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2 April 14th, 2012 Revenge Preview and Recap: Nolan Ross AKA Gabriel Mann Brings You Up to Speed on Drama in The Hamptons!


Ready for your dose of Revenge?  After its long hiatus, the hot nighttime soap opera is back with an all-new episode this Wednesday night, April 18th on ABC.   To get fans ready, whether they have been on board with the drama, or are hearing all the buzz of how fantastic the series is and will be tuning-in for the first time, Nolan Ross aka, actor Gabriel Mann, brings the viewers up to speed on the story thus far, and some sizzling sneak peek’s at what’s ahead in this tantalizing new video at

Nolan, Emily Thorne’s only bud, catches viewers up on the mystery and intrigue that has transpired in the Hamptons throughout the season!  From David Clark’s  set up to Daniel being hauled away in handcuffs, Nolan fills us in.  Nolan also confirms he’s Team Jack, as to whom Emily should end up with in the romance department!  “What I do know is, things are only going to get more intense,” Nolan promises, as we get glimpses of a major confrontation between Daniel (Josh Bowman) and Emily (Emily VanCamp).

Watch the video and let us know what you are looking forward to most when Revenge begins its final episodes of the season!

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  1. Rachelb says:

    yeh im well aware that unless you have a nielsen box, abc really isnt aware of those of us who are NOT watching their shows, but its just the principle of it, im not going to support a network that chose to dismantle two (but primarily oltl) of the primary shows i, and millions of others watch during the day, only to be hypocrites, complaining that soaps are very costly, yet turn around and CREATE night time soaps, which is what Revenge pretty much is. so while i understand it is not the fault of the actors of this show or any other abc show, it IS the fault of abc for totally disregarding 90% of the people who watch their daytime soaps, whether at the actual time during the day or dvr’ing it while at work to watch it later. granted, should a soap star from either amc or oltl show up on there, i MIGHT watch that particular episode to support the actor, but not going to involve myself in the show beyond that, unless they have a contract of sorts to remain on there. abc wanted so badly to get away from doing soaps yet they have Revenge, GCB and i forget the other one, its like a fairy tale type show. its just hypocritical and disrespectful, to work toward getting the night time viewers attention, while killing two shows that already had millions of people watching them, and were loyal to them. The only show i watch on abc anymore is gh; was watching dwts, but honestly EXCEPT for maybe jack wagner (melissa gilbert, jaleel white and sherri shepard) i dont even know half the cast anyway, so ive kinda dropped off watching that, so i seriously do not watch anything BUT gh…but since im a DAYTIME viewer, in abc’s eyes, i dont count anyway, so it doesnt matter if i watch or not; but, still sticking with the vow to not watch anything else on abc, other then gh, unless they decide to for once, respect the daytime audience and what they actually WANT, which is amc and olt; or, they decide to grow a heart, and give the rights to those shows back to their rightful owner, agnes nixon


  2. Cindy says:

    Can’t wait! Loved Nolan’s video update!!


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