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10 May 5th, 2014 REVENGE: Emily Brings Down Conrad! Emily VanCamp and Henry Czerny Deliver Top Notch Performances!


It was the best episode of the season thus far on last night’s airing of ABC’s Revenge, but there is still one more spine-tingling episode left of season three when the season finale happens this coming Sunday!

For now, after the episode revealed itself with so many twists and turns and character calculations, we hoped the episode would continue on and on!

It was Charlotte’s kidnapping which was the “impetus” (also named the title of the episode) to finally getting Conrad (Henry Czerny) to admit all he had done including: the bombing of flight 197, framing David Clarke for it, and becoming involved with a group of terrorists, but not before he tells Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) who has just returned from her “kidnapping” at the hands of Emily (Emily VanCamp) and Aiden (Barry Sloane), that she is an “ungrateful bastard!”  He then threatens to eliminate her like he did Amanda, David, and a plane full of passengers!

Emily and Nolan (Gabriel Mann) were one step ahead of Conrad, and an unknowing Charlotte was wearing a transmitter that co-opted the signal to the press conference that Emily and Aiden, as the kidnappers, insisted Conrad and Victoria have to admit their crimes, if they wanted to see Charlotte back alive and well.  However, that set-up allowed Emily and Nolan to broadcast Conrad’s entire tirade on live TV!   And with that,  and finally, Emily in an emotional moment with Nolan, realized she took down her man.  She got her revenge on one half of the duo responsible for destroying her father!

Kudos have to go to Emily VanCamp for the final moments where Emily comes to realize she got some payback … welling up with tears of joy mixed with anger, mixed with exhaustion from the long fight she has fought.   Henry Czerny was masterful in his confession scene to Charlotte with rage galore and showing no mercy for his sins!

There is so much more to the story, but as the episode concluded we learned that David’s ring has shown up via Jack (Nick Wechsler).  Could he be alive after all?  And Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) is on to Emily!  She is figuring out she is the real Amanda Clarke! And Emily is hell bent on bringing Victoria to her knees!

Watch the pivotal scene from last night’s Revenge, where Emily finally nabs Conrad! Then, let us know what did you think of the moment?  The performances?  What do you think will happen next on the season finale, where we already have been teased someone will die!

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  1. Jen says:

    Awesome episode!!! I sure hope it gets renewed for another season. This show has me on the edge of my seat every single week!


  2. andrew hass says:

    I was glad to see Emily take down Conrad but if her father is still alive maybe he wasn’t as innocent as we thought he was.Emily wanted revenge for her father but it could be interesting to see how she reacts if it turns out her father wasn’t entirely innocent.Which meant everything she did and all the risks she took was for nothing.


    rebecca1 replied

    Her father is dead. Victoria and the new male character…forgot his name…planted evidence to make Emily think otherwise.


  3. mk says:

    It was a bloody spectacular episode. Amazing acting on all parts. Fantastic writing.

    Can’t wait for next week’s final episode.


  4. Omar says:

    Great episode..Twist and turns all along the way..Finally Emily gets some revenge but for how long can you keep Conrad down..I am sure ABC will renew the show since its doing some comic book with the character of Emily/Amanda even though the ratings have stumble of late.


  5. Jeff says:

    Fantastic episode; can’t wait for the finale!!


    su0000 replied

    I’m positive it will leave us wanting more, and more and more!!


  6. su0000 says:

    It was great!!!
    Only one more episode :(
    I hope it is renewed..


    Elizabeth replied

    Agreed the episode was really good. But, I am ready for the story to come to resolution….. don’t know how they transition to another Revenge experience. With a new cast? A new cast member becoming the protagonist in a different storyline? That would be interesting maybe. But this one needs to finish.


  7. rebecca1 says:

    AB SO LUTE LY fantastic episode. The last few weeks have been riveting and the acting stupendous. Henry Czerni (Conrad) blew it out of the water! Excellent/brilliant performance!

    Unfortunately, as some of us already discussed on a previous post, I think the next person to do a swan song is Aidan…if it’s true that he’s signed on to his own series. Shame…I like him.

    Great show!


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