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17 May 12th, 2014 REVENGE Season Three Finale: A Shocking Resurrection! A Woman In Restraints! Body Count Two?


As we had teased, Sunday night’s season three season finale of ABC’s Revenge was the perfect touch for Mother’s Day, in that it was the “Mother of all Season Finales!”

In one of the most shock filled, twisted, and thrilling season finales we have seen from a primetime serialized drama in a long time,  this had it all! 


In the season three finale as teased someone would die, and that character ended up to be none other than Aiden (Barry Sloane)!  This sets the stage for A new generated story of revenge for Emily (Emily VanCamp) in season four as she figures out it was Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) who killed her lover!  How did Vic do it?  Aiden went to confront Michelle, the shrink who kept little Amanda locked up all those years ago.  Victoria who is now on to Emily, laced the tea that Aiden was sipping in Michelle’s office with a toxin that paralyzed him!  Next, after Michelle leaves (who is somewhat an accomplice in all of this), Victoria comes in and finishes the job and smothers Aiden with a pillow!  She says: “Emily ripped away my chance for true love.  It’s only fair that I do the same for her.”  Victoria is hell bent at giving pay back to Emily, because she believes Emily was responsible for the death of Pascal (Olivier Martinez), her love who was chopped to bits last week thanks to a shove from Conrad (Henry Czerny)!

But that was not the only death,  or so we think in the season finale! After Conrad is having a difficult time in prison, or so we are to believe and being roughed up by a security guard, later in the episode, Conrad buys his freedom from the guard! Dressed in a priest collar and hat, Conrad is let out of jail a free man!  The prison guard informs Conrad to look for the designated driver down the road who will pick up him.   As Conrad walks the dark road celebrating his freedom, the man gets out of the car, approaches him and stabs him!  The man wearing a hoodie unveils himself to be David Clarke!  He is alive!  So what does this mean?  Is David not the good guy we thought he was? Has he been hiding while his daughter has been enduring all the evil of the Grayson clan?  Is Conrad truly dead, spelling the end of Henry Czerny’s time on the show?  More questions for next season!

The ultimate comeuppance happened to Victoria at the end of the episode, or was it?  Emily lures Victoria to the gravesite where we think she is digging up the grave of David Clarke, after the mysterious ring appeared with his initials on it during Charlotte’s kidnapping! Now comes the confrontation where Victoria basically tells Emily she knows she is Amanda Clarke, and then badmouths her father.  Emily counters that she’s not digging up her father’s grave, she’s digging up Amanda’s.  Next, she knocks out Victoria with her shovel!  When the scene picks up,Victoria is waking up in a white room in restraints in a mental hospital! In a clever twist that now all made sense, Emily has had Victoria committed! She tells the doctors that Victoria became convinced that she  is really Amanda and that Victoria went so far as to try and dig up Amanda’s grave to prove it!  The piece de resistance is Michelle, who Emily went to after Aiden died and threatened her unless she helps her, corroborates the story!  And the last thing we hear is Victoria screaming while being given massive sedation, or drugs, or whatever:  “She’s Amanda Clarke! She’s Amanda Clarke!”

Elsewhere in the episode, Daniel (Josh Bowman) is left implicated and in a compromising position thanks to Gideon, Margaux’s (Karine Vanasse) brother, who is working with Nolan (Gabriel Mann) to take down his sister and Daniel for control of his Pascal’s  empire.  Gideon had a photo snapped of Daniel passed out in bed with an OD coke addicted floozy!  And Margaux is on her way to see Daniel!  Daniel doesn’t realize there is a dead woman next to him.  And Jack (Nick Wechsler) was whisked away by the police in hands-cuffs thanks to Charlotte (Christa B. Allen)! She remembers his touch and figures out he was behind her kidnapping!

So, What did you think of the Revenge season finale? Do you think Conrad is truly dead? What did you think of the return of David?  And Victoria put in the loony bin?  Share your thoughts below!

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  1. mgb357 says:

    …best nighttime soap cliff hanger since Dynasty when terrorists shot everyone at the wedding in Moldava!


  2. andrew hass says:

    I knew David Clarke was still alive but i didn’t expect him to show up the way he dd.I can’t wait for Emily to find out her father is still alive and all the things she did and all the risks she took to get revenge was for nothing.However i’m thinking next season opens up with Emily trying to help Jack.As for Conrad i think he’ll live but go into hiding for a bit.Also i’m wondering which of his daughters David will approach first and if he knows Emily is really Amanda.I can’t wait for next season


  3. mk says:

    Last night’s episode of Revenge reminded me why I fell in love with Revenge since day one. I
    What a bloody fantastic episode. Heartbreaking the way Aiden was murdered (Victoria, you suck!) and maybe others don’t think so, but I hate that Conrad is dead! That man’s dry wit and sickening (yet humorous) relationship with Victoria will leave a huge void on the show.
    What a twist with David Clark…Jack being arrested…Victoria in an institution.
    I can’t wait for September! To all the actors, writers and crew of Revenge, you delivered last night. Thank you lots!


  4. Rob says:

    I think Victoria knew David was alive, maybe even helped get him into hiding.

    Best part of episode, when emily wacked the b*tch with the shovel. I was hoping Emily would bury her alive.


  5. rebecca1 says:

    One of the best if not THE best cliffhanger of any show I’ve ever seen! Anyone who felt this show was done or had gotten stale must not have been watching this season…

    It’s shows like this that keep you riveted and “feeling” long after the TV is turned off. I was particularly moved by Aidan’s demise though I knew, since he was leaving for another show, that he’d be killed off. But still, I fell in love with him and adored him with Emily/Amanda. And the WAY they killed him, though used in other shows/films is so beyond horrific that I actually turned away…it was just that gruesome to me. When they placed him on the couch…eyes wide open as he died paralyzed…UGH!!!!…so realistic and shattering.

    The twists and turns at every level were off the chart! Cannot wait for next season! The only thing I hate about great shows is the knowledge that they’ll eventually end….


    Elizabeth replied

    They really upped their game this season… and needed to after season two. But, I agree, great cliffhanger!


  6. Kat says:

    The finale was great! I hope Conrad is alive too, he’s a great character. The shovel to the head was the best! I’m probably in the minority when I say that I’m not pleased that David is alive. Seems like a cheap plot ploy to me and negates all of Emily’s revengey acts. I’m glad the show is renewed to see how it plays out though.


  7. Omar says:

    I was actually clapping when it was over..One of the best season finales I ever seen.


    rebecca1 replied

    Haha! I might have done that too! I’m not sure honestly….but I know I’ve done that with other great shows. Fantastic when TV or film can move us to such an extent…


    Omar replied

    I agree. :-)

  8. Dwight Schrute says:

    Body count of three if you count the unknown woman in bed with Daniel.

    I think I missed something. When Emily was fighting with the guy in the cabin she looked down and saw an empty syringe in her thigh. Did anything happen to her as a result of that?


    Elizabeth replied

    Not really…. she surmised that Victoria was trying to get her DNA (obviously to compare against Charlotte’s and Carl’s)…


  9. Rose says:

    I am so bummed that Aiden is dead. He was my favorite part of the show. Who wouldn’t love the sexy British hero who loves and does anything for the woman he loves….

    I knew he was going to go because he is cast elsewhere next year, but I’m still bummed. And what a anticlamatic way for a kick butt character like him to go…. by pillow. Blah.

    Must find new sexy Brits to fall in love with…. please leave suggestions….


    Shay replied

    While technically not British, Gregory Fitoussi is a French find who stars in the Brit-produced “Mr. Selfridge” as Henri LeClair… him!!!! But I hear you on the Brit boys….I am always thrilled with them, too. Of course, Benedict Cumberbatch as “Sherlock” is awesome, but I also enjoy Rupert Penry-Jones on “Silk,” and Kris Marshall is absolutely delightful in “Murder in Paradise.” As for Aiden, I was not so taken with him, but I have to tell you, I have caught him on a few different PBS programs filmed “pre-Revenge”….The Father Brown Mysteries (Series One-Episode One) and also one of the early DCI Banks. Check them out!


    Rose replied


  10. su0000 says:

    )oooh my god!!
    that was a roller coaster of emotions..
    I was on the edge of my seat for an hour..
    the ending was a true shocker! spectacular !!
    I can’t wait for the next season to begin..

    there were about a dozen cliffhangers !!


  11. Shay says:

    While I will watch Season Four, I have to say I have become really bored with this show….the cliffhanger didn’t move me. Mainly because as the protagonist, Emily totally puts me off….she is as corrupted as the lot she is attempting to vanquish, so I cannot truly back her either. Besides, I find the character totally unlikeable. Quite frankly, Nolan is the star of the show for me, and I still want Patrick back….along with Victoria, they are the only ones for whom I hold any fascination. Oh, and I still despise Margaux…wish she would just go away…hence, “Team Gideon” even if he is a creepy little freak!!!!


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