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19 August 26th, 2016 RATINGS: Y&R, B&B and GH All Up In Total Viewers!

The ratings are out for the week of August 15th through the 19th.  While Days of our Lives was still preempted for the last week of NBC’s coverage of the Summer Olympic games in Rio, the other three network soaps were airing new episodes.

And in a turnaround from the previous week, The Young and the Restless and General Hospital gained in total viewers.  The Bold and the Beautiful, which added the most viewers last week, also was in the positive for the new ratings period..

Y&R added the most viewers for the week adding +124,000, while adding viewers in all women demos 18-34, 18-49, and 25-54.  However, they continued to tie an all-time low in the ratings share for the 18-49 demo.

GH, which added +47,000 for the week, also added viewers in the 18-49 and 25-54 categories, but did not fare as well with the 18-34 females, tying a low for the fourth straight week in that ratings share.


B&B came in with an additional +11,ooo in total viewers, and gained viewers in the 18-49 and 18-34 categories, but was in the minus column in women 25-54.  The CBS Daytime drama also tied a low for the seventh straight week in the 18-49 ratings share.

It will be interesting to see after Labor Day and with Days of our Lives being back airing new episodes, if the end of summer brings higher ratings.  While every soap of the three that aired during the ratings period gained viewers, its also interesting to note that  each lost viewers in a different age demo category.  View the entire ratings picture courtesy of SON here.

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,565,000 (+124,00/-196,000)
2. B&B 3,732,000 (+11,000/+105,000)
3. GH 2,573,000 (+47,000/+81,000)

So, what soap opera is piquing your interest? What soap needs the most help to keep you engaged?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. su0000 says:

    To speak fact;
    If I or CC watch or do not watch a soap, what we do is ‘not’ in the Nielsen ratings numbers..
    The ‘only’ ones that are counted are the Nielsen watchers..
    It is totally in the hands of the Nielsen families/whatever..

    As to who is tuning in or out– it is calculated by the Nielsen peoples..
    So– if I did not watch GH for week, the numbers going down would not because of me but rather from a Nielsen family.

    Also– of course the number are up for all the soaps, the olympics have ended..

    The households are evenly distributed by population throughout the United States, and are roughly meant to be representative of the population as a whole. They also rotate occasionally.
    Maybe 50,000 households seems like a lot to you, but to put it in perspective, there are approximately 100 million households with a TV in the United States.
    That means even at the high estimate of 50,000 households, the number represents .05% of the households. That would be less than 1/10 of 1%.

    each household represents 2,000 other households in approximating what the country is watching. The ratings categories that matter are generally “total viewers” (not as important), the 25–54 demo (viewers between ages 25 and 54, important for news) and the 18–49 demo (viewers between ages 18 and 49, important for entertainment and sports).
    The ratings you see now are also mostly “live + same day” which accounts for 24 hours of the viewer watching on their DVR/Tivo. There are also ratings measurements that account for three-day DVR totals (a version of which advertisers currently buy based on) as well as 7-day DVR totals (what networks would like to become the norm).
    The demos are what advertisers care about — how the TV networks make most of their money. They are crucial to the financial success of the channels.

    IF you or I watch or don’t watch, we are not counted unless one is a Nielsen person..


    Kelly replied

    If you DVR and watch commercials and all you count in the Nielsen Ratings. And you have to watch within 24 hours of the airing.


    su0000 replied

    hi Kelly—
    Neilson does the DVR+7 if you watch it on your DVR within 7 days of airing. But you can’t skip commercials.
    Those ratings only count if you’re not part of the Nielsen program.
    Neilson takes into account dvr and they have ratings for that So if a Nielsen person DVR’s a program and watches it within 1 day it will go into the Nielsen rating.
    If you record it on your recorder it does not count, if you DVR it and you are not of the Nielsen rating program, it is not counted in Nielsen ratings..

    Comcast;; C3 ratings for commercial viewing (which is what advertisers care about)
    “If the networks can transition a customer to catch up on demand versus DVR, they can monetize that.
    Those numbers are ‘not’ counted in the Nielsen ratings that we read every week, but are used for Comcast etc for their own reasons..

    Same for watching online at ABC/whichever, they are numbers for that networks, for advertising purposes etc) and not in the Neilsen ratings..

    No matter what;
    Only the Nielsen families are counted in the Neilsen ratings..

    It is from the Nielsen households that we get the ”demo ages” because Nielsen knows the ages of the household and when so&so watch they make note of age..

    Phil replied

    Actually the Olympics were still on here… that is why DAYS was not included in the ratings…it was not on!


    Rebecca1 replied

    Michael Fairman mentioned that in his second sentence.

  2. Tommy Burke says:

    Wish you would stop showing the ratings since they don’t represent the true # of who is watching. Totally agree with the comments by su0000. I am a male in my mid 40′s and I watch GH on my laptop on a few days after they air. How am I counted in the ratings??? I bet I’m not especially since your ratings only mention women. I got my dad hooked on GH and my nephew. I bet they are counted either. Enough with the ratings reporting since it is so misleading.


    Rebecca1 replied

    Hi Tommy…there are lots of viewers who aren’t in the demographic that advertisers are looking for whether it be age, sex, race…so the point is even if a lot of people are watching on their laptop, smart phone, tablet or binge watching OnDemand…it just comes down to the numbers they gather and if the advertisers think they’re reaching enough of the market who will buy what they’re selling.

    What they SHOULD do is sell products that appeal to all the demographics or sell airtime to advertisers who can scatter their target audience ie sell products that appeal to women of a certain age, a different age and spothers to men. Sell products to one area of the country and sell different to another part. Or…maybe they do that currently. Anyone “out here” in advertising???


    su0000 replied

    Hi Tommy ..
    fact— You, your dad and your nephew watch GH but, you are not counted unless you are a Nielsen household. All 3 of you are an estimate by what the Nielsen watches…..

    People seem to believe if they watch the ratings go up
    If they don’t watch the ratings go down
    If they haven’t watched for months that is will make a difference, it does not..
    It is what the Nielsen people watch that is the numbers in the Nielsen ratings.

    I watch GH at ABC, also..
    I am tracted by ABC for its’ numbers for ABC’s research and the ads are seen again etc etc, but we are ‘not’ counted in the Nielsen ratings
    (( that many soap fans go wacko over every week as if they are actually counted in the Nielsen ratings, they are not…LOL )


  3. Belle says:

    I have never understood why the system never changed to include everyone who has a t.v.


    4ever DAYS replied

    There should be a chip in every TV that identifies what is being watched. And if some people don’t want people to know what they’re watching, then they can enter a code to disable the system and enter a code to turn it back on. Also, for a precise look at how people feel when watching the shows, there should be a chip implanted in their brains, LOL!


    Dylan replied

    Serious privacy concern! Would you want some faceless corporation trackkng everything you watch?


    4ever DAYS replied

    Yes, I wouldn’t mind, but as I’ve stated, there would be a way to disable the device on the TV. As for the chip in the brain, people would have a choice to have or have not.

    clh replied

    That’s what the code to disable would be for.

  4. nancy dillingham says:

    In my mind, the ratings for GH are up because of Genie Francis’s and Jon Lindstrom’s great scenes–LOL!


  5. Soaphound says:

    I hope the increase holds and more viewers saw that incredible scene with Adam & Nick at the jail. Adam asking Nick to look after his son was heartbreaking and so honest it hurt. Joshua Morrow and, especially, Justin Hartley were at the top of their game and this kind of scene shows how great this show can be with the right focus, good writing, and some of the best actors in the business.


    Celia replied

    I agree, as usual, Soaphound. I have a weakness for both actors. I did feel for Adam….reaching out to his not-so fraternal-brother was momentous. But, that’s because I trust Nick….his response was genuine and not one bit hypocritical.
    However, Kay has a point. From whence does this abounding flood of love come? Blood is thicker than water?


    Soaphound replied

    Hi Celia…here’s what i think may be the missing link in this turnaround: both Nick and Adam finally realizing that they’ve both been victimized, used, and (in many instances) set against each other by the same father. I agree that Adam’s previously unknown admiration of Nick seemed to arrive out of nowhere, but Justin SOLD IT by virtue of great acting, don’t you think? I’d like Adam and Nick to be closer after this, and I’ve always felt that Adam has a soft spot for Victoria as well. Their interactions have always fascinated me.

  6. 4ever DAYS says:

    Airbags save lives…A chip in most televisions can save programs.


  7. Kat G says:

    Of course the ratings were up the Days Of Our Lives fans didn’t get to watch their soap opera because the Olympic’s were on…. LoL.


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