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19 April 28th, 2012 REVENGE: Should Emily End Up With Jack or Daniel? And the Top Ten Emily Tactics for Revenge Explained!


If you watched Wednesday’s episode of Revenge, called “Justice”, there were so many twists and turns that it kept viewers on the edge of their seats.  How many double-crosses can you put in one episode? Apparently several,  and they were all riveting!

But in the end when the dust settled (for now), it was clear, or was it? …  that Emily (Emily VanCamp) and Jack (Nick Wechsler) have their attraction, while Daniel (Josh Bowman) was on to Emily and then some true  “Grayson” popped out of him!  Yes, jealousy runs rampant in the Hamptons!  But, does Daniel still love Emily?

So we ask our soapers …  who do you think Emily should end up with?  Jack or Daniel?  Or, do none of the guys deserve this revenge-thirsty gal?

In addition, also has a very clever and hilarious photo gallery out that takes a look at the Top Ten Emily Thorne Tactics for seeking revenge!  When explaining Emily’s plots and thinking, juxtaposes them against other motion picture or television characters and their tactics!  The Top Ten list titles are quite amusing, and include:  The Rachel Leigh, The Inverted Mr. Ripley, The Michael Dawson Bullet; or Ow How My Arm Hurts!,  The Mia Kurshner Cat Burglar Explosion, and The Olivia Dunbar Hair-Color Mood Ring (Our favorite) plus  several other comparisons!

Let us know what you think of the gallery and Emily’s revenge tactics too!

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  1. Dinah says:

    Emily needs a real man and that is Jack


  2. morganarose1 says:

    Emily needs to be in love with a Grayson–’


  3. SweetM says:

    I say after being absent for all these years, clearly they should have a chance. You can see he felt something the first time he saw her, that connection and she clearly feels it to. Give them an honest chance. I say JACK!


  4. heidi says:

    Since they won’t put her with Nolan… then Jack!!!


  5. rebecca says:

    Difficult. I really like Daniel and Jack. On the one hand I feel like Emily and Jack were meant to be…long lost childhood “sweethearts”…on the other Daniel has been nothing but good, loving and trusting toward Emily and is collateral damage under Emily’s plan. In a sense he’s her victim, undeservedly so.


  6. Tom says:

    Declan. Because otherwise there is no need for the character to even be on the show.


  7. Debi says:

    I have wanted her with Jack since the beginning.
    I believe it will happen. She doesn’t love Daniel. She is all about REVENGE. Now she is pissed off that he got off! and she is ‘stuck’ lo!


  8. DEB LIEB says:



  9. Jane says:

    Definetely Jack its the only reason I watch the show. Their love story is beautiful


  10. Bridget says:

    Daniel all the way!!!!!!!!!


  11. Sophie says:

    Daniel because he loves her and he would do anything for her I know why you might pick jack because of their childhood but Emily changed and she should be with someone who makes her happy Daniel all the way!


  12. Grace says:

    Daniel! He’s sooooo adorable!


  13. Teresa says:



  14. Ginia says:

    I hope the writer wont bore us with an emily & jack ending.

    Story wise, there is nothing more riveting than to see Emily fall in love with Daniel for real. For those who knew her, takeda and nolan keeps telling emily she might have feelings for Daniel, which she has kept denying at every turn.

    Her affections for jack are so blatantly obvious, it makes me think the brainiac behind this story shouldnt go to the nearest solution. If ever Emily comes to see Daniel as more than her entry to Victoria and the Initiative, her vengeance would face a more serious hindrance, which adds excitement to the story.

    Afterall, Emily exacted this revenge out of her love for her father.
    What if something happen that wasnt in her master plan, like falling for the enemy’s son?


    nosey replied

    Wow, I am pro Jack, but I always said it would good writing if Fauxmily actually fell in love with Daniel and not be using him. Also, if Daniel actually fell in love with her as Amanda Clarke, b/c he is pulling away from his family. I also think it is good writing if Emily and Jack were secretly involved and Fauxmily letting her guard down while Jack plot his vendetta against her. . .Jack is the one that actually distracts her, and I could see him take her down b/c of this. I don’t see the spark w/ her and Daniel like I do w/ her and Jack. Victoria, even notices she doesn’t love her son. But if she actually noticeably (spark in eyes) fell in love w/ Daniel, that will make Victoria so tick, which is the only reason I would want her to fall for Daniel. . .would be a good ploy against the Graysons, her love for Jack has no negative impact on the Graysons, but could self destruct(which I think will happen will eventually happen). Her love for Daniel hurts the Graysons, her love for Jack hurts her, when the series ends, I can see both the Grayson and her go down, unfortunately I don’t think there will be a Happily Ever After for Fauxmily


  15. Britnie says:



  16. maria says:

    Nolan – I am hoping for the unexpected – he is the only one who truly deserves her and is on par with her! Please don’t turn him into her brother, please!


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