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11 December 22nd, 2014 RETRO TV Brings THE DOCTORS To Primetime Starting Tonight!


Retro TV which has been airing episodes of the NBC classic soap opera The Doctors starring James Pritchett and Elizabeth Hubbard among many other soapy notables, recently added several new affiliates as of December 1st.  So for those who want to watch the beginning of The Doctors Retro TV run, you can begin tonight on their primetime line-up!

The outlet posted this teaser for tonight on their facebook page,  “Tonight after classic Doctor Who, be sure to tune in for the primetime premiere of our run of ‪#‎TheDoctorsOnRetro‬!”

According to Retro TV, starting Monday night, December 22nd, Retro TV will begin with anNBC episode which originally aired on December 4, 1967.

If you get Retro TV in your area, be sure to tune in, every weeknight Monday through Friday at 9 p.m. ET/PT for The Doctors.  And don’t miss the show weekdays at Noon ET/PT with episodes currently airing from May 1968.

Have you been able to catch the retro airings of The Doctors?  If so, are you excited to see it in primetime? Do you like the photo of Dr. Matt Powers with a santa hat?  Comment below!

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  1. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    I got to see a few early episodes from the 60s and the show still holds up today…they were more down to earth and charater driven than the remaining four soaps except for TDs remaing few years on the air…i wish other soaps like AW and Edge Of Night still had all there episodes…the 60s and 70s…imo…was when most soaps were at their best…wish a cable channel like POP carried the show so the current soap viewers who werent around back then could see how great soaps used to be…jmho!!!


    su0000 replied

    awwww jimh..
    I have seen some of the old days soaps, they are/were not good ..
    It is well known anyone who was back then will say, quite often–
    Ahhh the good old days.. that is when everything was the best..
    Ohh the good old days everything was so much better than now..
    Ohhh the good the days, that was when TV was worth watching .. lol
    …………… (( not true, the soaps were lame .. LOL :)
    I hope you enjoy the older soap- The Doctors, if it makes you smile and happy, that is all that matters !
    I would tune in too, if it were shown here I’m open to new experiences..
    ……. Noir Soaps ….. ……………… (why not..


  2. su0000 says:

    there is no RETRO TV in my state..

    those who get it, enjoy!


    Lou Piikes replied

    Daily Motion website and search Hope Memorial.


    Andrew replied

    Thanks for the info! I saw your post on another site as well and have been watching episodes from Dec 4th since then. :-) Unfortunately, we don’t get RetroTV on DirecTV – it looks as if NYC has it now though so, perhaps, when we change carriers, I’ll be lucky enough to see it. I’d love to see classic Doctor Who on there as well!

    KateA replied

    Thanks for the information. I am enjoying them.

  3. Mo says:

    I might give it a try.


  4. AJ says:

    Hope Doctors does well. Maybe it’ll entice them to buy Santa Barbara!!


    Sharice replied

    OMG that would be amazing.


  5. Russ Nichol says:

    I have been watching sporadically. Acting is good by most, with the exception of the person playing Karen Werner. Wow, shes bad. But I hope it succeeds, as it would be nice to see other soaps rerun on this network. Looking forward to the 70s episodes.


  6. Susan Pratt says:

    I was in high school when The Doctors premiered and it was (and still is) my favorite soap! It was on when I got home from school. General Hospital debuted about the same time, I think. I got hooked on that too (remember Jessie and Phil?) but The Doctors was simply more sophisticated in its story lines and character development. I happened to find a few clips on YouTube last night and was pleased to see it is being broadcast on RETRO TV. I live in Cincinnati and am a Time Warner subscriber, but they don’t have it. What can I do? Is there access online to any episodes?


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