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9 May 13th, 2013 REVENGE Season Finale! One Character Dead! But The Last Moment Was Even Bigger!


Last night ABC’s primetime sudser, Revenge delivered a one-two punch in a very dramatic two-hour season finale! While “killing-off” a contract player is always huge, it was the confession at the end of the finale that will take the show in a new direction when season three debuts!

Most of the episode focused on Conrad’s (Henry Czerny) election, who blew up his own campaign headquarters, in an attempt to kill Jack Porter (Nick Wechsler).  Unfortunately, Jack did not get killed, but his little brother, Declan who was there after learning that Charlotte (Christa Allen) was pregnant, did! 

In a key scene, Connor Paolo (Declan) had his swan-song in an emotional moment with Gabriel Mann (Nolan), and left a video recording for this brother, Jack who learned of the news and was so beyond devastated that he was off to kill Conrad! In addition, Conrad also revealed to wife Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) that there is no Initiative!  Conrad is an active member and participant in all of the scheming!

The big reveal though, came in the closing moments as a distraught Jack was ready to assassinate Conrad during his winning election rally.  Leave it to Emily (Emily VanCamp) to stop him, in the only way she now could.  Emily dropped the big secret, the bombshell to Jack, by stating to him, “Deep down inside, you’ve always known the truth. I’m Amanda Clarke.”    OMG!

So Revenge fans, what did you think of the season-finale? The decision to kill Declan? The decision to finally let Jack know who Emily really is? What do you think will happen next?  Weigh-in!

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  1. Tray says:

    I thought the show was wonderful. I was sad to see the killing off of Connor Paolo (Declan), I thought that Ashley Madekwe (Ashely) should of been the one to been killed off. I loved the writing and Adien they left us thinking is he dead or not? Emily was great wished they would of let Jack find out who she was on his own. The long lost son that’s going to be fun next season.


  2. Annette P says:

    Revenge didn’t disappoint but can Amanda help our favorite Nolan? Wish it was coming back in the summer instead of fall.


  3. Gillian says:

    I loved it. Sad about the implication that Aiden is dead. Either he survived or he sacrificed himself for Emily (a recording of Daniel killing him will surface to help Emily). I don’t see Daniel beating Aiden in a fight without Aiden’s complacency.


  4. rebecca says:

    I also thought the show was amazing; the absolute best of all the episodes! Loved it!

    Very sad to see Declan die. I liked the brothers…I was rooting for them…would have liked to have seen he and Charlotte as parents together and how that would have played out with Victoria.

    I understand though how this antes up the drama…now Jack has lost both people he loved to the Grason’s, Charlotte will surely turn against her family when she finds out they’re responsible.

    I hope not, but I think Aiden is dead. Though he’s obviously a trained fighter I think Daniel had the element of surprise.

    The show is escalating…it seems EVERYONE wants revenge…LOL…and the ironic thing is how many deaths Emily/Amanda’s own revenge has caused.


    kasha replied

    Rebecca remember Jack lost 3 loved ones his dad was first. I think its drama but in the same breath terrible that they are putting him through sooooo much!


  5. heidi says:

    I thought it was fabulous!!! I wished Ashley had died instead of Declan though. I really wish Nolan wasn’t set up!!! I love the character Nolan and Emily has to save him at all costs!!! I would not have minded if Daniel had perished either… please let Nolan be cleared! I am assuming Jack and Emily/Amanda will work together in the next season. They really did a great job… was this Mike Kelly’s big hurrah? Curious how it will be without him next year?


  6. Jeff says:

    Great Finale!!! This is how you do a cliffhanger!!!


  7. Crystal says:

    Loved it! I think it was great. I almost didn’t want to sit around and wait for the season finale. It was well worth the wait. I don’t believe that Aiden is dead. I think he got Daniel to accept that 2nd chance. As for the long lost son, I really hope he’s hott. I’m glad Emily told Jack, I love the way it happened. Nolan!!! I love Nolan! Emily will get to him soon enough. Can’t wait for season 3


  8. Amy says:

    I really hope they have such great writers next season!


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