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13 May 20th, 2013 Rena Sofer Joins The Bold and the Beautiful … As Darin Brooks Mom!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

The Bold and the Beautiful is adding some heavy hitters to their cast these days! Hot on the heels of first, Ricky Paull Goldin (Jesse Graves), and then Darin Brooks (Wyatt Fuller), now comes word that fan favorite Rena Sofer is headed back to the soaps, years after her Daytime Emmy winning role as Lois Cerullo on General Hospital!

According to the news this afternoon from TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan Sofer has been signed to play Darin Brooks 0n-screen mother, Quinn Fuller.  While not many details are available, except that TVG says, “Mama is as mysterious as Sonny Boy and both have secrets that will rock the soap”.

Sofer starts work this week on B&B on Wednesday May 22nd and will first be seen on-air on the July 12th episode of the CBS Daytime series.

What do you think of the hot mom/son duo of Rena Sofer and Darin Brooks? Are you thrilled to see Rena back on daytime? What effect will Quinn Fuller have the canvas? Which man will be of interest to her? Share your thoughts!

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  1. Beti says:

    I loved Rena when she was on GH and I know I will love her on BB


  2. TnT 2.0 Forever says:

    I LOVE the gorgeous Rena Sofer with her dark hair and blue eyes! I just might have to start watching Bold and Beautiful again. I wish her all the best.


  3. heidi says:

    She’s great!!! Would have loved to see her and Wally back on GH more!!!


  4. k/kay says:

    The woman is gorgeous but she will be wasted on B&B!


    Lew S replied

    Yep! There”s a boat load of past and present actors/characters who have languished on the backburner. I wish her and Darin well.


  5. Aria says:

    I’m surprise she didn’t try to return to GH she always claimed Lois was her fave character to play. Oh well good luck and welcome back to daytime .


  6. Grace says:

    I wish her well as I have always loved Rena….. But I am disappointed because now she won’t be permitted to attend the GH Fan Club Weekend Past Cast event they are doing for the shows 50th Anniversary. I was so hoping she would have showed up :( Congrats CBS, you have a fantastic actress with Rena.


  7. richard says:

    Its really time for B&B to expand to an hour. With these new additions, what about Carter, Dayzee, Justin, Oliver, and Marcus??? Its an embarrasment of riches and I hope this brings Thorne out of the basement as the show needs another leading man besides Bill. I for one, can’t wait for Wyatt/Hope!!!


  8. Jesse says:

    Here‘s a thought…instead of hiring someone new…why not give proven fan fave Lesli Kay a call??


    mo replied

    Amen! I miss Lesli and I can’t even remember the role she plays, it’s been so long. And bring Thorne back. We don’t need all these new cast members. I can understand a new man for Hope, but his family too???? No.


    Iakovos replied

    You got that right! Hey, B&B Powers that Be, listen to our friend Jesse here… Put Lesli Kay (and Winsor Harmon, too, please) front and center. They are Forresters after all and, in my opinion, much more interesting to watch and follow than some of their on-screen kin! Jesse, I second your motion!

    That said, I did enjoy Rena Sofer on GH very much. I just wonder how much they will use her talent. So many awesome daytime vets are wasted on B&B for lack of story and time.


  9. RICKIE says:

    Hopefully, these new characters will breathe new life into this listless, repetitive show. B&B still languishes in the shadow of Stephanie’s ghost and relies too heavily on characters that are familiar, rather than intriguing. I can’t believe this show still uses soap staples that played out decades ago (e.g., using pregnancy to compel marriage from an indifferent male; using pregnancy to extend tiresome love triangles that go nowhere; etc.). As is this show’s pathology, they’ll bring on new actors who — along with their underused African American characters — will be the first to be dispensed once their cast barge gets too overloaded. B&B needs new direction STAT.


  10. Haylee Bradshaw says:

    I have always enjoyed her work over the years. I met her once though on the set of the show Chronicle and was so disappointed to learn that she was so rude and difficult in her dealings with people. One of those people that are more easily admired when they are in character. She was so rude that any time I see her in any ad/show I hope the person she really is doesn’t lead to the show she is on being unsuccessful. I stumble on to this Soap today and turned the channel once I saw and recognized it was her. Yuck!


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