatchable, plus I’m hugely disappointed that Megan Ward was replaced as Kate Howard. What a horrible casting decision!


  18. jaslyn k. says:

    I love me some phick too!!!!!!! michelle stafford is not 50! she is gorgeous, sexy and phyllis and nick have chemistry. I have stopped watching because they are not together and the writers want to screw them up by having nick in a triangle with her sister. Gross! When phick reunites I will start watching again!.


    salmonseeds replied

    How will you know if you don’t watch ????


  19. LUMILY says:

    I love soaps,and Days Of Our Lives is a great soap.


  20. Nora Bishop says:

    It is terrible to think GH could go off the air. That show gets little credit for the great acting skills of the cast and the story lines of the writers. It is interesting and funny, charged with mystery and sometimes mayhem. What else do people want? Please people don’t allow us to lose another great show. How many talk shows and courtrooms can we watch? Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


  21. ally says:

    I agree with Karen “up there”. Phick is gross and as long as they have that older woman with hot and sexy Nick, I will NOT be watching Y&R.


  22. salmonseeds says:

    Puleeze !!! Get rid of Sophia she is without a doubt the worst actress in the world.
    There has to be a way to get her out of there. Who ever thought of hiring her in the first place ??? Every one else on the Y& R is just fine.


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