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16 April 28th, 2014 REVENGE Hits Series Low In Ratings As Pascal Gets Chopped!


According to the overnights as listed by TV, ABC’s Revenge hit a series low in total viewers with posting 4.9 million with a 1.2 share and  slipped 8 percent and a tenth.  With so many series up for renewal this coming month, it is key for the show to continue to drive eyeballs.

Last night in story,  more twists and turns however set the stage for some fireworks as the series concludes its season in the coming weeks! But chief among them was Pascal (Olivier Martinez) being shoved into the propeller of a helicopter and getting chopped to bits, thanks to good old Conrad (Henry Czerny)!

This happens after Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) is set to marry Pascal, when lots of double-crossing occurs between conspirators Daniel (Josh Bowman) and Conrad to ruin Pascal which leads the man to a rooftop heliport.  When Pascal won’t relent on trying to get Conrad to implicate himself, per his edict from Rebecca of Homeland Security aka Emily (Emily VanCamp),  Conrad’s decides to get rid of the guy and Victoria happens upon the scene!  Victoria then realizes that Daniel and Conrad could have been conspiring together.  By the way, Emily VanCamp was pretty powerful and tough as Rebecca of Homeland Security!

And the other twist, who is the young man who kidnapped Charlotte (Christa B. Allen)? Is it Gideon? The brother of Margaux (Karine Vanasse)?  From previous reports we hear, Gideon is on the way and is supposed to be quite the bad guy!

What did you think of last night’s Revenge? Do you think the show’s story is losing steam or gaining it?  Let us know!


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  1. Mika says:

    I still lev Revenge, but I think ABC should renew it for its final season. It needs an end point and cannot continue down the same storyline endlessly.


  2. Angelo says:

    Revenge needs to be cancelled, so painful to watch now. I loved the show, but now I would rather watch my german shepard puppy sleep and play with him. Lol. Revenge needs to rest in peace.


  3. Rose says:

    I think Scandal’s lost it’s focus. It was really entertaining first season, but how they got rid of Pascal last night may just have done it for me. Brutal and just too way over the top. Plus, the story isn’t using the Nolan /Emily relationship nearly enough. And changing the time slot from 9 to 10 lost it the momentum of following Once Upon A Time.


    Rose replied

    Oops! Meant Revenge instead of Scandal.


  4. Chris says:

    According to Michael, last night’s episode of “Revenge” tied with the CBS procedural crime drama series “The Mentalist” as both the #1 shows in the 18-49 yr. old demos!


    Shay replied

    Yet “The Mentalist” has been all but cancelled…..I think there is a small glimmer of hope it may return next year, but not much of one. Always loved that show and its star, Simon Baker, although the move to Sundays (especially after the late football games) really killed the ratings….you could never know exactly when it would start and then the fact it was forced to compete directly with “Revenge” (after ABC changed its timeslot earlier this year) just proved to be the final nail in Patrick Jane’s coffin. Such a shame….I


  5. su0000 says:

    I would never miss an episode !!
    Revenge is exciting and one of my must see favorites..
    Hope it keeps going on and on !


  6. Shay says:

    If only it had been Margaux who’d been “sliced and diced” instead….that being said, the best part of the episode was Nolan’s epic takedown of that ungrateful little technopuke, Javier….it is soooo not nice to fool with our fabulous fashionisto, the riveting Mr. Ross.


    Iakovos replied

    I love Nolan, too! Wish he was used more. I miss the sunnier days when Ems and he took down the more peripheral characters. The Initiative storyline and the speed-plotting (with the short stints by very interesting guest stars as characters that should be more engaged storywise that they are!) And do not hate Margaux! someone has to be good in this mix of evil and intrigue. Seems Conrad is the devil now and I sense Ems and Victoria may find themselves in an unesy alliance come Season 4, even if Victoria does not know Emily’s true identity. Victora may be evil and dark but she remains a victim of Conrad’s. Now her loyalty may not be strong. Just don’t reform her too much!


    Shay replied

    For me, Nolan is THE essential person on “Revenge”….I could not imagine the show without him, and Victoria is a very close second….they keep me coming back for more. I particularly enjoyed their brief alliance to save their beloved Patrick. (Still missing the “Awesome Osborne”…I do hope he returns one day…) All three of these aforementioned characters reliably continued to intrigue me this season due to their many nuances and contradictions, such as a capability for both great evil and deep devotion, not to mention an insatiable appetite for exacting revenge while simultaneously craving redemption for their misdeeds. Gabriel Mann, Madeline Stowe and Justin Hartley perfectly captured these emotions with considerable flair and finesse. On the other hand, the storylines have still been too meandering for my taste, but I maintained my viewing because I appreciated the talented actors, sumptuous production values and glossy veneer of the show…qualities so rarely found in these days of tight budgets and cut rate casts (unless you include British programs…they are in a class by themselves!) As for Margaux, I simply cannot suppress my dissatisfaction with her…she has rubbed me the wrong way from her debut appearance. It isn’t the supposed goodness of her character that I dislike…I am simply not charmed by her presence (as opposed to those of Nolan, Victoria and Patrick….the actors really inhabit their roles with the proper looks and demeanors….you totally believe that they are their characters.) I would have appreciated her molded into a much different image…. less tomboy, more glamorous Chanel model, you know the quintessential chic French beauty who reeks of sophistication and that certain je ne sais quoi. Also, CV’s voice totally drives me to distraction….it’s too harsh, there’s nothing appealing or romantic about it. The entire package just screams miscast to me….and the effect only becomes more pronounced with each passing episode.

  7. Kat says:

    I so agree that Margeaux should have been the one cut to ribbons although Pasquale is pretty bad too. I love Revenge and hope it gets a chance to go on and focus on the core characters of Ems/Nolan/Jack vs. the evil Grayson’s. Emily hasn’t had enough revengey moments so far but the finale should take care of that oversight.


  8. Jeff says:

    Great episode!! This show deserves to be watched as the cast is top notch. It should at least have one more season so Emily can get her REVENGE.


  9. Nk3play2 says:

    To be honest, I think Revenge has recovered well from it’s second season mishaps!!! All it NEEDS to do is kill off Aiden, and bring back Declan and the show will be fine. The stories have been really good in my opinion and they’re only getting better. I’m honestly hoping it was just a bad night.


  10. Alan says:

    Revenge has rebounded quite nicely this season after last season’s sophomore slump.

    Now if they’d just get rid of Aiden…


  11. Mama says:

    The show is awful and always has been.

    Hopefully it’s gone for good.


  12. jonboy says:

    I love it! Writing and acting is excellent. The time slot is a killer? Has anything done well for ABC in that spot?


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