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11 February 26th, 2014 REVENGE Star Justin Hartley Cast In Leading Role In New ABC Comedy Pilot DAMAGED GOODS!

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Great news tonight for former daytime soap star Justin Hartley, who most recently has been recurring this season in the role of Patrick on ABC’s primetime soap, Revenge! 

According to, Hartley has landed a primo role in a new comedy pilot from ABC!  Justin will play the lead in Damaged Goods!

As to the story of Damaged Goods, it revolves around two damaged men (Hartley, Steve Talley) and two damaged women who explore the minutiae of love and relationships.  Hartley’s smart and egoistic Tim is hit hard when his girlfriend and law firm colleague gets the promotion he expected to get.  Childish and unable to applaud her accomplishments or be with a woman who outranks him, the relationship seems all but over — unless she resigns.”

So what do you think about Justin’s new comedy series role?  Do you hope he continues on Revenge?   Let us know

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  1. Robert says:

    Good for him, he is a very talented actor but I will miss him as Patrick if his pilot goes to series.


  2. rebecca1 says:

    Never saw or heard of him before REVENGE. Beyond gorgeous. I like his character on the show….and I like his duplicitous/complex relationship with Nolan. Great news for him if he gets his own show; not so great to have another “hunk” off REVENGE. Is this its last season? Hmmmmm…


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    He appeared on daytime soap Passions in the early 2000s and married his costar Lindsey(4got last name) who played Theresa but they are now divorced…Lindsey also played Gabis older sister on Days and had a role on All My Children. I wasnt sure if you knew any of this after i read your comments so i thought id reply…


    rebecca1 replied

    Hey Jimh…
    thank you but yes, I googled him so I did know. I don’t watch any daytime soaps other than GH and used to watch OLTL…so unless soap actors segue over to GH or used to be on OLTL I wouldn’t know of him/her.

    Mitchell1660 replied

    I didn’t know they got divorced, I thought they were cute together!! Justin Hartley also was on my favorite show, “Smallville”, for a while, playing Oliver Queen (aka Green Arrow). Too bad he didn’t get the part when “Arrow” went to series…

    Shay replied

    Tell me about it, rebecca1!!!!! The best characters on Revenge are Nolan, Patrick and Victoria….it would definitely be a huge loss to see Justin Hartley leave the show….Although I’m sure that he would do just fine at comedy, I love his dramatic, twisted turn as Victoria’s screwed-up, illegitimate son. “Damaged Goods,” indeed!!!!


  3. Erica says:

    I hope he can still be on Revenge,I like Patrick & Nolan together


    Johnny replied



  4. Johnny says:

    I think he is a good actor. Its a shame him and beautiful Lindsay got divorced. People in Hollywood treat marriage like a speed bump…they get over it quick and then they’re done.


  5. Mo says:

    Good luck. I won’t be watching.


  6. jacknojill says:

    Good for him, I hope it gets picked up. Revenge stinks.


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