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80 December 1st, 2015 REPORT: Judi Evans and Wally Kurth Dropped To Recurring Status On DAYS!

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After Days of our Lives fans were thrilled that both long time favorites: Wally Kurth (Justin) and Judi Evans  (Adrienne) were put back on contract with the NBC soap opera, comes a report from, that the duo were told on Monday that were being taken off-contract and dropped to recurring status!

This is suprising because it was a move that originally took Kurth away from General Hospital were he has always been beloved as Ned Ashton.  Back in March of 2015, Kurth tweeted: “Hey all, guess I should confirm. I did sign a contract with #Days. Which will require me to leave #GH. It’s bittersweet. I can’t do both.”

While there has been no official confirmation from DAYS, nor from Kurth or Evans, some fans seemed to clue-in on a post from Judi Evans on her  official facebook page.

Evans post contained what some felt was a cryptic note intimating that she still has her other job, “So grateful to work at Rose Hills…..”   Rose Hills is the mortuary and memorial park , Evans has been working at for several years.

During our latest Day of DAYS interview with Wally Kurth and James Reynolds (Abe), On-Air On-Soaps and Kurth even dished about bringing Ned back to GH while he was at DAYS,  you can watch that video after the jump!

So, are you sad to learn that Judi and Wally seem to have been taken off-contract? Was this the right or wrong move by the DAYS powers-that-be? Do you hope Wally goes back to GH?  Comment below!

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  1. Mo says:

    Bad move Days. Put Adrienne and Justin back together!!!!


  2. Timmm says:

    Did it ever occur to Wally to say F recurring, I’m going back to GH and help mom recover ELQ?


    James R. Poissant replied

    Hahaha—I am so with you on this, Timmm—I preferred him on GH than DAYS in the first place although I have always loved Judi Evans. Maybe he can go back to GH and take her with him as a new character. I wouldn’t mind seeing her in Port Charles.


  3. nancy dillingham says:

    Must have been a jarring moment for Wally Kurth. I was looking for a rekindling of the magic and romance between his character and Adrienne as in Days of old.
    Too bad. TPTB missed a great opportunity. Judy is irrepressible (and they’ve held her down) and Wally Kurth remains a great actor–come back to GH, Wally. Maybe you could be Laura’s new romance (if they don’t take my first suggestion and put Laura with James Read).


  4. Iakovos says:

    Not great news here, I must say. Very engaging actors and characters.


    Reagan replied

    Yeah… In some ways I’m not surprised with all the additions and with Sonny off canvas. But I was really hoping they would bring one of Justin & Adrain’s other sons on canvas.


  5. Chris says:

    What is it with these writers? Newer viewers who started watching a few years ago are loosing all the characters they love. They Killed Will, Sonny left, Paige killed, Daniel soon to be killed, T gone, Eric going. The new faces they are bringing in we have no idea who they are or how they relate. I’m all for some change but they are going over board.


    Ces replied

    no one is interested in teen storylines and this group aren’t exactly a group I want to watch.
    Days is on a killing spree…. let’s see, Peter Reckell brought me back to the show after it became the Sami hour a few years ago, and now who knows how long I will last this go around.


    Linda replied

    AGREE, I only watch if I check to see if Judi will be on…What happened to Lucas? Tired of the teen crap, and tired of Days killing of actors. Days is trying to get to the younger crowd. What happened to fans that have been watching for years? That’s why they are still on tv today, because of us.

    Daisy replied

    I’ve been watching Days since OLTL canceled and you have expressed my feelings perfectly. I’m so ready to say good-bye to this show!


  6. KansasGuest says:

    I guess contracts are meant to be broken…


    LeeAnn replied

    Didn’t Days just resign him in like Oct and already letting him go? Why bother in the first place? Stupid show.


  7. Mo says:

    When is Steve going to see his sister????!!!!


    mrsnoahdrake replied

    I have been wondering the same thing! Ridiculous!


    Linda replied

    I know right? He has been there for a couple of months now, and they haven’t seen each other? This is crazy. They are going to lose a lot of fans.

    LeeAnn replied

    I have been wondering that for a while. Adrienne was going to tell Steve about their Mom’s cancer scare and her possible one and yet nothing.. what the heck? It has been almost 2 months since Will’s death so at least that long since she said she would tell Steve. Apparently it isn’t that important and Kayla knows all about it. Or did I miss someone telling him?


  8. Jay Keaveny says:

    Another huge mistake


  9. Elite Advisors says:

    “How to dismantle DOOL 101″….People are running out of there in droves….

    With Adrienne and Justin, the writing was on the wall…Justin you should haul A back to GH as Olivia’s love interest….

    So whats the count? Willl, Bo, Paige, Melanie, Serena, Daniel, Eve, Eric,Sammy and EJ ( huge loss..although I was really hoping that would recast EJ with Jason Thompson!!) you know Nicole is going next..there is not story for her…

    I think come March, this will be a completely new soap….and not for the betterment in my opinion. Remember Steve is not on contract, just hanging around for a WHILE.. seems the show will revolve around teenagers ….

    Sad to see


  10. Melissa says:

    I’m not a regular viewer of Days, but this does seem to be yet another example of the fickleness that goes into casting and contract decisions by the networks. Why get rid of established, popular favorites? Why bring on new faces nobody cares about at the expense of actors and characters that have a rich history with the show? Is it yet another futile attempt to capture younger viewers.

    What makes this especially infuriating for me, as a GH fan, is that we lost months of possible work by Wally Kurth as Ned because he was offered a contract at Days — only to be dumped by Days in less than a year. Despicable.

    I hope GH will nab Wally with a contract and bolster the Quatermaine Family even further. Now that Julian knows the truth about the baby, Ned can be brought back into Olivia’s life, and then there can be four way tension between Julian, Alexis, Olivia and Ned!

    GH put Genie and Finola on contract so maybe there’s hope for Wally!

    As for Days fans, I feel your pain!


    KansasGuest replied

    There are very few male characters over 45 at GH now to hold their own against Laura, Finola, Ava, Olivia, Tracy, Carly, Alexis, Nina & Bobbie. There are just 5 men that I can think of in the right age-range for all these ladies – Sonny, Julian, Paul Hornsby, Franco, and Scott – and at last count, only Scott was really available. Yes, Ned is absolutely necessary to balance the male/female ratio, and he’s critical in re-establishing the Q’s and a sense of humor back at GH.


    Ces replied

    I hope GH offers Wally a contract this time around too.


    Lou Piikes replied

    What for??? Days didn’t need WK on contract and I highly doubt another soap will snatch him up. It’s just the reality of the situation.

    rebecca1 replied

    Great post Melissa. I agree with you and really hope Wally reprises Ned once again.


    4ever DAYS replied

    There’s no pain here because Wally worked alot of DAYS while recurring. There will be six more months of Wally’s contractual DAYS.


  11. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    OF course im disappointed they are recurring…good actors in diminished roles…maybe Ned can show up more at GH…i know the show needs younger characters for future generations if they are to continue but this group of young performers dont show much promise…and by the way where is Lucas…he hasnt been around lately, especially after the death of his cousins husband!


  12. Debbie Riffe says:

    They shouldn’t “toy” with them like that!!


    su0000 replied

    They are not ”toying” it’s business..

    In the U.S. soap opera industry, actors billed as recurring status are paid a certain sum for each episode in which they appear. Conversely, actors on contract are paid a flat fee over a timeframe—often multi-year. Recurring performers consistently perform in less than three episodes out of a five-day work week whereas contract roles are guaranteed to appear in a certain number of episodes each week.[1] Actors on contract are also committed to working for the show and cannot leave until the contract has expired; recurring roles allow actors to take other jobs.
    Contract evaluations are typically done every fiscal quarter, and the actors that don’t meet their “quota” of episodes are in danger of being dropped from their contract to cut costs. Former contract actors may then return as recurring cast members, and recurring actors can be promoted to a contract role.
    Almost unheard of from the beginning of television until the 1980s, more and more actors have been placed on “recurring” so the production company in charge of making the show doesn’t go over-budget. Dwindling viewership and economic downturn have led to all U.S. soaps to placing actors (usually veterans who have been with the series in excess of ten years, and who are usually acclimated to higher salary figures) on recurring. Some actors accept the move to recurring status, while other actors balk at the contract cut, instead finding work on Broadway, prime time television series, or rival soap operas.
    –Thanky wikipedia….


    eventsdiva28 replied

    WOW! Interesting stuff! Now, who may I ask, (if you know) is the highest paid soap actor today?

    su0000 replied

    Dunno, but–
    ”New daytime soap performers on an average earn about $700.00 per episode. These new actors would be paid only for episodes they are in so depending on their part, they may only work one or two days a week. Like a lot of jobs, the longer they are on a show the more they will generally make. Once an actor has been on a show a while they could be looking at more like $1500 dollars an episode in compensation.

    Soap actors that have been in the business from 5 to 10 years salaries generally are between $1500 to $3000 an episode. If the actor is involved in some big stories they will work more often and make more money. Of course characters that are more popular with fans will make more money as well as if they participate in promotional work.

    For soap actors that have been in the business for 10 years are more, the range of salary is generally between $2000 to $5000 per episode. Daytimes most popular performers will be in the $5000 plus category. Big soap stars are offered incentives to stick around! Obviously an actor’s income is also dependent on if they work on other projects or advertisements. For actors that have been around a long time, their income may be less than primetime actors, but their work is steady.

    There are of course some big money daytime starts! A daytime icon, Tony Geary who plays Luke on “General Hospital” has a net worth of $9 million while Eric Braeden who Plays Victor on “the Young and the Restless has a net worth of $25 million. In contrast, Katherine Kelly Lang from “The Bold and the Beautiful” has a net worth of 1.5 million, while Kristian Alfonso from Days of Our Lives net worth is $5 million dollars.”

  13. Mike says:

    This is disappointing. Justin’s potential relationship with Eve (which we know won’t go anywhere) and Adrienne’s relationship with Lucas were two of the more interesting relationships developing on the show. After all this build up about favorites returning, it seems like the show is falling right back into old patterns that we’ve all seen before – bring back all the old characters, give them some stories, get the audience back, then drop the older characters to recurring or completely off the canvas, and fill the canvas with newbies. And newbies aren’t necessarily bad, but we REALLY have seen this pattern before. For all that talk of change, I see we’ve got some new lighting, new sets, a dead Will, some disturbing violence towards women, and the same old vets go on the back burner while the show gets less expensive talent to fill up the canvas.


    Patrick replied

    GREAT post

    this is going to – hurt – on so man levels

    what the expletive is going on ?

    Wally Kurth and Kassie DePaiva ???? marginalized? ! ? ! two of your BEST!
    Judi Evans and Brian Dattillo ???? marginalized? ! ? ! two of your bEST!

    DAYS ! get rid of Daniel, Nicole, Jennifer and possibly Brady

    Justin, Eve, Adrienne, and Lucas all carried… intelligent and professional and beloved by the long time fans…

    this is going to be a blood bath after all the dust has settled


    Linda replied

    Agreed with Patrick

    Mo replied

    You’re using the word ‘talent’ loosely. The gal who plays Ciara cannot act. She is so stiff and rote. I think the one who plays Chase is better, but he doesn’t get much story. I don’t think much of Joey. Theo hasn’t had much and they seem to be dumbing him down. Claire so far is okay, but it was very jarring to see how old Claire is.

    Viewers want story, good story, from good actors and characters we know and love.


    elm51 replied

    i have to disagree about the character of theo being dumbed down …………..
    theo is autistic and from what i saw so far tptb/writers are on point with the behavior of an autistic teen………………………….

    Linda replied

    I agree about Ciara. Stiff and looks like she doesn’t even open her mouth to talk.

  14. Llanviewer717 says:

    Very disappointing news. I like both actors and enjoy their characters very much. I am so sorry the Justin and Eve story won’t be told. There is potential for a great story there. I hope TPTB won’t abandon the Adrienne and Lucas story. I like them together.


  15. Mary SF says:

    Recurring is all about saving cash– when an actor is on contract they will get paid even if the character is not on screen, when they are recurring they will only get pay for episodes they actually do. Often when characters are no longer in a front burner story soaps will drop them to recurring otherwise they will have to write them into stories to justify their salary— and often they will give out contracts just to ensure a actor is available to play the character for a story arc, to prevent them from getting another job in the middle of it, but once that story arc is over, it is back to recurring. Soap actors are well aware of this, and I think every actor knows soap gigs are never secure even with a contract.


  16. DW says:

    While I’m sure it must’ve been a blow to the actors and Days fans, it makes me hopeful that GH will use this opportunity to sign Wally to a long-term contract and build the Quartermaine family back up. The storyline with Olivia had to be hastily ended and now TPTB have the chance to rectify that.


  17. Patrick says:

    slam the door in my face

    this is a serious blow to good acting!

    I thought the show was solidifying it’s leads… to carry this show

    Justin and Adrienne are more than able to carry the Kiriakis

    after all the retooling, behind the scenes mayhem, coming and going… it may not be what they thought

    so many quality actors are already OUT

    Nick, Sonny, Kristen, Sami, EJ, Will, Clyde, Eve, Aiden, Eric

    all these actors… whether they left on their own; demoted; or were fired…

    knowing all this and seeing who still on the show…

    doesn’t seem to add up


  18. kay says:

    Not surprised. Adrienne (Judi) has not been seen since these idiot writers killed Will and sent Sonny back to Paris. Justin (Wally) has not had much to do except accuse Chad of murders he did not commit instead of looking for the real killer Ben Weston. Oh and hanging around with Eve (KDP) instead of trying to work things out with his ex-Wife. Seems like Days is on the way out the way they are dumping vets and even newer characters. All the death and depressing plots are going to drive their faithful audience away. Ken Corday needs to be fired along with those idiot writers he hired and replace them with writers who have a vision of good stories instead of recycling old plots and killing off important legacy characters (like Will Horton and BO Brady).


    Chris replied

    I just wish they would stop shooting the show so far in advanced and be able to listen to fan reactions and respond accordingly. Killing Will was a huge mistake, with him went Sonny and Justin and Adrienne, and Lucas. Will interacted with so many of the characters that killing him was beyond stupid. Dool writers we want our characters back starting with Will. Bo should have been recast if the actor did not want to stay. Corday is making a huge gamble by allowing all these changes that in the long term may hurt the show .


  19. Mark says:

    I’m usually positive about Days, but I’m not really happy with all of the exits coming up. I know they need to create story, but story can be created with the people who are there. Hiring new actors is not the answer. So much story can happen with Eve, Eric, Lucas, Adrienne, and Justin. I know the actor who’s playing Daniel is leaving because he wants to, but the others?? Not happy… ;-(


  20. theresa nostrand says:

    I think they are wrong to remove so many stars of days Like Justinand Adrienne I enjoy both of them after renewing their contracts now letting them go is so wrong the writers have to stop lettingor killing people off This is Days of our lives with the Hortons Bradys and Stenfano and Victors family PLease stop messing with our Days please


  21. PGP says:

    DAYS is starting to worry me here, making some dumb decisions. I hope they are doing all this to bring back some cast members or something big. They could have kept Kassim Dapaiva on contract and explored a Eve/Justin/Adrienne/Lucas quadrangle a bit more. I am starting to get more excited about GH again…hope Wally goes back to GH and Ned and Olivia can reunite!


    Patrick replied

    “…DAYS is starting to worry me here, making some dumb decisions ”

    yeah, I’m getting their quick

    it’s tearfully fretting
    angst and anger

    I really wanted to see Vincent Irizarry go toe to toe head on… with Justin Kiriakis and Adrienne

    wouldn’t it have been a hoot to see VI’ Deimos get involved with Eve… and these two… wrangle at any and all… denizens of Salem !

    and/or Adrienne and Deimos
    as Justin and Eve get all hot and steamed

    good god… I don’t understand what …. “KEN CORDAY” and his parents legacy production are doing


    Melissa replied

    I’m not usually the conspiracy-theory type, but I half think NBC is undermining Days with all these deaths and exits to give itself an excuse to drop its last soap.

  22. Steven says:

    The 50th Anniversary is now over!
    Now let the Dena Higley & Josh Griffith era begin!

    The Question Is: Who’s next to go?
    I have a feeling this is just the beginning?!


    Paul replied

    I couldn’t agree more. Frankly, I think it was inevitable. They brought back too many vets all at once and not enough for them to do. Combine that with the idiotic decision to age all the kids and the cast is too large. They simply don’t have enough air time or budget to keep the cast at its current size — and let’s face it, we all know it’s set to grow further with Irizzary, Vilasuso, and Lavoisier still on the horizon.

    I was all for the Days reboot but I think they bit off more than they can chew. Someone needs to really take control and decide how this show is going to move forward.


  23. Reagan says:

    Disappointing… but not surprising given all the additions. As I have said before, was really hoping they would bring on more of Justin’s sons. He has three other sons besides Sonny. I, surprisingly, liked the story line with Adrian and Lucas. I’ve always liked with Kayla and Adrian had scenes together and Adrian with Steve. Timing just seems off!!


  24. Mateo says:

    So this is the sign that DAYS will soon become a teenage playground with the likes of Chase Ciara Joey and Claire and forget the reasons people watched DAYS in the first place. I knew that hiring all that young cast meant we were in for some ridiculous stories. So let’s see..who will get knocked up first and not know the daddy…Ciara will have Joey’s baby but it will turn out to be Chase’s. Apparently Ciara was given the date rape drug and Chase is gonna be the next serial killer. YAWN..time to just watch DAYS as I take a ……well I will censor myself here.


    Patrick replied

    i couldn’t be any more dissapointed with Ciera Alice… what a snore

    Joey… as cute as he his… seems barely awake… get excited

    Too soon to get in to Claire… dang ! she looks so much like Martha Madison’ Belle

    Theo… cute kid… but… ??? what’s the point … sorry people… with his autism… won’t bring much to the canvas… outside of his “crush” on Cierra

    Chase has the most acting skill… i’ve already heard he’s not on for long

    KEN CORDAY… this is your idea of an acting troupe!

    LOL… OK last dig

    I thought for sure Kristian Alfonso was going to turn terminator or go Princess Gina on us… after Monday’ ep… as she’s vowing revenge and amazon’ing her womanhood!

    OK Hope : let’s put all our eggs in one basket and feature Kristian Alfonso… NOT

    I’d rather watch this twice widowed WOMAN go through the reality of this… than watch her exacting revenge… and move that quickly on to RAFE

    then we’ll watch as Ava returns and splitsvilles up Kayla and Steve… how juvenile

    the only thing that’s truly enticing… and that has to end sometime… with the demise of Ben…. is; Billy Flynn…. Chad w/Abs

    as posted prior…. it’s been a 3 month ride that is showing it’s true colors… and it’s all in black and white… the writing is on the wall

    to much talent let go

    for what’s left on the canvas… CAST

    wow… glaring difference


  25. Michael (not Fairman) says:

    I get that a new creative team may want (and be expected) to make some changes, but I’m stunned at how many of the changes involve talented performers, some of whom have big followings. I was dismayed, but not entirely surprised, when Melissa Archer got the ax; she’s an asset wherever she shows up, but her character had gone nowhere and didn’t catch on. Ditto, to some degree, Daniel Cosgrove (who I think sort of got sacrificed to make the Bo-Hope reunion work–in record time). But Kassie DePaiva? And Greg Vaughn? And now these two, who have a long, long history with the show? I really think this is going to come back to bite them. Even with the best writing in the world, you have to have characters people care about, and writing off established characters in droves generally works against that.


    Patrick replied

    beautifully said… i’m in such dismay? bewildered.. that ???? expletive expletive

    DAYS production doesn’t see this?

    echo your sentiment

    “…I really think this is going to come back to bite them. Even with the best writing in the world, you have to have characters people care about “


    Stephen replied

    Characters, characters, characters!!! That’s what drew me into Days in the first place. Who were these extraordinary people?!

    The characters are the reason people watch!

    I thought Melissa Archer was great in the show, as was Kassie DePaiva. I would like to have seen Greg Vaughan used more – I think he was wasted.

    Yes, I agree, Days is treading on thin ice by cutting so many characters at once – and good ones too!

    Douglas Marland, the king of soapwriters, made of list of rules called “How Not to Wreck a Show”

    One of these was, ” Don’t fire anyone for six months. I feel very deeply that you should look at the show’s canvas before you do anything.”

    But Higley and Griffith have gone in with a machette!

    His other pertinent advice included:
    “Build new characters slowly. Everyone knows that it takes six months to a year for an audience to care about a new character. Tie them in to existing characters. Don’t shove them down the viewers’ throats.”

    “Be objective. When I came in to ATWT, the first thing I said was, what is pleasing the audience? You have to put your own personal likes and dislikes aside and develop the characters that the audience wants to see.”

    “Read the fan mail. The very characters that are not thrilling to you may be the audience’s favorites”


  26. Ces says:

    I honestly never cared for the character of Adrienne. Always thought she was a sniveler and very fuddy duddy. I don’t like her paired with Lucas at all; she looks too old for him.
    Wally should have stayed with GH and not jumped ship to Days without a storyline to goto.


    Mo replied

    He got a contract with Days. I would have left GH too with guaranteed money. Granted, contract isn’t the same in soaps as other places, but totally don’t blame him for signing on. Just wish Days would give him and Adrienne better story.


    ces replied

    he got a contract, but I wonder if he ever asked if he’d have a storyline with that contract? He has basically been Fighting with Rafe and kissing on that poor recast Eve — both ffwdard-able scenes. At least on GH he got to play off a few different people and is part of a major family tie there. Just thinking the grass isn’t always greener …

    Linda replied

    I love watching Judi. I wished Another World was still on. Her Paulina character was much better.


  27. Aria says:

    I find it ironic how Stephen Nichols talked about how bad GH treated their vets and only used them for their big anniversary special, wish he found disgusting yet dool is doing the same thing . Furthermore, if I have to compare anniversary for each show GH was far more superior and at least some vets stuck around for a while and or appeared at the nurses ball. Maybe down the line he (Stephen Nichols) wil return as Stefan cassadine and as for kurth there’s no reason he can’t do both now or if GH is smart sign him to a contract.


  28. damien says:

    ouch, lots of bad news for days fans recently….aiden and bo killed off, jason cook just a tease for the other shawn , eric leaving now justin and adrienne who were promised a big story just dropped to sometimes… did days use up all its budget ? …i think i ll be budgeting my viewing time to…


  29. mrsnoahdrake says:

    This is terrible news! I loved Justin and Adrienne’s romance from the beginning. I even liked the Lucas/ Adrienne / Justin triangle.
    we did not see Lucas or Adrienne at Thanksgiving
    Since Eve will be written off soon, that leaves Ned single again.
    And there is no Sonny, but Justin and Adrienne have 3 other sons.
    Bring them on!
    I had hoped to see more of Justin and Adrienne. This move will be bad for the ratings.
    Watch GH put Wally on contract! He was sorry to leave anyways.


    Mo replied

    You’re mixing up your shows. Wally plays Justin on Days and plays Ned on GH.


  30. Rodd says:

    I think this is one of the major disappointments of DAYS. Them taping so far in advance does not give them the ability to right the error of their wrong in a timely manner. Wally and Judy are very engaging actors and had plenty of potential story left. I thought Justin was being primed to be the next generation of Kiriakases.

    DAYS has had so much loss recently.

    Yes, they brought back old time characters for a bit but they’ve also flooded us with newbies.

    When I saw the Thanksgiving episode I kept wondering where all the Hortons were; you remember that core family. Julie (without Doug – is Bill okay? – I’ve noticed he isn’t on much and isn’t given much to say when he is.), Jennifer and JJ and Hope were the only Hortons on that day. I guess S-D and Claire are Hortons, too, but they’re more strongly identified with the Bradys.

    I want DAYS to succeed. It was the first soap I started watching when I was in kindergarten (if you can believe it). However, I also watch GH and would be glad to see Wally return to that fold as Ned. Judy’s too talented not to work, too.


    LeeAnn replied

    NO mention of Will, as if he wasn’t a huge part of this show’s history. Especially his history making coming out. Seems everyone has decided to forget that..can any awards the show got for that be taken back? Cause they sure don’t seem to appreciate all that story did for the show.


  31. Patrick says:

    this is going to hurt
    this just smarts … lividly so

    this is going to bust wide open any effort and LACK behind the scenes.

    dumbing down the whole show.. with all the talent missing in action…. WHY ?

    truthfully.. from the outset… this point forward

    the only thing i’m looking forward to?

    Billy Flynn as Chad
    Vincent Irizarry as Deimos
    A Martinez as Eduardo… and I don’t see him… on as much

    you look at all the juggernaut talent made available … comparable talent pool to choose from… with equal measure MEN and WOMEN

    not so much

    missing elements of intrigue
    the dynamic with all the firing… is staggering


  32. Lisa says:

    I’m guessing there will be more of this. I’ve been skeptical of all the cheerleading and promises of greatness to the Days of old since we’ve heard it all before. Some of the vets seem to have been brought back as bait with little commitment to them regarding long term story. The fact that Adrienne has yet to have one scene with her brother Steve, has spoken volumes. So much to the return of family and character driven stories of old. I’m trying not to get too invested with Steve and Kayla again either, because I wouldn’t be surprised if Stephen and Mary Beth eventually get the same treatment again. So far I’m finding their ”story” extremely dull…Reminiscent of the last time Steve was brought back, and even a recycled Ava story apparently coming on soon. Ugh


    Tim Welles replied

    Yes and “extremely dull” is phrasing it nicely – they’re about as interesting as unbuttered toast.


  33. Newmanwins says:

    Hey Frank: Get it done! Make it happen! Seal the deal!

    GH has been suddenly blessed to right a wrong and get a second chance to fix it so for the love of god please give Wally a long term contract to bring our beloved Ned back to Port Charles. It was beyond obvious to your viewers in Wally’s two years back on GH from 13-15 that Ned is very much needed on the canvas as a full time character. Geary, Easton, and Thompson are all gone so there has to be plenty of room in the budget for a new contract to be given out so waste no time in giving it to Wally. I really miss the Ned and Olivia romance. I really miss seeing Ned snark with Julian. I really miss seeing Ned and Tracy scenes. I really miss Ned being a mentor to Michael when it comes to ELQ. Ned instantly stepped into the role as the Q’s new patriarch from his spring of 13 return to his spring of 15 exit and the Q’s need him to captain the ship once again.


  34. Derrick says:

    NOT good news!


  35. LeeAnn says:

    Corday and the writer’s have ruined a perfectly wonderful show. Starting with the ruining of Will and Sonny’s marriage with the complete 180 of Will’s nature and personality to all that has happened since.


    Chris replied

    I agree with you. Will was a great character that they ruined by trying to make him more like his mom. Will as orig written would never have cheated on Sonny. Killing him was a huge mistake for the show. Fans have pleaded with the show to bring him back to no avail.


    LeeAnn replied

    That is what I have said since they changed Will. As original he NEVER would have even thought about another man! he fought off Brian and Sonny’s friend, can’t think of his name, so there is NO way he would have cheated.

    Kyle replied

    I guess this is what happens when you write for story rather than write for the characters. The show jumped the shark when Will cheated on Sonny and it has been tanking ever since.


    LeeAnn replied

    totally agree.

  36. Mo says:

    In new SOD, it said that Eve and Justin made love. WHEN? I’ve been watching and I don’t recall this happening.


  37. Chris says:

    I really hope DOOL monitors sites like this to see how fans react to what they do. Too many of the familiar faces are leaving Salem. New viewers are loosing the characters they have grown to love. All the new faces are too confusing unless you tuned in for a long time. So far we lost Will, Sonny, Paige, Bo don’t know much about him, Aidan Soon we loose Daniel and Eric and rumor has is Stefano ( due to poor health of the actor). Then in coming attractions they are promising a days disaster for the new year, who will we loose then? Fans have been in uproar over Wills death and want him back. Fans hated seeing Bo return then Die, they wanted him back with Hope. Eric while not getting much air time had potential for a good story line fans did not want him gone. Sonny left Salem for good due to his husbands death when fans wanted to see them back together. Stefano is I guess being replace by Andre who new fans have no clue who he is. Paige was a good love interest for JJ until the dumb Eve story line Why would a man sleep with his girl friends mother? Now we loose Justin and Adrienne as full time cast, fans wanted to see them back together. One of DOOL’s greatest weakness is how far in advance they shoot the show, it leaves them no way to fix the show in response to fan reactions.


  38. Tim Welles says:

    Well, I guess some of my comments won’t be well received, but personally, I have only been watching the show for a little over Two years or so, and in that time, lately, it’s a different show. It’s gotten boring and predictable. Wally Kurth is a very good actor but his character adds little to the show.
    When they started to “shy away” from Paul, Sonny, Derrick and killed off Will, they started to lose me. Now I watch the show and see two young girls chatting it up and try to figure out who they are (mind you, I haven’t missed an episode in over two years) that should tell you that the writers are being inconsistent.
    The only interesting storyline has been the abduction of Abigail by crazy Ben Weston and listen, I like their performances but get on with it already. When she gave birth to a premature baby that was the size of a 10 month old kid I thought, Really??
    I don’t think it’s a sin go go on “recurring status” but if Wally Kurth left General Hospital for that, well I wouldn’t blame him for being annoyed.
    I personally currently find “days of our lives” to be a little boring. I still watch it just to get a soap fix, but, they brought back so many vets that didn’t mean much to me that it left me wondering, gee just who ARE these people –
    they should NOT have “killed off” Will, that’s one issue. They COULD have re-cast Sonny when the actor portraying him chose to vacate the role. Paul has nothing to do except to constantly tell John he is glad to be his son. Derrick left town (I assume) to go work in another hotel or Taco Belle or Lord only knows where. So much for the gay characters in town, I guess the writers felt they were expendable.
    Right now, the show seems to me to be somewhat “adrift”.


  39. Patricia says:

    Wally, Please go back to GH, where you are appreciated and loved! We miss you!


  40. Amy says:

    So sad to hear that they were dropped off contract. Such a shame that the writers don’t realize the tremendous talent and chemistry these two actors have! Was hoping they would use their history to rekindle the supercouple they used to be!!!!


  41. Linda says:

    I am done with Days again, I have been watching it for over 30 years. With Judi Evans off contract and all the young ones showing up, I am not bothering. Why don’t they think of the people who watched days for years? But, at the same time when Judi left Days and went to Another World…I watched Another World. They had better writers.


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