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13 November 19th, 2013 REVENGE Split Season: Winter Finale Dec 15th! Returns In New Timeslot On March 9th!


Everything is heading towards the wedding of Emily (Emily VanCamp) and Daniel (Josh Bowman) on ABC’s Revenge when on the December 15th episode Emily is shot, but by who?  We will get into the usual and unusual suspects who might have pulled the trigger on Ems, later!

But for now, TV Line has released ABC’s midseason programming information that details the split seasons of several of the series in the ABC line-up, several of which will bow out in December and return from hiatus in 2014!

For “Revengers”, all-new episodes will return on Sunday night, March 9th when Revenge is moved to its new timeslot of 10PMEST/PST, one hour later than the winter season.  Taking its place in the old Sunday 9PM timeslot is the new drama series Resurrection!

So, what do you think of the Revenge split season?  Do you think the December 15th episode will leave us with a more than satisfying cliffhanger?  What do you think about the timeslot change for the spring season of episodes for Revenge?  Comment below!

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  1. weezie says:

    time change sucks especially if you need to hit the sack early and living in the west…..what happen to the good times when a series is a hit and able to watch the time frames between 7 to 8 or 8 to 9, oh well shit happens


    Emily replied

    I hate the time change I mean yeah I wake up at 6 that gives you 7 hours of sleep are we serious now? 9 was worse enough now e are getting close to mid night!!!!! I will be recording it I guess sucks for them less viewers for commercials


  2. Rose says:

    Darn! I wish they wouldn’t change time slots, especially to a later hour on Sunday night. Not great for early morning working people.


  3. Jeff says:

    I think split-seasons are a bad idea as you lose momentum as people forget what has happened by the time the show returns!


    SZima replied

    I hate when any show splits seasons like this. The momentum is definatly lost.
    I don’t care about the time change since I record every show I watch and view later.


  4. thomas says:

    love it dont care as long as its on and i think her sister will shot her


  5. Shay says:

    Hope by that time “The Mentalist” has all but finished up for the season….or for good. Rumors are that it is on the cusp of being cancelled…anyway, usually watch that show at 10 (or delayed football hours…) to see all the latest plot twists. Of course, this week is SUPPOSED to be the BIG reveal/conclusion of all regarding “Red John.” so I guess we shall see….still will conflict with “Masterpiece Theater” however. Sunday really is the crème de la crème for television viewing….


  6. marie says:

    Annoying! Will def be recording it


  7. Sandy says:

    Like the it e change only because “the Good Wife is on at the same time and I won’t have to DVR them. Not a fan of the split season.


  8. Lynn Lello says:

    I am not a proponent of how ABC has been programming “Revenge”. No shoe two weeks before Thanksgiving, then skipping to December 15th? Returning in March? Why? I like consistency. This is too choppy for me. I feel the same way about “Betrayal”. Seems as if all the good shows get the shaft. God forbid they should get rid of all the football!


  9. Kimberly says:

    Not happy at all! I wish they didn’t split the show up this way, revenge is my number one favorite show and I look forward to it every week and I HATE that it’s going to be on an hour later for I am one that likes to go to bed early! Oh well still will be watching! Also I think when Emily is shot, that it is gonna end up being a dream!


  10. cassie says:

    i think that the break is way too long… i didnt think that it would end like that . emily had a well elaborate plan but danny does have a drinkin problem so she did not factor that in. I just want to know is w y or how did the dress come off ems? like she looked like she was a gonner and then her dress comes washing up… idk, i was expecting more of a bang for this episode at least. hopefully we can get it back sooner than march and i agree that time change is really stupid because its already pushing it ending at 10 now it wont end till 11 …uuugghhhhh thats annoying


  11. gaelyn thomson says:

    I want Nolan and Patrick to be together and stay together I want Nolan and Patrick as a couple


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