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23 January 13th, 2014 Rebecca Budig Talks The Better Show, Love Life & Why Greenlee Was Not In The AMC Reboot!

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The beautiful and talented Rebecca Budig has now added “talk show host” to her resume, as the co-host of The Better Show!  The former All My Children favorite, where she portrayed Greenlee Smyth, and was part of two of the show most famous love stories, Greenlee and Leo ( Josh Duhamel) and Greenlee and Ryan (Cameron Mathison),  chatted with TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan in a new interview!

Budig talks about how she met her husband, Michael Benson, living in Connecticut as opposed to New York,  how she was left out of the All My Children reboot via Prospect Park and why, and some fun stuff about her friend and L.A. neighbor,Y&R’s Greg Rikaart (Kevin)!  Here are a few interesting excerpts below:

Rebecca on why Greenlee was not part of the online revival of All My Children where she confirms she was originally asked to be part of:   “Yes, and I expressed interest and then they never came back to me! (Laughs) I wasn’t insulted at all but I was a little disappointed. I really, really miss Greenlee. But, then, none of my men were there. They didn’t have Cameron Mathison. They were never going to get Josh Duhamel. What they should have done was bring back Danny Cosgrove, who is amazing. Love that guy!  Michael B. Jordan was my brother on AMC and now he’s a big movie star. So what were they gonna do with me? I’d be all alone!”

Rebecca on how The Better Show hosting gig happened“Better was looking for a new co-host and I went and did two audition shows with (co-host) JD Roberto and really liked him. We clicked. I’ve always juggled hosting jobs with my acting career, and this fits into my life perfectly. They’re really flexible. I have great outs in my contract to do other stuff. And it’s a great show. I love improving people’s lives. (Laughs) Especially my own!”

Do you think Greenlee should have been part of the All My Children reboot via Prospect Park?  Have you checked out Rebecca on The Better Show?  Let us know!

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  1. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Wouldnt have mattered…


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    She’s 41…so she could play Nina, Silas’s wife on GH…she couldve been 20 when she married him…just a thought!


  2. moshane58 says:

    Yes. They wanted younger actors to try to draw the younger demo and that just left out a lot of the history of the show.


  3. Lola Marie says:

    It probably wouldn’t have mattered one way or another, but it would have been nice to see Greenlee and Kendall coming together to deal with life without the men. Prospect Park tried, but ultimately it was a wasted opportunity. It would have been nice to see Greenlee in the new Pine Valley.

    Oh well…


  4. Rod says:

    One if my all time favorite actress and characters. I wish she would have returned. But she is right it wouldn’t have worked with what they did. She’s amazing on The Better show!!! LOVE REBECCA BUDIG!!!


  5. john says:

    What did she mean by none of her men were there. David was there.
    Would’ve been fun to see them go at it again without Ryan around.


  6. Kate A says:

    It would have been interesting to see how many viewers PP would have gotten had they kept the original actors and stories. It is so sad that AMC 1 is gone! Still miss it. Not really missing AMC 2.


  7. Harry says:

    No, I was sick of the Fusion Gang and the Ken doll (Ryan).


    ricardo replied

    i love ryan lavery. he is so cute. lol


  8. Tom Welles says:

    Well, it certainly would not have hurt to have her there, but the re-boot was so disjointed, so strange and missing the Heart of the original ALL MY CHILDREN that I’m not sure one more familiar face would have made all that much difference. They could have paired her up with a new character and it’s hard to say how it would have played out. Prospect Park made such a mess of things (In my opinion) and blamed absolutely everyone else around ~ in fact, to this day they STILL have not REALLY stated that the show is “officially” cancelled!


    AbbyS. replied

    Overall I agree with you. The reboot was flawed bigtime in terms of what story they told and the pace at which they told it, and one more familiar face wouldn’t have made the show any better (though IMO having a bunch of other, familiar faces with her might have helped). As for pairing her up with someone new, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have worked. I adore Zach/TK, but having him back and attempting to pair him with a brand spanking new character (Loser Lea) with no ties to the canvas and no history on the show was a failure, and whoever was editing the last dozen or so episodes knew it and went so far as to edit out chunks of their scenes together. Greenlee, in particular, wouldn’t have fit in without someone there to whom she was related (like Jack) or married to (Ryan) or BFFs with (Kendall). It’s no loss to her that she wasn’t part of the reboot.


  9. Cookie says:

    She should joing GH as Sarah Webber or Brenda Barett


    Elizabeth replied

    Love it when some soap opera actor’s fan thinks they should join a different show as a re-casted key character without a thought as to what that show’s fans would want……


    Cookie replied

    Fyi, im a bigger GH fan than you ever could ne so when i say she would be a good Sarah Webber i know what i am talking about…

    aria replied

    love to see her on gh but as a new character or greenlee maybe sarah webber but no way as brenda barrett , vanesa owns that role.


    ricardo replied

    I love rebecca, if kimberly mccouloch leaves gh again, as robin. recast her with rebecca. brenda barett belongs to vanessa marcil only. rumors are vanessa may come back in the spring, hopefully the rumors are true.


    Scott (ATWT Fan) replied

    It was rumoured she was going to replace Vanessa when Vanessa originally left GH.


  10. Rapids says:

    Love Rebecca but nothing was going to save the pathetic reboot from the obscure on line format. The idea was flawed from the GItgo. Rebecca was a bright shining light on the television show but the character was pretty much ruined by the end. I am real proud of her success.


  11. beacon says:

    If ABC and PP hadn’t effed everything up, she could have taken Greenlee to GH.


  12. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    They should’ve put Greenlee on AMC. I missed her. And I do wish she’d join another soap. She’s too perfect to not be working on a soap. I’d love her on Y&R or DAYS. Maybe even GH? On DAYS she could be Lucas’ ex-girlfriend Autumn that we never saw.


  13. boes says:

    I wish her all the best, but the character was a disaster on AMC when it was a network show and would have been even more useless on the reboot.

    It’s a shame the reboot didn’t work out. It had so much going for it, and one of those things was stripping away unnecessary characters who ate the show alive during the last years on ABC such as Greenlee and Ryan.


  14. Shirley Lyons says:

    Greenlee should have been part of the show online as much as the rest of the “All My Children” family. Television has not been and will never be worth watching again without them. Daytime TV has been boring ever since! I do not watch daytime tv anymore. Congratulation Rebecca on your baby!


  15. Linda Collins says:

    Please let me know when will Rebecc Budig be back on the better show
    By the way it’s a awesome show

    Also does it come on any other than 4 am in my area
    I tivo it


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