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7 December 10th, 2012 REVENGE May Season Finale Named Best Primetime Cliffhanger Of 2012!


Ah, as we previously reported all the year-end accolades are beginning to pour in, and here is the latest that should please many a primetime soap fan!   The knock-em-sock-em-stab-everyone-in-the-back a minute soap, Revenge was named the series with the Best Cliffhanger of 2012 by this morning! chose Revenge’s May season finale episode titled, “Reckoning” as the number one cliffhanger stating:  “In’s annual Season Finale Awards last May, Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) stepping onto a plane that then blew up earned the show the Best (Presumed) Death crown — and it was just one of the cliffhangers in the soap’s first season ender: Emily also discovered that her mother is still alive, Lydia Davis and Charlotte could have also died (in that plane crash and from an overdose, respectively), and pregnant Fauxmanda returned to once again thwart Emily’s chances with Jack.”

Also making the top five were the season finales of Once Upon A Time, Game Of Thrones, Breaking Bad and Grey’s Anatomy

So, do you agree with’s primetime cliffhanger choices?  Let us know!

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  1. Lia says:

    Sorry Revenge fans, but Dallas had the best season finale cliffhanger. ;)


    Tsuds replied



  2. Paul8148 says:

    Not the final episode but Episode 9 of Dallas had the best cliffhanger


  3. Phil says:

    Sorry Lia and Paul, but as much as I enjoy Dallas….The episode of Revenge that was named best cliffhanger is deserving of this title….It was a jaw dropper and a real game changer. Season 2 has delivered the same punch so far as well.


  4. toscanti says:

    Love Revenge!!!!!!!! Best show on TV


  5. bc says:

    revenge’s finale was completely anti climactic. One too many pills? The protagonist’s mother who was never mentioned is alive? A plane crash cliffhanger? Do the idjets from ew not know any soap opera tropes? the idjets of ew have very horrid tastes when it comes to the crap that hollywood has churned. this award for revenge as “best cliffhanger” is mildly dumb compared to some of their “best” films. the idjets of ew named “the cabin in the woods” as a future cult favorite. what the heck?! that film cast amy acker who is a white actress to portray Asian american char dr. wendy lin w/c is obviously racist. and yes ew named “cloud atlas” as a future cult favorite. that film was whitewashing on steroids and it flopped! this whitewashing trend has become really prevalent around hollywood and mainstream entertainment reporters shouldn’t praise films that practice it. ew devotes issues where they praise “the art of coming out” and even give it a cover story. they devote favorable press to openly lgbt actors and promote their projects. but ew praises films w/c practice whitewashing and racial discrimination to Asian american actors. how messed up can ew get?


  6. bc says:

    The major failure of revenge’s cliffhanger was that victoria is THE villain of the soap. emily’s scheming is abt revenge against victoria. Therefore there would be no “revenge” w/o victoria and thus the plane crash cliffhanger was stupid. the ew “writers” have no idea what makes a good soap and what makes a good cult favorite. Do they get paid specifically to butter up the egos of some hollywood “artists” bec they seem to really favor josh whedon’s projects. They named “cabin in the woods” a cult favorite despite its offensive whitewashing w/c is a pracitce that josh whedon likes to employ. firefly is one of his other “cult favorites” and its setting is a futuristic world w/c is a fusion of Asian and american cultures. Yet the show cynically whitewashed its Asian american character. Trauma surgeon Simon Tam was whitewashed and portrayed by sean maher. What makes this whitewashing worse is that maher is openly gay! every lgbt person has experienced homophobia. thus maher could somehow relate to the racism that racial minorities experience. yet he perpetuated hollywood’s whitewashing and discrimination towards Asian americans w/ his role. There are not a lot of roles and opportunities for Asian american actors. A show like “firefly” should have cast Asian american actors where its futuristic setting is a fusion of Asian and american cultures. Horrid move by maher but it’s highly doubtful he’d be criticized for it.


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