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15 January 23rd, 2013 Reports That AMC & OLTL Reboots Will Be Telenovela Style NOT True!

For those who have been guessing and weighing in on just what will be the style of the new half hour format of the revised One Life to Live and All My Children soaps when they launch online, received some news today via Thom Racina, (OLTL’s new co-head writer) who Soap Opera Uncensored touched base with on his new gig.

According to the online zine, Racina says it will not be as had been bantered about telenovela style.

SOU stated, “Reports that AMC and One Life would adopt a telenovela format once it hits online are untrue, Llanview co-head writer Thom Racina tells me.”

In addition, SOU states to look for an edgier updated version of One Life and AMC including the music!  And in a behind-the-scenes move, Prospect Park’s head of production for the reboots, Foz McDermott, had been let-go and is no longer part of the online ventures.

So what do you think soapers of the news of the format of the new OLTL and AMC? Seems like it will be made more progressive, but remain in tact with its ongoing continuing serial format that daytime fans are used to, instead of ending stories the way a telenovela does.

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  1. Jamie says:

    What eactly does “telenova style” mean??


    Brian Tripp replied

    13 week cycles of one specific soap or story arc. So OLTL would do 13 weeks and then end and come back with a new season with new plot and maybe new characters. It isn’t going to be that way anyway so not to worry. The soaps in Mexico (called telenovelas) do them this way (or similar).


    Jamie replied

    Thanks! When I hear telenova, I think SUPER cheesey Spanish soaps.

    Mitchell1660 replied

    Telenovelas have a beginning and an end, usually six months, then they start a new storyline.


  2. MK says:

    Would think that they would go the route of GL (the 2007-09 verison) and the City, like the other online soaps like The bay.


  3. Anthony says:

    We need to stop expecting perfection from this online venture. Let’s wait until it launches before we start picking it apart. I’ve never seen a telenovela so I can’t really address the issue, but since the question was posed I assume it would be seen as an inferior presentation to the OLTL that we were used to on tv. Let’s wait and see – at least it sounds like OLTL’s return is really going to happen this time…that’s a start.


    Don replied

    Yes, that’s a BIG start.


  4. su0000 says:

    Bringing AMC and OLTL to the internet where there is no censoring, I am looking forward to a more modern and fiery episodes..
    However– Agnes Nixon will never allow the fire to get too hot..

    The day of the sappy love scenes and couples marital problems has lost viewers.. The now and younger generation are just not into that stuff..
    so, I see change coming, but yet not over the top, thanks to Agnes, who by the way is a modern woman and up with the times and the changes will be at the creative counseling helm..

    Hopefully the senior citizen fans will also grow into the new era along with Agnes..


  5. nate says:

    Telenovela style means shorter story arcs of 13 weeks like Port Charles did in the final years. Not sure where they came up with telenovela arcs of 13 weeks when normal telenovelas run 26+ weeks.


    Ella replied

    Interested to see what the final product will be. I loved the Port Charles “books” but I don’t think it works for all soaps so I’m glad AMC & OLTL are going the routes that will work best for them


    su0000 replied

    the best way to define a telenovela would be as a soap opera with a defined beginning, middle, and end. The story unfolds in hourl ong episodes five days a week for a set number of weeks. When it’s over, it’s over, as opposed to American series which tend to run indefinitely forever..
    and the telenovela’s storirs can run as long as a year ..

    It would be as a television novle.. Like reading a novel/book..
    The story will end.. and then a new story starts..


  6. CamCam says:

    This is not a win! Why bother bringing them back just to botch the storylines and characters and lose them all over again. Then we lose out on the Todd,Star, and John who have intergrated nicely on GH. This isn’t a good idea at all and just an FYI Telenovelas run for 13wks then that Novela ends after that a NEW telenovela starts. Same actors NOT THE SAME NOVELA


    Don replied

    Well, The telenovella that Sony did for MTV ran for 15 weeks. It had a lot of daytimers on and was produced by Jill Feran Phelps. So a telenovella can be as long or short as you like. But like most of you, I prefer a strait serial format.


  7. Vic says:

    I don’t think it needs to be edgier. I am sick of everything trying to be edgy. Just tell a good story.


  8. marfa says:

    Just keep it the way it was, and don’t change the music. And I wish they would make it a hour long, 30 minutes isn’t enough, and an hour never was either.


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