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9 May 4th, 2014 REVENGE Begins Its Roll-Out Of Next Week’s Season Finale! The Fate Of A Major Character Will Be Key!


It’s getting even more dramatic in the Hamptons, if that’s even possible!  This week the story picks up on ABC’s Revenge  (10PMET/PT) after Charlotte (Christa B. Allen)  has been kidnapped and Pascal (Olivier Martinez) was chopped to bits thanks to a shove by Conrad (Henry Czerny) of his nemesis into a helicopter! And this was right after Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) pledged her love to her former flame.

Now with everything caving in on the duo, will we finally know what happened to David Clarke  some 20 years ago?

In the second to last episode of season three, entitled “Impetus”, ABC previews, “Dire circumstance leads Emily (Emily VanCamp) to take extreme measures against both the Graysons and those closest to her.” What will she do next?  Last week she was posing as Agent Rebecca Stone!

ABC’s Revenge has released this promotional image for next week’s season finale on May 11th, which clearly indicates that one of the main characters pictured will be killed-off!  Who will it be?  Let us know your thoughts on who will meet their maker? But first, watch a teaser for tonight’s episode after the jump!

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  1. andrew hass says:

    I think it’s either going to be either Charlotte or Aiden who dies or maybe the show will have more than one character die.


    Wendy replied

    I don’t care who it is as long as it’s not NOLAN ROSS !!!!!!!!!!


  2. ck says:

    Aiden is leaving the show to pursue another show. No surprises.


  3. su0000 says:

    Big fan of Revenge..
    I always hate when it end ..
    I really like the opening; the sea of blood ..

    I dodn’t know who will die but whomever it will be a cliffhanger shocker ..


  4. Nk3play2 says:

    I pray to the lord above that it is Aiden!!! I hate him and have from day 1!!! Unlike Margaux who I have come to enjoy now that she is falling for Daniel, Aiden just always seemed out of place, and forced.


    Anna replied

    Hate? Such a strong word for a TV character.


  5. Rob says:

    Please let it be Daniel!!

    His character is as awful as his acting.


    Anna replied

    Well, rumor had it that Josh wanted his character killed off. Maybe, he got his wish granted.


  6. Anna says:

    Although a fan of Aiden, I must admit his character has become redundant. Since Barry booked a pilot, I guess it could be him. I’ll cross my fingers and hope it’s Daniel.


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