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84 July 31st, 2014 REPORT: Eileen Davidson Signs Record Salary Deal With The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills!

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When you’re hot, you’re hot! And right now there is no one hotter than Daytime Emmy winner Eileen Davidson of Days of our Lives and The Young and the Restless!  The soap actress has reportedly just signed a whopping record-breaking figure to sign on to Bravo’s reality franchise series The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

According to Radar Online, Davidson just kinked a deal worth $750,000 making her the highest paid of any cast member of the ‘Housewives’ franchise.  Bravo knows that Eileen has a huge fan following from her legions of soap fans who will more likely follow her to Beverly Hills!

Other cast members are said to have been given pay raises for the new season: Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards and Yolanda Foster earning $500,000, with former DAYS star Lisa Rinna, who has signed on for the new season as well getting $450,000! 

So what do you think of Eileen being the highest paid “Housewife” in history?  Will you be tuning in to see her on the reality series?  Comment below!

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  1. su0000 says:

    Eileen is degrading herself and playing in the dirt of trash TV..
    Selling out her respect for money..

    One thumb down … I feel sad for her ..


    Ces replied

    I wholeheartedly agree with you!! RHoF anything …. is a step down to crapville.


    Keri replied

    Personally I think it’s totally ridiculous that these shows still expect us to believe they are real! If any two actress needed to join to amp up the drama why not two soap stars…they know all about drama and how to extraggate the truth. I won’t watch but I will peek in just see them on their first show.I can’t with the shows but I will support daytimes actors/actress if possible. I just don’t want waste my time with a bunch of women screaming over nothing, I also learned a lesson from watching Wife Swap which I don’t think I ever seen expect I did for Tyler Christoper and Ronn Moss episode. That was a huge mistake expect for getting to see where they live the rest was so cringe worthy. I just hope the ladies aren’t embarrassing like RM was on Wife Swap

    Omar replied

    I agree with you..It is very uncool to see this happen..One of the reason daytime serial dramas have lost many of fans, it is because of these reality garbage shows, daytime or primetime.

    It surprises me, that she will go that trashy route..Two thumbs down!!!


    I love gh replied

    She has been doing the same job for 30 years – maybe she just needs a challenge creatively.

    I’m not a fan of the franchise, but this may bring new viewers to soaps.


    William replied

    Yeah but do we need those types of viewers watching our soaps? :(

    harry replied

    Is the world round? Does the earth revolve around the sun? Because, and I warn all readers to sit down, I actually agree with Su00.
    Why on earth would Eileen agree to do this? She earns plenty of money as a highly regarded as an actress in daytime drama, and she is already famous.
    She has nothing of value to gain and everything of value to loose.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    FRONT PAGE NEWS ALERT: Harry and suOOOO mutually agree on something…why cant our soaps deliver unexpected suprises like this…lol

    Keith replied

    I agree. I am very very disappointed Eileen is lowering herself to be on that trashy show. Isn’t Y&R and DOOL enough for her? I will not be watching…it is embarrassing she would even think to be on it.


    harry replied

    Ha ha! Jim, I vote for you as a story consultant.

    dmr replied

    I can’t say that I disagree. I think the “Real” Housewives franchise is beyond disgusting and ridiculous. It pains me to watch any of the series. Eileen is a woman of class and style. She is dumbing herself down by signing on to this series.


    Patrick replied

    my first thought… was : my girl does it again… coops and scores

    posters alike…. you and many others…. bring me down to earth

    how could she do this to DAYS…. the show that has proven her talent… like we already knew… and re’signs with Y&R… and as a token virtue… will guest… in Salem


    what? !!!


    emmy win… notwithstanding

    in this day and age

    4 soaps prevail

    she disses … OK.. till the show debuts…. DAYS and daytime…. I can’t help Y&R any more

    she’s a class act… a marvel… to gem… to eschew… to prevail… talent

    ED ?!?! help us out here?

    why the sign to Genoa… and not Salem?

    and yet reel House wives of beverly hills?

    stretching your acting chops… reeling your personality….

    Salem personified… solidified your belong

    I’ll miss your attributes
    your miss

    thank you , likewise

    Marna Squires replied

    I am shocked that a star like Eileen would be on trash like RHOBH. This can’t be a career move.


  2. madluv4u says:

    I love her on soaps and all but I can only take just so much of reality shows. So maybe…


  3. Juls says:

    Why would Eileen Davison want to do a sleezy reality show? is’nt she happy doing Days and Y and R? reality shows are disgusting.


  4. ChrisB says:

    Radar is notoriously wrong in their housewives story. They once tweeted about a RHOBH reunion before it even had been filmed. There is no way in hell Bravo is paying Eileen that much money for her first season when she is unproven. RHOBH doesn’t have the ratings to reflect that and she wouldn’t be paid more than their biggest stars.

    Eileen is probably making anywhere from 100,000-200,000 for her first year.


    KansasGuest replied

    IF this is true, I think ED is doing herself & DAYS a disservice. Most of the women who make up a HOUSEWIVES cast are wannabee celebrities with a limited amount of performing talent. Why would someone near the top of the profession in her acting sphere do this? She not only has 2 soaps on different networks willing to have her on their shows simultaneously (unprecedented!). But, these are 2 roles on the 4 remaining soaps left on daytime tv – rarities that former castmembers of defunct soaps would love to have. Now, ED has just lumped herself in with former actors like Kim Richards & Lisa Rinna who can’t get roles on daytime…which is why they needed those HOUSEWIVES roles in the first place! Weird…


    Gmbenet replied

    Maybe RHOBH is changing the show from wannabes to real actors. Who can deliver drama better than soap actors?

  5. KatieK says:

    Im just disappointed. I adore her as Kristen on Days, have since she was playing Kristen & Susan, I just don’t want to see her cat fight.


  6. DaysFan says:

    I can’t wait! I love RHOBH and I love Eileen!
    She will make a great addition to the show!


  7. Ann says:

    I like her, but I think the show is trash and I am surprised she went for it.


  8. Nancy says:

    I hate those shows, but I am going to have to tune in for this!
    I hop she goes all Kristen DiMera on them!


  9. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    You could offer me the moon and as poor as i am i still wouldnt lower myself to do a reality show…good for Eileen and Lisa? Im not sure…these may be scripted shows but often some of their real life is shown and a lot not for the good: divorce, suicide and criminal activities of some of these reality stars have have been shown on these shows and in the news..something i would never want to be a part of no matter how much money is involved…some of these reality stars have lost fans because of their behavior on the show ect…i say it could be a career risk…jmo folks!!!


    Patrick replied

    Thank you JimH.

    “… as poor as i am i still wouldnt lower myself to do a reality show”

    I love sharing… how… our generation… you’re with me on this

    that growing up in the 60′s, 70′s, and 80′s

    are what made us

    prior to computers, (internet)… cell phones… MP3 players…

    everyone is plugged in to themselves

    no time for letting in…

    “I say it could be a career risk”

    big time

    no doubt about it

    ED… get back to DAYS


  10. Susan says:

    I have never watched any of the housewife shows. I don’t usually like this type of TV. But, with Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna signing on, I will be watching this one.


    Patrick replied

    I am immediately captured by the person… Ed and Lisa Rinna

    I love these ladies.. they brought so much to Days of OUR Lives

    do I want to know their private lives?

    the deserve that much privacy… for starring in a genre that 365 days their act… and belong

    they belong

    I’m intriged.. because of how much I care about what they brung to daytime… so i’ll guard their person…

    only so much

    I’m on person

    I love these two


  11. Mary SF says:

    Well if she is going to do it, she might as well make a boatload of money for it. However I am not sure if her management people are geniuses for getting her the gig at that price, or idiots for peddling her off to that franchise– whether this will help her or harm her career in long term is yet to be seen, but once you put your toe into the reality show universe there is no going back. Once upon a time soap actor was the lowest rung of the Hollywood ladder, not it is reality star, so imo she is taking a step backwards, but I don’t fault her for doing it when they wave that kind of money in her face.


    Patrick replied

    that scares me: “but once you put your toe into the reality show universe there is no going back”

    respect your following

    it’s befuddling enough to know she chose Y&R over DAYS


  12. Beacon says:

    Frankly, I’m shocked. I would expect somebody like Melody Thomas Scott to do a show like this because Melody is certainly flamboyant in real life and every inch the soap queen. Eileen on the other hand seems very reserved and down to earth. I love her performances as Kristen but I’m not convinced she will be worth her fee since her real life personality is laid back like Ashley, and, frankly, I find her boring as Ashley.


    Patrick replied

    which is why, i’m perplexed… per your last line

    “and frankly, I find her boring as Ashley”

    that she concluded that she’s better as Ashley than Kristen

    a two year contract… with all the trimmings… must star something…

    I’m sorry her ideology and craftsmanship.. left out Salem


  13. vinman says:

    Trash SHOWS…..


  14. Reed says:

    Its so tacky to talk about how much money someone makes. I don’t discuss how much I make and I’m sure Eileen doesn’t want to either.


  15. Robert says:

    After management, agent fees not to mention all kinds of taxes, she will be lucky to see half that salary. I am in shock that someone as talented and respected as she is would do one of these so called reality shows! I for one do not have the stomach for these shows because they seem to reward the worse in human nature.


    Patrick replied

    your last sentence is truth

    prior to it’s start

    I will prevail and give resonance… did she cull from her stay…. both Y&R and DAYS that she figured… a realtity with desire of two outlets… gave her permanence to strike ?


    Patrick replied

    what made her think she was capable of gigging a housewives out

    this genre with 4 left
    is surviving without her



    it’s stupefying your choice
    Genoa City is dead

    Salem ignites

  16. mar says:

    I don’t watch those shows. So trashy.


    vinman replied

    Ditto….TRASH SHOW


  17. Rodd says:

    For the life of me I can’t understand why actresses of such caliber as Eileen and Lisa would sign on for such a trashy show! Both of them just lost some points there.


  18. Mark Y says:

    This isn’t really about soaps


  19. MBmomof3 says:

    I say “Yeah” for Eileen. I really hated these shows but I’ll be watching for her and Lisa Rinna. These shows put Bravo on the map, but have really run their course. I love the fact that soap stars are being featured in the hope that they will draw interest for a new fanbase (hence higher ratings for DOOL &YR in particular). Just hope these two lovely soap divas maintain their dignity in the process. I’ll be watching a show I never would have considered and hope for some fun BTS insight. Best of luck to Eileen and Lisa.


    4ever DAYS replied

    It’s as if Eileen is going dumpster diving and pulling out some treasures, but still getting dirty in the process…lol

    Hopefully, as you said, this will bring higher ratings to the soaps. I just hope it does not become a replacement for the soaps.


    MBmomof3 replied

    Love your analogy. I actually pictured ED climbing out of a dumpster. Hair askew, dirty face… lol!

    Patrick replied

    Top Chef put Bravo on the map

    ED and LR ignite feature

    I will tune in for these two
    there’s no doubt about it

    disheartened that these two solidified take?

    so be it

    I have to go their… for these two… DAYS stalwarts who prevailed and echelon


  20. aria says:

    talk about wasting money, why pay her so much? Lisa Vanderpump is the fave, and to have Eileen come in as top dog to the franchise is a total waste, i think she’s an good actress, but i don’t see Eillen being all that interesting as herself. Bravo just proved how desparate they really are.


  21. A Baptiste says:

    Hmm, what next Robin Strasser and Erika Slezak on Real Housewives of NY…seriously, I hope these soap stars will add more class to the genre.


  22. jaybird369 says:

    O-M-G. What has Eileen gotten herself into?!?!? I have a feeling that Eileen has NO IDEA as to what she’s getting herself into. As far as I’m concerned, that idiotic RHOBH is part-trainwreck, part-Z-O-O and (most of all) part-W-A-R-Z-O-N-E. Bottom Line Here: This has T-O-T-A-L D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R written all over it!!!!! Shudder.


  23. Katie says:

    I’ve watched a couple eppis (literally probably 2) each of the NY and NJ versions and they were SO ridiculous it was depressing. Honestly, I’m not a fan of this franchise (or most reality tv, Pawn Stars is about as “reality” as I go and that’s more focused on the business).

    That said, if she’s really on, I WILL check it out and watch. I mean, I watched the “Dirty Soap” show, this won’t be all that different except only two people will be from soaps.


    Katie replied

    I should have added, I really hope it doesn’t turn out she’s like Farah Fath. That was the one casualty for me on “Dirty Soap”.


    harry replied

    Farah came off looking meaner than a junk yard dog in that reality series.
    She made Leroy Brown look like a sissy by comparison. I would not cut in front of her on the buffet line
    And her boyfriend came off as being whipped by a cat. (if you catch my drift–trying to keep it clean ).

    jaybird369 replied

    Harry…I remember Dirty Soap. The only 2 on that show that I DID NOT LIKE AT ALL were Farah and ESPECIALLY Fary (Nadia’s mom). Everyone else…I liked. And…by the way, Brandon Beemer was my TOTAL FAVORITE!!!!! Brandon Beemer…What a TOTAL CUTIE-PIE!!!!! Y-U-M!!!!!!

    Take care, Harry.


    Susan replied

    Katie, I don’t think Eileen will come off as Farah. A couple of years ago I saw Eileen in a show, I think it was the Dog Whisperer. It showed her house and whole family, including a niece that lived with her, while this man taught them how to make their dog follow commands and behave. She was very down to earth and seemed like a genuinely nice person. If she does come off as Farah then we will know she is acting and how fake these reality shows really are.

  24. Mo says:

    How will she have time? Wish she would stick to soaps–Days in particular. I won’t watch this new soap. It’s not reality. It’s all contrived.


  25. Mika says:

    It must feel nice to be wanted. Life gets tough for actresses her age.


    harry replied

    That statement makes no sense as Eileen is a highly coveted actress and is the object of a constant tug of war between Days and Y&R and now it seems this idiotic housewife show wants her too.
    This ageless and talented beauty is seemingly wanted by everyone except for Brady.


    Keri replied

    Haha I spit out my morning coffee on that last line everybody but Brady! That was brilliant!

  26. Anne says:

    Trash TV. will this downward spinal ever end?


  27. lizzy says:

    I stopped watching BH after Bethenny FRANKel left (girl did not mince words, hence her last name) . I guess I’ll give it another try just to see how Eileen gets along with the other gals.


  28. Shoshannah says:

    Eileen is one terrific actress. But doesn’t Ne Ne Leakes make a cool million, making her the highest paid Housewife in the franchise?


  29. Joy Margetts says:

    I don’t watch any so called reality shows, and even if actors we admire join them I’m still not watching. I’m guessing they are far cheaper to produce but to my mind they take airtime from real actors.


  30. cary chapman says:

    Fans r not happy with her for choosing this career path
    but I bet they will watch. I cant WAIT!!!!!


  31. Matthew says:

    This franchise needs to get REAL by giving viewers ‘The real housewives of Section 8′! It’d be much cheaper to produce! They could pay the entire cast a quarter of what they are paying Davidson all put together! I’m sure it would be a huge hit too!


    4ever DAYS replied

    LMFAO!!! OMG, I would watch that!!! Thanks for the laugh!!!


  32. Tsuds says:

    it is alllllll abouutttttt Moooonnnnnnnneeeyyyyy… Good for her.. but it may bite her in the _______. Could be a great Career choie or Bad Career choice.. She could help both shows gain new audiences…


  33. Joyce says:

    I have to wonder how she will fit in with the ‘other’ RHBH cast…It just seems like an odd mix of people..but maybe for once it will make the show less Jerry Springer, and more entertaining.. I might have to watch it to see how they all connect with each other..


  34. richard says:

    This is an inaccurate article. NeNe Leakes for this past season earned $1,000,000 for that season and she’s been on for 6yrs, so Eileen isn’t the highest paid housewife!!!!


  35. jo says:

    Will watch Eileen anyplace. love her as Ashley, love her books with Alexis the main character…She is multi talented lady with class and style!


  36. su0000 says:

    The Real Housewives gals do not act..
    You do not need to be an actor to be with the housewives show..
    It is show about personal trash and rich women fighting, lol .
    they are no actress, none of them..


  37. cinicic says:

    Off this topic but WHAT A WASTE her first week back on Days has been! Having her locked in a room with Dr. Dan does NOTHING to move story, nor is it the least bit interesting. She is only there for a short time, get Kristen with someone that MATTERS like Brady, or Theresa, or Marlena, or Eric, or Nicole for crying out loud! Daniel is NOTHING in Kristin’s orbit. Zzzzz!


    Tsuds replied

    AGree.. .but knew that was going to happen.. Now we will have another two weeks of it due since we know that Daniel will get caught and sent back and put back into the room.. This always happens with Days writing….GH is much faster and more exciting to watch…. Hands down!


    Patrick replied

    thank you…. cinicic

    Kristen with Daniel… was an absolute snore

    why Daniel and Jennifer are continually featured… storyline


    renders me hapless….

    I get that they are featured characters from core familiies…. a Horton and Maggies son

    but… acting ?


    so dull… i blech let go… snore… ride it out

    theres too much good going on in Salem to care so much
    I say this… adamantly… Daniel and Jenn or dull


  38. JUDY says:



  39. Chaz says:

    Much as I detest reality shows I cannot blame her in a way. She is a popular actress and needs to ride the wave of popularity while she can. She is not a young starlet anymore and probably realizes that even between Days & Y&R she only has so many years left to be a front burner actor. 25-30 years ago Dee Evans was probably always in a front burner story line. Now, she is lucky to get 2 days a week and sometimes weeks/ months between those. Soaps, like the rest of the film industry, are not kind to older actresses in particular.


    Patrick replied

    I will aggrandize ED presence

    she enlarges and figures in: Kristen and Ashley

    does she do a disservice to both these soaps… absolutely, yes

    her acting skills with both these characters renders her absolute

    a figure to be reckoned with

    that’s a given

    she’s that good


  40. k/kay says:

    Hello it is and always will be about the money! We are not talking rocket science here this is not Katherine Hepburn you are discussing. Lordy they are hiring hair models left and right and putting them in front of the camera and people are going nuts they are quoting lines off of a cue card and you guys think they are actors. Pathetic! ;(


  41. April says:

    For that much money she’d be a fool to turn it down! For all of you saying you wouldn’t stoop that low, I bet with a check that big waved in your face you sure would!


  42. tina says:

    I never watched it before why would I watch it because she is on it. I don’t like her on days, so I more than likely won’t like her on there either


  43. CeeCee says:

    Finally, we get a glimpse of Eric’s true feelings. Hopefully, he will be honest with himself and confront his demons by allowing Nicole back into his life and heart.


    CeeCee replied

    That was a little off topic. But, more to the point? Eileen is still gorgeous and her acting on Days is top-notch. She is one of the most versatile actresses in the soap world. An actress of this caliber should not participate in anything so trashy….it is demeaning and degrading…not expected from a grande-dame such as she.


  44. brenda says:

    I love Eileen but don’ watch this real housewives show. They all seem like spoiled bitches when I have seen them on other shows. I’ll stick with soaps.


  45. Carol says:

    Nene Leakes makes $1.5 million. She has the record for the most lucrative deal in Housewives franchise. Correct your article!


  46. colin says:

    tune in???? hell yes….


  47. Panda says:

    Yes love Christian on days of our lives you go christian I have been watching you forever and I will follow u on Beverly hills housewives , Do your thing love u girl


  48. may says:

    No one is really being honest here. If I was a soap opera icon and somebody said ,we would like to pay you 750.000 just for so many hours a season ,all of the people who say ” I wouldn’t lower my self” are obviously a little jealous! Afterall, you’re on this site aren’t you?!
    These women are smart, they’re not all saying this is my career path because it’s a platform for things such as free advertising for their businesses, branding and books etc. if someone wanted to me for a reality show about me and my pooches I’d say…..where do I sign!


  49. Carolina says:

    I think this woman are so spoil, is sad to give that example to young generations , they love money more than anything, they just play for it, the only one that seem real is Yolanda, I don’t like Eileen at all, seems that she doesn’t have any family values and is super fake and rude


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