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20 April 6th, 2014 REVENGE Star Emily VanCamp Teases, “I Was Sobbing Over The Death Of One Of Our Characters!”


Starting this weekend, Revenge star Emily VanCamp’s can be seen in the major feature film Captain America: The Winter Solider which is now showing in movie theatres everywhere where she plays Agent 13 opposite Chris Evans!

But in an interview with the New York Daily News to promote the opening of the film, the popular actress discusses her role as Emily Thorne AKA Amanda Clarke and that she is still shooting new episodes of the ABC nighttime soap in the Hamptons, but offered up a bit of Intel that many are speculating is actually a part of the  season finale script!

VanCamp told NY Daily News:  “Today, I was sobbing over the death of one of our characters.  Then I’m going to do a massive fight sequence.  You sort of put yourself through these emotional journeys.”  Earlier on March 20th, VanCamp tweeted,“To all of the #REVENGE fans out there,  I just read our final episode of the season and you will NOT be disappointed! Epic end to the season!”

This had now raised speculation as to who could be killed-off come the season finale which airs on May 11th!  In the meantime, tonight an all-new episode is broadcast entitled, “Blood” (10PMET/PT)

What to look for tonight:  Investigations into Pascal lead Emily and Aiden to uncover some long buried family secrets, while Victoria pays a surprise visit to former ally Mason Treadwell as she gets ever closer to exposing Emily!

Who do you think will be killed-off on Revenge?  It is thought to be Jack (Nick Wechsler) or Nolan (Gabriel Mann)!    Let us know your thoughts!

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  1. dinah says:

    Hope its Aiden


    Nk3play2 replied

    I pray to the TV GODS that it is Aiden!!! I hate him so much…. and then they can kill Margaux too!!! LoL


    Shay replied

    If it is Aiden, and it probably will be, I can live with that….but Margaux would be a far better choice! Simply cannot abide that tres annoying chick…nor those oddball earrings that she wore in the first half of tonight’s episode! They were so strange and jarring the way they constantly moved….totally stole the show!!!!

  2. andrea says:

    It better not be Aiden


    mama22 replied



  3. Jessica says:

    If it is Nolan I will be devastated, and will probably stop watching. It’s gotten a little repetitive. Nobody will miss Jack. He’s totally dull. I hope it’s Jack. Or Charlotte. Charlotte would really make me happy.


    Beth replied

    If it is Nolan…. I think I am done with Revenge. Nolan makes the show.


    Shay replied

    So true….it cannot be Nolan!!!! Anyone but……

    Nk3play2 replied

    LoL THEY CAN’T KILL JACK because he and Emily are endgame. And I think a lot more people would miss Jack then you think. They just killed Declan, and their unborn baby so they won’t kill Charlotte. Nolan is TOO important to be killed off. The only one that makes sense is Aiden, because Emily is supposedly still in love with him, and the actor has gotten a pilot.


    rebecca1 replied

    I’m pretty sure it’s Aidan since he’s leaving the show to star in another series. Who else would she cry for…Jack, Nolan, Charlotte the baby…haven’t read any of those characters are going anywhere.

    Not thrilled that the actor ala Aidan is leaving the show. Like him very much and the chemistry between he and Emily.


    Omar replied

    It probably will be Aiden since he got a starring role in a pilot show that has been pick up by ABC..I wish it was Jack, this character is borrrringgggg, they should have killed him off and not his brother last season.


    tara replied

    jack’s one of the most important charcters, along with emily and nolan. they would never kill him off. you should really learn to like him, he’s not going anywhere. theirs nothing unlikeable about him. he’s not evil or anything. he’s a good person. and you’ll enjoy the show more.

    Omar replied

    Tara, I never said Jack was unlikeable or that I enjoy the show less because of this, and NEVER tell me what I need to “learn to like” because you have an opinion that is different from me!!!..I LOVE this show..Actually the last few episodes, the character of Jack has grown to get some balls and he has become part of team Amanda/Emily to bring the Graysons down, and I am liking Jack very much now!

  4. andrew hass says:

    It sounds like whoever dies is someone close to Emily.So i’m thinking it’s going to be Aiden or Charlotte.Plus a few months ago it was reported that the actor who plays Aiden got a spot on another show.Plus the death could set Emily on a new course of revenge next season.Finally i don’t think it’s Jack who dies because he has a son and if he’s dead what happens to his son?


  5. Alan says:

    There’s no way the show will kill Jack so it has to be Aiden or Charlotte — the death of her lover or half -sister would have the greatest effect on Emily.

    I’m guessing Aiden since the actor just got a pilot (and his character sucks the life out of Emily every time they’re together).


  6. Debbie says:

    I think it will be either Aiden or Charlotte


  7. Rob says:

    I would LOVE for itto be Charlotte but sadly I believe it will be Aiden.


  8. Iakovos says:

    After last night;s episode, I want it to be the writers who bring in characters who fro frustrating short-term stints that are not about character but about plot machinations, many of them seemingly (I am always hopeful!) unimportant. I do hope Stevie Grayson returns. I like the dybnamic two ex-Mrs. Graysons have on Conrad and the appeal of Stevie and Victoria at odds on the Hamptons social circuit. I pray she returns. Gail O’Grady added a lot of verve IMHO.

    I like Aiden a lot but know Ems and Jack are the endgame. Aiden’s death would propel Jack and Emily into a love quadrangle with Daniel (I am not sure where Danieil has gone as the character is a crusty shell of what he was… why?) and Margaux perhaps. Nolan is necessary. Without him REVENGE loses the character with whom the audience relates best. He, like us, is along for the ride. Em needs a confidante.

    Charlotte is Amanda’s half-sister and I would think when the Graysons eventually fall, Charlotte and Emily (Amanda) need to bond. I just wish Charlotte was not written as being so dumb.

    I’d like more buildup and suspense. Speed-plotting here is wearing thin.


  9. Rodd says:

    It better not be Jack OR Nolan! Either one of them dies and so does my viewing habit!


  10. twbyz says:

    We know Aiden is leaving. I’m thinking they might not want to kill him off in case his show doesn’t work.

    The actor who plays Daniel has been complaining about his character and apparently wants to leave. Daniel’s death can spin new drama between Emily and the Graysons.

    I’m hoping it’s Daniel and Aidan either kills him or takes the fall for his death which gets him off the show but keeps his character alive.


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