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16 December 2nd, 2014 Reign Edwards Cast As Maya’s Younger Sister On The Bold and the Beautiful!


The Bold and the Beautiful’s Maya (Karla Mosley) has gotten an on-screen younger sister in the form of actress Reign Edwards, who started work today on  the CBS Daytime soap opera!  And today also happens to be the 18th birthday for the actress … what a great way to celebrate!

Reign plays the contract role of Nicole Avant, and will debut sometime in January!

According to a chit chat with Soap Opera Digest, Reign revealed this about the character of Nicole: “I think Nicole is going to bring something pretty cool to the table for everybody. She’s Maya’s little sister, so they’re going to have some similarities but they’ll also have their differences, too. You’ll really get to see that.”

So will Reign be a little troublemaker like her big sis Maya? How will she play into the current storylines on the canvas? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Mija says:

    For me, a Maya is enough !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Greta says:

    I’m no fan of her big sis, but if she had plenty of differences from Maya, I could come to like her. We’ll see.


  3. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Put her in a love triangle with Ally and Oliver…i read a lot of BBs fans love triangles…lol


    Jimmy replied

    Oh yeah, because 3 years of the Hope/Liam/Steffy madness and a year and half of Hope/Liam/Wyatt isn’t nearly enough to satisfy us. Especially since decades of Brooke/Ridge/Taylor didn’t precede the kiddie squad. Good lord, enough with the love triangles! But that seems like all Brad Bell knows what to write about.


  4. Steven says:

    I see her being put in Aly’s orbit and she might cause some trouble for Caroline (to help her big sister).


  5. richard says:

    B&B put out a casting call for what sounded like RJ Forrester, so either they will pair them up, or this sounds like a rival for Aly, so we’ll be seeing a Nicole/Oliver/Aly triangle….she’s very pretty!!!!! uggh guess this means Maya is sticking around…..they need to get rid of her and bring back Kimberly Fairchild or Amber!!! I loved Rick and Kimberly back in the day!!!!!


  6. davidevansmith says:

    Well if Maya is in the Rick/Caroline age bracket, then Nicole is in the Aly/Oliver/Ivy/Liam/Wyatt bracket.

    With Hope supposedly exiting the series, it could be a Aly/Oliver diversion and then later a new direction for Wyatt or Liam.

    Hoping she’s trouble. We need a good new young villainess to stir it up. And I am glad Maya’s family will be explored and expanded. She’s got a checkered past and I’m glad they are allowing cast members of color to grow beyond the token role and be real and vibrant (not always sainted or sexless) characters. Y&R has been better at this for years, but B&B I don’t think has ever been able to get it right before.


  7. Mo says:

    I was hoping for less Maya, not more and not her family. I wish they had explored more with her ex, but that turned up to be a big dud.


    Jimmy replied

    Yes! I agree! Why would they hire Ricky Paul Goldin, a great actor with a past on daytime, as Maya’s ex for only two or three episodes?! They should have factored him in to current stories and kept him around. Terrible wasted opportunity.


  8. Jimmy says:

    Yes, this is exactly what we need, another Avant. Seriously, I don’t know when Maya became such a gold digger, but I’ve just about had it with her. I really hope her sister isn’t like her at all, or at least a milder version of her.

    But to be honest, the last thing B&B needs right now is a new character, especially when Thorne, Taylor, Steffy, Thomas, Bridget, Nick, Jackie, Owen, and many others are on the sidelines. I would take the Marones back over Maya and her sister any day.


  9. Patty says:

    I soooooo agree Jimmy. They should be using core characters more including a new Hope, not a new character connected to Maya who needs to shut up! The show is only a half hour. Don’t need so see more Maya/sister scenes, LOL


  10. penny says:

    Looking forward to seeing this beautiful young lady in her BB debut, hopefully she’s given some good material to work with. She might not have a fair shot, as you can tell by some of the comments, no matter what type of material they give her.


    Carla replied

    Good point Penny. It all depends on the material she is given. I do agree with the other comments, I have had enough of My a, but I am looking forward to her sister checking in.


  11. Melissa says:

    I want to see Maya and her sister, this is a good thing to see more young diverse characters on the show It’s set in LA for goodness sakes.


    keller replied

    Totally agree! A lot of those comments sound personal, almost as if they don’t understand someone is writing Maya the actresses material.


  12. mr. ness says:

    let hope go(should’ve been gone long ago!) I agree bring back the marones! funny how quin’s character gets to stay after crime incidents with liam and ivy had that been a diverse character they would have been gone by now!! ridge talks smack about maya but he’s done more bed hopping than a rabbit on crack!! hope they don’t make nicole’s character from only down and out begginings like dayzee and maya!! where’s marcus and justin? and steffie? c’mon writers! !!!


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