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25 April 17th, 2015 REVENGE Showrunner Reveals Major Return That Will “Literally Blow People’s Minds”’


ABC’s Revenge (10PMET/9PMCT) is really in need of a solid jump start as the show has not been garnering great ratings of late and looks to be the chopping block for next season.  If that is true, we are coming up on the final four episodes of this season or perhaps the series finale!

In the meantime, look for some major revelation on this Sunday’s all-new episode where showrunner Sunil Nayar promises a familiar face will return to the Hamptons, … but who?

Nayar told TV Line on the character: “It’s a fabulous re-entry into the show, one of the greatest sequences we’ve done on this show. It will literally blow people’s minds what happens at the end of that episode.”

Could it be that Conrad Grayson (Henry Czerny) did not die at the hands of David Clarke (James Tupper) last season?  And is really alive?  Or could it be Lydia Davis (Amber Valletta), or perhaps Charlotte played by Christa B. Allen? Or could it be the dead Aiden Mathis played by Barry Sloane?

Let us know who you think will turn up on Revenge and give Emily (Emily VanCamp) quite the shock, and surprise us all this Sunday in the comment section below!

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  1. Rebecca1 says:

    Haven’t been following the ratings and will be so disappointed if the series is canceled. Still loving it. If this were GH I’d love it if Aidan would return from the dead. Really miss his character. Or Daniel. Charlotte? Never liked her but it’s beyond ridiculous that she just disappeared. Lol. Nothing? Her brother dies and she doesn’t come back, they didn’t even mention her as in…pretending to write her, phone her, contact her, etc. Glaring faux pas. Conrad would be fun…

    Quick! Grab a couple if million viewers and save the show!


  2. su0000 says:

    It’s going to be Conrad !!
    I always believed Conrad was alive and would return!
    this is going to so good!! we’ll need a body count!!


  3. sonniorsolita says:

    Ugh, sorry to be that person but the misuse of literally is such a grammar pet peeve of mine. Let’s hope this TV show doesn’t “literally” blow people’s minds or we’ll have a lot of dead bodies in front of their TVs!


  4. Lew S says:

    This show has been creeping along for quite a while. Maybe it is time to end it?


  5. Mija says:

    Off course, Conrad is back !


  6. Jake from NJ says:

    I think it will be Conrad.


  7. Lawrence says:

    Maybe Daniel Grayson is not dead. Or hopefully Aiden is alive


  8. Ashleigh says:

    I figured it would be Charlotte but that wouldn’t blow any body’s mind. The only one that would blow my mind would he Aiden, but they have always planned on having Emily end up with Jack, unfortunately. She is so much better with Aiden. I love the show, but it seems like it should end.


    Ashleigh replied

    Well, that’s not true. Pascal would blow my mind but I don’t really think it’s him. Hahaha not even in the soap world!


    Rebecca1 replied

    Blow your mind? Every part of Pascal was minced, diced and sliced on those helicopter blades…lol…unless he had a twin. Then again…

  9. Alan says:

    Please let it be Faux-manda!

    This show hasn’t been the same without her.


  10. Gambler chick says:

    i think it will blow my mind, if these characters who are presumed dead. But I would love to watch them again. It would blow everyone’s mind if: (Declan / Aiden/ Charlotte) comes back from the dead. If Declan comes back from the dead. It would defently stir things up and, if they bring back Charlotte as well. They were a breath of fresh air. And I always loved them in season 1. Charlotte needs her first love to save her. And if Aiden comes back from the dead, the love triangle of Aiden/Jack/Ben love triangle with Amanda can be started up again. Amanda made more sense with Aiden and Jack. But I’m warming up to Ben and Amanda as a couple. It’s time to shake that relationship up. And Jack needs his brother in Declan. And David can have a father and daughter relationship with Charlotte. She needs it just like Amanda did maybe more.


  11. kmayne says:

    I think that we are in for the 4 last episodes of the series. If you looked at the promo for this weeks episode it stated that there are only 4 episodes left. Did not say that it was season finale Also tvline had scoop that IF Revenge returned It would have to be a whole new show


  12. Dwight says:

    I’d like it to be Mason Treadwell. Emily sort of screwed him over, made him take the blame for someone else’s death in return promised him the story when it all comes out. Everything has come out and she talked to the press before him. He should have a little revenge of his own in mind.


    rebecca1 replied

    It was a letdown for me but you called it! Spot on!


  13. Rose says:

    Conrad!!! Hasn’t been the same since he’s been gone.


    Rose replied

    After last night’s episode with several minor-key characters (except Jack) seemingly “getting on with their lives.” Or not…in the case of Victoria (even in the world of night time soaps don’t believe she’s dead). I’m just not sure what /who are left to take Revenge back to it’s former glory.

    At the end of the season finale, when they showed Margaux and Louise plotting, writers seem to be trying to drum up ripple effect “revenges” as a result of Emily vs the Grayson’s. But I don’t think these will have the staying power of the first few seasons.

    Never the same when they killed off Conrad, Aiden and Daniel. Not even sure they should have brought David back…it seemed to start losing it’s energy about then…IMO.


    Ashleigh replied

    I seriously couldn’t agree more.

  14. fginaspy says:

    I felt this season with David’s return would tie up loose ends and the show would end. I think Emily revealing she was Amanda cinched it for me. I think Emily Van decamp is ready for it to be over. It is a great show, but it has told its story.


  15. Linda says:

    Having Mason return was not mind blowing or even a show stopper for me. Sadly, this show needs to end. I think that Victoria is faking her own death and will pull an “Emily” and come back to get her revenge on everyone.


    Ashleigh replied

    Mason definitely didn’t figuratively or literally blow my mind. What a let down. I agree. It’s time to end it. Did Victoria set Emily up for murder??


    Linda replied

    You might be right. This show is looking for new storylines. If Victoria really want to kill herself, then I think her bodyguard was there to pull her out and hide her away to recuperate.

  16. dmr says:

    I haven’t watched the show much since the end of its first season. I loved the first season; however, the premise never seemed to changed the next few seasons. I always enjoyed the character of Victoria, however-beautiful and talented actress.


  17. SZima says:

    I’m still watching the show, but it gets more tedious every week!

    Promising a mind-blowing return and then giving us Mason??? Seriously? If that’s what they call mind-blowing, then it truly is time for this show to go!


  18. Julia says:

    I would love to see Daniel back !


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