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9 March 23rd, 2014 REVENGE Season Three Finale Teasers! Plus, Be On The Lookout For Margaux’s Devious Brother & New NYPD Homicide Detective!


This season on ABC’s Revenge is certainly much better than the last.  Now in upcoming episodes and through to the season finale look for some interesting new characters to visit the Hamptons, and for a big cliffhanger come May!

According to reports from E Online, the season finale will be entitled ‘Execution” And it would seem from the teasers they gave that it is appropriately titled:  “You will see one of your favorites in prison and not they’re not having a great time in the slammer. And there’s a trial. And a visit to the psych ward. And somebody’s dead. And that’s all we’ll tell you.”

The outlet also reported that before the season comes to a conclusion look for Margaux’s (Karine Vannase) half-brother to make a untimely visit! “Margaux’s half-brother, the devious and dashing Gideon, will make an appearance in the season three finale. And he’s sticking around for season four (it’s just a formality that ABC hasn’t announced one yet). But be warned: he has a dark side.”

Plus, someone is on to Emily(Emily VanCamp) and may be hunting her down, according to E Online:  “Fans will be meeting the clever and dangerous NYPD Homicide Detective Brian Hosko later this season and he is definitely onto her. And yes, you read that right: homicide is hitting the Hamptons again!”

So, who do you think will be on trial?  Who will be in the slammer?  Who will visit the psych ward? Who will be dead? Let us know your thoughts and the story continues tonight with an all-new Revenge starting at 10PMEST/PST!

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  1. dinah says:

    Team #JackEmily


  2. su0000 says:

    Revenge keeps getting better and better!! Once a week is not enough lol.
    I’m a big fan of Revenge and Scandal ..

    ((RC said Scandal is his fav prime time show.. would be great to see some of it in GH))


  3. mike says:

    Why is Steven Strait in the minor role of a private detective? Is there something bigger coming for his character?


  4. Shay says:

    Oh please let the death be Margaux’s….absolutely cannot stand any more of her smug mug and grating voice!!!! Maybe her half-bro will kill her….or her sleazy father! Olivier Martinez really made my skin crawl with his appearance this evening….beware Victoria!!!!!! P.S. Missing Patrick : (


    rebecca1 replied

    Gah! Hahahahahah…Still lovin’ Margaux! Do not kill…repeat do not kill!

    Man. Olivier’s dark, evil side has caught up to his once-good looks! Not the looker he once was…


    Shay replied

    Oooooo….I knew my wish to eliminate Margaux would not go over well with you, rebecca1!!!! But it still stands…LOL! As for Olivier, you nailed it….seems like his “spouse” and their evil antics have drained the life out of him….will never understand why so many have fallen for that obviously off-her-rocker woman!

    Shay replied

    P.S. Karma, baby…karma! ; )

  5. jess says:

    What’s this show about again????


  6. sami says:

    Jack & Peter Pan aren’t doing it for me. Emily & Jack=Chemistry.


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