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10 February 18th, 2013 REVENGE Heartbreaking Winter Finale! What Did You Think Of Who Got “Killed-Off?”


Last night on an episode entitled “Sacrifice”, the hit ABC primtime sudser, Revenge pulled out all the stops to bring us all the way back to the shows first episode of this season, and tie up the mystery of who died in Jack’s sunken boat, “The Amanda”! And while the bloody hand turned out to be minor character Nate Turco played by Michael Trucco, it was the other casualty that made this heartbreaking in the series winter finale!

As fans are now aware, Jack (Nick Wechsler) was shot trying to save Amanda (Margarita Levieva) from the evil Nate, but Amanda sent him into his own raft to spare his life.  Meanwhile, Emily (Emily VanCamp) raced toward “The Amanda” to save faux-Amanda, but then Amanda doubled back to grab Emily’s necklace, only to see Nate flick his lighter and ignite the propane! “The Amanda” explodes as Emily and Amanda jump into the ocean. Emily comes up for air, clinging to the half-sunken inflatable boat and called out for Amanda panicked!

What transpired next was one of the most poignant scenes, beautifully acted by Emily VanCamp and Margarita Levieva, who we came to like as faux-Amanda over her story arc.  When Emily said to Amanda,  “Oh my God, I’m so sorry,” it was breathtaking as Emily realized what her revenge had done, cost a treasured life.  Before Amanda died, she told Emily to take care of Jack and her baby!  Hankies!

TV Guide had an interview today with the exiting Levieva, who had this to say about her run noting she knew from the beginning that she would be “killed-off”:  “I was only scheduled to do 14 episodes and I knew I’d be out after that. So I kind of figured. Originally I was only supposed to do 7 of the 14, so I thought it could have been happening earlier. I remember watching the first episode with executive producer, Mike Kelley and halfway through he told me I was going to have a pretty dramatic, heroic death on the Amanda.”

Levieva also revealed who of her co-stars took her exit the hardest relating, “Definitely Emily VanCamp because of our emotional sisterly bond. There’s a flashback scene in this death episode that really shows the care we had for each other. And a lot of my stuff was with Nick Wechsler who I always pulled over to the craft service table in between takes. The whole crew was sorry to say goodbye too. And Mike gave me the tie iron prop Amanda used as her first murder weapon last season. What a great gift. It blew me away. I live alone so now I have this for defense in place of a baseball bat.”

The talented actress also stated that Amanda’s death will propel story for Emily: “In a way Amanda’s death is a gift to Emily. It’s necessary for Emily to continue getting revenge. She has new reason to go on with her mission after getting a little bit away from it in Season 2 with the Initiative and her relationship with Aiden. So I’ll feel I made a worthy sacrifice if Emily is now inspired to fight harder.”

So soapers, were you sad to see Amanda “killed-off”? What did you think of the final scenes between Emily VanCamp and Margarita Levieva? Weigh-in!

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  1. Carrie says:

    Made me sad and I was surprised. I was so focused on keeping Jack alive that I did not really think Amanda would die. Though the promo told us Emily would pay the ultimate price. And the real Emily did.


  2. memphis belle says:

    This show has become my “must watch TV”. That was a shock. I was really beginning to like “faux” Amanda. I think her and Jack were fanastic together. It should have been Aiden – don’t like the character. I prefer Emily/Amanda with Daniel.


  3. Chloe says:

    So very sorry that they killed off Amanda. I didn’t like her at first but as time went by, she became one of my favorites. I think it was a mistake to kill her off; she was a great character who would get what she wanted, no matter what she had to do to get it. And now, we’re going to be stuck with Emily hanging around boring Jack, boring Declan & a crying baby. Oh, joy – not.


  4. rebecca says:

    thought it was great storytelling…very poignant and totally had me in tears. however, I , too liked the faux Amanda and think there could have been some good stories down the road when Jack finds out the truth. it does however leave Jack available if they want to pair him back with the real Amanda at some point…


  5. Nikki says:

    I actually liked Fauxmanda. I thought her and Jack were super cute together and her and Emily’s friendship was weird, but felt very genuine and sweet- I mean, how often do you switch identies with someone? lol. And while it’s sad to see her go, I believe her death was for the best. It brings the show and Emily back to where it originally started- her taking down the Greysons. Season 2 has been lacking in that so far, mainly revolving around the Initiative (which I can’t really get into because I don’t like two of their victims, Aidan and Padma) and, earlier in the season, Emily’s mom. I cannot WAIT for next and to see the fall out of this major plot twist :)


  6. bc says:

    it’s great that revenge is hitting its lowest ratings while the more racially diverse soap “scandal” has higher total ratings than revenge. the 18-49 demo of “scandal” triumphs against all its competition. if hollywood was really abt money then it would create more racially diverse soap operas w/ people of color as leading characters. but nope. what hollywood does is keep creating period piece dramas like “mad men” bec it’s “realistic” to have only white chars and hollywood keeps creating ny based tv shows w/ only white people like “girls’ from hbo and musical soap “smash” from nbc. and yet mad men’s ratings have never been high while flop “girls” doesn’t even get more than 1 million viewers per episode. an episode of flop “smash” costs more than 3 million yet its ratings and demos have hit their lowest after whitewashing the cast and removing the people of color dev and ellis. same thing w/ ny based soap “revenge” w/ their very few racial minorities being portrayed problematically and its low ratings!


  7. C.Rudinski says:

    I do not want to see Amanda leave for good!! It could all be a DREAM and Amanda could go back to being a new mother and wife. The story was just starting to get good for Amanda and what kill her off?? That totally sucks!! I am very upset!! Bring Amanda back. Nolan could rescue her, she could be in a coma for 2 eoisodes from the time she fell over the balcony at the Graysons.


  8. Lamborghini Gal says:

    Well I hate Amanda was killed off! I liked her character and she was a great actress! Darn! Maybe she’ll make cameos as a ghost! I was really sad to see her go. Darn!


  9. C.Rudinski says:

    I HATED that Amanda was killed off!! I loved her as a character and her relationship with Emily. I disliked the fact that Emily just let her fall into the water instead of holding her until Nolan returned. I also think that she could have been saved due to the fact she was cold and her body could have actually came back from the dead Medically Possible!!! Now with this new character Eli coming she could have helped Emily in a time of need as well. Perhaps Amanda will be found beached and a doctor will revive her somehow?/ Hey Victoria came back from the dead, why not Amanda??


  10. Ashbee says:

    Sick of how Amanda pays the price for Emilys blood lust and revenge. Shes so loyal and Emily is so selfish.ndont even wnt to watch nymore.


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