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95 January 19th, 2011 Rebecca Herbst OUT at General Hospital!

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And in more shocking news this week, General Hospital darling, Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth) has been given her walking papers by the series!  The official word came via twitter from ABC Soaps In Depth, but here is what we know, Rebecca will be exiting the ABC sudser this coming March.  She has played Elizabeth for 14 years.

An ABC Spokesperson told Soaps In Depth, “Storyline dictates the exit of Elizabeth Webber this spring. The next few months promise to be a ‘not to miss’ story for the character. We at ABC and GH wish Rebecca Herbst nothing but the best in her future endeavors.”

So there goes any chance for Liason fans out the window or even a Lucky/Liz reunion somewhere down the line! So what do you think the powers-that-be have in store to wrap up Becky Herbst’s story? Let us know!


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  1. Kelly says:

    It is extremely disheartening that GH has let Becky Herbst go. I feel that GH has such little regard for their veteran actors so as a result I have decided to no longer be a GH viewer. GH has disappointed me for the last time.


    Eileen replied

    I second that! I am tired of General Hospital doing their mob storylines and axing every good character that gets in its way. They managed to completely trash her character before letting her go. What a class act GH firing a woman right after having a baby. I refuse to watch this show any longer. While theyre going around making these changes they should change the name too. This isnt a hospital show anymore its the Sonny, Jason and Carly show. Give me a break…


    Heather replied

    I third that! I have not been watching GH for awhile (maybe 3 months or so) and now this is just one more reason to NEVER watch GH again!


    jessica o. replied

    i 4th that…they should Not have fired her and i don’t understand why they r keeping th and not oltl and amc!!!???

    bertramsey replied

    I’m with you! GH writers refuse to give the fans what we want. They just keep pushing Sonny and anybody in his orbit, which did not include Elizabeth. That lifestyle was too “dangerous” for her and her children. But bringing back Jonathan Jackson and then a year later getting rid of Becky Herbst?! And keeping (lame) Siobhan and Brooklynn? What kind of lunacy is this?!


  2. Natalie says:

    I’m disgusted at the way she has been treated. Becky was a loyal member of GH family, never moaned or whinged about her storyline even when it was a completel WTF to the character. She did her job and did it 150% every time. Storylined dictated? Translation we can’t sell the unsellable couples we currently have and the big names we brought back have not brought in the ratings so lets just screw Becky over and in the process we can trash the Elizabeth character because we don’t need that fanbase anyway. GOOD LUCKU with that you MRONSt


    Cee replied

    Beautifully stated! with your permission, I would love to share this with my friends… I think it is exactly how we are all feeling right now!


    Natalie replied

    Absolutely…please share with anyone you would like. Becky deserves every bit of the support she is getting

    Dana replied

    PERFECT post. JJ flopped, VM flopped, Jasam BOMBED and somehow a woman not involved with ANY of them is fired in the hopes that if she leaves, somehow the past 2 years of NO Liason interaction and all Jasam pimping will now work? Hmm. Same with Sucky. Lucky and the Spitter are bombing. So getting rid of a woman that basically has NO interaction with them will change that?

    Frons is a genius. 1.7′s will be considered GOOD when this is all said and done. CYA GH.


    yvonne replied

    ITA She always gave her best, always tried to sell whatever garbage they gave her and did it with grace and without bad-mouthing them. She was a bright light on a dark depressing show. I really believe in the long run; she is the winner.


  3. Tonya says:

    I have no words to this dumb move by the higer ups and Frons cause this all reeks agenda. I am no longer watching or supporting this show and the ABC network and Disney because if they actually listen to the fans they would know that Becky Herbst is loved. I wish Becky the best and will follow her where she goes. This is the reason the soaps are dying out because of the people in charge think they know what we want to see. I am so hurt and pissed off that we have been screwed again.


    Cee replied



  4. Nancy says:

    Idiots…will be watching whichever soap is lucky enough to get Rebecca…she’s a class act…love her.
    good luck gH…direction you’re going you’re gonna need it…won’t be watching again…never seen a soap let go of talented actors and keep “others”….unbelievable…


  5. anissa says:

    TIIC shot themselves in the foot with this stupid move. They’re are a lot of angry fans out there that will more than likely turn off their tvs. This agenda driven soap is in for rude awakening if they think Liz/Becky fans will continue to watch the drivel Guza & his minions will be putting out on our screens in the next few weeks. Bad business move & their low ratings will continue to tell the story. I won’t be watching!!!


  6. Angela says:

    “So what do you think the powers-that-be have in store to wrap up Becky Herbst’s story?”

    I am afraid the powers-that-be are going to continue to ruin Elizabeth all the way to the end.

    She’s always been thrown under the bus for someone. First there was Courtney. Elizabeth and Jason were well on their way to being together when the show suddenly switched directions and put Jason with Courtney and Elizabeth with Ric.

    Then there was Sam in 2008. Jason and Elizabeth were once again this close to being a couple when in November 2008 Jason is suddenly thrust into scene after scene for the last TWO years with Sam when Elizabeth isn’t even allowed to breathe the same air as Jason.

    Finally, there was Jonathan Jackson’s Lucky. Jackson returned to General Hospital and every one of Lucky’s past misdeeds was miraculously forgotten and Lucky got to once again verbally attack and abuse Elizabeth.

    In summer 2007 Brian Frons gave an interview previewing the stories for fall. His comments, while not outright,were quite blatant in regards to his disdain and disrespect for the character of Elizabeth Webber. It’s easy to believe he had something to do with Rebecca Herbst’s firing.

    It is a sad, sad day for General Hospital when it fires a talented actress days after hiring yet another unknown.


  7. Linda says:

    I think that this is pathetic to let ABC or GH lose a talented actress. This just makes me not want to watch this pathetic excuse of a show anymore. GH needs to be the next soap that gets cancelled.


  8. beccab says:

    I’m furious with GH for this decision. I’m not a big fan of LIz, but this show has lost too many legacy characters already. Liz has such potential as a character, and there is NO REASON why “storyline” would dictate that she leaves. Good writers know how to craft dramatic stories without axing one of the few remaining legacy characters, one with a HUGE fan base. I love this show, and I’m really afraid this decision could be a major blow to its health.


  9. Di says:

    Again GH doesn’t fail to disappoint. Storyline dictated is complete bs. There was more than enough story for the character of Liz Webber. Goes to show agenda and politics are running ABC soaps. All I can say is they finally made it easy for me to walk away for GOOD. With no RH to watch, there is no reason to . Giving up GH for good is now an easy thing to do . Adios GH. Hello Y and R :)


  10. Jacqueline says:

    I am sadden and heart broken by the news that they would do this to actress who has been loyal to General Hospital. I have been viewer of GH for over 25 years. This was the last straw for this viewer who was hoping that GH would turn the stories around. Its a sad day for not only Elizabeth fans, Liason or LL2 but for viewers who love the vets and history of GH. She was character who tied to major families Webbers, Hardy, Q’s, Morgan and Spensers. Is GH trying to wipe out the old in order to bring in the new ?


  11. sassy1971 says:

    It’s a crime, that such a popular actress is thrown under the bus, not because fan’s don’t love her, I’ve been a fan for 14 years. But personal agenda’s. It’s a sad day at Gh and they have lost a long time fan.


  12. Amy says:

    I am so disgusted with this show! I can’t believe they would disrespect an actress who has been nothing but wonderful to them and the show. No way do I believe it is storyline dictated. Elizabeth is a core character! She is tied to the Webber/Hardy’s and the Quartermaines. There are still paternity reveals. There is plenty to write for her..this show is just too stupid or ignorant to do it. This is one fan who is done with General Hospital for good!


  13. Cassandra Crisp says:

    It’s truly a shame that GH would fire such a loyal and fabulous actress in Becky Herbst. She made the character of Elizabeth Webber lovable to garner such a huge, huge fanbase. This is a huge travesty and I guarantee it will come back to bite GH, the executes (yes I’m talking about you Mr. Frons & Ms. Phelps) in the behind.

    She was one of the core actresses for this show and you have now ripped that core away from the show and the viewers who watch. It’s going to be a shame to see this show, that I’ve watched for over 40 years plummett in the ratings. Becky is hard to replace and no newbie or new face is ever going to replace her in many viewers mind and hearts.


  14. Bren says:

    I will not be watching Becky’s “exit story”. I have already deleted GH from my dvr. For me, this was the proverbial last nail in the coffin.

    Becky, you are beautiful inside and out. You were the last reason I hung on to trying to watch GH. I will follow you wherever you end up. Your fans adore you. Thank you for all your amazing work.

    To the powers that be over at Prospect? You are idiots and your inability to understand or care what fans want or like is now clear. Loyalty works both ways. I’m only one fan and I’m a fan who is not in your precious demographic so I’m sure you could care less. I hope you choke on your low ratings.


  15. Christian says:

    They’ll write her a villain or kill her off so Jason and Sam can have Jake. Her firing has agenda written all over it. Erin Chambers getting contract just days ago is another smack to Becky’s face IMO. Never thought Jonathan returning would mean Becky’s exit, not after giving 14 loyal years to GH-she never left, never heard of her complaining. I am a Liason and LL2 fan personally, but I love Elizabeth pairing or no pairing. This GH fan is out.


  16. Jamie says:

    Wow, it stinks ! Get rid of Sonny and Brenda and Brooklynn, Liz is much prettier and has better reasons to be there. Why does GH and AMC writers screw up good things.
    Sorry Liz that u were let go. You are a great actress. I will miss you. I will turn the channel when Brenda/Brooklynn and Sonny are on !


  17. laura says:

    its a black day in soaps with this news…GH has made a big mistake with this move
    I know that as as an elizabeth fan from day 1… of today i am done with GH


  18. Dana says:

    And Jasam will STILL BOMB. When you have to get rid of the competition because your couple pulls 1.7′s how the hell do you think getting rid of her will suddenly make them successful? Only Brian Frons is that brilliant :) Lucky & the Redhead and Jason and the baby stalker will STILL TANK. BH didn’t have anything to do with the failure of both.


  19. kelly says:

    I’m very disappointed in abc. They have let go the only reason that I watch GH. Well no longer. My thoughts and prayer are go out to Becky and her family. Becky when you find another Job please let your fan know.


  20. Kiki says:

    I’m terribly saddened and angered by the complete disrespect ABC Daytime has for its actors and its fans. Rebecca Herbst is a very talented actress who has been a fundamental part of GH for well over a decade now. Her character has ties to many families on the show as well as many different historical, core storylines; storylines that define characters as they are today (or who they should be were they written true to character). It shows a complete lack of loyalty and creativity to fire her under the guise of it being ‘storyline dictated.’ There is no storyline that would dictate the death or departure of Elizabeth Webber and it will only hurt the canvas as a whole when she is gone and Rebecca’s absence will be a glaring omission in talent on the show.

    I have been struggling to maintain my fan status with GH for quite some time now and had hopes that the writing would improve and characters would be returned to their core characteristics so that I could once again enjoy the storylines. Much of those hopes rested on specific characters and actors and Rebecca/Elizabeth was one of the most pivotal. With her gone, I have no interest in the direction of any of the storylines left on GH, which saddens me for the very few other actors on the show I still appreciate but who’s characters I simply no longer recognize.

    ABC Daytime, you have made a huge mistake and I’ll mourn the 28yr relationship you have destroyed.


    Helene Thomas replied

    First fire Guza for delivering horrible storylines for the past 5 years. Bringing back Vanessa Marcil didn’t help. Fire Luke, who is not what anyone seems, take less vacations. He has too many Daytime Emmies. Guza, you are going to lose more
    three fourths of your audience.


  21. Trim53 says:

    I’m truly saddened by this. GH has been pretty awful for quite a long time now, but I held on out of habit, and love for the character of Elizabeth. This will truly be the end of “my” GH; it will be the excuse I was looking for to finally let go. RH always seemed so genuine and gracious and professional. She didn’t deserve this, and Elizabeth didn’t deserve this. RH is one of the most talented actresses in daytime. I hope another show has the good sense to scoop her up and put that talent to proper use.


  22. Somalia says:

    I’m truly disheartened by the firing of Rebecca Herbst. The excuse that was given to her fans about “storyline dictates her exit” is an excuse to used to sell other big lame & unbelievable storylines that are on the horizon. Then the ABC execs have the unmitigated gall to encourage all her fans not miss her exit storyline because it promises to be good. I shutter to think the mess of a storyline that Guza will come up with. I myself and others like me will not stick around to watch the annihilation of the beloved character that Becky put her heart & soul into building for 14 years!I If the writers were creative in their writings they would have been able to produce good & interesting storylines for all the characters on the show & not just the selected fab four that really isn’t bringing in or maintaining the viewers & their ratings. This firing has agenda written all over it and I hope their agenda was worth it when the ratings sink further than they already are. Rebecca Herbst is epitome of beauty, class & grace .!!! I know that she will probably find something way better that GH!!! I wish her all the best!!! I hope ABCD likes fighting for the bottom 3 positions in the ratings game!! Good luck with that!!!


    bookworm replied



  23. Monique says:

    The assinine decision by TPTB will come back to bite them. I’ve watched Rebecca Herbst since her character arrived on GH’s canvas & it has been a pleasure to watch her grow as an actress. I just want to thank her for all that she has given her fanbase & brought to her character throughout the years. This decision has certainly helped me to finally let go of GH for good. I was holding out for hope that the show would get better but I was wrong and can no longer support a show I don’t enjoy or recognize. The GH of now is certainly not the GH that Gloria Monty worked hard revive & save from cancellation and its certainly not on the same caliber and the mediocre ratings continues to tell the story. I hope that all her fans will continue speak out loud & proud on this travesty until her last airing date in March!! ABCD has just proven to be a joke & no wonder Y&R, B& B gets stellar ratings every week!!!


  24. Dani Austin says:

    Brian Frons’ obsession with making the audience love JaSam is one of the reasons behind this. Frons is well aware of the Liason fandom and this is the only solution he has for finally getting that fanbase to turn towards JaSam. Heck it is already out there that Sam will have a miracle baby so in his mind that will take away the audiences longing for Jason to get back with the mother of his son. Regardless, I wish Rebecca all the best and maybe one of the other shows (non-ABC) will realize her popularity and pick her up.


  25. Carol says:

    Yesterday was a say day for me…not only was Becky fired from GH, but Jay and Shelly left Days. :(

    I am a long-time viewer…began watching the show its very first day with my Mom. GH and TIIC there are making a huge mistake letting Becky go. They have driven this once lovely character into the ground and stomped on her big time…all to prop other ladies vying for the affections of Lucky, Jason, Rick and Nic. GH hasn’t quite held my interest for years now, especially since catering to Sonny, Jason and the mob. I much preferred the stories of the hospital, its doctors and nurses. The recent return of Brenda has bored me. I’m even rooting for The Balkan to get her and Dante for killing his son. Even the recent disaster, the bus accident, wasn’t at all interesting.

    I can honestly say I am sure were my Mom still with us she’d be so very disappointed in her once favorite soap.


  26. CJClark says:

    I have watched GH for over 40 years. Over the years, I have watched for many reasons, s/ls, characters, romances, etc. For the last 14 years, I have watched because of Elizabeth and, of course, because of her pairing with Jason. I have tried to be patient, waiting for the day when the powers that be get a clue and bring the character of Elizabeth back from dead, pair her with the only man she is ever suppose to love (Jason) and show the fans that someone cares about the legacy of her character and the history of the show. This move to fire B. Herbst is another example of how the producers do not care anything about their fans and are making decisions based on an inability to admit that they’ve been wrong. I am truly saddened, dismayed and confused by this move. You can bet that I will no longer watch GH.


    bookworm replied



  27. me says:

    what will it take for GH to finally ask the fans what and who we want to see.. I can never figure that out.. the talent that they have let go is un justifiable,,(sp) Someone should let TPTB all go and let the fans write the stories… Best of luck Rebecca.. u derserve better and u will get it… u will be missed


  28. Keeks says:

    I wish Becky Herbst all the best wherever she goes. I am truly heartbroken that the soap I used to love has been reduced to favourtism and destruction of legacy characters to further backstage politics. I was holding on and still watching because Becky was still on the show. Now that she’s been unceremoniously let go, I have no reason to continue. I’m not sure I can say anything more. Too sad to say more.


  29. Paula says:

    I am so sad that they fired Becky I have loved Liz since the day she came onto the show and no other actress can replace her. I have been a GH fan since childhood that was over 30 years ago and am now done with the show. The people at GH has ruined the show I used to rush home from school to watch.


  30. Susan Rotanz says:

    I feel bad for Rebecca Herbst and wish her well. To be honest I just didn’t see where her character was going to go, unless they introduced a new love interest. Lucky is finally moving on, Nikolas is moving on, and Jason moved on long ago. I don’t think I really liked or rooted for her character since she and Lucky were together the first time. I grew tired and bored of Liz and was upset how she would treat Lucky and go back and forth so much. I am hoping however that she will be presumed dead so she can be brought back again at some point. I would like to see her go toe to toe with Helena after she discovers the truth about Aiden. It would be nice to see some emotion from her and have that mother bear come out and protect her own from the woman who caused pain to her family and not to mention dear best friend for years.


  31. Kristina says:

    I am saddened and disappointed with GH. Becky was the reason I started watching GH and she will be the reason I stop watching. This is going to come back and bite the in the azz.


  32. Joanne says:

    Adios GH….What agenda driven rubbish…..all about “pets” and not FAN FAVOURITES.Becky when you decide what you are going to do please let your fans know as whatever you do you will be a success, beautiful, charming and talented win out :-) I won’t say i will miss you on GH as i won’t be watching that drivel……..


  33. Kat-an-ex-GH-watcher says:

    I’m deeply saddened & angered by the complete disrespect ABC /GH has for its actors and its fans. Rebecca Herbst is a very talented actress who has been a fundamental part of GH for many years. They remove a classy, independant, hard-working single mother, just to promote the idea of conniving, trampy, slutty women characters? Do tptb have any idea who their audience is? As a woman, I am offended by the sleaze over wholesome, realistic characters I can better relate to. To fire Ms. Herbst under the guise of it being ‘storyline dictated’ is a feeble excuse propogated by Brian Frons to serve his own agenda. There is NO storyline that would dictate the death or departure of Elizabeth Webber and will be the downfall of this show when she is gone. I won’t be hanging around to watch the end of my favorite actress/character. I kept hanging on to GH for awhile now & kept hoping that the writing would improve and characters would be written back in true character, so that I could once again enjoy the show. I watched GH BECAUSE of RH. With her gone, I have no interest in the direction of any other characters or storylines left on GH. ABC Daytime, if you are THAT stupid to think this dismissal is a good move, then you truly deserve the Last Place Ratings you’ve been receiving. I can only foresee this as further Ratings Suicide. I will be giving my viewership, support & ratings to Y&R from now on, where they know how to utilize their vets, rotate/integrate the whole cast, write great storyline that include Romance & Humor.


  34. T says:

    I’m truly disgusted by this news. I have never, in all my 15 years of watching GH, hated a character being axed like this. “Can’t miss story?” Oh, you mean destroying the legacy character to further agenda? Yeah, I can see it happening and I am saddened by it. I am in shock that newbies, the 20 or more so we’ve gotten in the last 4 years get to stay, but someone like Elizabeth Webber, with two very popular pairings, a rich history, an amazing storyline like rape, and a family legacy is being pushed off the show. I can’t even process it. After Liz is gone. So am I. Thanks for the years GH, but this fan is finally done.


  35. Hannah says:

    I came back to watch General Hospital when Jonathan Jackson returned. And I will stop watching completely now that Rebecca Herbst has been fired. I came back to watch to see Lucky and Elizabeth finally reunited. And instead TPTB tried as hard as possible to make sure that I would never want them again. They failed.

    I feel like this is a huge mistake. Just like I think it was a massive mistake to kill off Emily 2007. But, you know what? Given that GH is getting record low ratings, and IMO will be lucky to make it to 2013. I’m happy that RH gets a chance to find another job that actually values her both as a person and as an actress. Because to me it’s quite clear that no one (and I include most of the cast in that statement no matter what platitudes and well wishes they post on their twitter accounts) valued RH in any capacity.


  36. RICKIE says:

    GH’s direction dumbfounds me. Killing off Alan Quartermaine, Tony Jones, Georgie Jones, A.J. Quartemaine and Emily Quartermaine was bad enough. Personally, I cannot watch the Sonny Corinthos Show while great actors like Leslie Charleson get back-burnered and downgraded.

    I started watching this show again sporadically last year, and all I saw were Brenda look-alikes running about (Sam, Claire, et al) in addition to that extremely annoying Laura Wright, who apparently believes incessantly gnashing her teeth while delivering her dialogue is fierce acting. This show is going downhill FAST!


  37. Rosalyn says:

    I started watching the show because of Rebecca Herbst and I am appalled that the excutives would let endless opportunities of great stories to tell (let alone the untapped and unfinished story of the nurse and the hitman and their secret child) with Ms. Herbst slip through there hands. Ms. Herbst must be commended for making the horrible material she was given to work with over the pass three years shine with her abilities.

    I will no longer be tuning in and I will switch networks.


  38. Hckychc says:

    I am speechless and completely disgusted with GH!! Letting go Becky is just another faux pas in a long list of mistakes the soap is making on its way to its death. Becky is beautiful, talented and portrays a character that was easy to relate to, not mention has a huge piece of P.C. history (I believe she is the granddaughter of 2 of the soaps founding characters). The Powers that Be at GH never gave her the credit that she deserves. Storylines can be changed and the storyline does not dictate it that is just the polite way to say they don’t want her on the soap anymore. All I can say is GH is writing its own demise.


  39. Heather says:

    “Storyline dictates” is the lamest reason I have ever heard. YOU write the story GH. Write one for Rebecca Herbst. She is not only an incredible actress and wonderful person but Elizabeth Webber is one of the few remaining legacy characters on GH. Why don’t you surprise us all and write an amazing story of how Elizabeth “dies” but then have it be that Helena has kidnapped her. Have her “death” make Jason realize how much he still and always will love Elizabeth and he doesn’t want a child with anyone else. Then let Jason find out that Elizabeth is not dead…that Helena has her and write a story where Jason goes with Max, Milo, Cody and whoever else and saves her from Helena. Then Jason and Elizabeth can be a family. You will have a natural blend of hospital and mob stories as they face life together.
    Well what do you know? There is a story. There are millions more. Write it and maybe all Becky’s fans will come back.
    I wish all the best to Becky and her family. Here’s hoping GH comes to their senses and rehires her or that some other smart soap snatches her up soon so she will be back on my screen. I will gladly watch her since I have a spare hour when I used to watch GH available.


  40. Jen says:

    The decision to fire Rebecca Herbst is mind-boggling on many levels. She has chemistry with everyone she works with, she is a terrific actress, she is beautiful, and her character is a wonderful soap heroine. Elizabeth is a legacy character. She’s the granddaughter of Steve Hardy. It’s insulting that the show is asking us to watch the demise and departure of a favored heroine. This decision is foolish and shortsighted, and I will no longer be watching General Hospital.


  41. Judyann1982 says:

    Well, GH has done it again. They killed off most the Q’s, brought Steven on so Elizabeth would have family and then they FIRE her. WTH? Now we lose another Webber. The core families are basically gone now. I have watched GH for almost 40 years, since I was little and I HATE what Guza and Frons have done to my show. Cannot stand Jason and the spammer and I WILL NOT watch them take Jake and have a baby of their own. What a travesty! I LOVE Liason and I am very sad today.


  42. Dawn D says:

    After more than 40 watching GH I will not watch anymore. Liz and Jason were my all time fav couple of all the soaps I’ve watched over the years. I fault the entire mgmt of GH at fault. I’m shocked and saddened for Becky. I hope Becky returns to a repaired GH and finally give us Liason/Steve&Becky.


    Dawn D replied

    Forgot I’m going to live with FanFic which I love so keep writing:)


  43. Doe says:

    I’ve always wanted Lucky and Liz to find their way back to each other. I don’t know what the powers that be are thinking. I’m not fond of Erin and don’t find her accent to be real. I am very disappointed, especially when we know she is working with “The Balkan”. What wil happen to Lucky’s children and Nicolas, too. It’s crazy!


  44. Belle says:

    I’m beyond words right now. GH is making a big mistake in letting Rebecca Herbst go.


  45. Waltina says:

    I was stunned to read that General Hospital fired Rebecca Herbst. She is one of the best actresses on this show when given the right material. I have watched this show for years and seen her given great performances . The Zander storyline, the Rape storyline,Jason and Liz, Liz giving birth to Jake, Telling Jason that Jake was his son, then their all to brief lovestory, the Metro Hostage Storyline when Jason finds Liz, let’s not forget Liz and Ric, Liz saving Sam’s life. The story i loved the most was Jason and Liz one night stand. There is so much story for her and the Powers That Be refuse to tell it. Rebecca was thrown under the bus when she saved Sam life and Sam jumped in the car with Jason to go find Jake. There was never any reason for Sam to be with him that should have been Liz and Jason looking for their baby. Frons and the rest had decided then to put Jason and Sam back together because they was afraid Kelly was going to leave the show. Rebecca is truly a talented actress and a beautiful woman who has a history on this show. How can you get rid of Steve and Audrey Hardy’s granddaughter? So many people on this show need to go before Rebecca. I agree with what some have said they will kill off Elizabeth and Sam and Jason will get Jake and in a month Jake will be calling Sam Mommie. There was a reason on Jan. 5 they show Liz leaving Jake with Sam and Jason. When Rebecca is gone you better believe I will never watch this show again. They must realize that she has a large fanbase that have invested in the character of Elizabeth Webber and she is who we want to see but with a decent storyline and not just at the nurse’s station.
    If General Hospital doesn’t correct this mistake and embrassing Becky like this then I wish her and her family the best of luck. We your fans will miss you and enjoy your talent whereever you go. Stay at the bottom of the barrel GH.


  46. Ronni Craig says:

    I too am done with this crapfest of a show. Have been an avid viewer for over 40 years. Started watching the half hour show after school. Been through thick and thin and always remained loyal. But this was the last straw. Becky is an amazing actor and one fabulous designer to boot. Now it is apparent why her s/l’s have been so awful over the past year. It is so sad that this once great show has turned to unwatchable crap. Gloria Monty must be turning over in her grave to see what the idiots in charge have done to it. It was a swell ride GH but all good things must come to an end and this firing was the end for me.


  47. Alison says:

    I was shocked to find out Rebecca was let go.Shes a fantastic actress and has alot more story to tell.ABC put the nail in GH coffin by firing Rebecca.


  48. ty says:

    I see others are saying Daytime Confidential broke this and not Soaps in depth. Just an fyi


  49. Mich says:

    Do TPTB actually read any of our comments? I have seen similar sentiments on MANY websites, do you guys think Guza and others actually hear us? Instead of bringing on WASTES of time like Franco and, I’m sorry to say this, Brenda 2.0, maybe they should be investing in characters and actors who have been there through the incredible amounts of crap that have been heaved at them for years. Becky dealt with storylines such as Elizabeth’s marriage to Ric and her affair with Nikolas like a pro, eventhough we all know she probably hated every minute of each storyline. With Jonathan Jackson back, I think we all assumed that Liz and Lucky would find their way back to each other. I guess what the viewers want means nothing anymore.


  50. Berolinum says:

    I wouldn’t blame JaSam for the exit of Liz/Becky. In fact I loved the verbal fights and discussions between Liz and Sam. That’s what soap is all about. I’ll miss that. Now it will be boring. I think it’s a MONEY problem. Expensive guest stars such as D. Benzali, J. Franco and S. Roche (don’t get me wrong I love J. Jacks) are the reason. And the return of Brenda wasnt cheap either. Now they signed “Siobhan” OMG. If you want to get rid of somebody – take Dante. Never liked him. Put Micheal into prison, lied to Lulu. Let Liz stay on the show.


  51. SoapStud79 says:

    This firing is so insulting to longtime soap fans. It is right up there with GH’s decision to kill off Alan Quartermaine and put Leslie Charleson (Monica) on recurring status. I don’t like a large cast, but there are a million other characters who could have and should have departed the soap. Liz has a long and colorful history with the soap opera. The storyline possibilities are endless. Herbst is a very capable and talented actress. I hope DOOL scoops her up to play Sarah Horton. :)


  52. Becky/Steve/Liason says:

    I am a huge Becky fan, Steve fan and Liason fan. I agree with every Becky supportive post here but now that she has been fired something needs to be addressed. The Liason camp has been split about whether or not to watch the show. I felt that the best way to show support was to watch when any significant Liz/Jason/Jake scene would air that had nothing to with Lucky/Nik/Sam. Last weeks Jason/Jake scenes are a prime example of this. But some fans were adamant – Liason or nothing. I think this strategy backfired. A ton of LizFF/JasonFF Liason fans walked and maybe they thought since Becky’s audience was no longer there, why keep her employed.


  53. Whit says:

    Storyline related equates “Can’t sell Jaspawn with a deadbeat dad”
    Best of luck Becky. You will be missed.
    After 40 years I have turned off GH. I will not watch them ruin the character any further
    then what they have already done.


  54. Katherine says:

    General Hospital hasn’t been ‘my’ General Hospital for a long time…and this news of Rebecca Herbst being fired has finally convinced me to let the show go once and for all. Elizabeth Webber is a legacy character who has ties throughout the show–as friend, (ex) lover, or family. Endless story possibilities for years to come and many unresolved current plots … And yet she is expendable?? Not in my world she isn’t. Storyline dictates there is no longer a place for her on General Hospital?? Only a short sighted and creatively bankrupt writer would fail to see the worth of a character like Elizabeth. Only a show not invested in it’s own history, characterizations and their viewing audience would get rid of such an important and integral character. I have had many complaints about General Hospital in recent years but I stuck with the show because it had been a part of my life for so long. Because once upon a time it was the greatest show on TV. Because there remained characters like Elizabeth Webber. Her portrayer Rebecca Herbst is a class act and always gracious in the press, fan functions, etc. I wish her all the best and know with her talent, quality of person and superior beauty she will find work elsewhere. Meanwhile General Hospital and ABC daytime will be the worse with her exit.


  55. kay killgore says:

    Story-line dictatd! Translation BUDGET CUTS! Good Luck in future endeavors Ms Herbst. This show should change it’s name to The Mob!


  56. Dellster says:

    I have to say while I am sickened and PO’d beyond words that GH would treat a veteran member of their cast this way, it doesn’t really surprise me. GH has become a mockery of it’s former self and every trick they have tried has failed, and their “it” couples, and pets are not doing what they were expected to do. The buzz surrounding the scenes between Liason/Jakson were so positive that it had to have scared those in charge who are pushing the Jasam baby story. What they fail to realize is that regardless of Elizabeth being on the canvas or not, NO ONE will forget what Sam did to Jake or Elizabeth/Cam/Jake and any attempt to white wash her character is going to continue to fail miserably.
    I feel sorry for Rebecca Herbst, but know she will get another job soon with a show that will value her talents. My true pity is for those left at GH to continue to suffer through the tripe the producers are trying to sell to a public who is no longer buying.


  57. imgaviria says:

    I sad and still shocked that GH is letting Rebecca go – she is a talented, beautiful , graceful actress . A “not to miss” exit story – well, good luck with that – I certainly will not watch after 30 plus years – I am done. She always brought her best to her scenes & was the only reason I continued to watch this show. This screams volumes to the fans that TPTB have no respect for such a talented, dedicated actress or the fans. I know that she will be picked up by some other show & I will follow her there. Good luck and all the best to you Rebecca and your family . The decision to release this beloved actress was a HUGE MISTAKE – HUGE!


  58. liz says:

    Came back to GH after many years away from it because I tuned into after my daughter left for college and I had free time. I got hooked again because of the Liz/Jason connection – I hadn’t seen anything like it in primetime or on any soap. Loved the show during the Jake year. Got to like many characters – Spinelli, Diane, even Maxie. The Metro Court story was so involving. Now – GH is off limits in my house. It came off the DVR, came off Facebook. I’m moving on…maybe I’ll read more now!! Firing this talented actress is ridiculous. There is nothing of interest on this show without Liz to be the tie.


  59. Melody says:

    I am extremely angry and upset and just heartbroken about this. I think ABC execs are making a HUGE colossal mistake. Rebecca has a huge dedicated fan following that will follow her wherever she goes. Elizabeth Webber has been and always will be a legacy character who is irreplaceable. To get rid of her is just moronic and a complete waste. I wish Becky all the best but I have to say the way they have treated her is disgusting and unprofessional and tactless. She deserves better then this, so do her fans and does her character. I cringe and fear what they are going to do to her for her exit. I refuse to watch it. I hate and LOATHE Brian Frons for doing this. I’m furious and will never watch GH again. To fire a veteran actress who has been a fan favorite for 14 years and a phenomenal actress to try and justify and ‘sell’ a garbage story and garbage pairing that HASN’T been working and NEVER will is just despicable and really pathetic. Shame on GH. They will forever regret this. It’s illogical and a very dumb move. I love you Becky and wish you all the best! Your fans LOVE you. <3 <3 <3


  60. missy says:

    Unlike many here, I am not a fan of the character Elizabeth, but I do believe RH is a good actress. I am a GH and Jasam Fan. But I do have to agree that I do not like the direction the show is going by firing veteran actors and bringing on so many newbies with no history or connection to anyone on the show. I have been watching for over 20 yrs. I have seen Robert, Anna, Sean, Tiffany, Felicia and Frisco go. Bacj then GH had action and drama mixed in. All the Q’s have been killed off but Edward, Tracy and Monica. You never see Audrey. They killed off Justus but left his mother on and brought on Maya. For the last 12 yrs it has been mob centered occassionally throwing in some drama. I am sadden to see RH go because of her history and her ability to take any s/l they gave her and run with it like a trooper. In all honesty they completely destroyed her character and maybe it is best for her to go so she can find another home where she will be better appreciated. I agree with her co-workers, she will be snapped up in no time.
    I loved her with Lucky and Ric, not with Jason and not because of Jasam, even when Sam was not in the picture I did not want them together. I just never saw any raw chemistry between them (Sorry Liason/Jiz fans, just being honest) and to be completely honest I wanted her to be with Lucky. For someone who had such a good emotional s/l(rape s/l), why was she then given all these WTD s/l’s making her character out to be loose???
    I am disappointed in her firing for two reasons. 1. she is a vet of the show and has so much history and 2) i just hate to see anyone fired.
    Will I stop watching GH…Heck no! why? because I am glutton for punishment and it is the only soap I still watch and will probably continue to watch until it is cancelled. Plus I am a grown woman and realistic. RH has talent and she will find another job and in the end, that is all it is. A JOB!!!!


  61. Rick says:

    What has been happening with GH over the past few years is very disheartening. Elizabeth hasn’t been one of my favorite characters, but she is an integral link to GH’s rich history, something that has been practically erased. The show has become unrecognizable to longtime fans, and this one has just removed GH from his scheduled DVR recordings.


  62. Amily says:

    I was very sad when I heard the news, but I was angry when I heard how they broke the news to her and having her cry on the set and have those 3 young girls laughing at her, It is disgusting. What kind of people are these. They might spin the news so they can look good in the soap mags, which the pay to say what they want anyway but the truth they know it. I was hoping I won’t get riled up I’m sorry because I just wanted to wish Becky the best, everything happens for a reason and I pray that she comes out strong. One door closses and another one opens God bless her and her family.


  63. rachell says:

    I am devastated as a fan of daytime. It is very disturbing to me that TPTB would just get rid of Becky in such a manner (as well as the way they handled Leslie). Elizabeth as a legacy character is vital in recognizing the shows history as well as keepin a connection to the show’s history (I say that as someone who has nothing but pure dislike for the character of Elizabeth). It seems GH has quickly decided that history is not important to the viewers anymore. At this point I wonder if this is some sort of rebuilding of the show or a conspiracy by the network to rid it self of soaps all together for financial reasons.

    It is also disturbing to read that fans are more concerned with calling this a Jasam conspiracy instead of the focusing on the bigger implications here. I know we all have favorite couples but it shouldnt matter what the couple of the moment is i.e. Jason/Sam pairing. Whats important is that General Hospital is quickly disappearing before our eyes. Although I am someone who enjoys a little of the mob action in Port Charles the show should not revolve around it 24/7. I simply dont understand what the direction of the show is anymore. I certainly havent enjoyed that past few months of General Brenda!

    Once Leslie was supposedly “bumped to recurring status”, I knew this show was in trouble. Although characters can not remain on the canvas forever, the complete disappearance of staple characters and families leaves me confused. This has truly been a sad week for daytime.


  64. Esprit says:

    It’s almost two years now that I stopped following General Hospital and anything relevant to GH. Honestly, there is nothing left on this show that can be considered quality entertainment… heck it can’t even be considered entertainment. It’s basically a gong show with some teeny boppers teaching sex-ed and middle aged characters being portrayed like they are still in high school.

    Anyway, the news of Rebecca Herbst being let go made me come out of my “offline” shell. I guess most shows start the new year or in this case the new decade with a bang, and so did GH… except the bang was more like a flop. It is the dumbest move thus far by the executives. The only thing it wreaks of is Mr. Frons’s agenda. His loved characters and pairings on the show have failed horribly yet are still on the show and a major reason for General Hospital’s ratings decline. Yet, what does the management do, pretend they are right, and fire people who actually have a loyal fanbase worth any ratings! I am not sure if it is brilliance or just asinine. Sure, if the executives want GH to fail and meet the fate of Guiding Light, the thought of even firing Becky was brilliant.

    Anyway, the light at the end of the tunnel for General Hospital is gone now, with this news. No point to ever watch the show again because clearly GH is not viewer oriented rather perverted thought oriented. I hope General Hospital tanks and gets cancelled to save us all of this travesty.

    Good luck to Becky in all her new endeavors … she is one of the best actresses in the industry and I am sure she won’t have any trouble finding a show that respects her professionalism and talent.


  65. Dannada says:

    Jasam has nothing to do with BH being fired. Liz hasn’t been involved in Jasam’s storyline in ages. In my opinion, there is no reason to bash other actors or even place blame on characters. This is the sole decision of people in charge over at GH.

    I’m shocked. Liz is in the middle of the big Cassadine/Spencer reveal storyline involving Helena. I don’t really get the Storyline dictated. They must plan on ruining the character on her way out the door.

    BH has been very loyal to GH. She’s not one of the actors who left to try an make it big in a different medium only to return with lots of hype. I’m not naming any names. Just stating that the actress deserved better. I am also not to worried about her because I know that any of the other soaps would be lucky to have BH. GH must know that when they lose a fan favorite they lose an entire fan base. I can’t image what the reasoning is behind this?

    I always held out hope for Liz and Lucky finally getting it right or Liz and Ric reuniting. I was even open to Liz and Nikolas in the beginning. To many missed opportunities for the character.


    Waltina replied

    It may not be a reason to bash other characters but we all know that one certain actrees threaten to leave if she wasn’t paired with said actor. Rebecca storyline was gone after that. Said actress got what she wanted, so I have a reason for bashing other characters/actors when their fans did the same thing to Rebecca.
    I never wanted the character of Liz back with Luck because she belonged with Jason and could have had many storyline of the nurse and the Mobster protecting his family. Think of the storylines with the Quartermaines . So much to keep fans watching for years, instead we get ‘BONNIE AND CLYDE’ SHOOTING GUNS ALL THE TIME. Soaps I enjoy are about romance and conflict in daily lives not having your girlfriend shooting guns and after bad mens every day, or just sitting around on the sofa. Yes I’m angry for the way Rebecca has been treated.Get rid of some of the others on this show and I will name names next time.


    laurie replied

    No Im sorry you dont. Really, you really think that the powers that be would just say oh ok, if your gonna leave we will do what you want. The “said actor” has been on GH longer than the “said acctress” and im pretty sure stroy lines and pairings are not dictated by the actors/actresses. Thats very closed minded.

  66. DeAnn says:

    I am so mad that they let Rebecca go. Is it going to take cancelling this show before the higher ups let go the ones who are ruining it, aka Frons, Phelps and Guza. Rebecca/Liz has been winning polls left and right with people wanting more for her. Now they say watch and she the story we gave her to take her away. Well I for one am done. They need to wake up before its to late.


  67. Skyla says:

    I noticed alot of people commentng here are Liz and Jason fans… personally I never liked them together and am a HUGE Jasam fan but this is still completely shocking to me. When I first read RH was out at GH I thought it was a prank honestly… and it just seems out of left field to me. I can’t say I’ve ever been a big fan of the character of Liz… sometimes I like her and other times I can’t stand her but quite honestly I can’t imagine the show without her. That being said, I really do love her with Lucky and after waiting like 13 years or something crazy like that for them to finally have a baby of their own it’s very disheartening that after they get their baby, I imagine they’ll reveal Aiden’s paternity before RH leaves, she’ll be gone. It really sucks for LL2 fans that after finally having JJ back in the role, though i did love GV, that it’s basically wasted by tossing a long time character aside and signing Siobhan is like an extra slap in the face. I liked her at first, thought she was kitchy, but she’s worn her welcome out or me already. I think Rebecca is a good actress and that so much more story could be told for her… I honestly always hoped somehow Jake would end up being Lucky’s too and that they’d find their way back together and raise their kids. I’d much rather see Siobhan or Maya go personally and seeing as how the actress who plays Maya is shooting the pilot for the new Charlie’s Angels show, it would make the most sense since she’ll probably be gone soon enough anways. Or better yet the character of Brenda, she has to be the most annoying character on the show IMO. I literally fastforward her almost all the time and since VM certainly isn’t pulling in the ratings like they expected, and they’ve actually gone down since her arrival to Port Charles and all the pimping and Brenda-mania going on you’d think TPTB would get rid of her before the ratings plummet even more but alas, I’m not in charge. I’m still utterly shocked about Becky’s dismissal and I wish her the best of luck and hope someone does pick her up soon but personally I think GH is making a mistake.


  68. Barbara says:

    I am sad to see Becky go but I think Liz belonged with Lucky and alot of L&L2 fans were waiting for their reunion. Elizabeth use to be a favorite of mine until she started up with Jason so many years ago. I never got the appeal of Liason and think Jason is much better suited with Sam.

    I wish Rebecca all the luck in the world


  69. Gloria Lovato says:

    ABC and GH this is a Big Mistake. Get rid of Brenda, I can’t stand her all she does is smile and cry her acting is awful. As for Siobhan her voice and her face expressions when she talks bugs. GH your ratings will go down………………


  70. Lucky and Liz says:

    I thought the entire reason why Greg V was fired and Jonathan J was rehired was because the writer’s were going to invest in LL2?! Why then did they ruin the reunion by having Liz have an affair with Nikolas? The writer’s went to the trouble of establishing that the love Liz shared with Nikolas was like none other, he was supposed to be her first experience of really enjoying sex… Then they abruptly drop that storyline and have Liz almost commit suicide while pregnant by her attempting to jump from the hospital roof because of her sudden all consuming love for Lucky? What was the point of the storyline? Aiden? To restart the Spencer/Cassadine wars at the hands of Helana? Why is that now being rushed to an end ?

    Why were Liz and Lucky scrapped? Stunt writing? Let’s have an implosion of Lucky/Liz/Nikolas? Did they have no where to go after the confrontations? Is that why Liz started backtracking?

    There was plenty of story for Liz and Lucky or Liz and Nick. Not to mention lots of story for Liz and someone new. “Storyline line dictated” really means no imagination. Lazy writers who are unable to create new and compelling storylines for more them one cast member at a time.


  71. Sara says:

    I have to say, I’m not sorry to see the character of Liz go. She is condescending on a good day and downright hypocritical every day. However, that is the writer’s doing. I don’t think they know how to write Elizabeth Webber and therefor I am glad to see her go. I’m sorry for Rebecca. She is talented and I’m sure she’ll land on her feet. Now I wish they’d let go of Vanessa already. Talk about a waste of space, that is all Brenda is.


  72. David says:

    The reason why other GH stars are twitting about RH’s dismissal is: the same thing can and will happen to them. Just unfair and not necessary.


  73. Saher M says:

    i am truly heart-broken and devastated by this being done to Becky. Liz is a legacy character, with relations to Steve and Audrey hardy and ties to three other core PC families. This is an immense disrespect to long-time and shows TpTb`s perspective when it comes to their audience’s value of legacy. Liz is a character I grew up with, and she`s like a second family to me. As soon as I heard about this news, I took GH off my DVR and it will continue to remain so, until Becky is rehired. I`m already fighting for her and if not, then i`ll follow Becky wherever she`ll go. She`s my Becky/Lizzie, and she`s got me as a fan, like a permanent lock. Until Becky`s rehired, there`s no GH for me.

    - Viva La Becky/Lizzie.


  74. Brandi Carlisle says:

    Storyline does not dictate it, this is just GH politely saying that they no longer want the best character and actress they have on the show anymore. Let’s be honest here, the agenda’s of the Daytime President wouldn’t work with the character of Elizabeth Webber staying. He would not be able to push his agenda’s with the couple he has pushed for 2 years with their failed ratings and all. So as his “whitewashing” continues on his beloved con artist, baby endandering hooker, he will come to see that “I guess the viewers are not into her” even though they never have been. ABC/Disney has just become so disgusting with these agenda’s, it falls on the higher ups of Brian Frons as they continue to get bad press while letting this man continue with his sick and disgusted fantasies on an actress that has ruined and brought this beloved show and network down. I no longer wish to support this network any longer.


  75. JessicaRR says:

    Rebecca Herbst is a great actress and I will always love Elizabeth Webber and her innumerable tragic love stories. LOL She will be deeply missed by her millions of fans that have LOUDLY supported her through the years.
    She is young, talented, and beautiful. It’s time for her to spread her acting skills. Her resume is great. I’d like to see her do some primetime guest appearances and see where this new step in her life takes her.
    As for Liz’s departure, if March is her exit, then I’m going to assume she leaves town with her three kids to protect them from some threat (either Helena or Jason’s enemies) with the blessings of Lucky and Jason. That way GH can leave the door open for a future return. Let’s face it, GH is a sinking ship and not even Brenda’s return can save it.
    Better for Rebecca to cut her losses now while she still has a chance to grow her career.


  76. peytra says:

    I have been a LOYAL GHer for more than 27 years, I remember Jeff and Heather, I remember when Alan rigged the attic to collapse on Ric and Monica, I remember rooting for Scotty in the whole Luke and Laura debacle (sorry a rapist should never get the girl) but I did run home for the wedding. (I knew Scotty would be there) but the last 5 – 7 years have been truly terrible. and most of that falls to the great plagarizer Robert Guza and his poor adaptation of the Godfather. I almost choked when SJB came back and she hired “Fredo” to do a job for her. (seriously??!!WTF) Brian Frons was thrown in along with Jill Farren Phelps, and now we have the trifecta of soap opera killers.
    Liz has been one of the only true shinning spots on this show. Carly is a horror of a human being, as is Sam and Brooklyn. Lulu is a hypocrit of her fathers proportions. Robin is a joke considering who her parents are, The character of Lisa should’ve been gone right after she held a gun on Robin and Patrick in the woods, and Olivia leaving Sonny with no info that he had a son, but grows up and dates a mobster is a serious head scratching moment, sort of like Brenda not liking Alexasander because he was a criminal, but she is going to marry Sonny. I won’t even get into the uselessness of Maya. So pass this along to TPTB over at ABC, Mr. Fairman, I’m done, I’m out, they have disrespected a huge fanbase and MANY loyal viewers and the only good thing to come out of the firing of Rebecca Herbst, is maybe, just maybe TIIC will finally listen,(ya know the ones over BG, BF, & JFP, but I won’t be holding my breath or tuning into GH anymore. I stopped watching the day the news broke and I was barely hanging on before that.


  77. laurie says:

    OMG this is ridiclous. REALLY, a “said acctess said she would leave if she wasnt paired with Jason” REALLy, come on. Maybe it is time for Liz’s character to leave. Nothing against the acctess at all. But maybe, just maybe the writers can move along without having Fans obsessed threating them. I personally like Jason and Sam. And for peopel to think Liz is the Love of Jasons life come on, thats what they really need to clarify. I mean what about Robin? And have you ever really noticed they were never really together. It was always a secret, or I dont want to hurt lucky, oh wait we can be tofether now, no we cant. They were boring. and hopefully the powers that be can see the chemistry just isnt there. If you compare the 2 stories on the screen side by side, definately more Jason and Sam chemistry and their story was much deeper that actually had a real relationship, more than Liz and Jason ever did. They were together longer than Liz and Jason, yes they knew each other longer, but again, they never really had a relationship and for people to say that is Jason s love of his life, come on! Maybe know with Liz’s character gone they can move Jason and Sam along as they should have. Jake was a mistake. Im hoping that Jake is really Luckys kid, thats what the writers need to fix! For both Liz and Licky fans and Jason and Sam fans.


  78. laurie says:

    AND am I supose to think that every other woman on GH other than Liz’s character is a “horrible human bbeing”. Liz is not a saint. She is manipulative, she’s condesending and she talks to everyone like shes better than them, and if your gonna call Carly a whore, you may as well call Liz a whore as well. Which is so stupid because you may as well call every woman on soaps a whore. And personally, I dont think Liz’s fan base is as “huge” as people think. I do beleive that GH will go on! and if you dont want to watch because she is gone, then dont. Because I think there are huge Robin and Patrick fans, Jason and Sam fans, Carly Fans and Lulu and Dante Fans, Luke and Tracy, Mya and Eathan, Sonny and Brenda (however long she will be here this time) Liz’s character does not carry this show and how single minded is that to think so. Im looking foward to it at this point. I think the Liz and Jason fan base created all this with their treats, constant complaining, and trashing other characters. I mean they are actuall blamming other acctress and actors for her dismissal. Really! Not sure I wanted Liz’s character to go, because we need characters like her, just as wel do Carly, and everyone else, but at this point with all that is being said about it, maybe its about time so that everyone can move on. This will die down as things always do. And I beleive that GH will have just as many fans with or without her character.


  79. Heidi says:

    A truly stupid move on ABC Daytime’s part!!! They will regret this decision. They really are on a mission to take out core characters which will be their down fall. If it is about money at all… there are so many others that should go. I am very disappointed and deeply sad for Rebecca. I wish her much luck in getting on another show and will be happy to follow her there. Please hire Rebecca Herbst ASAP she is a fabulous actress and a lovely person… whoever hires her will see a huge increase in viewers!!! Thank you Rebecca!!!


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