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9 March 17th, 2011 Rebecca Herbst shares her story of her firing & un-firing at GH!

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Finally what many fans have waited for, a chance to hear directly from Rebecca Herbst on what went down behind-the-scenes a few months ago at General Hospital when the powers-that-be told the talented actress she had been let-go as Elizabeth Webber.  Of course later what transpired was an amazing fan backlash which seemed to have saved Herbst’s job!

In the new issue of ABC Soaps In Depth, Herbst told the publication on the firing, “It was surreal,” she recalls of that fateful Friday meeting with the show’s executives in which she was told the news. “I didn’t see it coming.” Elizabeth was the odd woman out in three romantic triangles, and is in the middle of a paternity issue between two brothers which is why the firing was a shocker to her. ”That’s why it did take me by surprise,” she says with a sigh.

Well, Rebecca is front and center on GH starting today with the beginning of the Jake hit and run, and the aftermath! Stay tuned.

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  1. Saher M says:

    I am happy Becky is staying. I am really sad about this Jake storyline, but I know that there are going to be some power-house performances coming out of this, not only from Becky, but the rest of the GH cast involved in this, as well. That’s the reason I’m watching it.


  2. lkirky says:

    i think it’s great
    rebecca is staying it’s really sad the story line with jake! i hope all turns out
    o.k. he is a beautiful little boy! i just hope liz ends up with lucky and not jason!
    liz and lucky are soul mates they have a long history together!
    the reason aidan is really there son together says it all! th at is what is called fate!
    like jason and sam belong together i hope to see jason and sam have a baby of there own! maybe once for a change something happy will occur for those 2 as well!
    look at sonny and brenda! word is vanessa is leaving again! i hope not!
    thank you l kirky


  3. r/p/o says:

    I’m really upset that this chick gets to stay and other great actors or put on recurring status! What a bunch of bull! Her character was useless anyway. Instead of getting rid of Jake by a hit and run why not ELizabeth. Lucky & Siobhan could raise the kids.


  4. Saher M says:

    I just wanted to say again, that I am so happy that Becky is staying.


  5. felicia says:

    I am so glad that Becky is staying her character is an integral part of GH history


  6. Chris says:

    After seeing Becky’s performance on Friday I would think someone bumped their head the day they fired her…so glad they got it right!!


  7. kay killgore says:

    I just wanted to add I think the reason that Jason & Liz had so many fans was the tasteful smoking hot love scene that created Jake. That was want did it for me ! Romantic at heart! A love that can never be makes fans want more! Sadly it is gone thanks RH & SB for the memories!


  8. arden says:

    ugh…..enough already with the “we love rebecca herbst & her character Liz” already!!! I can’t take it anymore. i have never disliked a character more in my entire time watching abce soaps. and i’ve been watching them for 22 years for goodness sake!! i mean Liz wasn’t so bad when she first came on but these past few years, grrrrrrrr i’ve been praying for her to be killed off or fired and finally that day came ….. only for stupid idiot people to freak out and get her un-fired!!!! why???????????// why????????/ she is a two-faced character who has done nothing in over a year as far as storyline. and by the way-Aidan is NOT LUCKY”S HAHAHAHAHA and stay AWAY from JASON SLORE


  9. Erica Johnston says:

    The powers that be at GH should know that we have literally grown up with Rebecca as Elizabeth. We love her!! I didn’t even know that was going on til now. Maybe they should think about the characters that we cherish so dearly, and give them the great story lines. Instead of bringing back characters from the past that I/we absolutely hate. As in… A.J. Quartermaine, Heather Webber, Fasion. Get that hideous Connie Falconari off, and leave her as Kate. I personally hate A.J. and Heather so much, sometimes I can’t watch the show when their on.


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